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OR: Whispers of a New Age (Discord Based)


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If you have not completed the story quests


Second Dream

War Within

Turn Back Now! The RP relies heavily on the content shown by those quests and you will lose the tear jerking emotional destruction you would experience if you continue reading!



Ahem… Now we can begin.


    Greetings Tenno, and welcome to our recruitment page! The Orokin Remnant is a roleplaying clan based on Discord that has been around since December of 2016 and has seen a years worth growth, learning, and improvement. There is a lot information to be discussed about the clan and how it works, but if you can make it through all of that, you’ll be informed on how we operate and also caught up on where we are in this story! Before we begin though this clan is more than just in-game. The roleplay is separate from the in-game clan, but the two are connected, as the in game clan and dojo are an extension of the roleplay. If you would like to join the in game clan, please follow this link:



...And leave your application bio there. Otherwise, if you would like to simply join the RP, leave your application in this thread.

    Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to make a list of them and message me on Discord with any questions. I am almost always online and available on Discord, whereas I’m not on the forums as often and will take far longer to reply to questions PM’d here.



    We are not accepting people who submit bios that would earn a C or lower in an English class. I have read multiple bios and felt like an English teacher grading and commenting on all the little grammatical and logical mistakes. Your bio must have the following at a bare minimum:

A basic grasp of how written english works


Proper spelling

Proper paragraph usage

Proper organization and flow

If I have to “grade” an application, that will result in an automatic disqualification of your eligibility to join the RP. So please, use Microsoft Word, use Spell Check, and review your English and Grammar textbooks. If English is your second language, greater leniency will be given to mistakes in your bio.


Additionally, we are looking for a high level of maturity and respect among our members. This is not a clan for 12 year olds and immature people who just wanna have their goofy idea in an RP, or just RP for the sake of it. We as a clan expect that you take the RP, and Warframe itself seriously and to respect the immersion bubble we have. Know your lore before submitting a bio.


The Story So Far

     A Orokin distress signal has been looping deep within Lua for months now. Even though the message is fragmented, it holds enough information to warrant investigation by anyone fearful or curious of the Orokin:

"[static] Orokin... ...emnant...[static] ...ong... war.... [static] ...oin us... ...elp...[static] end... cycle.[static]"

     The Lotus discovered this message right away, and dispatched teams of Tenno to investigate. Several of the squads returned to and reported nothing but a severely damaged console with the message relaying through it. However, some of the squads did not make it back. They were lost, and the Lotus sent down more squads to try and recover the lost Tenno. After those squads vanished as well, hesitant to lose more of her children to whatever was within the depths of the moon, she determined that whatever was down there was not coming out, and that system broadcasting the message was defective. With the war currently waging across the Origin System, she decided to leave the signal alone.

     In contrast, where the Lotus chose to abandon the message, other Tenno chose to follow it, to investigate the truth behind the seemingly broken message.

Operational Information

    Now that you are aware of the story and where you will potentially be entering the scene, it is time to look at and address the way the clan functions and operates. Detailed explanations of these systems are explained within our drive folder.


One thing I would like you to be aware of, is that mods do not exist in the story arcs of this RP. To compensate for this I have spent many hours developing a customized and hybrid form of combat for the RP. There will be many battles in the story that simply cannot be acted out in game, and I have devised a balanced system to keep the combat fun, strategic, and easily manageable. One such aspect that makes this system work is that all health and damage stats are static, with damage stats changing only based on elemental and physical damage types associated with them.

To give you an idea of what to expect for RPs that I host (every host of an RP can use their own combat system if they wish), I will provide a brief summary of the way weapons, Warframes, enemies, and elemental/physical damage types work:

Warframes, Pets, Sentinels:

The abilities have remained relatively unchanged in strength and effectiveness, but have

been modified slightly to fit RP combat rather than an in game system where enemies

scale and grow stronger with time.


Enemies have been categorized into 5 categories: Light, Medium, Heavy, Boss, and

Other. Their health remains static and does not scale, giving the RP a more realistic and

logical combat system.


Weapons have been categorized according to a similar system as the enemies, but with

more variety. To give you an idea, both the Braton and Baza are categorized as light

Weapons, and the Gorgon and Tenora are categorized as heavy weapons. Each

weapon does the same damage to make things easier for the GM to account for.


All weapons have a base damage that gains more points when an element or physical

damage type is added. Only one type can be on a weapon at any given time, but it

allows for players to make their weapons more effective against some RP enemies,

while also allowing them to caught off guard and rendered less effective against others if

they do not bring a versatile loadout.




    If you’ve made it this far, please understand, this system is not in any way hampering the creativity of RP combat, it is simply making it more immersive while also making it easier to track. Imagine if Warframe was a movie and then imagine how the characters would behave in that movie. They wouldn’t really have mods to make the frames and weapons tankier. For example, the Lex Prime is essentially a magnum that can be modded in game to have the power of a 50 cal rifle. As mentioned above, the RP does not support mods and whatnot. While this may sound like a nerf in many ways, which it is, it also opens up the door to new forms of combat. Imagine having a Zephyr with useful tornadoes, or a Rhino and Atlas that can grapple with larger, perhaps boss level, enemies like Hyenas or Zanuka. This new combat system allows for more creative and immersive play by users, rather than power plays that allow a room to be cleared with one bullet or button press.


    Shifting gears to the actual roleplaying, we have a fairly formal RP system that requires the host of an RP to log said RP in our clan’s Google Drive folder. This way we have a record of the story’s progression and the ability to access and reference past events at will with high accuracy if need be. The RP format is designed to be easily understandable and intuitive, making use of the text formatting Discord allows.




     Additionally, the Orokin Remnant has an in game clan, but it is NOT required that you join it. The in game clan is merely an extension of the RP. having extra members in the in game clan is nice. but not necessary. If you would like to join the in game clan, please either let me know on discord, or make a note inside your post.

     For thematic elements, the in game clan dojo is being styled after an Orokin Tower, (to the best of my limited artistic abilities) so there is that.


    The clan’s Google Drive has been mentioned and now will be described in greater detail. The drive is home to our clan lore, our interpretation of the game lore, game mechanics, and even physics. It also houses our RP logs, character bios and lore, rules, and a plethora of other clan related information.


    The main story the roleplay is telling involves a group of people who share a common interest. They want the war in the Origin System to end and have joined forces in an effort to bring peace to the system. As a result of this, major internal conflicts between characters does not work, causing catastrophic damage to the RP, and has resulted in a reset of the RP earlier last year. Any form of character building conflict should be something that directly impacts the character in question, rather than forcing other players characters into situations that could cause forms of trauma or high stress. Our characters are already about to fight a 4v1 war and they don’t need to worry about people inside tearing them to shreds. As a result, please create your characters with this in mind. To further narrow down what we’re looking for, characters should be of the following traditional RP alignments:
Lawful Good,

Lawful Neutral,

Neutral Good,

and Neutral.

In RARE cases are Chaotic Good characters allowed, but those must be cleared with me before they are accepted.

    This RP is designed to be a group of “good guys” working together, not a mish mash of good guys, less good guys, and bad guys working together. This is a PvE co-op RP, not a PvEvP co-op with friendly fire. The story of this does not have the ability to handle catastrophic division among characters.


Veiled Tenno

    If you would like to assume the role of one of the original 20 Veiled Tenno, there are certain requirements to your character design that cannot be left out. Those will be explained here: 

1. You need to intend to be a long time member. It is disruptive to have a person apply to be a core character and then leave 1 month later.
2. Your character will already know my own, and any other Veiled Tenno.
3. Your character would have next to no contact with any Tenno outside this elite group.
4. Your character had to have been aboard the Zariman Ten Zero (We have our own unique lore on the Tenno and how they became Tenno)
5. Veiled Tenno do not have special void powers or abilities. They are the same as any other Tenno power wise, the only difference is that they have

     been trained to possess a higher caliber of strategic senses and combat skills. In a nutshell, the Veiled Tenno are essentially the Black Ops

     Navy/SEALS of the Tenno.
6. Your character can awaken in the Remnant’s current base of operations, or they can awaken from an alternative hidden location in the Origin system.

7. You need to specify what kind of role(s) your character specialized in. Eg, Combat Medic, Squad Support, Frontline Assault, etc (see Below VT List).




      Additionally, if you decide to take a Veiled Tenno Role, understand you are choosing to play as a defaulted core character. This means that you need to have an outstanding level of RP maturity as simply abandoning the RP, killing off/rerolling/destroying your character’s personality, are NOT allowed. Your Veiled Tenno character is here to stay, not someone to just fritter around with. The Veiled Tenno are a tightly knit group of people who's first loyalty is to each other due to to the fact they only had each other to rely on. As a result of this, they will stay together until they are formally disbanded.

     An additional idea to really formulate what the Dark Tenno are like character wise is the class selection for Dark Souls. If you pick one of the predefined classes like Warrior, Knight, and Bandit, you're locking yourself into a set role with specific skills and growth possibilities. Whereas, if you choose Depraved, you start with an empty skillset and can build your character however you want. Veiled Tenno are predefined classes, free characters and Depraved. only choose VT if you don't mind playing a character with a set role.

    Here is the list of Veiled Tenno positions available. There are only 2 positions for each focus school. If your focus school of choice is full, you will be unable to apply for the position of that school.

Mataeru Lloria - Infiltration, Assassination, Squad Leader & Tactician

Muro - Hostage Retrieval, Active Data Extraction & Field Medic


Sigyn Zurgiintso - Point Defense


Kuve O'Helix - Infiltration & Reconnaissance


Vuko Drakkainen - Long Range Support, Information Extraction & Anti Explosives

Orokino Novatosha


Character Application Format

    This is the information that needs to be on your character application. If there are specific features of your character like body type or eye color, put those in a descriptive sentence in your bio. A REQUIRED aspect of your bio is the reason why your character decided to join the Remnant and how they found the signal on Lua. Your application is automatically rejected if we (the clan) do not see a clearly defined reason for why your character decided to contact them/join them and how they found the signal.



Submissions with outrageous or cliche character names will not be accepted.

If I see any garbage like “My Tenno is a rainbow Kubrow named Sparklefire that shoots rainbows out of his eyes” your post will be flagged and you will be added to our ignore list.


Operator Name:

Nationality: (Orokin or Corpus are accepted)

Warframe(s): (You are allowed to have multiple warframes, but the generally accepted maximum is 3)

Favored Weapons: (Try not to go overboard please)

Focus School:



    That is all you need to list. Your bio should be a brief summary of who your character is and anything important related to them, like a past achievement or something along those lines. Any other lore related to your character would go in your personal drive folder within the clan Drive.


