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  1. I lowkey want to mod both forms seperatly like Sevagoth but i feel like people would throw a fit
  2. Now the overview of the kit is nice that i agree. But the singing, even for lore reasons they didnt have to sing it, let alone do it while im ripping the guts out of enemies. I couldnt even enjoy the singing, i just sat there straight faced, unsure of how to feel. I felt like i was supposed to be hugging the enemies and crying or something. Horrible
  3. Loved the quest BUT i hated the singing! I was fine with fortuna's, it felt natural and realistic. Familiar as i hear about people doing hard labor like that used to sing to entertain themselves and make the work less stressful. Makes sense Tempestari made me feel like i was in one of those musical tv shows or movies, where they just start singing for no reason at the most random times! It felt so out of place to have an invisible lady singing about her sisters while i was killing things as a monster. I cannot express how bad i wanted to take a boot off of one of the enemies and thro
  4. Pause, what do you mean the cost will be higher than 4??? I Know theres a ramp up in energy drain but it becomes constant at some point. My max value is 4.52 energy per second And about the damage part, you should be taking damage again in the 1 minute window Primed flow gives you b4 running out of energy I feel like people just want to buff him because he isnt inaros or has invisibility like ash. I agree his energy drain is a little much but this talk of struggle in steel path bewilders me. Is what it is, im not against a buff but still
  5. Thts cool, im just saying we cant call the interaction between sow and reap bad just because we arent using the appropiate loadout. I think its 100% acceptable that not every enemy can be blown away by reap like he can against those un armored Supra using Corpus enemies. I think it would actually be too overpowered if it stripped armor on its own as well. It does give me an idea on what Sow probably should be doing, converting a portion of damage from warframe abilities into true damage, as armored enemies do seem to do sevagoth a little too dirty. It would work on sevagoth and his allies
  6. You could do that or trade fleeting for rage, rage is all the energy you need so sacrficing that is well worth it. Plus it makes sure quick thinking will do its thing
  7. Well yeah, you use weapons and mods like corrosive projection for armor strip. Perferably wide spread and high dot weapons like pox Have to build for it of course
  8. Id swap adaptation for quick thinking and streamline for rage, helps make it much easier to keep gloom up Trade arcane eruption for guardian and drop umbra fiber, youll have more armor this way and free up a mod slot for whatever you fancy. The extra 200 armor and 10 power strength from fiber isnt really worth it imo. You could probably place adaptation there, giving you just a little more defense than 200 armor would
  9. Yea it deals health as damage, so against armored enemies you will need to shred their armor to see its damage. Its better to just cast reap on armored targets to buff your slash damage till slash finally fails you Edit: I Just tested it in the sim and see its working, keep in mind its explosion damage and its not 100% of enemy health as damage so you will need multiple enemies to get the 1 shot
  10. I see, i consider 60minutes of endurance in steel path to be as end game as it gets. Staying longer is overkill imo. So if a warframe can make it to the 60 minutes without dying more than once, i think its enough. I biasly removed Sow for thermal sunder. I did it because i like to freeze enemies hence my username, not because theres something wrong with sow. The interaction between Sow and Reap is powerful, enough to 1 shot groups of level 100+ enemies. I also removed it Sow because visually it's unimpressive. Its not exciting to cast, Reap is exciting, but Sow alone is boring. Yo
  11. Youre speaking of Steel path level? I build for a little eff, little dur, and a lot of survival mods as opposed to strength and run sp fine, i never struggle to survive or need his ghost form. Gloom works wonderfully for survivalbility, and most (if not all) warframes have to rely on that 1 good ability to do high level content typically. Still even with gloom being the best, his other abilities work like lovely treats that all help in high level content unlike other frames whos other abilities usually become useless I actually changed Sow with Thermal Sunder to get a cool freeze ef
  12. I dont really see the point, inaros, garuda, and even nekros with his aug all do this already I dont think it would be interesting seeing it a 4th time Even this wouldnt feel worth it. Hes risk reward enough imo, some already think hes too squishy I think Garuda is best if you really want that risk reward gameplay with health. Low health gives her increased damage so, shes perfect for that. Dont think we need another
  13. I agree with the challenges part, i love them but warframe doesnt get more challenging with enemy level Theres nothing hard about shooting a grineer in the head twice, or having undodgeable bullets deal twice as much damage to you. Theres nothing for you to do do better at or do differently as enemy level increases (aside from putting on a stronger mod). Aka there's no additional challenge. Take a level 0 unmodded Mag and a Braton, face level 100 heavy gunner enemies in the sim, tell me how far youre able to get and what youre doing differently to keep up with enemy level (without ch
  14. First of all, I love this warframe! I've used him in steel path missions without breaking much of a sweat like I do with most warframes and he just feels absolutely amazing to play! I have a few issues with him but they are really nothing major. Negatives Sow Every other ability that Sevagoth has makes you feel like you're using an ability with amazing visuals and damage yet this ability here doesn't feel like it does much of anything on its own. Using Reap is exciting, you spawn in a flipping monster that puts tendrils in enemies! Using Gloom is somewhat exciting, It adds a be
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