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Unable to place decorations in liset


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I can remove decorations (just removed all my ayatan statues I had laying around) but I cannot place new decorations. Following the menu I can get to the [1] Place decorations [Esc] Exit prompt but nothing beyond that. I tired the number bar and the number pad's 1, then remembered that I have my #1 ability key re-mapped to Q instead so I tried Q without any luck. I then proceeded to try every other key. Only keys that respond are movement keys and escape, nothing will bring up the list of available decorations to choose from.

If I bring up the menu while looking at an existing decoration, it'll give me the other options to change or remove it, but still not an option to place anything new.

I currently only have 1 noggle and 4 posters in my ship so it couldn't be a capacity issue.

Thanks for all the work DE!

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