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UI and Suggestion!


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Kenno here.

Ok to the point. after getting the patch from this week. i check the market to see what new and goods.

SO i while looking around on the Weapon section. your icon or image for BOLTOR "blue print" suppose to look like BURSTON in wich it is. yet the platinum price tag BOLTOR was not its BRATON image. im really confuse of what was.

after obtaining the materials for the BOLTOR its a BURSTON looks, so its a minor fix and a head up.

plus you need todo something with the buying, selling and stacking item. most of the stuff can be sell and not.

sample 1) small HP pack cant be sell why? it should right! and goes for every item unless there a reason for this type of UI.

2) while venturing to space to kill and getting "blue print" and what not. they stack yet no count of how many you got?

3) while buying i have to press BUY and i want 10 LARGE HP pack and no where to put a number or unit of how many unit to buy? or sell? instead click BUY hit OK repeat!.

so take your time.

thank you just minor fix :)

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