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  1. The weapons are pretty fun in concept, but a bit annoying to use: All of them need better reload times. Like, all of them, and by a big chunk. I'm speaking of 1 second or more. Zymos is one of the less consistent weapons of all time. It does 0 damage with body shots, and 1000 damage with headshots, that already apply multipliers. No to mention the no AoE/full AoE. My suggestion is increasing the base damage substantially and make it do area attacks on headshots, so it feels more rewarding for doing it right and less punishing when doing it wrong. Look at Kuva Seer. It has a similar
  2. I like the changes, thank you. Looking forward to test it. However, since you guys are changing Void damage, can you make Limbo do Void damage? He is the magician of the Void, yet his skills do Impact damage. Thanks.
  3. Bug 1 TYPE: Necramech Bug DESCRIPTION: When I resummon the Necramech in a mission, it spawns with half (~1500) health, instead of the maximum ~3000. My guess is that Necramech Vitality is not kicking when summoning. VISUAL: None. REPRODUCTION: Resummon Necramech after it dies from the gear wheel. EXPECTED RESULT: Necramech at full health. OBSERVED RESULT: Necramech at half health. REPRODUCTION RATE: Everytime I resummon it from the gear wheel. Bug 2 TYPE: Necramech Bug DESCRIPTION: Necramech 2 ability (Storm Shroud) suddenly cannot be u
  4. Almost everything, including Helminth skills, needs Bile. Bile is the single one worst to get. Sources for Bile are: Copernics: I've grinded a lot tier 3 railjack and have lots of those. However, they are going low quickly. It has the same cost as non-railjack resources which I have over 1 million, vs 100k. Lol. Cryotic: From excavation only. You need to get 30 drills complete in order to feed once. Diluted Thermia: Event only. Needs to complete 5 thermias. Fresnels: I could feed only once this railjack resource. Lower tier railjack, nobody does it. Isos
  5. Hey. Fishing in Deimos is awesome, the best fishing so far in my opinion, compared to Plains and Vallis. In both the way they feel and the gameplay in general (flying fishes are rad!). However, there is something that is killing me: items given by cutting Hybrid fish. Why? Because there is a mismatch between the visual and the items given (unique to the corresponding infested and orokin counterparts). For example, Vitreospina is the way it's supposed to be. It is, visually, a hybrid from Barbisteo (infested) and Chondricord (orokin), plus the items given when cut are Dendrite Bl
  6. I doubt as well, but it's a suckerpunch that they suddenly made an usage for stuff that wasn't used since forever. There was literally no use for them, besides collection, once you got the improved version of it.
  7. As many veteran players, I have built all current Prime Warframes. And, also, I've sold their non-Prime counterparts. With the upcoming Helminth update, I'm concerned about this. Will we get them back? Grinding for Equinox, Nidus, Harrow or Khora again, or buying all the quest blueprints/parts from Simaris in order to remade what had no use before... It makes me wanna quit. Please, DE. Allow us to have all our previously mastered non-prime Warframes back for the sake of the new Helminth system. I'm really concerned. And thanks for the love and the amazing job, as
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