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  1. Grofit is a portmanteau of "growth" and "profit". It comes from a marketing video put out by Frohd Bek for Operation: Ambulas Reborn. You can watch the video here:
  2. If you subscribe to the Oro Theory, the Tenno had Oro and Ordan Karris did not. Having Oro allows you to absorb the Oro of others, permakilling them. When the Tenno slaughtered the Orokin, they absorbed the Orokin's Oros and prevented them from resurrecting or performing Continuity. Ordan Karris was not capable of this. The Oro Theory comes from dialogue lines Teshin gives as he's explaining how the Annihilation Conclave game mode works. He says that the Tenno and the Sentients both possess "Oro" that allows them to permanently kill the other. The community has assumed (reasonably, I'd say) that the Orokin also had Oro, and so the theory goes that the Tenno were able to absorb the Orokin's Oro to prevent them from coming back. Teshin never mentions Oro in other contexts and no other character mentions it at all at any point, so in my opinion it's a little up in the air as to whether or not it's a real thing in the lore or just some throwaway lines to describe how to play Conclave. Note that these are also some of Teshin's oldest lines in the game, dating back to Update 16 or 17 I believe, way back in 2015. Here are Teshin's two dialogue lines that mention Oro: Teshin: "Oro is the binding force for an enemy who, like the Tenno, can survive death. To kill such an enemy is futile, unless you sever this bond; absorb the Oro to annihilate it and claim a true victory." Teshin: "Out there exist an enemy that can be struck down, incapacitated, dismantled, and yet they rise to fight again. Annihilate the opposing team's Oro to claim a true victory." That is the entirety of the basis for the Oro Theory. The Stalker's Codex entry is intentionally poetic, so I'd give these sorts of adjectives a loose kind of meaning. Immediately before he says "breathless", he describes them as "cold". Given the Orokin's cult around themselves and their immortality/divinity, both these words could be descriptive (metaphorically) of their deathlessness. They don't draw breath, they don't have body temperature, because those are required for life, and the Orokin are more than alive, and in that sense, almost dead (this idea is also touched on by Ballas in the Valkyr Prime trailer). Regardless of whether or not it's true that the Orokin didn't breathe, it is part of the cult of their immortality as understood by the lower classes. At least, that's one explanation different from yours. I imagine Ballas wasn't there at all. Why would he be? He knows what'll happen. He definitely wasn't the only Executor to escape the slaughter at the Terminus (Avantus, Karissh, possibly others), so his absence wouldn't even have been conspicuous. And at no point does the Tenno say "Hey, what are you doing alive? I killed you!" As for Ballas' line: "Yes… yes… she has foreseen it", there is another interpretation than "Ballas wanted to die". I think it's more likely that Natah said "Hey, don't confront the Tenno or they'll kill you" and he went "Yeah right" and then he got stabbed and his last words were "S**t she was right". We don't know this about the Entrati at the moment. They seem to have been full parts of the Orokin aristocracy, including appearance and attitude. I think this is highly unlikely. The Naga Drum ceremony only makes sense immediately after the end of the Old War. "Ten solemn beats to declare the suffering was over." That doesn't sound like much of a delay to me. The Tenno activities depicted in the Leverian exhibits (with the exception of Grendel's, which clearly takes place during the Collapse) happened during the Old War. The Orokin Empire spanned the entire solar system and they had constant problems of rebellion due to their harsh rule. Though they were fighting a war against an existential threat, they still had to keep things working on the home front. No use in defeating the Sentients if your own citizens string you up. FDR interned seventy thousand American citizens of Japanese descent while fighting World War II. George W Bush passed the PATRIOT Act to spy on American citizens while fighting in Afghanistan. Of course the Tenno would be used to put down rebellions in the middle of war. Also, the Grineer in the Lancer imprint was in the Outer Terminus, which is in the far reaches