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  1. Latiac

    Elite Onslaught is Pointless Boredom Because of Saryn

    Isn't the point of onslaught meant to be to kill things as QUICKLY as possible? Saryn is pretty damn meta on ESO. Saryn allows you to kill things fast, that's the point, infact you'll run into things like that incredibly often in onslaught especially, you'll run into double or even triple Saryns at times, Mesa, Equinox, anything that allows mass killing as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can always open up a squad and get people together who don't want to use that, going into public lobbies always has the risk of getting matched with those teammates. But let's nerf a frame because: "I'M A PAYING CUSTOMER AND I DEMAND THAT PEOPLE USE WHAT I WANT AND CAN'T USE THINGS THEY WANT TO USE IN THIS GAME". Go and play solo or start your own squad if you're having that much of a problem with Saryn.
  2. To be honest if they keep the 'No revives' condition the Elite Alerts will likely have their own 'Meta' so to say, we're talking huge tanks that take next to no damage, Valkyrs, it'd be interesting, but could still potentially be cheesed through. I don't think the 'No revives' condition are necessary, what we need are conditions that challenge and truly push players, no revives aren't exactly that, people will be bringing frames and builds designed to take this damage. We're talking elemental enchancements, weapon restrictions, shield augmentations all at the same time, that could make it challenging, tricky AND be rewarding. TL;DR - Put multiple sortie restrictions for the alerts instead as it could be more challenging than a simple 'No revive' condition, which could be cheesed with Link Trin, Turbulence Zephyr, Rhino, Valkyr or anything else with an ability to remain invisible or tank damage.
  3. Latiac

    Komi board for the Orbiter

    Honestly having a Komi area in relays would be awesome, just a mini game you could play with some stupid silly reward tables of credit caches, endo or something.
  4. Latiac

    Where's my download speed ?

    I'm downloading as low as 80kb/s. It's due to the mass of players downloading the update right now, even those with amazing internet connections are dropping down to low numbers.
  5. Latiac

    Required Mod farm locations

    You're welcome, have fun getting those mods you need!
  6. Latiac

    Required Mod farm locations

    The Warframe Wiki has many useful locations for these mods and where/what drops them. Under the mod picture you'll have a list of possible drop locations / enemies with that mod in their drop pool, I still find it a very useful tool and when I started the game 3-4 years back the wiki was pretty much my best friend throughout my early stages. URL for the wiki:
  7. Latiac

    [Update 22.2.0] Saryn Revisted 2.0 Feedback MEGATHREAD

    Hold to detonate, and press again to spread more spores at a reduced damage tick would certainly fix many of these issues she has imo.
  8. Latiac

    [Update 22.2.0] Saryn Revisted 2.0 Feedback MEGATHREAD

    Spore is absolutely horrible in my experience, Ramped it up to 200 (sometimes not even 100) and then boom, it stops, no enemies or it won't spread to ANY around, which is absolutely terrible. Corrosive change from Viral is a huge nerf in my experience and has hindered Saryn's late game potential, while it will in theory do much more Early / Mid game, Late game content is now awful with Corrosive. Toxic lash is great now, that's good, Molt is fine as it is. Miasma SEEMS alright for now. Spore seems like it has recieved a flat out nerf, it appears like it needs line of sight, which doesn't even MAKE SENSE since ya know, it's a spore.. (Come on DE I thought you guys noticed this wasn't a good idea from the 'Viver crisis' that happened years ago, Line of Sight just doesn't seem to work and hampers the playing experience massively in a mostly negative fashion for abilities like this...) Overall in my experience Saryn has recieved the nerf hammer, She still melts through low level content, but is now incredibly lackluster at higher tiered content due to the current Spore mechanics and how hard it is to get rolling when it just suddenly dissapears, Sure scaling spores SOUNDS great on paper, but the fact that it has to build up to that damage over time (which takes forever to even get to say 300 damage) hinders the ability big time, You'd be better off shooting the enemies with a gun at this point. straight up. She's not fun to play in her current state, she feels clunky and if i'm being completely honest, unfinished, Pre nerf she seemed somewhat stable as a character and had that niche role to fill late game. Now? I don't think she'll honestly see much play if any at all outside of those few dedicated players, especially meta-wise with late game content, far better alternatives out there now, don't get me wrong by any means, when it goes off it GOES off, but as it is it seems inconsistant and hard to keep going. What would I do to fix this issue? Remove spores LoS mechanics outright. that's what is holding Saryn back as far as I see it. It makes spores hard to keep up and running and constantly resetting, which is bad.
  9. It's annoying, they should give us an option to turn off loading screen music for sure...
  10. Is there a way to turn Peculiar mods off for yourself? I like the idea of something fun and goofy in game for sure, and will still collect it as a collectors item, but I can't help but feel it'll kill the immersion of the game. Is it possible to turn these off in the settings at all, or add a way to do so?
  11. 100%. DE are trying to stop people using the same things but have yet to even adress armor scaling and sclaing in general late game, people run 4x Corrosive Projection to get around this issue to begin with. What i'm getting at is, Corrosive lategame in most situations is far worse than Viral as far as people are concerned, i'd rather half the health than strip the non-existant armour in an organised squad.
  12. If you want to look at meta builds, just search them on youtube? PLENTY of those floating about. That and you ARE aware Warframe Builder is a fan-site and is not linked to DE right? Infact at the very bottom of the page it states : "This site has no official link with Digital Extremes Ltd or Warframe."
  13. Which seems good on paper but bad in reality. Miasma is super energy hungry as an ability and the whole theme Saryn had was mass debuffing enemies for your team to deal with them. This just seems like extra steps to achieve the exact same thing in a worse way...
  14. Saryn has had energy issues even with the increased energy pool and always has done. Sure, Saryn is Rage compatible, but not every squad wants to run Trinity or Harrow, DE are actively trying to fine-tune the game where you don't NEED to have specific things to get stuff done, and this completely goes back on most of their work and direction in general. Corrosive is super bad in a full squad if everyone is running Corrosive Projection, Ramping spore damage in reality won't do anywhere near enough damage to 100+ content to even consider it to be a buff, whereas Viral was providing the utility and active playstyle we see now. It's a buff to Early to Mid-Game content, a buff that wasn't needed since she ultimately chews through that ANYWAY, and seems like a huge nerf to most end-game content with the exception of maybe stripping armour, in which someone has mentioned previously, seems like a bandaid fix to armour scaling.
  15. Saryn is a caster frame, Spore was the bread and butter of her 1.0 rework and was praised with how much utility it had after the rework of killing Nuke Miasma Saryn, it felt fun to play, you're constantly doing something with Saryn as she is. The issue is energy, Miasma to proc viral also seems good, better than corrosive for sure. There's one issue with this, Energy. Miasma will eat energy up, that and Corrosive damage doesn't exactly chew away at the high end contents health like Viral did.