    One thing I cannot stress enough is that you message me on Discord @ TacticianMatt#1582 if you have any questions. I it is my pleasure to help you with character design, lore explanations and any other RP related questions you may have!


My Character's Bio



Operator: Mataeru Lloria

Warframes: Ash Prime, Volt Prime, Excalibur

Weapons: Bows, Crossbows, Tenora, Braton Prime, Euphona Prime, Sicarus Prime, Karyst, Guandao, Nikana Prime

Focus School: Naramon


                The son of a mid-level Orokin Politician and a low level Xenobiologist, Mataeru lived a secluded life with his parents and sister, Xyvonya. They were both raised by their mother in a proper fashion and spoke far more eloquently than most children their age as a result. When the Zariman Project was announced to the Orokin Public, the Lloria family was one of those drafted to travel to the Tau system that the Sentients had been terraforming.

                When the crisis aboard the Zariman happened, he lost his parents and watched his sister and later on, his best friend die right in front of him. In order to preserve his sanity, he locked down his emotions and became a colder unfeeling individual, hellbent on protecting those around him. He created a small group of children on board and struggled to protect them all against the monsters the adults had become, and against other parties of scavenging and less friendly children.

                Ultimately, when the Zariman was recovered by the Orokin and after the children had begun the transference therapy, Ballas noticed Mataeru’s skill in controlling his powers, and decided to use him as a starting point to build a secret assault for that only the Executors would know about. He called this group the Veiled Tenno and bestowed the title of Shadowed One upon Mataeru. He held a significant amount of hatred for the Orokin Executors and Ballas, as he found out that the Zariman was not a colony vessel, but an experiment. He blamed them for his parents, sister’s and friend’s deaths, and would have attempted an assassination if he knew there was a chance it would succeed. But alas, he was forced to remain submissive and obey the commands of the Orokin. Yet, he vowed one day, he would have his vengeance on the Orokin, even if took him a life time.

As the days and weeks went about, more and more children joined the ranks of the Veiled Tenno, assigned to Mataeru’s care, as Ballas selected children with some of the best void energy control. When the Warframe project completed, each of the twenty Veiled Tenno was given the choice of up to three Warframes to select. Mataeru, hailing from the void Focus school of Naramon, chose Ash for its harmonious blending of stealth and combat, Volt for its stalwart ability to defend points and lock down entire enemy squads, and Excalibur for its ability to engage the enemy head on where needed. The diversity, he believed, would allow him to adapt to any situation. However, he still favored the Ash, becoming a master of the shadows.

                At the time of Collapse, Mataeru was stationed in the Veiled Tenno sanctuary Lua and was watching the victory ceremony via live broadcast when the Tenno attacked. The Veiled Tenno’s designated Cephalon, Tauria, initiated the Eclipse Contingency, ordering all Veiled Tenno to seek shelter in the nearest sanctuary and prepare to enter cryostasis at the word of the Executors. They waited for several days before Tauria activated the Somnus Contingency, ordering all Veiled Tenno to enter cryostasis. She would monitor them and awaken them if the situation in the Origin System improved.

                Years passed and turned to decades, decades turned into centuries, and finally, as Cephalon Tauria’s systems degraded beyond repair, she activated the Restoration Contingency, one that should bring the Tenno out of Cryostasis. However, Mataeru’s pod was the only one that opened right away. Her last act to save the children she had been charged with had given them the opportunity to start fresh five hundred years later.

                Upon awakening, Mataeru found Tauria dead and beyond salvaging. With nothing left to do, and no way to safely awaken his companions due to an unknown system failure, he took to exploring the system to learn about what happened. He explored the system for fifty years, keeping his body in his cryostasis pod, and using his Warframes as need. He saw the endless War that the Betrayer, the Lotus, Natah, had kept in balance for a generation, and he was disgusted. He swore that he would end the War in the Origin system and bring true peace for those suffering under the iron fist of the Grineer and the crushing weight of debt from the Corpus, or he would die trying.

                Setting up a secretive message designed to attract those looking for more than what the Lotus had to offer, he lay in wait for Tenno who might be brave enough to support his cause; Tenno willing to fight for peace.


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Operator Name: Zavis Venau

Nationality: Orokin/Tenno

Warframe(s): Nekros prime


Primary: Opticor
Secondary: Hikou Prime
Melee: Galatine Prime (broken beyond repair)

Focus School: Zenurik


                Zavis was born into a pair of wealthy closet cultists that owned mining operations in the Orokin Empire. His parents followed some kind of mythological beast or deity, he never gave it much attention because he thought it was silly and ridiculous so he didn’t know the full details. Eventually he got a bit curious, maybe there was some semblance of truth to it and he was just being close minded, perhaps he was just bored, perhaps he wanted to justify spending time with them. He decided to watch them now and again in secret as they conducted various rituals and practices. Sometimes they supposedly talked to the ghosts of their dead ancestors or of some guest they had at the time. It looked absolutely ridiculous and almost made him regret his curiosity.

                Word got around of a ship traveling to colonize the Tau system, the Zariman Ten Zero. Seeing an opportunity to further their mining operations resources, his family payed to ensure their place aboard the Zariman. Zavis went along as well, seeing an opportunity since they probably wouldn’t dare practice outside the privacy of their home or coven. It wasn’t so bad aboard the ship considering he was used to a large estate, but things quickly spiraled downward as the ship dropped out of warp in the void instead of the Tau system. The energy of the void coursed through the ship and the adults went insane while the kids were somehow unaffected. Zavis was 17 at the time, almost 18, and older than a lot of the other kids aboard. Naturally, this made some of the younger ones look up to Zavis for leadership. The ship was eventually “found” and brought back, but it was after some dark times. Even Zavis was shaken up by the fact that he had to kill his own parents and those of some of the other kids, watching the cries and betrayed faces as the event unfolded like a nightmare. It was enough to put him down, making him wish he’d spent more time with them now that he never will again.

                When they returned, some of the higher ups, perhaps even most of them, came to be afraid of these survivors as they used some kind of unknown powers that were massively unstable. War broke out with the sentients when they returned from the Tau system and research began on these Zariman survivors, now called Tenno, to find ways to help them control their abilities and use them in this greatly one sided fight. Zavis chose Nekros prime as his frame, the decision made in part to memories where his parents supposedly spoke to the dead. Now he would be calling to the dead for aid, filling corpses on the battlefield with shadows that reanimate them into puppets following his will.

                The focus schools are created and Zavis joins Zenurik, it was an easy choice considering his use of tactics aboard the Zariman and his choice of warframe. Problem is, he didn’t seem to be able to use any of the Zenurik techniques when he learned them like the other Tenno, just the basics. He wondered what he was doing wrong as he bumped into one of the survivors that followed him aboard the Zariman. The survivor recognized Zavis and shook his hands in thanks for getting him out alive. At this moment, Zavis felt power course through and noticed a sudden fatigue in the other person. He had a hunch and wanted to test it out, but he wasn’t given a chance before Ballas grabbed Zavis, saying he wanted him in the covert ops group he was making called the Veiled Tenno.

                Zavis passed the training, showing tactical superiority and the confidence to inspire. He met Mataeru, who would be their leader, and the two fairly quickly became friends due to their similar taste in style. He told Mata about what happened before he was picked for training and that he wanted to test it. They would find that Zavis’ abilities came to him in a different way. Instead of having his own talent, he could temporarily gain the abilities of another Tenno and use the same tricks they could. He would keep this from the others and asked Mataeru to do the same for now. Although it was handy, it wasn’t normal and he saw it as a potentially dangerous mutation. He wanted to monitor it, see if it would continue to change in some way or another. Right now, it only made someone tired, but he was afraid that it might possibly become worse and hurt someone more severely, too many unknowns. He wouldn’t dare show it, but he came to care about the Veiled Tenno, always thinking about the Zariman incident. He’d lost some of the kids that were following him, and he wouldn’t let that happen again, whether he’s being followed or following someone else as he does in the Veiled Tenno. He’s often silent, looming in the back, thinking, strategizing, but he shows no problems holding a conversation and has a particular like for sweets and making food.

                The balance shifts in favor of the Orokin now with the Tenno and their warframes, eventually coming to a supposed end. Zavis watched the ceremony from his orbiter, out of sight from the other Tenno who slaughtered the Emperors below when they descended, which wasn’t very surprising to him, he just didn’t expect it to happen that way or so easily. With nothing else to do, he followed other members of the Veiled Tenno to Lua, led by Tauria their Cephalon, where he was put to sleep until he is manually reawakened later.   

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Operator Name: Dormin

Nationality: Orokin

Warframes: Custom-made Rhino Prime

Primary:Medium-range rifles and shotguns
Secondary: Anything that kills.
Melee: Primed heavy weapons only.

School:Unairu - Way of the Bastion

Not all Tenno shared the same fate. Most of them were fighting with Sentients and Infestation. Others were trying to fight against their masters. There were also those who were chosen to kill the rebels. And then there were none who was standing at the heart of the Empire, protecting it with his body.

Dormin wasn't the one from Zariman. He was from Saita, one of those ships that were carrying young Orokin nobles who willingly chose to become Tenno, to protect their Empire.
He was a son of a high-ranking military officer and a woman from very minor family of Orokin nobility. Love brought to of those together and Dormin was born as a result of their marriage. He was a very creative boy, with love for art, music, poetry and things more spiritual - all inherited from his mother. But in order to have time for those little things he agreed to pass a military training under his father’s guise. While he was still very young, he wasn't alone, cause his family had  a little addition in the form of Sena, his little sister, whom Dormin adored more that anything.
Decision to sacrifice a chance on normal life was a result of his father’s death while he was on one of the battleships.

When everything was done, and ship returned from its voyage through the Void, he came out of it only slightly changed, more calm than ever. When they were finally back home, an unexpected thing happened. Their ship was given a great honour of being visited by a wealthy Orokin family that  was rumored to have close blood ties with Orokin Emperor and belonged to Sectarus Class.
All Tenno were forced to gather by guards in a giant hall before the family even got on the ship. All of them were blindfolded beforehand. Nobody knew what was going on. Then, before Dormin knew it, he was chosen to become pet of a little girl from ArZalor family. A whim of “royalty” took him away from desired fields of battle, stripped him away from everything but name and put a collar of slave on his neck.
He was paired with Rhino Prime Warframe, and passed training in Unairu school of Focus. And that training was life-threatening. Gavel ArZalor, current Mistress of the Family wished that Dormin would be the best at protecting her daughter and herself. His teacher was Kaleb Dax, a cruel war hero,who was known for not taking any apprentices and was seemingly aiming to kill Dormin every time they trained together. So Dormin was trained, made to withstand tremendous amounts of pain,unmovable. To fight, caring only for the life of someone else, to fight even if he is in mere seconds from dying, taking all the shots and all the strikes onto himself and finding strength in that pain.
When he was controlling his Frame he acted as a chained dog was supposed to act, protecting the target with his body while heckling and taunting the enemy into coming into his attack range and disposing of them with cruel efficiency when situation allowed. Unmovable object and Unstoppable force at the same time, a moving mountain that will pour rain of stones on those unlucky to come near with ill intentions and cover those who ask for its protection. Bastion.

