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Only Ninjas Allowed (Relic Guardians)


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Recruiting Tenno of all types!

If you are New we will Support you gratefully while you must promise to help us too,

We are planning to have a large clan that is very successful and helpful NOT Toxic to the new community.
Hopefully you Tenno will help us into success. We also want to support the more Superior Tenno while providing them with
supplies and a Helpful community. Hopefully we see you in our clan in the near future!

 More Info
We have a discord server that we will welcome you into
just PM WTXBEN or Vanexinator and we will surely invite you!
We will be on most of the day, Therefor we are definitely NOT inactive.
Farming for Valkyr Prime Tommorow Nov 22 16 all day.  

Edited by Vanexinator
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