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  1. Thats how i feel, like we never really need affinity booster, especially never a cred booster, but resources include kuva and we always are in need of that no matter how many times they go for resources Annoying really
  2. I agree here, ember is much more powerful than she was before, she was buffed unquestionably Only thing i miss about old ember is WoF. I dont feel like meteors count for a fire themed just as water (or clouds/fog) dont count for an ice themed warframe. Wof fit the idea for fire well imo, even her old 3rd abilitiy leaving a patch of fire fit well too. Its what fire does But they removed thosed thoughtful details in place of what we have now, who has more of an explosive feel to her as opposed to fire. It is what it is
  3. Love the look of the ion shoulder armor but the tape on it keeps it from being perfect for me : / thanks dani for update info 💙💙💙
  4. Ohhh i see, no im asking those stances that make you move weirdly either be removed or allow you to move while using them as well, not just leave combos designed to force you to stop in the game unchanged Yea not everyone will have a problem with it, some havent even tried otherways to play the game to know if theyre missing out on something Either way, such a change wouldnt hurt, and if it is that big of a deal, DE can always make it optional. It should be as easy as firing a gun? Gun projectiles move way way faster Yea ill switch up, i think ill just place a limi
  5. Yea this sounds pretty good. The way i have things right now, the heavy attack uses the devil trigger already so i think it would def make sense to have it use some sort of additional attack with it too. I want to do more with the heavy attack button but since i cant think of anything, i think your idea may be best for now Also really glad you liked the post!
  6. Oh yea and this, while i considered this i felt slide attacks are pretty good at gap closing. So i left it out The devil trigger has another version of basically what youre saying tho. I made it for the devil trigger only because of the distance id imagine players could use it for. Maybe 20m or 30m
  7. I dont understand, if you can perform an attack that can be excuted while standing still and while moving, whats the problem? Including heavy attacks, i hadnt thought of much for them else for them so i just said that. I agree with this sorta, but being able to move your camera around while youre attacking something is really helpful, allowing you to scout for danger. Youre able to see things like rockets come your way, and dodge them. To your teammates, it would look like you just have ninja reflexes when really you just had the camera looking behind you while you we
  8. I think its more of an issue of having nothing fun to use it on. Its my issue after all these years
  9. Thanks! Think of it as states of evolution. You will have some sentients like eidolons that have a lot of abilities, and some enemies that you see during orphix V, where there enemies with no abilities like babies. So the ones on lua can remain more or less the same while DE makes the sentients in this idea for late content. Prehaps sentient open world
  10. Definitely need a cover for when you are sleeping in the cold below, gotta stay warm. I'll try to make one
  11. Combat in warframe feels okay but there are some things that I think keep it from feeling as good as it should. The goal of this post is to try to list a few ideas that may make combat in warframe feel a lot more smooth, look a lot better, and be more fun. Activating Combo Attacks Problem #1: Occasionally enemies get staggered or move backwards and you need to move just a little closer to hit them, but the game has this system where moving causes you to start a different melee combo instead of finishing your previous one. So sometimes you get stuck performing the initial attack of bo
  12. With the keratinos, i can see this happening but id rather this weapon have a buff thats more unique since the kera already basically does the whole extending range thing. Maybe an ability to perfom finishers on an enemy at any state after a while, at the cost of something. Or an ability to give the user of the weapon some sort of protection. Im highly interested in more weapons with special effects like this though. It really adds an extra layer of entertainment to combat that i find to be extremely pleasant
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