The only respite from those trainings were times he spend with the girl named Lyria, playing with her, teaching her how to play on musical instruments and how to draw.His collar was made to not allow any hostile action towards Orokin masters, but still he was being watched by at least two guards while spending time with Lyria and was picked on constantly. Despite being treated like a slave, like a dog, he took pleasure in communicating with a child, who reminded him of his own younger sister. Fate of his family was left unknown to him. 

A certain thing lifted him in the eyes of his betters on the 13th birthday of the girl. When a Corpus assassins came to ruin the celebration. Obviously nobody was hurt, three assassins died from severe head trauma, and one was left without any means of ever walking again.
From that day he was treated less like a slave and more like a full-fledged bodyguard, who accompanied little girl in all her studies. He was given a room of his own and a garment fitting for an Orokin Royalty, that he wears even now.

When Collapse  happened he was one of few Tenno who fighted against unnecessary bloodshed. Yes, he was accused of fighting for those who enslaved him, but he found in his heart ability to not put sins of the parents on the child. He protected Lyria with his heart, like he always did. But in the end those two were left alone. A child and the Tenno. She removed his collar but he knew - that act wouldn't change a thing. He would still protect her with his life.

He found an unhoused Orbiter, which was equipped with three cryogenic capsules. He used it to get away from the planets, to hide in the void, form which the insides of Orbiter were shielded. There they both went to long sleep, deciding that waiting till things get better would be the best decision.

When they woke many ages later, they found that things didn't got better. System was locked in a state of constant war. Dormin ignored most of messages from Lotus, whom he didn't trust simply because he didn't knew her, didn't trusted her. He did not knew much about Margulis either, so he had a hard time understanding why Lotus acted the way she acted and why most of the Tenno trusted her as they did.
He only headed to those warnings that were not conflicting with his view on the world around him. Dormin now did everything to provide him and little Lyria with everything necessary for some semblance of life. He tried to avoid combat where possible, seeing as world already was plunged into enough bloodshed. He also took  on himself responsibility of visiting places of major battles and praying for the rest of murdered souls. He followed the mysterious signal precisely for that reason, he heard Lotus's warnings. But he stayed to make world safe for Lyria and himself.


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Operator’s Name: Disruptis


Race: Orokin


Warframe(s): Limbo




(General appearance, usually seen wearing additional clothing like a cloak or hood)




This weapon was stolen from a random grineer grunt who managed to single-handedly foil one of Disruptis’s master schemes. The Tenno fell in love with it, even dubbing it as the most versatile and durable weapon he has ever seen on this side of the Void. He generally encounters problems with actively shooting and pulling guns in/out of the rift, with the exception of the Quartakk. Tweaks made allow easy customization of the interior along with a feature to swap from burst-->semi-->auto.



Kept on the orbiter in case a situation requires a heavy-duty energy weapon.



Synoid Gammacor

Stolen from a Cephalon Suda operative. In the process of attempting to modify this weapon, Disruptis went through a total of 8 Synoid Gammacors. Of course, he had to get those by completing missions for Cephalon with her operatives, then picking them off their corpses as they died. As a result of Suda discovering his intentions, she has now banned operatives from deploying into a mission with Disruptis. Disruptis possesses a couple cores with various preprogrammed instructions he can use allowing him to harness the power of the gammacor in unique ways. One such core can assist him in hacking operations by performing operations such as multi and long-range hacking. Another one allows him to perform instant codex scans as long as the beam comes into contact with the target. Other cores are kept secret for now (they aren’t all that game-changing, just perkish)




Disruptis prefers holding his enemy’s at two arms’ length. The upper blade on his Guandao is slightly smaller than usual variants with an overall longer blade portion. Disruptis employs a unique fighting style where he pops in and out of the rift right when his hit is about to connect.


Rakta Dark Dagger

This was actually acquired through legitimate means from close bonds with the Red Veil. Disruptis uses it in close quarters combat when he needs an edge. This dagger is often thrown, resulting in Disruptis frequently losing and having to chase after it again.




Disruptis holds a total of seven specters in his arsenal with the exact appearance of his Limbo warframe. These specters can be remoted into and controlled, but the user loses the ability to control their actual warframe while doing so. Since specters are significantly inferior in terms of combat output, this is primarily used for diplomatic situations and bamboozlement. He can grant others the power to control his specters too, and they can be hacked into with enough time and effort. The specters run on VoidScript.


Focus School: Naramon, the way of the tactician.


Bio: During the Void Jump incident aboard the Zariman Ten Zero, a certain child came into contact with an unknown being. This being didn't have much power in the face of the Void, but it wished to enact certain plans outside of the Void somehow. It needed a vessel. The being forced a fragment of its oro into the small child, destroying part of the child’s oro and fusing with the rest of it. The child, now confused about its identity and rapidly losing all memories, took up the name given to him by the entity: Disruptis. For the rest of his life, Disruptis would ponder whether or not he had the same personality as when he was born.


Thereafter, Disruptis would often feel a will pulling him towards certain actions. During the Old War, Disruptis displayed incredible proficiency in espionage balanced upon his thirst for the battlefield. However, he chose the way of the Naramon because fighting fervently on the battlefield is more of a hobby than his actual lifestyle.


Following his awakening, Disruptis was fascinated with the Void and the Rift. Finally given the freedom to discover it, he wasted no time immersing himself in his studies. He travelled all across the Origin system, documenting the unexplained mysteries lurking within each location and barely crawling out alive of the scrapes he got himself into. This Tenno is a very reckless and eccentric individual, but almost always has a method to his madness. Almost. That doesn’t stop him from leaving his plans unexplained for the sake of an opportunity to feast on the reactions of his comrades, however.


Disruptis primarily uses a black and yellow Limbo warframe sporting either a Venari or Aureolus helmet (depending on the occasion). His cephalon’s name is XerAI.


Through his various escapades, Disruptis had stumbled across a broadcast on Lua. His eyes lit up when he heard there was a force dedicated to pressing forward towards the resolution of the Long War. Disruptis had always tried bring down the Grineer and Corpus down as much as possible, but feelt like every time he crushed a head, more grew to take its place. That and with his subsequent falling out with the Lotus, he needed somewhere else to go to. The Remnant was an enticing idea for a craving Tenno like him, so he set his Orbiter on course.





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Operator’s Name: Isa Tekchen


Ship/Ship Cephalon name: Ziton


Race: Corpus


Warframes: Saryn Prime, Limbo, Titania


Weapons: Dread, Zarr | Lex Prime, Synoid Gammacor| Broken War |


Focus School: Madurai


Bio: During the Old War, Isa was considered one of the weaker Tenno, classified as a Low Guardian, somewhat similar to the Stalker that has since become known throughout the system by other Tenno. Though this “classification” was less due to a lack of skill or power, more from a lack of adaptability. She could not support her allies, nor could she reliably move unseen. All she was capable of was harm. Regardless of the philosophies she learned or practiced, the power of Madurai was all she managed to use. With her inability to coordinate well with other Tenno in missions requiring stealth and subtlty, she was not sent on misions with them, but instead served aboard one of the Orokin ships as a guard against Sentient attack. She and the others failed in their duty, however. They were defeated and the ship's crew was slaughtered. Isa's warframe was left pinned to a wall and heavily damaged, unable to free herself. The Sentients were defeated shortly after the crew she served was slaughtered. As a Low Guardian, she never heard from the Lotus during the Old War, and due to being trapped on the ship, she was not present to see the Tenno's betrayal. And so she remained, awake within her frame, pinned to the wall within a dead vessel, forgotten by all. For centuries she remained there, unable to move, stuck staring at the opposite side of the room with nothing to do but think.

She was so deep in thought that she didn’t notice when two Corpus had come into the room. The ship found by one of their salvage parties. Then she she fell as they went about extracting the seemingly dead warframe. The clang of her head against the floor woke her up. Her head perked up to see a two Corpus staring down at her, their weapons trained on her. Upon seeing the guns aimed at her, she acted on instinct, grabbing the weapon she had last used: the severed arm of a sentient, she cut the two corpus in half.

She killed the remaining Corpus and commandeered their vessel. Much had changed since the War, or the Old War, as it was now called. She used the resources from the Orokin vessel she was on and those the Corpus vessel had to repair her Warframe, then went about investigating what had happened, attacking and gathering information from the Grineer and Corpus, and making contact with other Tenno. She worked with those allied with the Lotus, though never directly heard the Lotus’s commands, nor did she know who or what the Lotus was. It was through this association with the Tenno that she gained proper Orbiter, access to the relays, and the syndicates. She largely stopped performing work for the Lotus after allying herself with Cephalon Suda, the Aribters of Hexis, and the Steel Meridian, but still foundh herself somewhat unsatisfied with their associations with the enigmatic entity that was the Lotus. In her journeys, she encountered the Stalker. She soon focused her investigations on him, as his apparent desire for revenge against the Tenno might reveal what happened during the war. After the reappearance of Lua, she recovered her human body, then went about exploring the moon, hoping to find more information on what had happened during her absence. She discovered the Remnant’s communication signal in her exploration, and decided to join them, now wanting to distance herself from the Lotus.


Despite her allegiance to the Remnant, she does not outright refuse to work with other Tenno. They have their uses, and many are allied with the other syndicates she found herself tied to. Furthermore, their association with the Lotus may lead them to reveal information about her that the Remnant does not have.


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Kuve O’Helix

Race: Orokin

Warframe: Mirage Prime | Octavia

Weapons: Vectis Prime, Baza| Hikou Prime, Akstiletto Prime | Silva & Aegis Prime, Peeler

Focus School: Zenurik


Kayn, Kedh, Kili, Koya, and Kuve were quintuplets born from an artificial womb on the 28th attempt of prodigious genetic researcher Thellevios O’Helix, and the renowned psychologist Ghullen Urnas, to produce a multiple offspring compatible with an implant bestowing a bio-empathic link. Throughout their infancy, the girls displayed complementary skills and personalities which made them a formidable team with a perfect work synergy, and thanks to the device allowing them to share what each sister experienced, they were capable of understanding and executing complex tasks with outstanding ease.

