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I) If you target an enemey with banish you can accidentally banish an ally. Targeting enemies should only "aoe banish" enemies. Targeting an ally should only banish allies and not nearby enemies

II) You can only banish when you are in the same plane. E.g. you cannot de-rift banished enemies, when you are in normal plane.

III) rift surge augment doesn´t work properly. It´s supposed to increase your damage for every surged enemy. It sometimes increases damage a little bit. When it increases the damage it is roughly 30% in total and not 30% for every enemy. If I surge 10 enemies I do the same damage when I kill the 1st enemy as I do when killing the 10th surged enemy. ~7k without surge and 10k with surge

That strengthens my theory that it only increases damage by 30% no matter the amount of enemies. Sometimes you don´t even get the 30% increase. It´s very inconsistent 

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