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  1. Yareli needs synergy between her skills. Nonetheless, I hope the Merulina is usable now in tilesets. Thanks!
  2. It has been a while since the update dropped, and I think I have better feedback than my pre-Tennocon post. However, many of the issues I mentioned in the original post stays. These are my individual mods feedback and suggestions: Berserker's Fury: Make it scale with Combo instead of an on kill effect. Starts slow, get big over time, like Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds. Right now it's a pain to use, and only already strong and fast weapons can trigger it with ease. Otherwise it's way better to stick with Primed Fury instead, which is not accessible to everyone. Most Galvanized Mods are not options, they are mandatory. This makes old mods be obsolete. Galvanized Scope: As pointed out, Galvanized Scope is the only Galvanized mod that resets completely instead of losing 1 stack at a time. It should lose the stack at the same time. In addition, the condition to use it is pretty annoying. Both Galvanized Scope and Argon Scope should give Critical Chance when Aiming, without a Headshot prior to it. The condition for Galvanized Scope stacking Critical Chance should also be on precision headshot, not on headshot kill. Otherwise it's better to use Point Strike or Critical Delay. And then there is a separate, but related extremist suggestion... A Combo System rework. The rest of this post is the explanation and suggestions for it. A Global Combo System Instead of being melee only, Combo becomes a global feature, for guns (and some skills?) as well. Think of Devil May Cry series. It's pretty fun and works good. Why should it be a global system? Because being a melee only feature forces you to focus on your melee to keep the combo up, so it makes you stay away from the rest of your Arsenal. It's an obvious issue recognized by the devs, or else they wouldn't try to make infinite Combo with Xoris or combo "pause" with the new Tenet melee weapons from Ergo Glast. It also allows some weapons that already have a combo system such as Snipers to use the same number. What mods should be affected? Most stacking mods, including Galvanized Mods. Why should Galvanized mods be tied to a global Combo system? Because the intention of the Arsenal Divide "fix" was to make us use all of our arsenal. And it's doing the contrary. Individual stacks for guns and melee weapons force you to either use only a gun OR only the melee weapon at a given time. Instead of having many different buffs shown on the UI, they could all be shown in the Combo UI on the bottom right corner. This would unify and simplify everything with a system that the game already has. Combo Decay vs Combo Reset All Galvanized Mods and Primary/Secondary Arcanes lose 1 stack instead of resetting it to 0, with the exception of Galvanized Scope (unintended?). This should be the norm for the Combo system. Power Spike in Naramon focus school already does it. Why not make it global? That's all I have to say. Thank you for the great work!
  3. Liches are taking too much time to spawn compared to Sisters. The murmur gain is also way slower than Sisters.
  4. Duviri Paradox is supposed to be the next big major update, so I guess yes. It can also relate to Hey Kiddo.
  5. Liches and Sisters General Comments Murmur reduction, Oull, Ultimatum and the Showdown made the experience much more streamlined and previsible. Thank you. Weapon generation is still boring, especially for Sisters that takes a while. Please make the Larva/Candidate have the same weapon you used to kill them, if the weapon is an elegible Kuva/Tenet weapon it can have. This will make getting those 60% weapons you want to max much easier. Sisters are teleporting too much, to up and down levels with Vault/Teleport (their 4 abilities). It's especially annoying when combined with the Toxin Sister's Renewal + Prowl. Please increase the delay on these abilities. The streamlined planet according to your Lich/Sister level is nice. However, if you are hunting them with friends in a squad, it gets inefficient. Please allow Sisters to spawn in other influenced missions no matter the planet like before, even if the Sister/Lich level does not match the planet you are in. If you get an Ephemera from a Lich/Sister you already own, you do not get anything else in return. Plus they show twice in the Ephemera selection, which is really awful if you got plenty of them. Railjack Showdown & Corrupted Holo Keys The amount of people that has no idea what to do in Railjack missions is absurd. The amount of people with stock Railjack with no wreckages built at all is pretty high. I, however, am a big Railjack fan, I've done a lot of it. I want Railjack to be loved by everyone, so here are is my drastic but simple suggestions to improve Railjack itself and thus the Showdown/Corrupted Holo Keys experience: Buff the default Sigma parts to have the same stats as the current Sigma Mk3. This will allow the basic Railjack to have the bare minimum performance for high levels. If it's needed. Delete Sigma Mk1, 2 and 3 parts from the game. Give proper compensation for the materials invested, if possible. If not, it ain't a big deal. Delete Lavan/Vidar/Zetki Mk1 and Mk2 parts from the game. Same as above. Remove the "Mk3" from Lavan, Vidar and Zekti Mk3 parts, naming them simply "Lavan Photor", "Zetki Engine". Done. Merge Railjack nodes into the default starchart. This will make Railjack be part of the game, and not just an optional game mode that suddenly becomes mandatory for the Liches/Sisters and many other systems. Introduce a quick Railjack tutorial Quest (or extend Vor's Prize) with both a Skirmish and a Volatile mission. A single mission is enough, as long as it's broke down and forces the player to think about how to complete the objectives. While the player does not have their own Railjack, make them use a basic one without customizations or match them with people that have it. Parazon Parazon finishers are still hard to pull. Everything is nuked before you can even think about finishing an enemy with the Parazon. The moment we aim at them to see their health bar, they are usually already dead, especially in a full squad. The current % of Health is honestly a bad mechanic. My suggestion is to make it Mortal Kombat style: Target took enough damage to reach 0 Health. Instead of being killed, they go into the Parazon Finisher state for 0.5-1 second. While in this state, you can press X to make a Parazon Finisher if you want. Otherwise, you can just shoot/melee/whatever to kill it. Or leave them be and wait for them to die on their own after the 0.5-1 second passes. Impact Status could make it trigger with Health higher than 0 like Nova's 4 blows up enemies with a certain threshold of remaining Health. Hounds We can't pet them in the Orbiter... :( I bet everyone wants to! Thank you for the great work. See you at Tennocon!