The experiment caught the attention of the Orokin Research Division, whose members saw it as an opportunity to revolutionize surveillance and espionage operations, as well as other group-focused tasks, and thus, they invited both renowned figures, and the children for a field demonstration of their abilities. Registered under the surname O’Helix, and discreetly posing as a family, the quintuplets boarded the Zariman Ten-Zero along with their chief of security, Mr. Drakkainen and his son, Vuko.

During the journey, Thellevios and Ghullen conditioned the girls by having them interact exclusively with Orokin empire’s finest, reply to others with scripted answers, and perform activities under a deed-reward code; tactics employed as a means to extend their degree of control over the quintuplets, and to add further prestige and the notion of regality to their product. Due to this, the sisters became what others described as “selfish”, “emotionless”, and “elitists”, though they simply never learned the proper concepts to understand an act done without an explicit compensation in return.

In despite of the strict regime, the quintuplets were allowed some time on their own, a sound strategy placed by Ghullen to permit them to further develop their individual skills. It was during these breaks that some of the girls managed to carefully step out of their tight bubble from time to time, namely Kili, who constantly requested to be escorted by Vuko whenever she desired to take long walks along the spacious corridors of the ship. As for the others, Kedh preferred isolation for her personal studies, Koya found an avid interest in cooking skills, and Kuve began composing music arrangements.

Only the latter was found after the ship’s chaotic trip into the sub-dimensional space known as the Void; the bodies of her tutors and sisters were never found, and were presumed dead. The sole survivor of the incident was found in an inexplicable peaceful state, featured no noticeable mental scarring, or trauma, and only minor wounds. The only oddity being a radical multiple-personality disorder.

Kuve’s powers manifested as what is known today as Zenurik, a philosophy she agreed with most of the times, though just like with everything else, she sometimes argued against it.

Due to her proficiency with singing, dancing, and composing, the girl was proposed by Margulis during her last days to be linked with an Octavia-type Warframe, with the intention of music helping her to overcome the loss of her sisters and to ease her loneliness, but Ballas had a different plan. The witty Executor offered her a Mirage frame, claiming the oro of her sisters had survived and had been sealed inside the four projections of one of its abilities. The lonely girl was realized. The manufacture of her custom Octavia was never completed, and left only in concept.

Ballas came to admire her unwavering discipline: she followed any command without question, regret, or hint of defiance. She viewed the act of completing an objective, no matter how gruesome or merciless the method employed, as innocuous as removing the chaff from the wheat; simply another necessary act to secure what her higher ups determined as the best outcome. Her devotion to his orders, nimbleness, and trickery in the battlefield soon earned her a place in the ranks of the Veiled Tenno, where she thrived as one of the most astute tacticians in despite of developing an anti-social behaviour. She was rarely seen interacting with others by her own initiative, sought no company during or outside missions, and limited her conversations to herself. Her success margin for solo operations was simply outstanding, though many noticed she never took risks or accepted missions with high unpredictability.

The Tenno became an addict to the transference process and her surrogate body, and minimized her transitioning back to her true body due to the loneliness caused by not seeing her frame’s projections. She was best known by her privileged group as discriminative towards Tenno who crafted and/or used vaguely adapted versions of the Orokin designs, and for using immature and highly sarcastic expressions at all times. This, in addition to her volatile personality and mood swings, caused many of her peers to avoid prolonged contact with her, safe for Vuko, who in despite of her initial resistance, became the closest Veiled Tenno to her.

She deeply regretted the fall of the Orokin Empire and the disappearance of Ballas, but hid her emotions from the rest as a calculated prevention against possible reprisal. After the Collapse, she did not follow the other Veiled Tenno to their hidden base in Lua, and instead escaped to a sanctuary in Mars with Vuko, with the firm intention of leaving the fighting behind, and wake up in a world cleansed of the past.

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                                           Vuko Drakkainen

Race: Orokin

Warframes: Ivara | Vauban

Weapons: Sibaris Prime, Vectis Prime | Ballistica Prime, Pyrana | Dual Kamas Prime, Arca Titron 

Focus School: Madurai


    Arvo Drakkainen was the chief in command in a security company. He was responsible for making sure the secret operations of the Orokin high caste stay hidden and safe, no matter what they are. He was married to Anita Ostrowska, a writer who specialized in detective novels. They had a son, Vuko - their prized gem. Arvo quickly realised that his son has a lot potential and started training him. Vuko turned out to be a terrific acrobat and climber, from a very young age he was able to pull of stunts that even professionals couldn’t. In addition his father trained him to use guns from a young age, resulting in him becoming and excellent marksman. Anita took care of Vuko’s education, making sure he is well-versed in art, culture and, most importantly, eloquence.

    With his son by his side, who he thought of as his successor, Arvo agreed to a very lucrative, but risky assignment - he was to take care of the O’Helix family onboard the Zariman Ten-Zero. The family wasn’t new to him, he had worked with Thellevios O’Helix, with whom he even became friends with, quite a few years beforehand. Arvo even had a basic grasp of why the family is so important - the quintuple children were supposedly mentally linked and were the future of espionage.

    Onboard the ship Vuko mostly spent his time helping his father, and in his free time he frequently snuck off with Kili, one of the five girls, under the pretext of escorting her around the ship. 

    After the incident Vuko was found sitting in the halls of the O’Helix family, like nothing had ever happened. He never spoke to anyone about what happened then, as for the most part his mind rejected those memories. The loss of his parents left him emotionally numb to the fate of people who he doesn’t know and/or doesn’t care about.

    Ballas quickly picked up on Vuko’s talents and placed him into his special program, taking him away before he even had the chance to meet Margulis personally. He was trained once  more, this time so intense that the sessions often left him beaten, exhausted and on the verge of death. This resulted in an agent that could be sent in anywhere, and would thrive no matter the conditions. 

    When in battle enemies would often describe him as a storm - a personification of unpredictability and destruction that could sweep through an entire galleon before anyone even noticed what’s happening. He left many bodies in his wake, but always ensured that there was no one left to see them. That’s why his focus school is Madurai, the embodiment of the storm.

     His frame of choice is Ivara - an agile archer that complimented his skills and allowed for slaughters that went unnoticed to the public. He also has a custom made Vectis sniper rifle that he could take out targets with as far as 5 kilometers away, due to his spectacular aim.

     He didn’t care about anyone other than his new family - the Veiled Tenno. For who he would give up his life without a thought, as he didn’t hold anything closer. He was the closest with Kuve, one of the quintuplets he took care of with his father, despite her initial resistance. She was the only one he ever opened up to, and admitted to that the incident on the Zariman happened.

     In addition from time to time he loses touch with reality, mentally going back to the accident, and after a brief moment he snaps back, once again forgetting what happened. His odd sense of humour and lack of personal bounds often makes members of his team question his action, as they seem random or inappropriate, though he always gets back on good terms with them with the use of his eloquent speech and honeyed words.

     After the collapse he went with Kuve to a sanctuary on Mars, because he wanted to be by her side to protect and care for his best friend, who wanted to leave all the fighting behind and wake up in a new world.


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Sabastian Yale

Operator name:Sabastian  

Race; Tenno 


Favorite Weapons;Paris Prime , Lex, Nikana Prime,Obex,Boltor 


Bio:Sabastian was not like the other tenno his mind worked in a strange way  he wasn't a very happy child but he became tenno when he lashed out in rage killing both his parents he felt sad but also happy he now knew that his rage can be used as a weapon some of the others feared him because if they angered him it could but he mostly keeps his history under wraps

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2 hours ago, (PS4)endermanrock1000 said:

Sabastian Yale

Operator name:Sabastian  

Race; Tenno 


Favorite Weapons;Paris Prime , Lex, Nikana Prime,Obex,Boltor 


Bio:Sabastian was not like the other tenno his mind worked in a strange way  he wasn't a very happy child but he became tenno when he lashed out in rage killing both his parents he felt sad but also happy he now knew that his rage can be used as a weapon some of the others feared him because if they angered him it could but he mostly keeps his history under wraps

Your application has been rejected due to lack of consideration for game lore, lack of detail, lack of formatting, and failure to meet most of the requirements mentioned in the original post.

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Operator Name: Orokino Novatosha

Nationality: Orokin

Warframe(s): Rhino Palatine(Prime)

Pictures for reference! 



Favored Weapons: Lenz, Vasto, Fragor Palatine(Prime), Ack and Brunt.

Focus School: Madurai.


A boy was born to a lower sect in the Orokin Empire, poor and unrecognized. He was tall, strong, but quiet and submissive to those who stepped all over him and his family. His name was chosen to make him more regal; perhaps he would be looked upon more favorably by the Orokin. Maybe he would be seen chosen by the Orokin for a Kuva ritual; maybe he would became a servant, his parents hoped. In desperation, the parents of the boy accepted a deal, that he would board a ship and be taken away. The pay they gave to him, all of what they could give him, they gave him, and allowed him to leave on a ship to an unknown place. They only hoped their poor boy could live without them. They prayed with empty hands. To whom, they did not know.


Among the Tenno in the Zariman 10, there was a tall boy who ran away from all the other children. He suffered crude deformations, a face scarred and mangled. He was taken, and he was manifested. In time, he was made to serve the Orokino Executor, one of the twenty Veiled Tenno.

Orokino Novatosha is a mandurai-focused operator primarily using the Rhino Prime warframe in the Veiled Tenno as a breach and shock soldier. Designed with the likeness of a Palatine, his color scheme and rough figure resemble a beastly creature, striking fear to Tenno, Grineer and Corpus alike. Orokino is mostly quiet and entirely obedient, questioning only the most absurd of orders. He acted subordinate to the other Veiled, listening carefully and performing actions to their literal meanings. The only one he regards above all else is Mataeru Lloria and, once the Orokin. Their words were law, and he will commit obediently now to Mataeru. Orokino is an introvert when not linked with his warframe, wearing a crudely painted Zariman suit of orange, red and black and always refusing to take off his mask. He is a large Tenno, tall and bulky, with wide shoulders. He quietly sits among the other Veiled often, and speaks lowly to them except to Mataeru. He can be very loud when necessary.


Orokino is much more expressive when linked to his Warframe. When linked with his warframe, he tends to take an openly artistic ideology when combat isn’t priority. He collects armor parts and weapon parts to make sculptures or decorations of crude design, especially things he has directly killed. He absolutely loves the other Veiled or Tenno coming to look at his creations, but still acts timid in most cases.


Orokino knows how to tell apart friend and foe, but he still listens to his fellow Veiled very strictly. It is when he is sunk into combat very deeply does he lose control; or rather become very in depth with it. Be it unnecessary strikes, unnecessary cruelty or disregard of self harm. A simple order can calm him and bring him back to a state of sensibility. He will never attack his fellow Tenno though, only if Mataeru were to order him.


