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  1. Nightwave is concurrent on all platforms, including consoles, so I imagine many of the files are already on the console build, and perhaps the PC build as well.
  2. I never heard this. They were aware it didn't fit the theme of Warframe when they designed them. They were callbacks to the original Dark Sector game, much like the Excalibur Proto-Armour skin. I'm fairly certain they just forgot about them. They said they would be rewards for the Relay reconstruction event, but that obviously wasn't the case.
  3. Exclusive rewards for prestiging means that prestiging is just, more ranks. There's no functional difference from simply raising the level cap and putting the new rewards there. She actually does have different voice lines depending on if it's a daily act, weekly act, or elite weekly act. This wasn't properly set up in the first season, but it is now. The "crud" line you're talking about only triggers on daily tasks like petting your kubrow. I agree that the lines still aren't properly differentiated, but that has more to do with the fact that some daily tasks are "kill 150 enemies with Toxin damage" and other are "do an emote". What kind of voice line covers both situations? I like the idea of the evolving challenges. I dislike the idea of warframe rivens strongly, but it's not really central to your suggestions about Nightwave.
  4. I believe you mean "Kavor Defectors". You could also have Ostrons. Since they're seasoned interplanetary traders, maybe they could help with navigation? Maybe Myconians as well.
  5. I'd probably put it around September or October. The Railjack framework is almost certainly needed for the New War, which they said is coming out before Christmas.
  6. You can be opposed to predatory practices and the corrupt treatment of billionaires without opposing the concept of a market economy. You can't legitimately compare Scott and Rebecca and Sheldon with Jeff Bezos. It's not really the same system.
  7. Here is a comment by [DE]Adam explaining that both of Equinox's forms are female.
  8. Steve said that the hyper-capitalism we see represented in Fortuna and the debt-enslavement of the Solaris is a response to elements of our current capitalistic economy, and the way it has treated people they know, their friends and family. The game has messages in it and they aren't coming out of a vacuum. All art and narrative is a function of their context, the politics and culture, and the artists' reactions to it. Additionally, let me be the fifth or so person to state that sexuality isn't political. What about people who want an escape from homophobia in their real lives and want to be able to express themselves in a way they can't offline? Why can't they get an escape from that? If your escape from reality or leisure time is ruined by someone waving a pride flag, then I think that reveals serious issues in your attitude. We're all just looking to have a good time, whatever our circumstances, and just because people express themselves differently than you or the majority of players here doesn't mean it needs to be silenced or removed.
  9. It does seem both clunky and complicated. I guess we'll have to play it and see if it's fun enough anyways (or, my guess, not as complicated as it seems). I can see this point of view, but maybe the systems are intuitive enough to warrant the complexity? Or maybe the complexity is only surface deep? Maybe it won't end up being a problem? That's what I think. There are hundreds and hundreds of mods in the game, and for many of us, modding is second nature. Based on their comments on DevStreams during the past year and comments during this demo, I do believe you will be able to get the NPCs to do the work for you. Steve said at least twice that this will be solo-able. Which is good news for me, too, since my clan is mostly dead. My assumption on this is that the Nemeses start out weak, and you can treat them like Eximi or field bosses, but once they've been resurrected more and more times they become more powerful, and eventually you need to bring the resources of your Railjack to bear in order to take them down. And the squad-link is when even your Railjack is not enough, and you need help from another squad on top of that (although Steve made it clear that the objective could be completed without the squad-link). I think your Nemesis is going to go through a progression and eventually you'll have to use everything you've got to take them down. Rebecca's had been killed 27 times and resurrected. I don't see you killing him with your warframe alone, at that point. Players who don't like Railjack can get Railjack resources without playing Railjack, perhaps. Or maybe there will be exclusive resources and rewards you can only get by squad-link. I don't think that's a concern. It's squad-link, not squad-merge. The two sessions are still separate, but the Space Team is tracking a single variable from the Fish Team – have they destroyed the generator yet? If something happens to the Fish Team, it doesn't seem like it'll mess up the Space Team, maybe just delay the generator being destroyed until they can reform their squad. That's how it seemed to me. If they start to get more ambitious and mesh the two missions together more, then there seems to be increased potential for bugs and issues. I assume they'll incentivise people to participate with rewards, and people will go to the Plains (or wherever) specifically to be the Fish Team. I certainly am going to do that a bunch for like the first week at least. But it does seem to be a long-term concern. I'm feeling this too. ??? What content here is player-generated? Do you mean the squad-link? Do you mean… the customisable Railjack ships? This comment doesn't seem to apply. Obviously mine is not the only type of experience here, but, as a person who only plays 1 game at a time, I prefer games with many, many kinds of systems. I have never been disappointed by DE trying to take Warframe in a new direction. The more content there is, the more I'll play the game. It might take some getting used to Railjack and a whole new mode of play, but eventually I'll be having as much or more fun than I am now, and I look forward to that.
