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  1. Rivens use a resource called kuva, but you want to add… a similar system… that uses a resource?
  2. I'm sad. I really liked the huge Railjack interior. I would have rather they added functionality to the space rather than shrink the area. Oh well. The messed-up fast travel spots on that map make me think it's not quite finalised. The Railjack demo from TennoCon 2018 (Fortuna demo) also had a different Railjack layout shown on the minimap, and that one was essentially placeholder, so who knows how accurate this is. I don't think there will be a measurable difference from shrinking the map by like 1/3. Given how they've continued to mention Crewships in discussion of up
  3. I gotta level up my Grendel, Octavia Prime, maybe Lavos, and Pandero Prime. Also my Feverspine k-drive.
  4. I think maybe the idea is that you will install 3 Battle Avionics (like you do now), so when you go into a mission and get into the seat you have access to those 3 Battle Avionics. Meanwhile a squadmate gets into the side gunner chair and they have their own 3 Battle Avionics that they brought. So yes, there are up to 12 abilities, but no one has access to all 12; they only use the 3 they brought. And since there are only 3 seats (pilot, gunner, gunner), maybe there will only be 9 abilities at a time (unless they let you use abilities in the Forward Artillery seat).
  5. The primary issue discussed here is how the Prime Vault is unsustainable – this predates Void Fissures, since the same issue was present with Void keys. I'm pretty sure you've been around long enough to know this, though.
  6. now??? Ballas has literally never been portrayed in a good light, with the possible exception of granting the Tenno the Paracesis.
  7. If you're still hunting Crescent Vulpaphyla, keep in mind that they only come out during Vome. Vulpaphyla, Predasites, Avichaea, and Undazoa variants are affected by the wyrm cycle (which makes it even easier to get the kind you want).
  8. Per the notes on DevStream 151: "Adjust Research in the Orokin Lab and Chem Lab to display 100% completion without event-specific Recipes." This sounds like they'll just hide the items from everyone who doesn't have it researched.
  9. Famously, the Valkyr Prime trailer was delayed significantly because the animation team was working on the War Within, not the other way around (ie, the War Within was not delayed because of the trailer). Then, of course, the Hydroid Prime trailer was delayed because of Plain of Eidolon and the Sacrifice. There was a not-insignificant quantity of animus (not so much these days) against DE's delayed prime trailers, but there has never been an indication that the dev team was tied up in the trailers and not working on the game. On the contrary, the trailers were the first projects to get pushed
  10. Fosfors are consumable gear items you can purchase from Nakak in Cetus (well, you can purchase the blueprints) that greatly expand Affinity sharing range.
  11. I think the loss of their mocap studio (due to work from home) is probably the culprit. /s Seriously, I think that might be one of the biggest hurdles they've encountered. Most of the work, as I understand it, can be done from home, but not mocap. Fully agree. I also think the "hype" is another big issue they have (and obviously I'm not the first to say so). Perfect example: no one knew they were making this Octavia Prime trailer, so if they had delayed it by a day or two and then released it, there would be no ill will, compared to the Hydroid Prime trailer, which was delayed rou
  12. Is it possible that you aren't selecting a door with enough room? The Dry Dock is much larger than any other room in the Dojo (including heightwise; you cannot have something on the floor above it), and maybe it just doesn't show up if you don't have room. I doubt it, though; I think it would just say something like "not enough room". Still, might be work checking.
  13. Albrecht had formulae, calculations, and theories to indicate the existence of the Void ("my paradoxical formulations"). Then he went and tested those theories (over a long period of time), and eventually he was proven correct. Not everything needs to be discovered by physically running into it – not since the days of Christopher Columbus, at least. The planet Neptune was first postulated before it was discovered, based on its gravitational effect, leading astronomers to look for it. Dmitri Mendeleev predicted the existence of many elements before they were discovered, because he could see pat
  14. Bumping to say that this is still an issue. Saya still only speaks her pre-quest lines about Onkko instead of her post-quest lines about Konzu. Just checked today.
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