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  1. The Rephrax sword skin that comes in the Gara Kaleida deluxe bundle only applies to normal swords, not "heavy blades" like the Vitrica.
  2. I think it'd be really cool too, and it's what I expected from spearguns initially. I think it'd be cool to bring one to a "Melee-only" mission. But I imagine the spaghetti code would have fits over it. The Dark Split-Sword took many many patches to get right, if I recall.
  3. They removed those a while back because you can take new bounties out in the field now.
  4. I have definitely noticed this. It really sticks out like a sore thumb, and for the wrong reason – it shouldn't be notable. It's notable because no one else does it. Everyone loves the fact that Cephalon Cy will sometimes say he is annoyed by Ordis, and it's not just because it's funny but because it's like the only time two characters have a conversation off-screen. I really think that this is a major contributing factor to the "content island" feeling people have. DE might not even have to put in the work to link all the features of their game together if they could just make it seem like th
  5. In no particular order: Cephalon Cy – love his tone, and his sense of humour, and how out of place his sense of humour is with his tone Nef Anyo – says some pretty ridiculous things. "Like all of you, I was born poor, with but a meager derivatives portfolio and limited vesting options." Onkko – love his accent Ballas – one of the best voices in the game, and so full of himself, but not in a comical way like Nef. Just pure Orokin. Albrecht Entrati – amazing voice/accent, and love his lore stuff.
  6. When Focus 2.0 was released with the Plains of Eidolon (Update 22), all lenses were uninstalled and refunded to the player's inventory. This is because they introduced Eidolon Lenses and wanted to give you a chance to install those without losing the Greater Lenses (which you need to make Eidolon Lenses). This is the only time that they have done this (despite releasing Lua Lenses in Update 25.7 in an analogous situation). I wish they allowed us to uninstall or replace lenses without breaking them, but currently that's not a feature in the game. Right now, if you install a lens, it's permanent
  7. I don't feel like it would make much sense. The Corpus have Domestik Drones because they love robots. The Grineer just have their low-class workers do the cleaning. Clones are to Grineer as robots are to Corpus. That being said, I'm sure DE won't pass up an opportunity to complete the faction trilogy and come up with some kind of decoration to sell for plat. The Regulators and Diriga have bags because they float – those are gas-filled sacs, like helium balloons or dirigibles (hence the Diriga's name). It wouldn't make sense for a floor-based robot to have bag structures. Not to
  8. Forma'ing a weapon or other gear item will always reset the item to rank 0, even if you do it in the Simulacrum. The reason the Nightwave challenge says "not in Simulacrum" is because there is a bug where if you do Forma it there, it won't count for the Nightwave challenge. But it still acts like Forma in all other places, including resetting the rank of the weapon. So you should not take that line from the Nightwave challenge as evidence that Forma in the Simulacrum doesn't reset your rank. It does.
  9. Looks good to me: https://imgur.com/a/XJ3t2JX My only issue is that the legend at the bottom of the table blends into the background (second image in imgur album). But the icon is easy to understand if you know what you're looking for (ie if you know that gunblades have shots as well as melee swings).
  10. Most of the signature weapon passives were added retroactively in Update 24.6. Mirage Prime came out before any weapons had signature synergies, so that's not it. Personally, I hope they don't restrict Prime weapons to only the signature weapons, for the exact reasons you list:
  11. This happens to me sometimes in the Necralisk. I haven't been paying attention so I don't know if it's triggered by going into Operator mode. I found that I was able to work around it by going onto the Cambion Drift and coming back to the Necralisk. When I come back I can Esc like normal. Saves having to Alt+F4 the game.
  12. I will elaborate on this point, @Kerberos-3, since it really is your central topic. DE designs and releases weapons on their own schedule. Part of this is the artistic design; they have many artists who spend a good deal of time making weapons. The stats/balance are a different department, and if the weapon has any unique features or abilities, that takes extra time to program. Releasing new weapons has been a staple of WARFRAME's update content from the beginning of the game. It is a process they are well used to. If you require that every weapon must have a Prime (or other upgrade
  13. This definition is not canon. There is no official word on the actual status of Prime gear, other than it "represents technology as it was during the height of the Orokin Era" (according to https://www.warframe.com/prime-access-faq). There is no indication that Prime gear is the first version, the mass-produced version, or the only version of weapons and warframes during the Orokin Era. While I'll admit Harrow is a strange situation yet to be explained, Protea is not necessarily a single unique warframe. The Business says she was designed specifically to guard Parvos and that she was "
  14. The people creating the warframes at first were Archimedians like Silvana ("Now I build these vile weapons called ‘warframes’ all for one purpose: death."). Ballas and the Orokin oversaw the process. My theory, which is not stated by canon but does fit within its bounds, is that the Prime warframes were elite ceremonial units for positions such as bodyguards to the Orokin, guarding Lua, and other high-profile roles, and that the vanilla warframes were just standard Tenno soldiers. When fighting the Sentients, all Tenno – Prime, standard, deluxe, and other – fought alongside each other as neede
  15. Yes, this is what I mean. Steve (who appears to have been the main author of the story for most of the game's lifetime) has made multiple comments over the years about how the broad strokes of the story have been percolating in his mind since before Dark Sector, and the Ember Codex entry illustrates this, as it was added to the game over a year and a half before The Second Dream.
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