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Kogake Ragdoll


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Gonna keep it short and simple.


If the enemy is ragdolled, and goes halfway through the floor, half the time he just dies. Boom, done.


If I jump attack an enemy that Is ragdolled it also will sometimes kill him entirely. *Im talking vs level 90 mobs in T3 exterminate* I think I am pushing them through the ground, because it never works unless it's dead on.


The ragdoll itself will send the enemy flying in a hurricane shaped pathway. Quite hard to aim.


If an enemy dies while ragdolled, the body stays for an extended amount of time, making me think it's still alive, and therefore I waist bullets trying to kill it.


Bosses can be ragdolled. Phorid was my slave after I uppercut him about 3 times his height into the air, just to have him be a giant floating target.


Targets often do not go where you want. If you kick them dead center in the head, they fly to the right, the left, or straight up! Whyyy?


That's all for now.


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I laughed so hard reading this. Me and my G-mod style perception of physics, we got a good 'kick' out of this.




No, but I laughed way too hard while reading.


EDIT- +1'D that S#&$.

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sadly it's a very unreliable thing. Sometimes enemies get knocked into the air, other times they just instantly drop to the ground, which caused me some very pinch'y situations, given how mobs become temporarily immune to ragdoll-attacks after entering ragdoll mode.

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