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Multiple Pickups On Player Hud


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Delving straight to the heart of the matter, I would like to see all the pickups I walk over individually listed on my HUD.  At the very least, having multiple categories displayed at once (i.e. ammo, health, energy, resources, affinity) and scrolling through each would be a huge improvement.  Going one step further, color coding the message text would add some more class to the HUD.  Maybe make the colors player selectable from the color pallets they own or something, go crazy with it!  I know I am not alone in wanting this, as several other players I know have expressed similar desires.


The current pickup message on the player HUD is functional, but not optimized.  Specifically, it is difficult or impossible to tell what resource has just been picked up from a pile of drops on the floor; the scrolling timer can expire either before the resource is displayed, or while another message ("Energy/Ammo Full") is on top of the one you care to see.


While this concern is not in the least bit gamebreaking, it CAN help to promote teamwork.   When grouping to farm, or when that rare resource pops out of a crate, it would allow players to see more immediately what pickups they have received so they could then (ideally) mark them for teammates.


If resource drops are ever reworked to have unique containers, instead of the yellow cylinders we have now, a categorized and color-coded display would still help add to the shininess (technical term) of the player HUD regardless of the effect on team play.


Hopefully this post finds its way to a HUD dev, I'd love more shinies in the game!

As always, thanks for all your hard work DE.

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