Orokino is sealed with the other Veiled Tenno on Lua, in cryostasis, waiting to be reawakened. His hammer resides next to his pod.

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Operator’s Name:

“The Strider”(General/Tenno), Lekkal Falrrut(Grineer),Pehapiim Tatkyat(Corpus),

Lekalis Fanuschrat(Orokin/Tenno)




Grineer-Harkonar modded Loki Prime







Using the same ammo as his Marelok, the weapon is colored in desaturated browns with pale cloth wrapping over Meridian emblematics. As you’ll find, the Strider has an affinity for Grineer tech. The Grinlok specifically fills the niche of being both a battle rifle and a long range sniper, given time and skill… He’s at least confident he can match any shot from a dedicated sniper rifle. He also has a soft spot for the lever action system of the rifle, as it lets him have awareness and motion with each round. As one of the first weapons Lekalis’ usually draws, the Grinlok is usually set diagonally across his chest, held in place by Warframe engineering and his sash. |


Vaykor Marelok;

Boasting an equally sandblown and brown color scheme, various Steel Meridian fetishes are carved into its surface, though many are hidden beneath pale cloth scraps. Boasting a more compact version of his primary is all the better; it allows him to maintain a consistent flow, as water is want to do, when switching from ranges. The Marelok usually rests on his lower back, just above his Vaykor Sydon. Partially to surprise his enemy, though largely to keep with Lekalis’ unique fighting style of quick-swapping weaponry in an ergonomic dance |

Vaykor Sydon;

With bronze and copper finishes to exposed metal, though mostly cosmetic plating to more durable and foundry based metals, gives an unassuming appearance to the weapon. Though its aptitude for combat has never diminished in conjunction with Lekalis’ experience with the weapon. The Strider has found the physical range of the weapon to allow him better flow and control in the throes of melee combat. Just as well, the three pronged nature of the weapon promotes a parry oriented fighting style, while its length and exterior edges of the prongs allow him to maintain a sweeping offensive, presuming he is capable of being aware of his foes movements.

Lekalis typically lets the weapon rest on his lower back, his sash simply winding about it. Albeit, the innate capacity for weapons to remain holstered on a Warframe hold the weapon there more than the sash does. Still, a relief should such a function be disabled|

Focus School:

Vazarin - Teachings of the Red Sea, the Dawn Star, the Sanguine Moon.





Lekalis was born an upstart noble and a rebel at heart; with a passion in all things and a romantic determination to bring art and grace to all things in the cosmos. Even before he’d any agency in his household, he was causing a ruckus with those which the Orokin royalty and the like looked down upon. Sneaking food or beautiful statues or personal artistic ventures, conducting plays and reciting poetry; he was a font of culture, even though few of the laborers he communed with paid him little mind. It was in these pursuits that he was nicknamed (at least, as interpreted thru Orokin to Common) “The Cat of the Fanuschrats”.    

His past is hazy, even amongst those deepest databanks; expertly scrubbed clean with a radioactive flourish of energy. What is known, is that his pet’s name of “Cat” grew to “Tiger of the Red Sea”, that his tendencies in “pursuits and skill of pleasure and decadence” had him teaching many and more persons of various kin, about Art and States of Nature, he was also infamously slothful. His philosophies typically revolved around proper governing regimes and philosophies that benefit The People of society, without sacrificing their identity. An emphasis on being true to one’s desires, and gut reactions were key.  

His motions exuded the very essence of Vazarinian Focus, no action made jarred with the one before it, or the one after. From matters of society to measures of physicality; Lekalis always seemed to have an answer, or at the least, a witty riposte, with preternatural grace.

Some pointed to his almost incessant meditations, one of his more famous skills, as the reason behind why he had such finesse. Others still pointed to his appreciation of arts and culture as his enlightenment. None truly knew, however, and The Tiger of The Red Sea always had the perfect dismissal to the inquiries.

From this perfection, he fostered a fair following of youths and adults, Orokin aristocrats and slaves, alike in his principles and philosophies; at the very least, they appreciated and respected his sentiments on matters involving how one should move with grace and fluidity, to follow one’s instincts, and how to attune themselves to the philosophized “Red Sea”.

This talent was one of the few things that kept him relevant in the Orokin’s demanding Empire, and is what ultimately had him conscripted onto a Tenno creation project. He was not the first, and he was rather aged come the Tenno projects execution and slingshot into the void. Here, databanks become messy and muddled with misinformation and plausible redirects; though the youngest has this venture placed at nine years of age, the eldest being 17.

Regardless, this Project proved to be one of the more unspoken ventures. Not for the bloodshed or trauma underwent upon the vessel, rather, for the lack thereof drama and rumors.

That is not to say it wasn’t riddled with intrigue; Lekalis’ had smuggled many underlings and followers of his teachings and meditations aboard the vessel, which caused a whole plethora of problems: insufficient Life Support, housing, guards and parental guides… All of it should have spelled disaster.

Yet, instead, Lekalis returned with a cadre of fresh Tenno from the waters of The Void. There were casualties, of course, but the Tenno were sombre. The Tiger, of course, beamed with pride. Claws and teeth, bloody.


Upon his return, he became evermore prodigal; revered by the Orokin as saviour to the Infested scourge, as many Tenno were, he was one of the few who flourished in this spotlight. Not that he was free of the biases and insults laid upon him, rather, he accepted them. Owned them, allowed them to be who they told him to be. He wore their insults as armor, and they never hurt him from thence.

It was in this state of flourish and fame that his manner became more known to the Orokin nobility; he was staged more and more frequently as a dancer and trickster to the gilded courts. Not merely as entertainment, but as a ward to the growing conspiracies and threats in the Empire.

Little did they know, Lekalis was a staunch advocate of The Collapse. His distaste only brewed behind the faces and lies he upheld amidst those who commanded him to dance and laugh gaily. Precisely why he was so adamant and dedicated to the Collapse is lost to rift-torn journals and broken cyphers.

He was a proud, and inspiring rebel when the time came. His followers had found themselves in countless courts as advisors and court philosophers and artists; many were but a brushstroke away from slaying their Golden Masters. The Followers of “The Red Sea and Crimson Sun” became the boogeymen whispered on Orokin lips.

Yet, as many proud rebels go, he was ultimately captured. Execution would turn him into a martyr…

Repurposed, brainwashed to concede that the Orokin were not shattering the State of Nature, rather, bringing necessary order to an otherwise chaotic system of injustice and insecurity. Where base liberties could not be enjoyed for fear of death.

He was given the title of “Void Strider”, after his Vazarin capacity to interlink with others bathed in Void Energy. The technique was rather unique to The Strider, though not wholly reliable; but the Orokin were desperate enough to play their chances upon what could easily be mere luck and wit.

And so, Lekalis fought against the Tenno; his fame brought indecision to his comrades, to his friends and those who might be family to the Strider. He fought them, and he slew each and every one without sorrow.

Lekalis would oft whisper sweetly to those who lay dying in his arms, to give them a moment of peace, of love and endearment amidst the conflict, before they fell out of his grasp.

However, his whispers and delicate hands would not cede their touch on just Warframes; given his meditations, time, and focus, he was capable of tracing Tenno back to where their Operators lay. Most poor souls would be heedless to deny his kindly presence and touch, and such was the last they’d know, as The Strider pursued them and slew the Tenno twice. Both Shell and Ghost.

Though he was want without injury. His connection to his Loki Prime was unrivalled as it was what made him so successful in these violent delights. But it made himself vulnerable: Lekalis was not without his own pursuers; vengeful wraiths and shades made manifest in Tenno and Comrades. As the Collapse came to a close, The Strider’s own Operator was narrowed down to a facility burrowed in either Phobos or Ceres. Unfortunately, the precise location is lost to broken dreams.

The only witness to survive the venture was Lekalis’ dear and closest ally, The Runner. A fight only remembered as a flickering combat between a Crimson Sun and a Cerulean Moon. In the stoney guts of the planet, an unspoken combat took place and in the end… The Strider’s horn was cloven off, and the pain transferred through the somatic link caused Lekalis to fall into a coma-like state. Defeated.

The deed done, and the Runner left to find her own fall...

The Strider was awoken, later, by the Lotus; wherein he served as a pawn, as he had once before. He had queries, always, but never voiced them: he meditated, tried to remember more. But there was a feverish static muddying his mind whenever he dove too deep, so close to the truth but ever out of  reach.

Little did he know, such was the vicious damage done to his cortex; he had forgotten that he was ever indoctrinated to fight for the Orokin, indeed, much of the Collapse was lost to this staticky fog. He found in the cycle Lotus had create, this State of Nature, it was the essence of the few beliefs Lekalis could claim as his own.

This was… Natural, yet it was not satisfying. He found no peace, or tranquility, as he had before; even his dear friend, The Runner, had become silent, and fervently vexed and violent. An embodiment of what this cycle had become.

Though it was not until an expedition to Phobos that he awoke, a second time, from a second Dream, that he would see himself amidst the fog.

The expedition was to destroy a Grineer fortress; though his landing craft was shot down as he entered atmos. His Liset crashed in a compromised crater, and his squad was forced to leave and reenter at a safer entrance vector.

This crash caused him to lose his horn yet again, on a new Loki Prime he’d forged in the haze of violence the Lotus’ system had brewed. He lost nigh everything to that crash…

Thankfully, he was taken in by local Steel Meridian colonies so that his Warframe and Operator might not be discovered by the Grineer.

But when he awoke, he could not find his Operator; the Steel Meridian insisted that his capsule was safe, but heavily damaged. Any disturbance would potentially provoke further damage, or even destruction, of the pod. Given his state of disrepair, he had little choice but to accept the indignity of losing a part of himself.

Given that assurance, the Steel Meridian saw to repairing the broken Loki Prime as best they could; jury rigging Grineer capacitors and reactors to at least allow some level of movement. Though, the Strider found himself evermore incapable of connecting to the Lotus… Indeed, she came in as broken static at first. Bits of dialogue, lost to a sea of white noise. Then there was nothing. When the Meridian had done their work to the best of their abilities, his Frame could operate somewhat normally, given a slight leak of Radiation and Void Energy, it proved more a boon than a curse.

With his Warframe fixed, he was tasked to deliver a vital item to another colony, nicknamed ‘Dust’, the Strider felt obligated, and did enjoy the company of the Steel Meridian,  so he agreed to the mission. The trek was quiet, and only sported the briefest of violent encounters; but it gave The Strider time to think, along the metal dunes of Phobos.

