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  1. So, like, inventory slots? I think they're fine as they are. Right now, you can experience pretty much the entire game without paying, which is cool, but at the end of the day DE still needs to make money. Their monetisation model isn't predatory, in my view, but there are a few pressure points where they encourage the player to spend platinum: inventory slots and Orokin catalysts/reactors. I think this is just the right amount.
  2. The Kavor defect because they are able to. Grineer cannot physically disobey orders. They have a genetic lock that prevents them from doing so. Kavor and other defectors are mutants where the genes that control their obedience are defective. Sargus Ruk also refers to the Kavor having a "pacifism defect"; it's not known if this is a separate mutation that predisposes them to nonviolence or if this is just his term for Grineer mutants. Grineer soldiers, even if they saw the full force of the Tenno, would not be able to run away if they had been commanded to fight. This is probably more true for the Corpus, though many of the Crewmen undergo indoctrination that may make them more resistant to running away. Most Grineer defectors are still soldiers and so join up with Steel Meridian, with the exception of the Kavor. The Black Seed is a Corpus splinter group that possibly worships the Infestation. We don't know about Myconian religion. They are offshoots of the Corpus, so it's possible they follow a more tempered version of the Corpus philosophy, much like the Perrin Sequence. Also, depending on the choice you make at the end of the Glast Gambit, that colony might not exist anymore. Few people know about the Man in the Wall. Natah (and therefore the other Sentients) do, the Red Veil, and we Tenno know of his existence. The Unum and the Quills likely do. No one appears to view him as a benevolent entity worthy of worship. The Corrupted are servants of the Orokin neural sentries, and don't really have the capacity to worship anything, since they're mostly drones. Corrupted Vor appears to be an exception. He seems to worship the Void itself, but the extent to which this can be equated with the Man in the Wall is unknown.
  3. It's true that Tenno/warframes shouldn't really speak until after The Second Dream, but it should be noted that both Saya's Vigil and Vox Solaris (which take place close to the start of the Tenno's journey) include dialogue prompts from the Tenno (which are not voiced but implied to be spoken). For example, the Tenno can ask Saya "Hasn't it been five years?" about her missing husband, or ask Eudico to clarify what repossession means to the Solaris. I'm not sure the best way to have this situation work other than deliberately writing the quests to exclude Tenno dialogue, which is… an odd choice for a video game. Maybe they could speak in rumbles like Helminth or other Infested, which is translated with subtitles, since the Tenno Operators aren't really supposed to be awake at this point, so communication would be handled by the warframes themselves. Do you mean Operative? The Lotus has a bunch of human Operatives, but generally only the Tenno are called Operators, and you can't become a Tenno. Interesting to see the Aztec influences, but that might overlap with the Orokin/Sentient allusions to Mayan culture.
  4. I always pronounce it "Kernos", because it's closer to the original pronunciation, as you've said. However, I believe "Sernos" is probably more prevalent among the community. There is no canon in-game pronunciation.
  5. Hm… sounds eerily familiar to a certain TV show… 😉 I like seeing mention of forgotten factions like the Mycona and the Black Seed, but I think having so many groups in one place can potentially lead to the Ganymede-specific worldbuilding being blurred. If you go to Chtorrh Tower to interact with the Black Seed, New Loka, and the Mycona Trader, it can be easy to forget you're on Ganymede. That's why you interact with several Ostron traders in Cetus, and no one from other factions (unless you count the Quills), even though the Corpus are there in the market and you could hypothetically trade with them, or the Solaris, or Steel Meridian and New Loka, who aren't there in game but it would sure make a lot of sense if they were. But they aren't there, so they don't pull focus away from the Ostrons. I haven't read through all these questlines yet, but this sounds like a really exciting and fleshed-out idea!
