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-2 bugs in 1-

Ive found that in the new maps aboard the asteroid, particularly the massive room with crates being hauled across the chasm that (and found completely on accident after trying to see if I could wall run along the crates) occasionally instead of falling straight down and being teleported back to where you jumped off you can become trapped in the not so bottomless chasm! After about 10 minutes in the dark trying to figure out a way to climb back out by wall running and jumping on the rocks and giant pipes I finally managed to get back to the main pathways and to my surprise, it seemed that all of the enemies had completely forgotten that I was there! I assume that the same silly thing that happens to infested when you stand on top of boxes must have happened to the grineer in the map because while they all turned to notice me while walking their usual patrol paths, they were completely powerless to even attack.Bugging out and falling into the chasm must have triggered this and I highly doubt this is going to be a common issue but I felt it was needed to point it out.

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