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  1. Observed thus far: AI crewmates inside turrets will quite often lose their head (literally). Turrets can bug out and vanish from your RJ. The AI crew member will be locked inside the turret and cannot be given another order. If you spectate them, there's nothing. There will be constant gun firing and reloading noises even though there are no targets. Only fixes itself after a entering a Corpus RJ main objective zone (it unloads the RJ?) or return to a Dry Dock. This happened on 6-8 occasions now. Player can randomly be booted off the pilot seat, walking in place while the shi
  2. Generally, pretty happy with the overall performance of the Command Intrinsic system, aside from some annoying bugs and/or flaws, including: Bug: Gunners can potentially vanish while inside a turret. The turret stops working, you can't order them off the turret, nor manually take control. They will cease all function until you do the main mission inside the enemy ship/base, which resets the ship and AI crew. Flaw: AI doesn't aim for cruise ship shield nodes, sometimes happily firing forever at their shields rather than take out other ships that CAN be damaged. Flaw: AI do
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