of our solar system. So, not the asteroid belt. The Old War easily could have lasted dozens or hundreds of years. In addition, the Tenno who fought in the war believed that they were someone else, other characters, warrior-gods who served the Orokin. They believed they were the warframes themselves. In such a state, they could have easily devised their own culture. Keep in mind that they were also generally segregated away from other military units, which would have further encouraged them to develop a distinct culture. (Regarding the previous paragraph) This is also a fair explanation. My take on this, assuming all information revealed to us is true in the order that we receive it (ie, characters generally aren't lying except when newer information supersedes old information): Ballas knew that, regardless of whatever arrangement he has with the Sentients, they're still going to kill him in the end. Why wouldn't they? What could possibly stop them? So, he secretly reprograms the Lotus, but in the subtlest of ways. Lotus still follows her original directives right up until the critical moment. She leads the Tenno to defeat the Sentients, then kill the Orokin, then… nothing. Then she stops. Because Ballas planned it so. Now the Orokin are dead (which he wanted), the Sentients are dead and remain dead (so Ballas is safe), and the Tenno, who he still doesn't really like, are put into hibernation. Ballas comes out on top on all counts, and since his alteration to the plan was so minor, the Sentients didn't even realise it until it was too late. That's how I see things. The whole sequence of events is still kind of vague, and there definitely seems to be something up with Erra and Ballas, so I can't say I'm perfectly confident in my analysis. There is almost certainly information we as yet do not know. See my previous paragraph. Ballas' actions regarding Lotus/Natah might not have had anything to do with Margulis, but simply his own self-preservation.
  3. Yeah, they removed Capture a few years ago because it was just too easy and simple. It can happen with PoE bounties, but not elsewhere. Side note: why aren't Orb Vallis bounties in Sorties? They've talked about adding those in at some point, or even Empyrean Sorties. Not yet though.
  4. I haven't seen anything concrete from DE, but my guess is the Derelict missions will just be moved to be Deimos missions. The Deimos "planet" they showed on stream has many nodes, including two boss nodes (they have distinctive symbols) – I would assume these are the Lephantis and Zealoid Prelate nodes. The Orokin Vaults, kavats, and probably the Derelict tileset will all just be moved to Deimos and the key system removed. After all, the Deimos they showed had a lot of Orokin structures, so the Infested Orokin tileset wouldn't be out of place. Eris has its own stuff going on. Not all the Infested are doing the same thing. Eris is a hotbed of Infestation, primarily Mutalist, because of Alad V's experiments in that region. It uses the Infested Ship tileset because Eris used to be a Corpus trade area. Deimos has its own variant of the Infested (referred to be Loid and [DE]Steve as the "Gray Strain") and looks to be an entire Infested planetoid, so it promises to be distinct from Eris. Here is the lore on Eris, from the cephalon fragments: "There are no longer any active military or research campaigns in the Eris region – it is overrun. Long-evacuated Corpus and Grineer vessels drift aimlessly in orbit, slowly being devoured by the techno-organic parasite known as the "Infestation". What remains is a twisted graveyard of partially digested ships that are disfigured versions of their original forms… Abandoned, but not unoccupied." Konzu (not Onkko), during Plague Star recurrences, says that there was a prosperous Ostron market near Eris decades ago, but no longer. Eris was the site of Alad V's long period experimenting with the Infestation, starting (presumably) with Suspicious Shipments and going through Operation: Breeding Grounds and Operation: Mutalist Incursions, until his labs in that area were destroyed by the Tenno in Patient Zero. Now Eris is just an Infested area that everyone tries to ignore, unless they're exiling their Infested citizens. From what dialogue we heard, Deimos has been hidden in the Void, like Lua, until now, because the Entrati need the Tenno's help. It's been Infested for a long time, but only now can the Tenno access it.