  6. I think it's difficult to give it a use other than fluff – different character dialogue. Right now the only impact of the morality meter is a few of Helminth's lines, and I think that's mostly what we can expect to get. If there are gameplay ramifications, there will be pushback from the players because Warframe is partially a collecting game. If players are locked out of experiencing content due to the morality meter (since choices cannot be re-made), they will be upset and I don't think it's a good road for DE to take, especially because the morality meter has been somewhat opaque up to this point. This is a perfect example of what DE is probably trying to avoid. Why should my Defection missions be harder just because I chose the "Moon" dialogue in a few quests? One of the best analyses I have seen on the Sun/Moon wheel is this reddit post: Sun represents emotional passion while Moon represents passive, logical choices. I'm not familiar enough with Eastern philosophy to discuss the connection to yin and yang, but it is clear that it's not traditional Western morality like "good" and "evil".
  7. While these are deployed by Artificers from the Shadow Debt event, they are also the Sentinels for the Grustrag Three. It's not impossible to get those scans.
  8. I think this is a good analogy when it comes to Bilsa, although it does seem like Veytok is very much in charge. Bilsa is needed because of her genetic access and her greater intelligence (although it also seems probable she can use her intelligence to circumvent Veytok sometimes, and Veytok apparently was getting smarter all the time). But even though Veytok needed Bilsa, he still gave the orders, and what he wanted is what happened. Ants and other eusocial animals don't really have a single leader; it's more of a swarm intelligence. Veytok does seem to be a singular leader. Regardless, this analogy doesn't hold up in the current day. The Twin Queens are highborn Orokin and they command the Grineer exclusively. The transition period at the beginning is a bit fuzzy – we're not quite sure how they managed to secure genetic dominance nor what happened to Veytok – but it's clear now that the Twin Queens are queens in the normal human sense of the word, not at all like an ant queen (it's highly unlikely they participate in the reproductive process, even donating their Orokin genes). Oh you're the one that wrote that. Checks out – it follows in the same vein as your other lore speculation. I don't understand how or why you would force someone to lead you. You definitely need to clarify this. And if those Grineer are no longer there, and the Queens don't want to lead the Grineer, wouldn't they just… stop?
  9. I agree with @-OP-NerevarCM with the order: Crewman Lancer Arid Eviscerator Corrupted Ancient Guardsman Anti Moa Even though the Guardsman entry is clearly a sequel to the Arid Eviscerator, some time has clearly passed, and I think the Corrupted Ancient entry would have happened in between. But it's fuzzy, since each contains working Orokin technology (Moas, ships) and an active Dax. Clearly this is all happening during the months or years following the Collapse.
  10. I think you just need to clearly label them as speculation threads. It's not really clear, and I think that's the source of most of the negative comments on your threads.
  11. Lol I've been summoned I guess? Looks like I'm late to the party. Also, I'm pretty sure I've spent more time disagreeing with you than agreeing, @VotumPrime. Seems weird to call me a henchman. Based on this, , I think there's not too much discussion around what is and isn't confirmed with respect to the lore. This appears to be yet another instance of VotumPrime producing speculation or lore discussion, and passing it off as fact (or, wording it so ambiguously that it appears to be presented as fact). I like the idea of additional focus schools being mentioned – specifically Koneksi and Penjaga. I think the Umbra and Universal polarities don't have a strong enough connection to be focus schools. And 5 is a good number for game mechanic systems, so I don't think they should be selectable focus schools, just mentioned as part of a larger discussion about Tenno culture during the Old War and Orokin Era. It should be noted that the Lotus does not specifically say there were only 5 focus schools.
  12. There's a common assumption in the fandom that the Prime warframes were the ones around in the Old War, and the non-Prime (vanilla) warframes were all made in the current era, and that there were therefore no vanilla warframes during the Orokin Era. There is no evidence of which I am aware for this view. We know the Prime warframes were around during the Orokin Era, but there is also much evidence that vanilla warframes were present as well – as you mentioned, the new cinematic trailer shows vanilla warframes fighting Dax, and the What Remains webcomic shows a vanilla Octavia in the Orokin Era. I think that vanilla warframes were the majority, the ones who fought the battles. The Prime warframes were ornamental, ceremonial, like a dress uniform in the modern military. You wear it when you're being honoured by your superiors – when you stand before the Orokin. Maybe high-ranking Tenno commanders wore theirs more often – we do see a Mag Prime fighting Sentients in What Remains as well. This explains why the long-lost warframes we find during quests are vanilla warframes. Ordis' explanation about Void relics suggests that Prime warframe blueprints manifest as some sort of Void paradox, so who knows if we're even "finding" these blueprints in a traditional manner. Maybe they're just manifestations of memory, like the Paracesis blueprint.
