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Despair Or Acrid?


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If your level of fun is determined by how quick something dies, then yah. Personally I really don't care for bullet sponges, so I find it pretty amusing to turn the tide on them.


Challenge will actually come into this game if DE decides to structure better encounters with opposing squads, rather than throwing random enemies at us with garbage AI.


If they were to give a better AI and structure better encounters to make it more challenging, then all that does is make the Acrid first in line to be included in a handful of weapons that are effective enough to be used in this new playing field. 80% of all the weapons in the game will rot in the shop because they were barely passable as a decent weapon, or utter crap in the previous iteration.   


In short what you're trying to say is to increase the difficulty of the game to justify the Acrid and peer's power which in turn renders most of the other weapons that aren't near that level obsolete or even more useless then they already are. 

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