When he was cut off from the Lotus, due to the tampering repairs of the Grineer, he found time to truly think, unperturbed by the Lotus.

The more he pondered, the more he found himself incapable of allowing this eternal tide of violence continue.

As he looked to those Meridian elements which walked with him, he recognized a look of barbarism and fear deep inside, past their foggy orange and blue lens. Though there was liberty and freedom, there was also an animalistic fear. There was danger to the self that he could protect, that all the Tenno could protect… Should protect. In defending the Steel Meridian allies on Phobos, he saw a glimpse at what Life could be like in the System; the fear of Death came from illness and time, not bullets and blades.

Given time, and a falling out with the Lotus thru this expedition upon Phobos, he quietly sought the rumors and whispers of the Orokin Remnant. He commandeered a new landing craft: a Mantis the Steel Meridian had salvaged from the shifting garrisons.

It was kitted out with the necessary components for independent travel, without an Orbiter. However, there were elements of the vessel he could never fully comprehend, no matter how many times he tried. The fog would come time and time again, as he’d tried to do more than just pilot the vessel. It was without any incubator, nor any cultivated Infestation as his Orbiter in the past had.

Regardless, he pursued the fragments of the Orokin Remnant with vim and vigor. What information he found was only enough for him to bring him to the Dark Zone where many Warframes had simply vanished.

Fear brewed in his gut, but he steeled himself for whatever came next. Death would be preferable to living in futility against the Lotus’ roots. Against the insurmountable tide of violence.

The Strider, though unsure as to how to truly achieve this unbloodied peace, knows how to at least respond to immediate issues, he knows that the Lotus, at least her ideals, must be contained.

By constructed justice or by natural laws, he has yet to truly decide.

His opinion is as fickle as the tide, just as well, he has trouble thinking outside of the immediate moment, but when he stagnates and meditates, he has a vast pool of knowledge and memories at his disposal; as Water is want to do.  




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Operator’s Name: “The Runner”(General/Tenno), Enna Rafuus(Grineer) Eppa Qataatiy(Corpus), Ella Rafaanis(Orokin/Tenno)


Race: Orokin


Warframe: Banshee Prime (Primary)


Weapons: Sybaris Prime; A weapon with strangely one horn on its right side in the shape of a blue three winged ornament, functioning just as a normal Sybaris Prime would. Her weapon appears to be masterfully crafted, care was the utmost importance of the smith as no flawed aristry in its frame can be discerned and if there was, it would be well hidden by the similarly talented engravings lining the gun from stock to muzzle. One that appears inherently larger reads: “Songbird’s Staccato”. Where Orokin gold would frequent itself among Primes, this Sybaris’ metals is instead vined in a crystallized blue, much like her other weapons.|


Euphona Prime; Blanketed almost completely in pale cloth wrappings, her Euphona boasts a strange niche of ranged battles with devastating impact, her affinity for this weapon appears just as great as her Nikana. Beneath the wrappings, one can see a grey finish, along with flashes of the transpicuous blood red metals that would have been gold, or even its sisterly blues, showing itself as a unique variant of the crystal vines. |


Nikana Prime; A long kempt and used weapon, the blade boasts a three winged symbol along both faces, before a long, artistic inscription plays out orokin writing on each face, reading: “Her talons held in your hands”. A small flock of (somewhat tattered) feathers curiously hangs proudly as its sugatra from a crystal blue hilt, hued in beautiful Aurora colors of blues, greens, and violets, whilst a Gemini Surt-form sheathe shines furiously in a bright blue glow along its dark grey sheath, hiding the deadly talon within.|


Focus School: Madurai



Her life before the Zariman event remains hidden behind a marring of anger, and violence that once controlled her; even the tight lips separate to no friend, not even the Strider she held dearest. Aside from her queerly short origin story of being born to a strange counting among high nobility, this is what many only know.

Among the many children placed in the Zariman, she was without the shelter of her parents, taken against her will to serve in its unknowing purpose. When the Void struck its malice upon the ship, she stood close to the other children to cope with the situation, offering a gentle hum to calm troubled minds. However later, after a series of rather harsh sessions involving transference and the combative lessons within the Warframes, her innocent views began to decay.

When the Infestation became strongly apparent during the Orokin Era, her first unfortunate task was to cleanse many of the recently perverted ships, and was amidst the first, and sadly, few to exit one of the many ill fated vessels during the initial attacks. The Runner’s time in each ship earned the respect of her fellow Tenno, and the birth of the Madurai Winds that carried her actions.

Of how quick her movements were, how reactive she was to each new threat without pausing, this endless torrent kept her alive; shrugging off deathly throes and engaging far faster than the enemy could react. News of her abilities gained notice of the Orokin themselves, who furthered her war of the Infestation with a better armory, and as time went on, it became more noticeable that she was changing; for her fellow Tenno, they couldn’t see it until it was too late.

She proved ever useful, until something precious broke in her mind where then the Orokin punished her for reasons unbeknownst to all but the Council and herself. The absence of someone close to her is all that reminds others to respect her past. Though to find hints as to why she became a silent, mute person is only noted by the occasional headache.

When rebellion followed, she was dragged to the side that opposed the Orokin, where an encounter with her closest friend, The Strider, ended in a furious battle where she subsequently destroyed one of the horns of his Loki, incapacitating him with a grave wound. As society began to crumble with the current onslaught of the Infestation and the Sentients, she was of the first to enter cryo-stasis, against her will that is. Taking her rage out one last time, it is unknown as to what happened, but it obviously ended with the others forcing her into a long needed slumber.

Awoken in the imprisonment of the Grineer after the Collapse and, eventually escaping to the safety of the Lotus, she was given purpose to offer her still mute anger to aid the other awakened Tenno, with little more than her frame and a simple collection of weapons at the time, she bitterly agreed. But the Lotus’ untrustful actions and unacquainted secrets soon began to cause doubt.

She pressed on under her guidance, like a teacher, but never a mother. Helped by the honorable Arbiters of Hexis and the eventual reunion of an old friend, the now named Runner, as named from her reckless attitude to seemingly sprint into danger, set off in an effort to discover who she truly was. The Runner’s curiosity found herself within the wings of a Scimitar aboard an infested platform, and with these wings, clarity of the mind came faster.

Eventually, as time went on, The Runner slowly came to her senses, where a raging windstorm soon turned into an amiable breeze. Yet, it was not until she found herself at the eye of the funnel; the heart of the reservoir, where she discovered a lost fragment of her mind within an infested mass, and memories amidst an old home on Mars. Where then, The Runner’s true self came to acknowledge the new era, finding peace within herself as the old anger died.


This was where she remembered her name: Ella.


Once more she turned back to the eternal conflict plaguing the System, where she found new friendship, she found new purpose, but noticed the strings the Lotus would tug upon her  and the other’s arms, steering peace away. The anger she had quelled was being deliberately awakened.

Making her choice, Ella cut the binding strings from the Lotus’s hand in search for deeper answers, ones that were not in the visions of her past; hopefully to end the conflict. After skimming the Solar Rails aimlessly, such as radiant wind shall, a faint signal caught her attention, a piqued curiosity soon brought her to its source, the Orokin Remnant, and with it, a new breeze to glide upon.


One that could possibly answer her questions, garner new allies, and help her cope with a new future.




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Operator Name: Anat Nadiria
Race: Orokin
Focus School: Vazarin
Warframes: Ivara

Primary: Flux Rifle, Paris Prime, Snipetron Vandal, Any Sniper/Bow
Secondary: Lex Prime
Melee: Orthos Prime, Dual cleavers, Zaw Polearm
Pets: Smeeta Kavat, as far as anyone can tell it stays unnamed


Was aboard the Zariman Ten Zero with her family, lower-middle class Orokin workers when the Void Jump Incident occurred, impacting her mind similarly to that of many of her peers. The gaps in her memories have yet to be filled in from the Old War in any capacity, her memories of before ending at the moment of the Incident, starting again after waking up from within a transference pod in the cargo bay of a Corpus shipping vessel, surrounded by Corpus scientists.

Lost and confused, she grabbed whatever weaponry she could from her surrounding area, her instinctive skill with weaponry from the Old War taking over for her. She managed to escape when the ship arrived in port, hiding away and biding her time until an opportunity arrived. To her luck, one day there was a large commotion, obviously a valuable shipment coming in, so taking a chance she investigated, finding an un-operated Ivara chassis.

In a flash of unfamiliar energy, she managed to remember her power enough to complete transference without the help of a pod, giving her the firepower needed to break away from the station she was trapped in, stealing a ship away to a relay, where she managed to scrounge up enough credits through odd-jobs from less-reputable Corpus agents to come across an orbiter of her on, complete with its very own Cephalon Song.  After a time of honing her power with the help of Song, a damaged but extremely welcome companion, she returned to her Vazarin teachings, remembering the ways of the Tenno, unlocking further power. Craving more power, or memories, or anything from the lost period of her life, she jumps at the rumors of some lost mystery hidden in the depths of the returned Lua.

Always an isolated girl, rarely so much as talking to her peers, the void affected her mind in a peculiar way, closing off her ability to speak entirely and permanently. She is forced to rely on her Cephalon and rudamentary miming to communicate her needs. Her Vazarin training largely involves countering and nullifying enemies as opposed to defeating them, focusing more on a support role to her allies.

She has a deep level of empathy for those around her, often seeming to feel the pain of those she cares for. She focuses most of her efforts on protecting or healing wounds as opposed to going after the enemy. Her fighting skills far surpass the average Corpus or Grineer, but when it comes to Tenno, she might as well be a novice. She keeps on the back lines when she can, using long distance weaponry to avoid the fray and to keep an eye on allies.

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You application has been reviewed by the clan and you've had perfect acceptance from those who cast their vote! Welcome to the Orokin Remnant!
Please message me on Discord @ TacticianMatt#1582 and I will get you started.

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Operator’s Name: Cev

Race: Orokin

Focus School: Naramon





Warframe: Octavia







Due to Cev’s tendency to not act without knowing for certain that things will go as planned, he spends most of his time  silently scouting out the situation at hand. The Paris allows for quick kills while maintaining silence until the moment he strikes with full force. Cev has trained with it for so long that it allows him to take multiple shots with ease in a matter of moments.



A pair of dual pistols that were once used by a comrade who died during a mission. They are fairly worn out from the previous owner’s use but are kept well maintained.


Kogake prime:

Cev’s natural style of dancing allowed for him to utilize these sparring weapons in a unique way creating a improvisational fighting style. He rarely pulls these special tools out for battle. When he has them out it’s as if he is a different person than usual, taking far more risks.