  5. They said that you can't consume prime frames.
  6. Ballas is said to have lived on Mars, not Mars' moon. “The empire is already at risk,” cried the shrill voice of another Executor. “Or perhaps you haven’t noticed from your cosy position on Mars.” —Detron Crewman Synthesis entry
  7. They have said that they're specifically showing off things at TennoCon that will be released shortly afterwards.
  8. It's true that many of the sources for Natah's true nature and mindset are unreliable narrators or overtly deceptive. But if we assume they are all lying, then we don't end up with any real information. There has to be a modicum of trust that some people are telling the truth. I don't believe Ballas was confused. I think evidence points to Natah being birthed after and as a result of Ballas' defection. Her Ropalolyst dialogue says that she was "conceived to burrow into nests and swallow the pitch-eggs of their war machine. The Tenno." To me, this says that the Sentients took Ballas' information and used it to formulate a plan to defeat the Orokin – a plan of which Natah was the key part. Thus, they then created Natah to fulfil the plan. I'm not sure why you're arguing against the opposite. The Orokin couldn't control them when they were light-years away in another system. But one (young) Sentient, without allies or support, alone in the heart of Orokin power at the height of their technological capability? Doesn't seem like such a tall order. I think Ballas was involved in Lotus' brainwashing, and I think the end of the war happened exactly as he intended. The Sentients were on a crusade to wipe out the Orokin entirely and possibly humanity as a species. He likely foresaw what anyone else could: as much as they relied on his help, the Sentients would have killed him in the end. Ballas, by allowing the Sentients' plan to proceed almost to completion, fulfilled all his goals. He wiped out the Orokin (we already know his motivations as to why), then he ensured that the Sentients remained dead too (because they would have eventually killed him). Natah/Lotus sends the Tenno into hibernation (who he appears to have resented for indirectly contributing to Margulis' death), and Ballas ends up on top, with no enemies and no equals. I'm not sure where he went or what he was doing during the interregnum – or, for that matter, the Lotus – but as I see it, the end of the Old War worked out perfectly for him. Additionally, by altering the Sentients' plan just by a little, by preventing the "last sequence" – Hunhow's resurrection – his treachery (to the Sentients) was less likely to be noticed, so they would not have known they were betrayed until it was too late. The symbolism is not that subtle. Lotus' memories are overtly being messed with. It's just not clear whether her brainwashing occurred in the past, in the present, or both. And something is clearly not right with Erra either. The most common interpretation I've seen – referenced in this very thread, in fact, by @Serafim_94 – is that the current Erra is a projection or creation controlled by Ballas in order to more fully dominate the Lotus. This fits into the allusion of Erra being the embodiment of deception – so much so that he doesn't even exist. I do appreciate you laying out these mythological allusions, though. I was aware of all of them, but I hadn't really seen them all laid out next to each other like that. It is very cool. I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. As I said before, I think Erra is a lie (though I'm not committed to that theory). A meme is an idea or thought that propagates throughout a culture, just as a gene is a piece of biological information that propagates throughout a population. The ideas introduced by the Alkonost have a very strong effect on the victim, perhaps consuming all other thoughts and ideas inside their brains ("neuro-carnivorous") until only the meme remains (eg "attack").
  9. We've never seen a description of this happening in the lore, but if you play Defection missions, you can see it happen in real-time if a Defector dies. A pod grows over them and eventually discharges a Carrion Charger. The Corrupted appear to be controlled by the Orokin-styled headgear they wear, not a mind-control aura. The Corrupted capture intruders and put the mind-control devices on them and end up with more Corrupted. The Void keys are navigational tools. They're not really things you carry with you into the Void. Recall that the Torsion Beam Generators used to open the portals require the Void key to operate, so once you opened the portal you would no longer have it with you. Vor's Janus key is an exception, as it also functions as a weapon (and possibly not at all for navigation). I don't really think the Sentients "assimilate" others in the same way the Infested and Corrupted do. They don't really seem to have an interest in that, and we've never heard of it happening. Ballas was healed/"repaired" using Sentient body parts because he was dying, but he doesn't really seem to have been assimilated into a Sentient hive mind. He just seems like Ballas with Sentient legs – the same as any other person with a prosthesis. Granted, his situation is not entirely straightforward – his eye was being used by the Sentients during the Chimera Prologue and the later quest cinematics certainly indicate that something weird is going on with him – but his mind and identity don't appear to be wholly altered. As for the Amalgams, this is also not really an assimilation. Alad V was tasked, by the Sentients themselves, to merge Corpus technology and human biology with the Sentients in order to help overcome the Sentients' weaknesses. It's not an assimilation on either part, but a merging. An amalgamation. The closest to assimilation I think we see so far is whatever happens to Corpus Crewmen captured by an Amalgam Alkonost. While we were told this for many years (since the Natah quest in 2015), this was revealed last year to be a lie. Natah's narration during the Ropalolyst mission reveals that Ballas secretly altered her on Lua, and implanted that "love" on purpose.
