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JV Glitches sense War Within update

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First Section (Archwing)

small one, but there is a delay on the first door opening after shooting the first set of 4 buttons.  It opens for the host but probably about a 5 second delay on that door.  ONLY the first door as well, the rest open up that same time for everyone (not a host issue)

First Section (Inside)

During the decryption state, the bubble will randomly stop working on the console even if fully extended.  You can see the infested growth on console and the only way to fix it is to let the bubble FULLY deactivate and re-pump


Second Section

Elevator no longer goes down and no bubble is around the console, instead makes a horrible noise.  If you don't fix please at least get some proper lubrication for the gears, check the oil pump.

Timer goes from 2 minutes to 10 seconds, once you reach the top and the door opens.  It should only go to 10 seconds if someone runs to the back door.  As chests spawn there, time to look around would be nice

Third Section

Possible host issue - entire team discounts but Host stays in.  This used to happen when LoR was first released when you have more than 6 people, could be the same issue but could be a Host issue either (never had issue with that host before).  Will post on this message again if it happens again


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