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  1. It's another version of the kickbot. There are many different bots, like HorseBot and KekBot and so on. They're all the same thing as the KickBot. Most of the time you'll see KickBot and one other in all public chats. Not sure why. [DE]Glen runs all of them.
  2. They're for precisely that reason, to slow you down if you're getting too far ahead of new/slower players. It's not fun to wander through a level with tons of corpses and drops and never see a living enemy.
  3. The weapon and its investments are kept. The element is not. The elemental bonus is what you want to change. Fusing with a new weapon adds the elemental bonus and the element itself to the old weapon with the investments. It has to work this way, or else there'd be no other way to change the element of a kuva lich weapon without wiping all the investments. The element is not an investment. You didn't invest anything into the weapon to get that specific element. You used a specific warframe to obtain the element, but an investment is something you lose such that you get something back later. You lost nothing by getting the specific element that you would not have lost getting any other element (ie, time). Therefore, the element of the weapon cannot reasonably be inferred to be an investment. The weapon you start from is the one that will be kept. You keep the weapon itself (obviously the weapon is not going to change into a different weapon), the name of the weapon, and any investments you've made into it. This does not include the elemental bonus, since that is what you are trying to change.
  4. Yeah, I was taxi'd to the Anomaly way before I got rank 7 in any intrinsic. You just can't select it or matchmake into it. Someone has to invite you.
  5. Is that so? Shattering Impact works on most status-immune enemies, like Eidolons. Does Corrosive Projection work?
  6. Certain clans (quite a few of them, actually) have the ability to build the Ignis Wraith from Dojo blueprints, as a reward from a past event (The Pacifism Defect). Those clans are still around. You can join them and get the blueprint. Additionally, the blueprint is tradeable, and is often given out for free (with so many clans having the ability to replicate it, there's no shortage of supply, so it doesn't really make sense to sell it for plat – at least not more than like 1-5 plat). This was the only way players who hadn't done the event could get the weapon for almost 2 years, before Baro started bringing it. So I do think the clan blueprint is still intended as the primary method of obtaining the weapon, with the caveat that it's not possible to do so on Switch, because no clans on that platform have this ability.
  7. I think this would be a good idea. If you're the host of a mission, having a screen before the mission starts where you pick what role you want and what roles you're looking for, and then when people jump into open matches they first describe which role(s) they're trying to fill, similar to the screen you used to see when queuing up a squad for the Trials (before they got removed). I agree that voting probably shouldn't happen during the mission. I'm not sure it should really happen at all. Sure, it works if someone is absolutely terrible at their job and you want to remove them, but I think you probably should just deal with it for the mission and then leave that person behind. I can't think of a way a person can be so bad at their job that you fail if you have other teammates who are capable, especially since there are two gunnery seats. My main concern is that voting can be used to troll or grief, which is why I'm also against a vote-to-kick option for the game. I don't see anywhere in the original post where the intrinsic rank of the player is taken into account. I agree with you that it shouldn't matter past a certain point like rank 3 or 4, and probably not at all. I think roles should be self-chosen or possibly chosen by the host. I think more than that is too complex for the problem it's trying to solve and invites other problems. But I agree that there should be more infrastructure into roles on board the ship.
  8. I think the reason it isn't tradeable is due to the fact that it has other methods of acquisition (except on Switch, where Baro is the only option). I do think that should be made more clear when buying it.
  9. Canada is a massive country with a much lower population density than China, and with a robust public health infrastructure. I'm sure they'll be fine.
  10. The fragments (I'm assuming you're talking about the Glass Fragments uncovered in the Saya's Vigil quest) tell the story of the Eidolon, the original Sentient that fought against the Unum. That Sentient was killed and the Teralyst, Vomvalysts, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst are all parts of its body that still roam today. All of them are fragments of the Eidolon Sentient, and thus they are all equally represented in the lore. The Sentient fragments on the Plains (the stone ones, not the moving-around ones like the Teralyst) are fragments of the Eidolon, not Hunhow. Hunhow's body is on Uranus, sealed in magma (per the Natah quest). This part is not clear. On one of the DevStreams before the end of 2019, the team seemed to imply that the New War would be a series of events, not just a quest – at least, that was my interpretation of it. We'll have to see. I disagree. I think the lore is coming more into focus. The Leverian provides a way for DE to script lore with almost no dev resources, and I've been very happy to receive the details we have about Orokin civilisation. Nightwave lets us look at some of the lesser-known personalities within the enemy factions, although it doesn't update as much as I'd like. The cinematic quests are compelling and all, but they take up a LOT of dev time for comparatively little lore revealed.
  11. DE did on at least one occasion celebrate Bastille Day. There's even a colour picker for it. They also had a colour picker for the 4th of July, which is just about the most American holiday there is. That said, while I think it's a good idea for Americans to reflect on Black History and its contributions to our country, you certainly can't blame DE for not implementing it in the game or even knowing it exists, given that they're Canadian.
  12. This is not true. You never have to make sacrifices you've made before. I have switched a a few times and ranked every Syndicate to the max. You sacrifice once. If you go negative on a Syndicate you had only been positive before, you'll have to pay to get out of the negatives, but then your climb is clear again. I think that might be a source of the confusion.
  13. The element is decided by the warframe you use to kill it. It's not random and you know going in.
  14. This is actually intended. DE went out of their way to suggest using the Quatz this way when it was released (it has the same mechanics). EDIT: Wait, I thought you meant the other way around. Never mind.
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