  10. The proceeds for TennoCon ticket sales go to charity. This year it was the Canadian Mental Health Association.
  11. The Jovian Concord is the big one. Go to Jupiter and marvel at the new tiles. Go to Ganymede on Jupiter and check out the new endless game mode. Go to the Ropalolyst Assassination (its own node on Jupiter) and fight the new Sentient boss. New warframe: Wisp (drops from Ropalolyst). New weapons: Fulmin (dual-mode lightning gun), Komorex (Sentient sniper), Cyanex (Sentient dart pistol). Also new season of Nightwave started up a couple days ago. Check out your Radio Scanner in the Landing Craft. Also, Wukong Prime Access is out, with Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime.
  12. On a somewhat recent DevStream, [DE]Steve was brainstorming ways to have lore in-game, such as comics you can read in the Codex (like the Ghouls comics, or What Remains). I agree that short lore text would be the easiest way to add lore, by far. There are two writers working on Warframe: [DE]Steve and a new person they hired in 2017 named Cameron. However, Steve wears many hats, both metaphorically and literally, so not all his energy goes into writing. I don't know if the same applies to Cameron. The reason we aren't getting warframe quests anymore is because of the drain it takes to make one. Each new quest requires writing, art assets, animation, voice acting, and usually coding new, specific missions and mechanics. This slows down the release of the warframes, and they'd rather get the new frame in our hands than wait around for the animation department to finish up or something when the warframe itself is ready to go. They recognise it's an unfortunate situation, but that's the decision they made. Mirage was the first warframe with a quest, so all the ones before her had no lore (although it was added in later for Excalibur, Ember, Mag Prime, and Rhino Prime in the Codex). In addition, Equinox, Nezha, and Wukong have no quests. Even some of the warframes with quests don't really have lore. Vox Solaris does nothing to explain Garuda, nor Jordas Precept Atlas. The idea of giving the warframes lore hasn't been in the game the whole time, and has been inconsistent. They do seem to be continuing on this trend. The Orb Vallis has the debt-bond fragments and the reworked Gas City has the Partnership fragments. Even the Ghoul Purge, which was such a minor update, had the Ghoul Journal fragments with a surprisingly detailed story about Khora's kavat. I think this might be their main avenue of supplemental lore. I mean, all the warframes were lost to history, until they weren't. There's a mode in the game settings called "Creator Mode" that removes what you're talking about and restores it to the normal version.
  13. According to a recent interview with GameSpark, they will reveal more information on the next Landscape at TennoCon. However, Steve said at the beginning of the year on a DevStream that they weren't having a big reveal that would take up all the dev time, as was the case with Fortuna.
  14. ESO takes place within Cephalon Simaris' data-scape, which is called "Sanctuary". It's a sanctuary of knowledge. It definitely is not a safe place to be and never has been. It's just the name of the place. It's basically the same reason why there aren't angels flying around in Los Angeles, CA.
  15. I think they've dropped hints over the last few months that the next Landscape is going to be Planes of Duviri. Regardless, we won't have to wait long – Rebecca says that it'll be revealed at TennoCon.
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