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  1. This has less to do with kuva and more to do with Orokin engineering. Kuva has many functions, one of which is as a status symbol. The Orokin engineered safety protocols into everything they built. During the War Within, kuva is shown to "activate" those safety protocols and keep its bearer safe from Orokin constructs – specifically, warframes and Dax soldiers. This is made clear through dialogue: Elder Queen: "For you see, child, we conceived of these ugly, metal cysts […] We gave you your precious gifts. And now, just as easily, we take them all away!" Teshin: "Their [the Kuva Guar
  2. I agree with this. It's now sort of up in the air. Given that Nihil enlisted the help of an Ostron (Shigg), who may have had access to kuva, it's possible that kuva is still involved and that Shigg supplied the kuva for Nihil to use in cephalizing* his victims. Although, if I understand the rest of your post correctly, you're implying that the Unum's kuva has the consciousnesses of many ancient Orokin already implanted within already? The kuva can likely be reused for a new mind even if that is the case, although Nihil did seem to want to revive the Orokin Empire, so it seems odd that he
  3. That… doesn't change anything? DE promotes it because it's a valuable tool that does a lot of the work that DE should really be doing themselves (providing information to the player). It's large, popular, and reasonably comprehensive. But DE doesn't write it (officially*), doesn't host it, doesn't control it, and doesn't own it. It's entirely separate from DE. If DE and Warframe shut down, the wiki would still keep going (maybe?) and vice versa. *I believe some DE staff members, like DE_Glen, edit the wiki to make sure it's accurate, but it's not in an official capacity as an employe
  4. The wiki isn't an official DE product; it's fan-made.
  5. The crewmembers all match the gender of their Syndicate's leader. All Steel Meridian, Cephalon Suda, and New Loka crew are female, and all Red Veil, Arbiters of Hexis, and Perrin Sequence crew are male.
  6. The Velocipods also spawn naturally and have no Echo-lures. When you start tracking, the Conservation start point is named "Predasite Trail Start Point" or whatever animal it's specific to. That tells you which Echo-lure to eventually use. All the Echo-lures can be bought from Son. After you follow the trail, you will end at a pile of bones named "Predasite Call Point". This tells you again which animal you're hunting. If you ever forget, just look down at the pile of bones and the name will pop up on the HUD. If you're not seeing the Echo-lures in Son's shop, that may be becau
  7. Oh wow, this thread is still going? Ballas is never referred to as an Archimedian. His rank is given numerous times as "Executor". From context clues, Archemedians seem to have been a separate class of scientific functionaries who weren't destitute, but certainly didn't rise to the rank of "Orokin" like Ballas and his peers. Ballas is referred to as an "Executor", but it seems likely that this is the highest rank among the Orokin, as we never see Ballas subordinate to anyone but his collective peers. The "Emperors" are mentioned once in the Stalker Codex entry (which dates f
  8. I was in the middle of typing out a whole big thing about this but I sort of lost steam, so I'll just point out that the new Corpus Ship tileset is much more brightly lit than the old one. Take from that what you will. Are you saying that a group of people fighting for survival can't also have family drama? Cetus and Fortuna are full of the whole "survive against an oppressive force" theme, so why can't the Entrati display a different dynamic to the player? We know they're constantly fighting against the Infestation in their very flesh; they all mention it in their standard dialogue (e
  9. Have they ever openly stated that or did they just stop bothering to hide them? Because I definitely don't think those are the same.
  10. Lol. Which is it? Is there an explanation or isn't there? If not, then what are you relying on to say that "the ones made from our foundry and[sic] purely robotic" is "wrong"? Generally speaking, players that are invested enough into the game to watch DevStreams, read patch notes, and follow the developers on Twitter are advanced players who will have done the Second Dream. I think the percentage of new, MR2 players who are still futzing around Saturn that watch DevStreams where Operator content is discussed is quite low. Ergo, I'm not sure that's the best support for your position.
  11. The Baza doesn't have parts, and there are no weapon parts that drop from Ghoul Purge. Are you thinking of the Stubba and Quartakk?
  12. No one knows because it hasn't been released yet. For all we know, the description we see is just placeholder and not even meant to be the final product.
  13. This is pretty important. The faction this antagonist represents has many links to Mayan mythology. Obviously Mayan and Aztec mythology are not the same, but they are similar enough from a pop culture perspective. I think we are unlikely to have a warframe with Aztec or Mayan influences because that space is already taken.
  14. I'm going to go with the real Margulis, unless you think a high-placed spy with operational control over a special forces unit during an existential war also found the time to be a brilliant scientist. Also, Silvana says that Margulis is "as much a victim" as the children. I take this as an implication that Margulis was publicly protesting the weaponisation of the Tenno at this time, which would place it shortly before her execution.
  15. Sevagoth has been in the Void for roughly the same amount of time and he has no anti-Sentient properties. I think it's fair to say that Umbra's anti-Sentient qualities are designed by Ballas. The question of why is unanswered. Natah was created to with the direct goal of infiltrating the Tenno, for the larger goal of killing all the Orokin – both of which she accomplished. The only thing she didn't accomplish was to then kill the Tenno. Natah says that she was caught by the Orokin, but doesn't clarify which Orokin. I think it's likely that it was just Ballas, since he would hav
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