Aboard the Varida void ship was a young child named Cev.The boy had been sent abroad with many others to create more weapons to combat the Sentients. After exiting the ship, Cev was sent off into training as a Tenno to be kept in a reserve unit during the Old War.

Preparing for infiltration and retrieval missions, he met another young Tenno who was skilled in close quarters combat. The two Tenno became close friends training together on the regular. From the training, Cev gained decent knowledge of how to fight in close quarters when the need would arise. The war soon ended with him never once having seen the battlefield knowing the Sentients as an ancient threat he never saw in combat.



When Cev was awoken due to a malfunction with his cryo-pod he was left stranded on a comet. He found the wreckage of an orbiter frozen inside the the comet. Delving inside, he found his old weapons and gear. Unfortunately, he was only able to salvage a small portion of what was left due to most of it having been frozen over. For the next few years, he spent his time arduously trying every method he could think of to make contact with anyone else out there. He lost all concept of time as he lay stranded for what seemed decades. The only thing that had kept him from going insane from the loneliness and desolation was his music, which he would use to cope with the trauma for the rest of his life.

One fateful day, a Grineer squadron landed on the comet near Cev. he then silently made his way over and executed them all taking their Firbolg as his own. Thanks to the ship he was finally able to escape his icy prison. After his escape, he went out searching the Origin system for answers to what had happened. He eventually ran into another Tenno and learned of how the Lotus had saved many of them.

Cev questioned why the so-called ‘Lotus’ had never come to save him, and why he had been left alone for so long. As time went by, he slowly garnered a deep resentment for her due to all the torment he had suffered. Now released, Cev searched for answers to his past and a cause to fight for. Eventually he stumbled upon a signal coming from Lua and followed it to the source. After conversing with the ones who sent out the signal he agreed to join them to get vengeance for the torment he had suffered for so long.


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Operator Name:Larken Saieris[Sai-eris](Orokin/Tenno), “The Beacon"(General/Tenno), Lak'en Seeris(Grineer) Laerkin Sae-Eri'(Corpus)

Nationality: Orokin/Tenno



Rhino Prime(Heavily Modified): Most used as it is what he started working with.



Frost Prime(Slight Modifications): Mostly used when a fragile object of interest needs to be protected before reinforcements are incoming



Harrow(Currently Under Repairs): Secondary general purpose frame. Used for times where utility is more needed than survivability.
Currently not set up so no image yet.

Favored Weapons:
Vectis(Slight Decoration):
General Purpose
Opticor(Stock - Recolored): For Heavy Assault
Zarr(Stock - Recolored): Used for Cleansing Infested or destroying hordes of grineer.

Gammacor(Light Modifications): Used to Damage Shields and Flesh Tissue
Cycron(Small Generator Installed): General Purpose. Used as backup firepower.

Broadsword(Frysta): General Purpose. Light slashes directly from the sheath. Mostly used in situations where the other weapons doesn't "cut it".
Galatine Prime(Light Decorations): Used primarily against Infested when he helps cleansing an area.

Focus School: Unairu

Growing up in the middle-class has it's perks. You got a roof when you need it and you aren't going to starve. Larken grew up in such a place but always ended up in trouble with the other kids in the area. He was often scolded by his mother but his father.. well he had ideas about his passion for violence. He learned to use a shortsword from a very young age so when he got older the greatsword wasn't too heavy to swing. His father tried to get him to a possition of a guard, since he then would be able to support his parents when they couldn't work any longer.

Problem is though that the Counsil had a better idea for what Larken should do. He was shipped off to a different area where he learned the ways of Unairu and was connected with a frame. From there things start to become hazy as he worked in the position his father wished for many many years.

Then The Rebellion came. He was escorting civillians that had chosen to side with the counsil when a black shadow flew towards him and everything became dark. After that he doesn't remember what happened untill he laid on a table with people whom looked more machine than men. He managed to get away as the corpus that had found him hadn't been careful enough to move the warframe further away than a few rooms where he connected again and ran. 

Present Day:
Many years passed as he hid from his captors untill a soothing voice drowned out the other nagging voice in his head, "You're.. awake?". Larken later found out that "Lotus" was a being that wanted to help him so he and his shadow followed "The Lotus" for a while untill the voice returned. As he started to doubt.

"Lotus" had told him to not investigate the message on lua as no tenno ever returned. His shadow kept nagging him about it and at last he relented and found a group of people who doubted the credibility of the being called "Lotus" too. The Orokin Remnant, this could be a home.

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Operator's Name: His original name was [REDACTED], while he fought for the Orokin in ancient times. He has long since forgotten that name and is now called Kapak, renamed when he woke up and met Helminth, his guide and “Cephalon”.

Race: Orokin.

Warframe: Nidus. This warframe has been slightly genetically modified by a mysterious scientific organization before Helminth came into possession of it. Major notable mutations include:
-taller figure and thicker muscle build than “standard” Nidus model
-greater regenerative ability than “standard” Nidus model (note: to offset this, Kapak’s body is more easily damaged. Simply punching a training dummy with full force would break his own hand while other Warframes would have their digits remain intact. Additionally, damage that cauterizes wounds, like from fire or chemicals, greatly hinder Kapak’s ability to heal himself)
-greater physical strength than “standard” Nidus model
-possession of an actual functional jaw and mouth on the Warframe’s head (which seems to originally be in the Prion configuration)
-extremely adept at self flesh sculpting (a skill absent in “standard” Niduses



Weapons: Kapak’s link to the infestation allows him to be instantly proficient with any infested weaponry, while his Tenno mind remembers extensive usage of shotguns and single edged blades. As such; primary weapons include a wide plethora of purebred (non-mutalist), expendable infested weapons able to be grown in his ship’s infested foundry. These include, but are not limited to, the Hema and Synapse. In addition, Kapak’s favoured weapon is the Tigris Prime. Heavily modified (by removing safety measures) after being being used by its original owner, and covered in rust and corrosion from exposure to infested organic acids, Kapak has lovingly nicknamed his most trusty weapon “The Dreadmare” | For secondaries, again his ship can manufacture a variety of infested weapons like the Embolist and Dual Toxocyst | For melees, the same applies, including weapons like the Scoliac, Mios and Caustacyst.

Focus School: Vazarin. This rather peaceful and supportive school of the Tenno directly conflicts Kapak’s current nature, just going to show how far Helminth has influenced him since his reawakening. Portions of the Vazarin healing mindset has leaked through over the years, reflected in his affinity for complex and often lifesaving (and occasionally life-giving) surgery.

Bio: (WARNING! The following contains tons of spoilers meant for the eyes of GMs only! Avoid reading unless you’re super intrigued or require clarification!) Centuries ago, the Helminth strain of the Technocyte virus was manufactured for usage in Orokin bioweaponry. A secondary strain mutated from the base strain, gaining greater intelligence and a larger capacity for rational thinking. It managed to expedite itself to a far off celestial body via an infested meteor-boil using assimilated void-fold engines and a crew of infested Orokin pilots to direct the mass of pulsating flesh. It successfully hid itself within a small moon found in the one place no one would dare look: the Tau System. There, it would be free to spread and grow powerful without being slowed by constant conflict with the other system residents. Many years passed, the Helminth infestation remaining undetected by Sentient forces, and the strain became more and more powerful as it self replicated and consumed the wildlife of the moon. Upon reentering the Origin System when prey became scarce, Helminth stumbled across a Tenno cryopod buried within the ice on Pluto. Helminth abducted the unawakened Tenno, and imprinted its own values on him, free from the interference of the Lotus. The Tenno, once a warrior clad in the skin of The Dragon, became willing to work alongside Helminth after months of learning to trust the strange entity. Helminth managed to steal a newly excavated Nidus warframe from a group of researchers working out of Myconian territory, as such a warframe was the perfect platform to reseed with its own genetic code. In addition, Helminth managed to hijack the orbiter of another Tenno. Since then, Helminth’s infestation has spread across the ship, assuming control of all ship functions. The ship’s cephalon, Lordas, was also consumed by Helminth’s mind, allowing Helminth to utilize cephalon functions in addition to his already powerful hivemind. After successfully linking the Tenno’s transference capabilities to the Warframe, he began to roam the system, always stumbling across adventure as he gathered things to fuel Helminth and himself for what would seem like an upcoming eternity.
After nearly 3 decade of adventures with various clans, cultists and stranger people, Kapak happened upon a mysterious woman who requested his aid in finding her long lost family. Kapak obliged, and the resulting tale led him to the Orokin Remnant. While Helminth cares little for the needs of the poor and weak, Kapak had always had a sense of justice when it comes to protecting the innocent, likely from his Tenno code of honor.
Kapak has an extreme phobia of fire and Kavats. Self explanatory.

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Your bio, while interesting, has many holes and issues. The clan has review your bio and decided to let you rewrite it provided you do the following:

1. Explain how your character became a Tenno. Were they on board the Zariman or some of the other ships 9See enclosed folder for more details)?

2. Less ambiguity. Who is that shadow? Constructing your own personal "man in the wall" isn't really something we're accepting.

3. Provide more details on your backstory. Why did the Council specifically chose this tenno to go somewhere special for his training. Normally Ballas would be in charge of that.

4. What rebellion are you talking about?

5. The information with the Lotus needs more detail.

6. Take your time and don't rush the bio. Take your time to fully flesh out your

7. Fix some spelling. Just run your bio through a spell checker.



Your Bio has been accepted. Welcome to the Remnant Tenno!

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Operator Name: Devros von Inie. Sometimes he refers to himself as Kabede (reason explained in bio) You can call him Devy, Ros, Knucklehead, whatever you want. he doesn’t mind.

Nationality: Human Orokin

Most used - Nidus
Secondary - Valkyr
When S#&$ really hits the fan - Atlas

Pet: A huge and bulky Lotus pelted, red and brown Raksa that he calls Garval. It's very precious to him (reason also explained in bio)


Favored Weapons:
Sancti Tigris - Such a elegant looking weapon doesn't seem to belong in the hands of this brute, in fact he might just smack you across the face with it rather than shoot you. Still, it's a weapon he cherishes a lot simply cause of the sound it makes when fired.

Lenz - "It goes boom and causes chaos…or panic depending if the bold lands 40m away or at your feet. What is there not to like? It's like playing lottery everytime you shoot it, you never know if you'll see their guts or your own" - Devros speaking to a annoyed Corpus weapon maintenance guy.


Sonicor - "Alright, listen 'ere. Would yer rather I come out of nowhere and slash yer neck like those stealth obsessed koblogs, or give you a fighting chance and enter blasting with this? You hear me coming a mile away! Now…ain't my fault ye didn't prepare properly, hm?" - Devros stopping mid mission to coach a frightened grineer on his weapon choice before shipping him off in to the Tenno space program.

