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  1. Latiac

    Toroid Question

    They are rare but i've seen a few in caves while mining.
  2. Forgive me if I missed this, but what will happen if one person has opted in but the other 3 in a squad has opted out? Would they have to deal with the invasion or would a player controlled Stalker only be able to invade if the whole squad has opted in?
  3. Latiac

    Fortuna Stuttering Fix

    I still get these random drops with Fortuna and Orb Vallis and have done since the release day. no where else. just here. That and loading back into Fortuna can sometimes cause the game to crash / not respond. Not sure what causes this, i'm not sure what settings are causing this, Processor and Graphics Card can handle newer games perfectly fine and it only ever seems to happen in the Orb Vallis / Fortuna and no where else... Stuttering kills Fortuna for me.
  4. Latiac

    What was your worst grind experience?

    Fortuna grind for sure, Solaris rep and toroids are a pain. Second was Plains of Eidolon, both open worlds have their good parts, but the grind for both is just boring for me and I have to force myself to do it, it improved with Fortuna, but PoE was an awful grind.
  5. Agreed here, Toroids are the worst type of thing and I despise them. I'm not a fan of the open world systems as it is, i'm all for new resources, but the way they are obtained is a pain to try and farm (looking at you Toroids)
  6. Latiac

    Fortuna: EU Region Download Issues

    I hit 1MB just now, it's only briefly but it's there!
  7. Latiac

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.20.0

    Is there a way to turn Peculiar mods off for yourself? I like the idea of something fun and goofy in game for sure, and will still collect it as a collectors item, but I can't help but feel it'll kill the immersion of the game. Is it possible to turn these off in the settings at all, or add a way to do so?
  8. 100%. DE are trying to stop people using the same things but have yet to even adress armor scaling and sclaing in general late game, people run 4x Corrosive Projection to get around this issue to begin with. What i'm getting at is, Corrosive lategame in most situations is far worse than Viral as far as people are concerned, i'd rather half the health than strip the non-existant armour in an organised squad.
  9. Which seems good on paper but bad in reality. Miasma is super energy hungry as an ability and the whole theme Saryn had was mass debuffing enemies for your team to deal with them. This just seems like extra steps to achieve the exact same thing in a worse way...
  10. Saryn has had energy issues even with the increased energy pool and always has done. Sure, Saryn is Rage compatible, but not every squad wants to run Trinity or Harrow, DE are actively trying to fine-tune the game where you don't NEED to have specific things to get stuff done, and this completely goes back on most of their work and direction in general. Corrosive is super bad in a full squad if everyone is running Corrosive Projection, Ramping spore damage in reality won't do anywhere near enough damage to 100+ content to even consider it to be a buff, whereas Viral was providing the utility and active playstyle we see now. It's a buff to Early to Mid-Game content, a buff that wasn't needed since she ultimately chews through that ANYWAY, and seems like a huge nerf to most end-game content with the exception of maybe stripping armour, in which someone has mentioned previously, seems like a bandaid fix to armour scaling.
  11. Saryn is a caster frame, Spore was the bread and butter of her 1.0 rework and was praised with how much utility it had after the rework of killing Nuke Miasma Saryn, it felt fun to play, you're constantly doing something with Saryn as she is. The issue is energy, Miasma to proc viral also seems good, better than corrosive for sure. There's one issue with this, Energy. Miasma will eat energy up, that and Corrosive damage doesn't exactly chew away at the high end contents health like Viral did.
  12. My take is this: I feel (and some of the community feels) that corrosive isn't simply enough and will hinder Saryns ability in the late game far more than help. Viral halved health and that was AMAZING with how the enemy health scales up currently, unless the enemies get a complete total scale rework Corrosive spores will only really seem good on paper and early to mid game mission content, that and it will really hinder Saryn's effectiveness against anything without armour as a whole. Viral had utility, it stopped the player having to run a Viral build on every weapon out there for late game content and let them get a little bit more creative. Saryn essentially provided the utility for the team the later the game went on, it wasn't about damage and map nuking in high end content, it was about providing all those health debuffs to help your team kill said enemies before they inevitably one shotted you across the map.
  13. Spores changed from Viral to Corrosive? The POINT of Saryn was to chew through them and infect them with disease, Corrosive doesn't meet the whole 'Spore' definition, Viral does. I feel this might effectively kill the frame in late game content, sure the spores will now do increased damage, but is that worth sacrificing the half HP? Not a fan of the Damage type swap. I'm wary of this rework, Saryn was fine in my opinion and the only changes REALLY needed was a Scaling Molt and Toxic Lash rework...
  14. Latiac

    Forum Maintenance (done)

    I've had my theme switched to light from Dark too...
  15. Latiac

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.4

    Just tried the hotfix for Sanctuary Onslaught. It doesn't appear to fix many things at all in my experience. I still get HUGE random frame drops when portals open up to new areas, and I still get random frame drops in general, my card (GTX970) should EASILY be able to handle warframe without many frame drops at all. and it's only started happening with this update. In one of my runs I ran into the portal and got endlessly teleported back to the same area until I got D/CED, which was absolutely terrible, the next game at wave 2 someone had this issue and at wave 6 the other 2 had this problem causing the dreaded host migration that rendered our run a complete waste of time. Enemies still hide and stop moving at random parts of tilesets too. I REALLY REALLY want to enjoy onslaught mode, it seems like a fun concept and i'd really like to take a shot at getting these drops WITHOUT wasting my time and dropping due to these glitches / bugs. But so far every time since the update dropped i've had huge problems and it's really putting many players off the game at the moment...