  10. This is pretty much accurate. If you want to re-read these, I wrote up the Partnership fragments on my lore website: https://www.orokinarchives.com/fragments-partnership/ I also have Alad V's dialogue from Disruption and the Ropalolyst boss fight. https://www.orokinarchives.com/operation-hostile-mergers/ https://www.orokinarchives.com/dialogue-ropalolyst/ You can read over the dialogue for the quest here: https://www.orokinarchives.com/glast-gambit/ Glast also plays a big role in Operation: Ambulas Reborn. https://www.orokinarchives.com/glast-gambit/
  11. Lua wasn't shattered coming out of the Void; it was shattered during the Old War. When you first see it during the Second Dream, in the Void, it's already shattered, and in the Erra quest, the cinematic that takes place during the Old War shows Lua shattered. As for your assertion that the Orokin mined Lua hollow… why would they do that? I'm no astronomer, but I'm pretty sure that the Moon, unlike other terrestrial bodies in the solar system, has much the same composition as the Earth. After all, it was likely formed from material ejected from Earth by a collision. So what would they be mining out of the Moon that they couldn't get elsewhere?
  12. Yes! I love the Uranus skybox. It's so cool to look at. DE posted an article a long time ago about how much work they put into a skybox that is seen in, like, two tiles. https://www.warframe.com/news/building-warframe-undersea-skybox EDIT: the pictures are broken right now but you can use the Wayback Machine to see them: https://web.archive.org/web/20150602201610/https://www.warframe.com/news/building-warframe-undersea-skybox
  13. Don't forget the Lua Spy vaults, where Void rifts let you switch between the present and the ancient past. Baro's people were all killed off by the Grineer. You can see the temples and architectures they created; they're all over the Grineer Settlement tileset. Anything carved out of red sandstone is from the colonists. All the metal is the stuff the Grineer bolted on after. You can read a little more about it in the cephalon fragments: https://www.orokinarchives.com/mars/ It's true that we haven't really seen the civilian Corpus. I'm looking forward to exploring that. As for civilian Grineer, they don't really exist. The Grineer is a society built around wars of expansion. All Grineer are purpose-bred to fit into that war machine. The closest you can get to civilians are the noncombatant Drudge workers on the Grineer Shipyards tileset, or the drones in the Grineer Sealab tileset. The reason you never see anything but the military installations is because you, the Tenno, are a soldier. You are only sent to combat zones. As Cephalon Cordylon says, "The Lotus works so that no civilian need make contact with a tool of war. Warframes are no exception." You can't get the Twin Vipers Wraith from Baro, only Invasions, unlike the singular Viper Wraith, which is sold by Baro. Quick side note: the Ostrons actually revere the Orokin, much like the Corpus and the Tenno before we found Simaris. The Orokin are presented as evil from the player's perspective, but the Ostrons appear unaware of their legacy of blood, and indeed their entire existence is owed to a still-functioning Orokin Tower.
  14. There's a mission in the tutorial (Vor's Prize) where you get the choice to extract and allow a ship of colonists get wiped out, or stay a little bit to destroy the reactor and save the colonists. The Lotus pushes you to ignore the colonists. The game sets the tone literally from the start.
  15. Someone asked this same question on reddit, and Reb clarified that it's an unrelated pun.
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