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  1. I love the changes. However, I also feel that wasting so much time deep into it sucks. But well, we were sacrifices for the new generations I guess. However, I'd REALLY like to be able to resell the already bought blueprints for standing OR get them turned to arcanes as well. If it's possible, please do. I've read the posts and this is the biggest complain for us that are halfway there still. Thank you! I was starting to lose hope with the graphic remaster near the corner for an economy balance to happen, I'm glad it actually happened.
  2. Thanks a lot! I've submitted a ticket yesterday. Frustrating indeed. Hopefully these don't come back at all.
  3. HAPPY ACCOUNT BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!! Also, thanks everyone for the great job. I'm dying to get Melee 3.0 and Fortuna. I'm happy that it's advancing so well!
  4. Well, that's actually a good price for a beautiful waifu. Would do.
  5. I'm curious. What language are you guys using for naming them? Bolarola is literally Ball Roll in portuguese. I'm assuming it's a language derived from latin, at least. And thank you for the stream!
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