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  1. Yeah, it's bugged. You randomly lose all Affinity gained with your mech (and its weapons) when returning from a mission. There's no exact thing to pinpoint as to why, and all my solutions have been placebos (logging out and back in after it happened 3 times in a row, and then bringing the mech directly to the exit, getting out, switching to frame and exiting through the door), working 3/4 times.
  2. Let's see... after spending a few hours with the mech, here's what I can say about them: First off, just to get it out of the way: FOR THE EMPEROR. No Energy Regen passive like the AWs makes the mech somewhat cumbersome in the Vallis and Plains, where loot containers are scarce. Please consider adding a base passive energy regen, and perhaps in the future a mod that boosts the rate of energy regen up. Alternatively, allow them to be affected by Consumables, Auras, Warframe powers and Zenurik's Void Dash regen. As it is, you basically don't want to ever use any skill but its Storm S
  3. I personally have never ran out of ammo, but I agree that this bug is a bit...weird, and probably should be addressed eventually. Not on the top of my priority list, but hey...when there's a few minutes of spare time...
  4. Wow, nice XD There should be an actual weapon that can cause any and all status effects. Chaos Blade! :o
  5. I remember that back when Invasions were added, Shade Cloak would have Stalker go Berserk on my poor rearside...every time Shade cloaked, he would use his dispel (which caused a knockdown back then, not sure about now) so as soon as I got up, Shade would engage cloak again and that just became an endless cycle until he decided to teleport and slash-dash my face. G3 can be safely avoided with any stealth, be it Loki and Ash abilities and Huras / Shade stealth. Harvester probably has a counter, tho - but he doesn't even dare showing his face, despite me riddling his allies with bullets for
  6. Brakk for Short-to-Melee Range, Anything at more than 6m distance can be easily dispatched using the Angstrum (that is, without having to fear of blowing yourself up with the resulting carpet bombing) I do not use secondaries for long-range encounters (25m+), so I cannot recommend anything.
  7. true, but after unlocking and running that mission 40 times on my own (Loki Stealth Mode, which with proper timing and energy management is child's play) I got 1 Twin Gremlin BP, 25 Miter Blades, 8 Miter Barrels, 5 Miter Handles and 1 Miter Chassis. Let's just say that I am not fond of the RNG gods :P It varies on a person-by-person basis, obviously, but I would say that there potentially will be quite some Vor&Kril killing involved if you're as unlucky as myself XD
  8. tho someone probably has to mention that you'll need to Fight through Phobos to get to Vor and Lech Kril, defeat them and hope that the RNG gods don't give you 30 Miter Blades.
  9. I'd recommend Kunai for now, as they're very deadly, accurate and ammo-efficient. Hikou as close second, they deal slightly above half the damage of Kunai, but have a larger clip size and faster throwing speed. If you happen to run into the Stalker and get the BP for the Despair throwing knifes, that would be even better... Once you reach MR4, you should consider building the Angstrum (requires 2 Argon Crystals from the Void or randomly dropping from Boss Kills sometimes) because that baby decimates large groups easily :D Binding the Fire and Melee buttons to the mouse wheel can
  10. Doesn't the new armor have any chest-piece? :( I bought it and my chest is now on the Edo Armor, because of no Dendra equivalent :O
  11. does it hurt you? Sounds like something Trinity would've used before getting ner---revised. Or Equilibrium-Nekros when he needs energy and has all these delicious health orbs laying around.
  12. New stuff (tho I was gonna say that the weapon looks familiar, but given what it is...it makes 100% sense XD), and my pups can finally run through Grineer Galleons without playing Lightning Rod...
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