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liset audio bug


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forgive my bad english,recently i've upgraded my pc to a i7 and i reinstalled windows and warframe too....after that i noticed a little bug that i cant solve...in the little cutscece of the listet going to the planet/space ship it is completly silent,....i just verified the cache and reinstalled the game twice but not works.

can you help me??

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I've had the same problem for almost a week now. The sound from the hatch opening can still be heard, but the sound effect for the ship flying/engine is just gone whenever I get the cutscene for entering a planet's atmosphere or accessing a relay.

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I can confirm this sound bug/issue is present in my game too. 

I've tested the following methods:

- Verify/Optimize

- Reinstall 

But this has not resolved the missing audio for the landing craft. 

It ruins the ambiance of the game with dead silence during into/outro cut-scenes.

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