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Limiting Rng


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So one of the hot topics right now is the overload of RNG present in the game, dilution from too many drops in the same table, etc. Now solutions are being thought up, however, the solution is kind of already present in the game. Mods need tied to certain mission types. We already see this in Void and Defense. This does two things for us: allows us to control our rng to a degree, and provides a usefulness to every mission type. The real question is how do we go about distributing them? I think there needs to basically be two groups: All and specific. The all group would contain every mod that can go to level 10(Serration, Redirection, etc) as if they were to only drop in one mission, that mission type would either continue or become the new "best" mission type to do.


As for breaking down the specific area drops...although this is just my own theory...

Mobile Defense: T3/4 Power skills(Bullet Attractor, Crush, etc)

Defense: Keys, Elemental Resistance mods(based on enemy type)

Raid: T1/2 Power skills(Pull, Shield Polarize, etc)

Exterminate: Elemental Damage mods(Piercing Hit, Hellfire, etc)

Void: Game changing mods(Split Chamber, Handspring, Thunderbolt, etc)

Assassination: Fusion Cores

Capture: Power Supplements(Focus, Streamline, etc)

Rescue: Higher Resource drop rate

Sabotage: Stamina Mods(Marathon, Quick Rest, etc)

Spy: Loot mods(Thief's Wit, Master Thief, etc)


Now that's just me taking a bit of random stabs at where they could each drop, definitely not set in stone. However, how do people feel about this idea in general? Support? Objection? Tweak?


Now I do want to make the note: I expect a lot of these areas to be expanded upon in the future to allow greater mod variety.

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Although this will reduce loot table sizes it will not address the root cause of the issue.  As more mods and other items get added to the game even these smaller loot tables will eventually get bloated to the point they are today.


I think the ability to trade UNRANKED mods will have a far better and longer lasting affect then keeping the same system and temporarily shrinking the loot table sizes.


If one could trade say a Continuity for a Barrel Diffusion this could benefit both parties and lay the groundwork for a player driven economy where everyone can be happy.

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