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  1. Hope it fixes the Avia Prime Syandana thing, I claimed it a week ago and still haven't gotten it in my account
  2. Yeeaaah, this is one of those instances where I didn't think it out far enough with variety in mind. Perhaps have the option in the Gun's Modding menu. Terribly sorry for making it sound like it needed to be a hard change.
  3. Alt-Fire choice would be a decent enough option for the weapons capable. Also imagined it would be good on Spearguns to where it would be like throwing a fishing spear.
  4. Very much agreed, this is something simple that's way overdue.
  5. Maybe it'll be available when we catch up to the current PC update.
  6. This is a list of weapons that desperately need Alt-Fire Toggle like the Stradavar and Tiberon for Quality of Life. These examples use the Secondary Fire like a second trigger for the gun and can be tedious to downright annoying on certain control schemes. -List- Athodai Basmu Corinth (Prime) Euphona Prime Ferrox Javlok Scourge These weapons need a Quality of Life fix to give their Alt-Fires dedicated toggles for consistency with the examples above. Will update with more examples if I'm missing any.
  7. Anyone else been having this issue? I've gotten the Avia set when it came out immediately but the Syandana hasn't come in all day.
  8. Overall, if there were any of these I'd hope to at least be taken into consideration, I'd hope it to be Landslide.
  9. Decently best to not try and suggest changes that removes the ability all together, gotta take augments into account. Should be a larger curved wall with a few openings to shoot from, and maybe instead of a boulder it could just explode into rubble like a shotgun. That way it maintains the augment and increasing defensive capability
  10. I think I got it now; the main issue with Tectonics is that it's a stationary placement and would need a complete rework to something that doesn't force players to stop moving. Like what if instead it was an Armor Fountain that gave a similar rubble buff to teammates but not as strong as Atlas for supportive capability?
  11. Tectonics: It would be an issue as well as colliding with geometry, could potentially move rocks around when aiming through it but then it just becomes a reskinned Volt Shield without the bonus. Petrify: The armor strip didn't cross my mind, but thinking about it now; what if armor strip scaled on hit like your chipping it away with each successful hit. It would give some more appeal towards Duration since the longer the petrification=the more armor being shredded from outside sources. The only issue then becomes what matter of scaling would work best, maybe a pseudo synergy with Landsl
  12. Atlas is a fun Warframe, but I feel his kit could be touched up just a little more. Whether to hope for a chance to get this noticed or just to vent the idea out of my head; always good to share the stew of thought. Passive: Not much a fan for it gradually degrading constantly and taking priority over health instead of armor when damaged, might end up burning through too much energy just to keep it up. Rework Proposal: Perhaps change it to where it works similar to Nezha's Warding Halo; to where building it up gives Flat Damage Reduction and degrades from damage instead of over tim
  13. Would synergies greatly with that Soma Prime mod as well and solve a few weapon's poor ammo economy
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