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  1. This, 100% THIS. When I do get around to doing this I want to match with a squad dedicated to it, I don't want to take my chances loading into the Orb Vallis to find there's a player who's doing bounties and has no intention to fight the Exploiter. I'm wondering why it isn't ALREADY an option, like what we have with the Eidolons.
  2. Listen to the feedback guys. Nightwave is good on paper, and i'm ALL for having these challenges, but my god are they boring and a pain to accomplish, 60 minutes in a survival is boring, we'll all sit in one place and press the same few buttons, adding a clan / friend restriction ontop of that is terrible and shafts those players who play solo. 30 minutes would be far more reasonable for the average player, I find myself getting bored doing those 30 minute survival missions for those relics, so much that I didn't even bother DOING them, despite the fact that they were vaulted relics. This is not the direction I thought Nightwave would go, if these challenges keep consistantly appearing, or are not changed soon, people won't even bother doing them, it's already grindy as all hell and has the chance to drop a bullet sponge mini boss who isn't affected by ANY abilities on us whenever, why restrict even more players, why the 60 minute requirement? It's not the fact that I CAN'T do that time (I can, it'd be very boring and tedious), but it's the fact that for ONLY 5k standing it's incredibly terrible as a reward. If it were say, 100k standing, even something like 50k, i'd consider it, but an hour for 5k? No chance.
  3. I hit 1MB just now, it's only briefly but it's there!
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