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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: All variants of new Armaments wreckages introduced in Corpus Proxima Update (Talyn, Vort, Glazio, Laith) are giving only 25 Endo when scrapped, instead of 225 like any other Armament or Component wreckage. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Try to scrap one of them. EXPECTED RESULT: 225 Endo rewarded. OBSERVED RESULT: 25 Endo rewarded. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% of the time.
  2. Another progression stopper bug. TYPE: In-Game, Loading Void Tunnel DESCRIPTION: Entered into a session from another player's Dojo. They were stuck in an endless Void Tunnel. Host migrated, I was still stuck. Pressed Return to Dojo, nothing happened. Had to close the game. VISUAL: (at least it looks cool) REPRODUCTION: No idea. Sorry. The other squad members didn't say anything besides. "Abort, it's bugged." EXPECTED RESULT: Mission loaded normally, out of the Void Tunnel. OBSERVED RESULT: Mission didn't load properly, had to abort/close the game. I managed t
  3. Hi, it's me again. I observed 4 bugs in two consecutive missions. This time I'll use the formatting. I'm also updating [this post] with the status of the bugs as of Hotfix 29.10.6. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: CLIENT cannot interact with the hack panel in the Infested Derelict loot dungeon in Veil. Host could do it normally, however. VISUAL: None. REPRODUCTION: Go to R-9 Cloud, get to the loot dungeon as a client, try to hack the panel. It MIGHT be related to the other bug I've reported [here]. EXPECTED RESULT: Everyone can interact with the hack panel. O
  4. EDIT: Finally fixed in Hotfix 29.10.7! Just a heads up. Hotfix 29.10.6 said this was fixed: Fixed Onslaught Matrix/Protective Shots Mods stacking when you repeatedly equip it in the Plexus. This is not true. The issue persists. I don't know if this has been reported, but the numbers go up when you equip AND unequip said mods. Cheers!
  5. Edit 2: Updated bugs status, as of Hotfix 29.10.7. Edit: Updated bugs status, as of Hotfix 29.10.6. Lots of bugs found, most of them showed up today after the Hotfixes. Sorry for not sticking to the formatting, but I'd become crazy if I formatted all of them one by one. I'll try to be as informative as I can without following the format, however. Cheers! Happens 100% of the time: Corpus Armaments are giving only 25 Endo when scrapped, instead of 225 like other armaments and components. Persisted after Hotfix 29.10.7. After Hotfix 29.10.5, you cannot do the same
  6. First, a general small but annoying thing: When you press X to exit the Railjack, a Turret, the pilot seat or an objective, there is no cooldown until the game recognizes again the input, leading into entering and exiting of the same place twice. Please add a small delay before you can reenter what you just exit or viceversa! Now, feedback about Corpus Railjack missions: Missions should have Fighters and Crewships elimination numbers, like Skirmishes in Grineer missions. That will solve two issues: fighters and crewships spawning too slow; fighters and crewships spawning endles
  7. First of all, the Plexus and the overall changes to building a Railjack are great, I really appreciate it! Now to the feedback... These are the stuff that me and my group feel that could see improvements: Quality of Life: An Icon that shows up when an Armament/Component % is maxed, without hovering it to check and make sure, similar to the "Max Rank" shown in weapons. Please make Tactical Mods be shown in the UI somehow for quick access and cooldown monitoring, without the need of opening the Tactical Menu. It feels really bothersome to have to open the Menu every time I need
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Fighters stopped spawning, door inside objective didn't open. This happened in the Flexa node in Veil (Grineer Railjack). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I don't know. It happened randomly when I went solo to Flexa. EXPECTED RESULT: Mission go normally. OBSERVED RESULT: Progression stopped for the Mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: I don't know how often. I played Flexa two days ago and it was fine. I played it now and I had to abort.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Kubrodon Echo-Lure is not showing in the wheel for lures. VISUAL: None. REPRODUCTION: Have the Kubrodon Echo-Lure. Go outside. Get your Tranq Rifle out. It's not showing in the wheel. EXPECTED RESULT: Lure showing up. OBSERVED RESULT: Lure not showing up. REPRODUCTION RATE: Happened for me and my friend that also has it.
  10. After much testing together with my crew of 3 players plus a trusty New Loka engineer, we came to some thoughts. Endless game mode is bad for a "Railjack" mission. You don't use your Railjack on them, only in the intro phase. Volatile and Extermination are much more interesting. Corpus Crewship takes too much time to blow up when it's sabotaged from the inside. Corpus Fighters are basically just annoying trash mobs that can be ignored with a decent Railjack. The disparity of the rewards from Grineer Railjack missions and Corpus Railjack missions is big. Grineer Veil is
  11. Hello. I have a Necramech inactivity bug. TYPE: In-Game Mission DESCRIPTION: Being in Turret Mode in Voidrig while firing flags you as inactive, so you don't get Mission Rewards or Affinity. VISUAL: I forgot to take a screenshot. REPRODUCTION: Do a Defense node (I did it in Arc Silver, Veil Proxima) and stay full time in your Voidrig's Turret Mode (skill 4). Kill stuff. Wait until Mission is over. My Voidrig is fully built with Necramech Rage + Streamline + Continuity + Flow + Necramech Repair to sustain myself in Turret Mode. EXPECTED RESULT: Since I was doing 90
  12. Hey! I'm back with more feedback. After much testing today, I've come to some general conclusions: As I've said before, Defender role is pointless. Engineers can defend the ship just as well. The crew's AI is pretty basic. They don't go for objetives. They just roam and shoot. If you are solo, you are doing all objectives alone. They do not use the Forward Artillery, Ordnances, the Forge, Battle Mods or anything of the sorts. So, my suggestion is a complete overhaul of how the Command Intrinsics works. Higher levels should grant us smarter AI. Pilots should pos
  13. Ran all new Corpus Proxima nodes today, doing all secondary objectives. Here are some feedback from today. Secondary objectives are fun, but they are confusing. They should be listed in the objectives UI (like caches for Sabotage missions), so you know if you are missing anything. And you actually know what you get. Also, secondary objectives that make the mission easier should be more clear on what exactly it does, and that it gives loot (could all be in the mission UI on the left, I guess). Loot from secondary objectives shows up as Mission Rewards instead of as IDENTIFIED, like
  14. Hello! Thanks for the great update. After playing the whole day until now since the update, I finally got a feedback to give about Command. Engineer and Gunner NPCs are surprisingly reliable. They can handle their own on if you have the right gear. They are better than random players, which is awesome! NPC generation is weird. Why put NPCs with 8 point totals and 10 point totals in Ticker? The cost difference isn't even noteworthy. Would be better if all of them had a sum of 10 points. Lich is useless right now. An engineer with a strong weapon does better than a Lich, p
  15. That's it. Without a primary weapon equipped, the targets display the wings indicator above their heads, but once you land, they do not fall asleep.
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