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Selling Rivens and a Maxed mod


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Hi all,

Tennobaum has left me broke. I'm trying to get rid of my Rivens to make some plat for more gifts. Also selling a MAXED Narrow Minded/Transient Fortitude/Blind Rage/Tainted Mag/Tainted Shell/Sanctuary/Magnum force - 300p. I can only afford to max one for now, though!

The rivens I'm selling are:

A X6 roll maxed Harpak Critanak - +216% crit chance +123.6% flight speed - 50p

A 4X roll Panthera Vexicon at rank 0  - +74.4% Damage to Grineer +153.1% Electricity -64.4% Status Duration (stats at max) - 30p

A 1X roll Tiberon Feva-Zetipha at rank 0 - -88% Weapon Recoil +84.9% Heat +51.6% Reload Speed (stats at max) - 40p

A 0X roll Vulkar Magnapha at rank 0 - +179.7% Impact +128.9% Heat (stats at max) - 100p

Thanks for reading!

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