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Group finder in game And Game Market IMPORTANT


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For warframe developer

Group Finder _____________________________________________________________________________________

A Group finder system (not chat) this system player select mission and specify example frame /mr rank/long or short play in this mission and message to show in group finder system /player setup group finder so player fit specify setup can join/game find match itself ,better then find in chat which is ok but not well to find group play with in long run,and there a time when can't find group in that region ,so able to join all region ,that still low ping ,fast connection is better.

(example /get resource to craft,ger rare mod,get some warframe blueprint a normal one which take lot of replay 10-100 time to get just 1 bp part we need ,I think 10 time should guaranteed rng system still make unfair and too much grind ,grind is ok but too much not fun)

Game Market _____________________________________________________________________________________

Ingame market system so we can sell/buy thing from player without have to use unreliable trade chat (chat we must online to sell, can't sell right away, can't find item due to time of that day and player that sell is not all listed to see),so other player buy/sell that item will send to ingame mail get item,credit,etc

Summary _________________________________________________________________________________________

Warframe a great game ,fun to play ,I love to play this game ,but sometime I think why I play this game not because it not fun ,but too much of everything like too much grind and when you put lot of time in game/get item ,one item you want ,buy platinum etc and fail to do so because rng ,grind ,you will think hard ,is there not a another fun game to play ,something like that ,I think you should balance thing more for people buy platinum and people who not ,people who not doesn't mean they not support game,since the more time people play the likely they will buy platinum and still support game in the end, that why group finder and game market will help.



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