Aklex Prime - Sometimes you want to shoot a ancient hiding behind 20 chargers and sometimes you just want to look cool. This weapon does both.



Venka Prime - "Shredding is good, shredding is fun" - Devros upon asked why he is obsessed with this weapon

Glaive Prime - Even a brute can look elegant every once in a while.


Focus School: Unairu




His story begins with the meeting of two unusual souls. One is stern, proud, hardworking and knows what he wants. The other is wild, free-spirited, and goes where the wind takes her.

 Murdoc von Inie was born in to a high class Orokin family stationed on Earth. Because of their status, Murdoc was expected from a young age to follow in the family footsteps and study biology like his predecessors. His father was a stern and stoic-faced man who was respected in the field, known for being the best there is regarding animal bioscience. Like himself, he wanted to make Murdoc the best there is and keep the family honor. Murdoc was drilled from a young age on the matter and shipped off to the best bioscience school in the system.

 At the age of 20, he was already deeply knowledgeable on the matter, and by the time he reached college he was very well known among his peers as he next mind to excel in the field. However, as fate would have it, his ride to success wasn’t going to be as smooth as he had hoped.

 Enter, Amelia Netzer, the daughter of a not so known linguist and writer living somewhere in the middle class of society on a frozen outpost on Neptune. In the household it was just her, her father and her uncle so she grew up pretty much as wild as a kavat. Ladylike manners and behaviour flew over her head like 5 day old milk - which is understandable since her mother died when she was little and there were no other women on the outpost to teach her that scratching your ass in public is not very ladylike.

 To make matters worse, the stories and tales her father told her only further fuelled her desire to run, to explore and to see the wonders of the universe. However, she learned that you can't just jump on a star ship and wander. Society isn't build on charity after all, and she had to push her way to her dream of owning a vessel and be carried by her wanderlust.

 In the coming years she studied piloting and navigation from the best officer on the outpost and soon found she had a knack for it, loving every second she spent in the simulation room. Word reached higher command of a prodigy girl-pilot on Neptune that could do maneuvers that some spend a lifetime of perfecting. A evaluation team was dispatched to grade her skills and she passed with flying colours - pun intended.

 At the age of 23 she was put the helm of a standard cargo ship and on her way to a steady salary to earn for a private vessel. Being put in a assault cruiser would have been better but at least this way her father is at ease about the matter.

 In the oncoming years she would travel the system from planet to planet, each encounter pushing her desire to go beyond the pull of the Sun and explore the vastness of it all.

Unknown to her, her desire would be put on hold by a unusual meeting.

 Fast forward a couple of years and Murdoc is a renowned animal biologist at the age of 27, working on rare species found on Uranus. His work would redefine the DNA sequencing of extinct species and possibly bring them back or fuse them with existing relatives to bring back their unique take on life. He was well on his way to a grander status, something his old man would definitely be proud of.

 There was just one problem. He needed to bring a highly aggressive and dangerous marine organism to a outpost on Jupiter for further examinations, but no cargo ship was crazy enough to take it in due to the high risk involved with the specimen - let's just say that it had a really big reach (*cough* alien octopus *cough*) Even when he offered a huge sum, nobody would take it, not even the Corpus.

 But hold on…there is a crazy cargo pilot out there that is all about the credits. Amelia was on a resupply run near Uranus when she heard the chatter among the other pilots about a crazy scientist offering a huge sum for transport of a dangerous animal. She lost the talk at 'huge sum' as her mind wandered to the possibility of ending her goal of buying a interstellar ship and traveling without shackles.

Without another thought she ran towards the post and searched for the said scientist.

 Their meeting didn't go as smooth as you'd expect. Murdoc refused to put his precious specimen and work in the hands of a vagabond pilot who clearly didn't know about the invention of the comb. Such a wild looking young girl couldn't possibly be in charge of a cargo ship issued by the Corpus corporation.

 Two days, for two days the duo argued, bickered. Amelia refusing to leave due to Murdoc's thick thinking and quick-to-dismiss attitude (more importantly…that credit!). However, by the second day Murdoc was growing annoyed by her willingness to do this - he had a pilot willing to take on the task so why not take it? The more time he spends on this planet the further his goal runs. So why not?

 Finally, he agrees on letting Amelia pilot him to Jupiter. It took them another day to fasten a tank huge enough to house the specimen in the cargo bay of the ship before quickly lowering the tranquilized animal within.

 The trip to Jupiter took two weeks due to Amelia leaving the resupply station before her hyper thrusters got their juice and had to travel by secondary fuel which was faster than normal speed but not as much. I would like to say the weeks went by smoothly…but we all know that wasn't the case.

 Murdoc spent this time to go over his notes, to study and examine, and to keep a eye on the caged specimen. Amelia spent her time…annoying Murdoc. She found it silly how a young looking man could act so stern and old - even if he was a scientist. During her years of traveling she's transported all kind of people and cargo, but nobody comes close to being as boring as this guy. All he does is study notes, sit in front of the cage, drink coffee, sleep. So Amelia made it her goal to try and bring out more of him.

 It wasn't a smooth goal since they clashed on pretty much any topic. He liked spicy food, she liked sweet. He preferred to read books, she preferred to tell stories. He liked to listen to classical, she blasted gibberish from her room all day long. He didn't like thrillers, she loved them. It's safe to say that they are two different people, but a wise man once said 'Opposites attract'

 By the end of the second week the two grew accustomed to one another. She learned about his goal to become the best DNA scientist in the system, and he learned about her dream of piloting through the unknown. With time, their bitterness turned to sweetness, their bickering turned to conversations. She was the frosting on his dull and closed life. He was the rock and stability in her chaotic and wild dance.

 As the ship docked on Jupiter, the duo was reluctant to part ways, each yearning for one another, for the missing piece that made them whole. For that, both abandoned their goals and dreams to be with one another. Murdoc gave his research to a fellow scientist and she put the piloting business to rest. Together, they bought land on Earth and built a animal farm. There was space to run around in for her, and animals to make the former biologist feel more at home.




Soon enough came the first child, a bustling little boy that she named Kabede - meaning Strong in a old Earth language. Kabede was a very collected child, like Murdoc, he was fascinated by the behaviour of things, the wind, the water, the animals they bred, in everything. Kabede had a drive to study and learn but he also adored the wonderful stories Amelia told, finding endless questions with each bedtime tale.

 Their peace crumbled as the pair had another child. A beady eyed boy that he named Devros - meaning Wonder. Devros was more like his mother, he was adventurous, liked to run barefooted around the farm, liked to play with the animals and sing songs. He was as wild as Amelia was when she was little and the trio found it hard to keep the devilish little boy in check at all times. The only time they could get him to sit in a spot for more than 3s was when Amelia told him one of her fathers stories. Devros drank her words like a thirsty horse, he cherished the characters, the worlds she described and the fables / mythology of ancient places. He loved to play and cause trouble for his older brother. Kabede would spend most of his time looking for the little rascal and dragging him back in the study. The dynamic at the farm was stable and even though Amelia and Murdoc abandoned their long sought-after dreams they created something far bigger and fulfilling – a life of warmth.

 However, their lives would get derailed as a messenger came knocking on the door. A exploration vessel was set to depart soon for colonization to a distant place and could use Murdoc's vast biologic knowledge as well as Amelia's piloting skills.

 After days of going through the pros and cons, the family decided to depart with it. New creatures waited to be discovered and new places awaited to be seen.

 But in the end nobody got what they expected and the Void ate all of their normality. At the age of 11, Devros found himself in a hostile environment, parentless. His brother, Kabede was the only thing he could recognize as they ran from their parents. Devros yelled, screamed at his mother and father as he was carried away by his brother, he wanted them to go back to normal, to love him and not hunt him. “Go back please! I want mom and dad! They won't harm us!” He would yell at his older sibling. But Kabede knew they were gone and there was nothing they could do but hide so he focused on keeping his baby brother alive.

 The hell that ensued changed the two boys in many ways. Devros started to crumble, and Kabede was engulfed by rage.

 During a food search, the boys ran in to a group of adults as they were returning. Among them was Amelia and Devros froze in place upon seeing her. “Mom?” He cried, stepping towards her “It's me…please….come back” He pleaded not realising his mother is no longer who she was. The adventurous little girl is gone, she had no wonder to explore anymore, nor stories to tell, there was only madness in her eyes. She reared up, lifting the knife in her hand. Kabede, realised what was gonna happen and quickly dashed to save his little brother. The knife fell, striking Kabede in the back. The older threw Devros back “Run!” yelled Kabede “Run you idiot!” he repeated as the knife fell down a second time.

 And so he did, he ran, he ran listening to the knife hitting and slashing behind him and to Kabede screaming.

 The encounter left Devros even more broken, he couldn't accept the loss of his family, the death of his brother. To cope he started talking to himself, as if Kabede was still there. He would tell 'him' stories, he would tell him about his day, what he ate and what he saw. Some days Kabede would talk back to him, some days he would listen in silence. It was a sense of stability that Devros held on for dear life and something that slowly drew his sanity back. The voice was comforting, the voice was good.

 The damage was already done by the time rescue came but Devros seemed like one of the children that pulled out of the ordeal unscarred. He was smiling, laughing, joking and playing like nothing happened, like he didn't just lose his parents or sibling. However, the adults soon realised the strange behaviour he displayed. He would often talk out loud to someone that isn't there and behave as if he's getting answers. Scrapping him from the project was a great possibility, but it was true to the people that were watching - nobody is as fierce as Devros when it comes to protecting someone. And so, instead of banishing him from the project they gave him a kubrow in hopes of it helping him and keep him emotionally stable. Devros fell in love with the little rascal and named him Garhul – which means Brave in a old forgotten language that his grandfather taught him.

 Protecting others became his drive, his goal and his mission, he would not get anyone in his squadron get hurt or left behind - not like what happened. For this he studied the way of Unairu and became a head first rammer in any mission. The aggressiveness he portrayed in battle is countered heavily by his light and joker like attitude to any approach, making him a confusing person to read and most of the time unpredictable. Still, he never wavers from his mission or goal and despite behaving like a smiling idiot he still carries with him a great deal of fear and a huge weight of responsibility.

 After centuries of sleep, he finally awakens to continue his quest. After years of fighting for the Lotus he feels worn down, tired from the endless fighting and the bickering factions. That is, until he picked up a strange signal from Lua. Driven by his desire to stop senseless bloodshed he ventured forth to uncover the meaning of the signal and join this band of vagabonds in to bringing a end to it all.


Likes: Animals, food, stories, the feel of the wind.

Dislikes: Wasting food, killing animals, senseless bloodshed.


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