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  1. If it isn't too much trouble on DE'send, I wouldn't mind having this. But I do worry that the issue may be exactly that, as it just sounds like it would be too much to me, granted how many drops exist in this game
  2. I'd want this but for pets, they need some more abilities and such imo
  3. Understandable but what you purpose instead? Getting stuck on walls is far worst than a little bounce off Ehh this one of the qualities I like, it makes it look and feel better imo Now this part I do agree that her jumps need work, some more height on normal jumps would be okay but i it is controlling how high you go and the direction you go in that would help the most. Like there needs to be a way to fly or glide imo, that allows you to cancel a gain or loss of heights and keep moving forward. 100% yes
  4. You know that's not a bad idea, like make the entire frame transparent? I wouldn't hate that, so as long as it's optional I can see myself using this sometimes
  5. Or at least have a way to reach such a number. Like make us have to crank it up or something for a duration buff, I'd be cool with that
  6. As people have already mentioned,, the issue here is it would make rad sharing harder. I made a topic a while ago that simply separated endless missions into 2 options, non endurance and endurance. In non endurance you can leave any round you want, in endurance you have to wait until atleast the 4th round, afterwards you can leave whenever you want. It would only need a minor edit for relic runs like preselect 4 relics before starting, voila. Here relics can be hidden imo, since the objective isn't rad sharing (playing till you get what you want), it will be playing endurance. I think that would be the best way to go about an issue like this.
  7. Genius! Only minor edit, when you are in the air it should let you pull yourself wherever you want, gotta keep the spiderwoman feature if we are keeping ripline imo And make it pull atleast 3 to 4 enemies to you instead of just 1, it kills me that it only can pull one to you
  8. Right? And maybe let us change that loki statue to like how it works in relays, would be epic
  9. I like this, would be a good design choice, arguably on the wrong frame tho I'm afraid
  10. I think the direction of this is good, I just think it needs some room for choice. You might not want your sea snares and aqua places to get sucked up in the vortex you know? I think maybe there should be an option to throw aqua blades rapidly (like holding the aqua blades button), and they can get sucked up into the vortex to create slash and viral status effects. That way it's more optional instead of forceful Also, vortex should not be animation locking you. The games best qualities is its ease of movement. It's fast and smooth which is extremely satisfying, animation locking abilities kill the fun, the longer the lock the worse I don't know, I feel like I'd still rather use her abilities on foot. Outside the intense amount of durability you gain from merulina, I feel that it needs 2 more things 1.) Flying Ability (press the aim button while airborne to activate it) Grounded movement I think feels pretty good after the changes, it feels a lot more smooth. Being in the air on the other hand sucks! It's really hard to judge the height of jumps and angle them the way you want. Warframes are easier to control with aim glide and the ability to roll to switch directions If we could fly, and like cancel all movement in the vertical direction the instant we activate flight, and slightly be able to move left and right (similar to aim gliding), I feel it could really help things feel more smooth, even if it just last a few seconds. It'd be much easier to redirect yourself in the air to keep yourself from missing your desired location. 2.) Make it a weapon/tool I don't think health and and slight buffs are too special as we are in the middle of basically a war, it should be combative to some degree imo. I think merulina would be awesome if it came with an ability or 2, like maybe have it fire sea snares that move out 20x further and faster, auto aimed at enemies. Like a long range shotgun blast, sending bubbles everywhere. Don't feel armor is too necessary, she has some nice shields, idc for this 1
  11. Yeah the game is great at the end of the day, and I hope DE sees that and doesn't get drowned in the complaints too much. People get fixated on certain issues sometimes, and I think it's because that it begins to make it seem like its a bigger issue than it is to these players, making them forget that DE has other priorities for the game that need to get address, so these peeps start getting kind of toxic. Hope DE sees that and are able to look past it when necessary. They seem like they work hard to me as well, and they listen to the community a lot Imo, I love them so much for it💙🖤💙 Game is masterpiece, Thanks DE
  12. I didn't notice this bit here, yes new players are part of the issue And so are trolls And so are people who want to play the game the way they want to play it (3 different types of people that can be ridiculously annoying when using certain frames) To reiterate what I was going to tell bird, banning current players only solves the issue with current players. So even after you have banned them all, there's still an influx of new players on the way to keep you in this never ending loop of having to ban them. New/inexperienced players are the main ones more likely to be so annoying, not solely. People who just wish to troll or not care about what others want them to do (that last one becomes more reasonable when you know that I literally want limbos to do nothing nothing but look pretty until the level gets hard.) It's not their fault, they are just new and testing out the game or just want to play the game how they like it, that's okay! But I don't want to be there while you are learning or using unfriendly warframes the way they see fit. If they DONT use the warframe, I'd love to play with them no matter if theyre are NEW, are a TROLL, or play the game without consideration of others! They can't do anything to mess me up, so I'll love them no matter what. It's only a problem when using that unfriendly frame Thus the frame allows toxicity...............................
  13. 😐Which translates again to your idea is just guaranteed to be exploited just cause And there's no issue with comprehending the word any, it's comprehending why in the world you brought it up. Your only point for bringing it up was that things can be exploited, and that my idea MIGHT have a way to be exploited but how is unknown to you Like what? You've quite literally just said a bunch of nothing, that lead to an unknown result....... I can't comprehend why you'd bring up something so unnecessary if you don't even know how it would be applied here.... you just automatically assume it will happen Does that not strike you as faulty thinking? Unnecessary? Unfit for arguments? This post isnt about just limbo. None of the searches you suggested brought up anything about warframe banning🙄. Yeah... I'm just gonna stop responding to you here😒
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