  6. I'll be honest with you, the new changes made the meta even more consistent. Berserker's Fury is a pain to use. Just make it stack with successful hits or Combo instead. Also, Quickening exists. Stronger melee weapons continue to be the stronger, same for most guns. The guns hit harder now due to the Galvanized Mods being mandatory (which is a issue in my opinion). Single target weapons still suck. The ones that benefit from the Deadhead arcanes most are single target weapons that have an area effect of sorts (Chakkhurr, etc). Do not increase numbers on mods. Increase base weapon stats and lower mods to low values like +30%. Thanks for the update. See you at Tennocon!
  7. I finished testing Yareli as much as I could. She has several issues: Lack of Synergies: Each ability feels standalone, there is no synergy between her abilities. Her 1 lifts targets, her 4 pull, nuke and throw up targets. Aquablades do not influence in any of them. Merulina synergizes with Aquablades but Merulina itself isn't good for the reasons below. Passive: The passive benefits only critical secondary weapons. Please change it to secondary final damage instead. Merulina Handling: Awful to handle and overall not worth using at all. Must be slower and less clunky to turn inside missions. Just try to complete a mission using it 100% of the time and you'll know what I mean... Pushed Out of Merulina: Yareli is pushed out of Merulina in Corpus laser barriers. It feels awful. If you are that fast, you should take damage only, not be dismounted from Merulina. Merulina Mods: They do not exist. Since it's an exalted K-Drive, I was expecting for us to be able to use the k-drive mods. Aquablades: Ability Range should increase the chakrams' size. Also, it feels weird that you only damage when they touch the chakrams, and not between the chakrams and Yareli. Would be good if it was a circle starting from Yareli herself. Thanks.
  8. Allow us to give optional feedback on the invigorations from the last week rotation, inside the game. As I see it, the invigoration system is an automated and personal feature to test out underpowered Warframes... In my case, I got Nyx, Frost and Baruuk; none were meta Frames! Also, I think you are already using the system for data to see how to buff underpowered/underused Warframes, which is something very nice to do. If you are not, please do it! You already got plenty of useful data from the Subsume system, after all. Thank you for the great work!
  9. I'm posting this here because the other threads do not speak of Command Intrinsics, and Sisters are more related to Railjack, since they make use of it... So... Elite crew members for Railjack. You added a new layer of RNG to a system that already had 6 layers of RNG... And it feels awful. The six layers were: Resources/credits required. Amount of available crew per day. Competency points spread. Faction. Health. Shield. The Unique Skill depending on the maximum competency is a nested variable in the points spread, which makes it even harder to get... For people that like like crews and Railjack in general, it feels bothersome. The cost for the crew members are excessive. And you are bound to get a bad roll. The Riven's completely random system is not fun. Crewmates were put in an even harsh state as of now. So... My suggestions are: Reduce the cost for elite crew mates. Reduce the range of random values for resources. Remove RNG on Health and Shield. Warframes, pets and anything else has fixed stats. No need for variation here, it doesn't add value to gameplay. If you want variation in these, make them fixed per faction (for example, Steel Meridian could have more Armor, New Loka more Health, and so on). Make the amount of available crew per day. Allow us to request Ticker to bring us crewmates with specific traits (competency points, faction, unique skill, anything), for an increased price (2x or 3x) to compensate. Thank you for the great update!
  10. After reading the comments and thinking more about the matter, I came up with some suggestions: Allow us to attempt to do a Parazon finisher on any staggered, stunned, blinded or sleeping creature, much like the melee finisher. Since the way to open them to Parazon finisher is easied, introduce a chance for the enemy to fight back, much like Liches do. The lower the health, the higher the chance for you to succeed on the finisher. At a certain threshold (40%?), it becomes 100% chance to finish them off instead. Parazon Mods should trigger on a 100% chance. They must be reliable. You are already trading spray killing everything for a specific effect. Add the dramatical pitch sound when we attempt to do a Parazon finisher, like Thralls have. I agree with everyone about removing the timer from Hard Reset. I also agree with whoever suggested the Parazon Ripline. Ninjas should have their grappling hook in hand. Give Valkyr a new 1 ability, she needs it!
  11. Berserker Quickening (Quickening Fury? should also be exclusive with Fury and Berserker Fury. Increase Combo Count Chance on that to make up for the lower Attack Speed compared to the other mods. Blood Rush The problem about Blood Rush isn't about the amount of critical it gives. It's the amount of Combo we can achieve. Lower the combo to 5x instead of 12x instead. It will be faster to achieve, Heavy Attack (and Efficiency) will be more viable, and values will be less extremes from 0 combo to max combo. Condition Overload Go back to old value, but make it exclusive with Pressure Points. In builds we already choose one or another. Glaives and Nukor Well deserved. No complaints. Everything Else Great. No complaints. Hyped for the deliver! Thank you once again for the great work!
  12. This is awful, sorry. Impact status was already underwhelming, and now it's even more limited, to heavy units only. Why don't you go back to the idea of impact knocking down enemies? Impact already is the worst IPS damage-wise, plus it's the worst status as well. Otherwise, I love the changes to Parazon. Thank you!
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