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Constant driver crashes during Sortie 3


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So I've gotten within a couple waves of clearing TWICE now and had the game cause a driver crash. It's not a system wide driver crash, either, as the mouse can still move after the game locks up but before the driver error pops up in windows, indicating that the game rendering thread is what froze. Both of these crashes happened since the latest hotfix, but Warframe causing this kind of driver crash has happened prior, less frequently, in similar long games with lots of enemies and lots of explosions.

ATM running all the sliders turned up, performance is more or less fine. Seems to happen only in very crowded defense with lots of eximus?


Running the second to latest GeForce drivers(375.86) with GTX660(EVGA SSC) on a Z97(MSI Z97-GD65) 4690k platform, stock settings, 32GB DDR3L.


Literally spend hours trying to get a single clear of this last sortie, and having this happen every time a party even gets close is pretty frustrating.

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