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  1. That adult operator is not looking like Hayden at all imo.
  2. The problem is not what the OP used to make his model, but simply the rules of Tennogen... You can't alter the body mesh, at all. DE also never took fan arts to make Deluxe skins (yet?) So like @lukinu_u said (he's the only Octavia tennogen creator atm) if the OP is aiming to have his concept ingame, the best way is to make it following tennogen rules. Or as a fanart in the codex. Those are the two only realistic opportunities BTW, OP, the helmet is looking cool imo you should try to upgrade it to DE standard and upload it as an alternate helmet
  3. My name is pronounced "Eex" Also thanks a lot for the showcase and kind words, and thanks for everything. I also learned 3D on the go for the tennogen program and it changed everything for me ! Ixe
  4. Garasu Oculus and other operator gears emissive colors are not working as intended, the glass here should be green but is still showing the default glass color Also, glass shader is buggy with old haircuts, hairs are showing on top of it
  5. Dust - keep as-is:it reduces enemy accuracy by 50%! Thorns - increase to 50% of damage reflected back to the attacker! Kinda feel like Dust is nerfing Thorns ?? If you nerf the accuracy you nerf the damages you can reflect and it's kinda counterproductive
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