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Operator Glitch/Bug


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Hello just wanted to say while I was playing Uranus survival today with a full crew, I decided I wanted to use my operator's stealth capabilities to scare the crap out of Grineer. I hopped out of my Warframe, did a void dash or two, and tried to swap to my frame as I landed. Only, I ended up going through the floor. I decided to try and swap back to the operator, went in void mode, and resurfaced on the Tileset. Only, I could not swap back to my Warframe. I went on and played the rest of the mission for 20 minutes with the rest of my team only to have Warframe crash in the final seconds. I went down countless times as my allies revived me, still, my frame would not return. On the explorative side, it appears the operator does have some kind of sheild that blocks a little bit of incoming damage before the slaughter, and also cannot use the beam weapon while downed.

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