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Count Incorrect In Exterminate Mission


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Just played an exterminate mission,


counter read 1 enemy remaining


no enemy indicators


waypoint at extraction


searched the map twice but could not find enemy.


Forced to abort.


Dojo (which is also a mission type) has similar single digit errors

for research and build costs.


(Example 201 resources required,  but the accepted amount is 200)



Lastly, when quitting the game from the foundry I have experienced the

foundry screen remaining open but the account is logged off.


Closing the foundry screen produced the login in screen.

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I've had the exact same issues. I've had to abort at least three extermination missions since U9 due to that one nonexistent enemy, and am getting thoroughly tired of it. I've also noticed the odd numbers of resources in the dojo, but didn't think much of it. If these are manifestations of the same root problem, then it seems we have quite the glitch on our hands.

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