  13. See, it feels as if you don't fully read what other people are typing. Let me rephrase: When we only knew of Natah's father, then the asexual reproduction was implied, especially by Hunhow saying that Natah was the fruit "of [his] womb" – this immediately tells us that Sentient reproduction does not operate the same way that human reproduction works, as human (cisgender) fathers do not have wombs. When we learned in the Sacrifice that Natah has both a mother and a father, that new information necessitates a change to this theory. One possible explanation: it's not asexual, and Natah is the product of both her mother and her father equally, akin to reproduction as we humans understand. However, this still does not explain Hunhow's "womb" comment, and we know that Sentients are capable of asexual "fragmentation". Therefore, my alternate theory is such: That is my theory on Natah's parentage. I have laid out my evidence for this theory in this post and the one above (this one). My theory says the complete opposite. The sentence I quoted is the only sentence in the entire Codex entry that describes the Sentients. You said, "She certainly matches the description in Mag Prime's Codex entry." I quoted the only relevant part of the Codex entry and explained why you were wrong. Nothing was taken out of context. I think "zero-tech" might also refer to gear suited for operation in zero-g, but it could be either/or. Also, The Orokin were using Grineer as soldiers. The cost of replacing losses would have been negligible to them. And the original warframes were made using elite soldiers such as renowned Dax, so very much the opposite of what you are saying. Replacing soldiers was easy and replacing warframes was hard. The reason the warframes were effective is because they were piloted by Tenno wielding Void powers.
  14. The Demolysts and the Orb Mothers were made using Sentient technology, so it seems disingenuous to call them Corpus tech in this conversation. The Machinist, the non-Amalgam version of this unit, also wields the same weapon with the same Codex text. The flamethrower appears to be a Corpus design, not a Sentient one. This isn't clear, as it has never been referenced in dialogue or text. It's a gameplay mechanic at the moment, so one should be wary about drawing lore conclusions from it.
  15. If you watch the TennoCon 2017 Art Panel (my writeup here), they discuss the first Sentient sent to the Tau System and how it was massive, so much so that the Sentients used it as the framework for all their later works (cf Natah: "My mother [was] a carpenter"). The concept art for the Sentient Outposts look very similar to the images we've seen of Natah's mother. I believe this "First Sentient" is Natah's mother, for several reasons: It was initially implied (Natah and Second Dream quests) that Sentients produce children asexually. With the revelation that Natah has both a father and a mother, this may have been retconned, or it may be more nuanced: Hunhow is Natah's direct father, but the First Sentient is the mother of all Sentients, and thus of Natah as well. The visual similarities, as noted before. The TennoCon 2018 trailer shows Natah's mother is absolutely massive and also commands a large army of Sentients. This would make sense if she were the mother of all Sentients. The description in Mag Prime's Codex entry: "The countless articulating worm-ships of our enemy, ringed in glowing discs, undulating and heat-bursting the surviving soldiers like me." "countless": if Natah's mother has such high authority, why are there countless similar Sentients? "articulating": sure, it applies. It applies to essentially every Sentient we've seen, though. "ringed in glowing discs": does not apply "undulating": impossible to verify, as we haven't seen Natah's mother in motion "heat-bursting the surviving soldiers like me": the fact that these worm-ships are going around and killing individual human soldiers gives the impression that they're small in size and not really important. Technically, the Conculysts are Hunhow's fragments, not Eidolons. Unfortunately, this seems to be a pattern with @VotumPrime.
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