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  1. Leveling my new Ivara Prime is EXTREMELY tedious with the broken stealth modifier, being forced to stalk single enemies with your melee until you unlock the Sleep arrow, because you can't just shoot someone in the face anymore, unless they're completely oblivious to the entire world's existence. Stealth XP Modifiers were always iffy, mostly due to the AI lacking any sort of "grace period" during which it ignores additional damage instances before triggering the alerted status, which made shotguns, low-damage-high-ROF or burst-fire weapons, and anything with multishot almost impossible to to run through Stealth missions with the modifier maxed out, unless you used frames with Hard CC abilities like Sleep. Which is funny, because the big damage indicator that shows the damage they took, DOES only show the lump sum, rather than damage-per-pellet. So, yeah, DE. When you're fixing this (and hopefully soon, and not SOON(tm)), fix it good. Make it work for all weapon types. Stop alerting enemies to things that literally tear them to shreds instantly or explode them, because at that stage nobody would go "Oh no! I died! SOUND THE ALARM!" 😕
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