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_Berserker_ Is recruiting! [NA] We have both jokes AND puns, and sometimes they're even funny!


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Hello, Tenno!

Our Clan Berserker is looking for new members.

About Berserker

We're a small group of tight-knit friends that are ready to open up, become more public, and get to recruiting!

Our humor is dry. Our puns are almost tolerable. If we like you, we'll let you know with some good-natured mockery. If we hate you, we'll let you know with some good-natured mockery. We're incredibly casual as far as our personalities go. Super laid-back, but incredibly sarcastic and hilarious. Obviously. Point is, we're all friends. We don't want to recruit players. We want to recruit friends.

We have some veteran players with 800+ hours (including myself!) as well as some new players, still learning about their first mastery rank test. We are more than happy to recruit both types of players! We are equally at home answering new player questions, helping with builds, and running players through missions, as we are doing the Sorties and the Nightmare Mode raids!

We're currently a Shadow clan with a solid 11 members. We do hope to move on to a Storm or even a Mountain clan one day, but I don't want to get ahead of myself!

All of this being said, we do have a few rules that you must comply to.

Rule 1) Don't be an A******.

This is self-explanatory.

Rule 2) You must respect and tolerate everyone! Players both inside the clan and out. 

We have a few LGBT players, players of (almost; we're still looking for our "token black guy") every racial background, and so much more. If anyone gives you any problems, that's inherently different. But until then, be nice!

Rule 3) Naked Fridays are mandatory.

This is self-explanatory.

Rule 4) When any of our clan Leaders/Officers/Warlords say something, either it goes or you do.

This is self-explanatory.


Either respond to this thread or shoot myself, Metronome, or lo_Storm a message in game.

As of right now, we are desperately looking for someone to design a new clan-logo as ours is terribly disgusting and outdated, and an architect - Someone to color our Dojo and make it look pretty and sh!t. However, these are not required. We're just looking for decent people.

Our Dojo itself is 100% complete as far as research is concerned. We have every room. Dueling room, obstacle courses, places to rest your feet and take great screenshots, you name it we've got it. But we can always use improvements!

We do have a Discord server, but using it is absolutely NOT a requirement. If you want to join it, all you need to do is ask, but you will NEVER be forced to use it to partake in any of our activities.

That about does it for my typing, I'm tired.

Regardless, we hope to see you soon, Tenno!

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