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  1. Thank you for the sentient fix. I was about to make a report on it since I could finally confirm.
  2. Lol, I'm part of the tiny pixels that make up a Rank 9 category.
  3. Enemy crewships continue to use the Fighter flee AI when their objective was finished even though crewships have not.
  4. Weirdly enough I think it actually affects the refinement marginally.
  5. Been playing railjack since release almost non-stop. There's a lot of major outlying issues that still persist: My crew members @Famelhaut and @Divided010 can confirm these issues as well. Divided010 has been working on a list about the RNG stats for items too. 1. Galleon and Asteroid base commander and objectives lockout for other players when the objective is completed, I've lost 2 blueprints now because of it. (From what I can tell it does this to remove the map in order to improve performance, please keep it loaded for every player until they have all gone in at some point!) 2. fighters in the veil often have a bug where they regen their hp faster than all the guns can take down their health. I've only managed to kill them with two zetki Carcinnox focusing on it while I hit it with a Cryophon to destroy them; this is especially bad with outriders because after their weak points are destroyed they cannot be killed except with a precise Forward artillery strike. 3. Crewships cannot be destroyed from the outside, It already takes enough damage to kill them with a turret I don't see what harm it could be to have them detonate when their health drops to 0. (Also please make the nose guns breakable, the rockets are annoying to deal with, and they should no longer fire Ramsleds when the crew has been killed) 4. When the host enters the "Rampart" turret in the lower deck of Crewships they will get locked into it and after they die by Grineer or the ship exploding, they will be stuck dead in AW, and once revived permanently stuck in archwing including inside of the ship. While this happens if you use a mount inside the ship it will cause a complete softlock for the player which disables all their controls. 5. Crewships stop spawning when the "Kill fighters" objective has been completed this 90% of the time soft locks the mission because no more crewships will spawn causing the mission to prevent completion. My suggestion: 1. Allow navigation use when at least half of the objectives have been completed(But ultimately lose the final rewards). 2. Set crewships spawns on a guaranteed timer instead of having them spawn with ships. If I can guess, the code setup prevents ships from spawning with the crewship which causes a confliction in their spawning group. 6. The slingshot has far too many issues to list, ill make out what I can: Players can randomly get stuck in the slingshot upon entry and has 3 different outcomes, stuck sitting in AW, Stuck in the slingshot animation, or their hud just completely breaks and no items work, there also needs to be a way to cancel the slingshot by dismounting it. 7. Minor Photor and tracking complaint, the laser's beam width seems to be way smaller than its appearance and can often times be difficult for gunners to aim, suggest increasing its size to make it easier to fire. The gunnery lead indicators are not always accurate as I've noticed when ships are slowed down often having to aim in between the lead and ship. Suggestions: 1. Add waypoints for Mod and Blueprint drops, make cubic, copernics, carbides, and pustrels and Dirac a drop that appears at the bottom as it hides the chat. 2. Add a waypoint for Ramsled boarding parties on the ship to appear for a few seconds to know where they entered from(Theres a new issue that breaks the enemy waypoints I don't know its cause). 3. A compass would be very useful as @Arancino said on their Hotfix 27.0.3 comment. I can't count how many times I've had to give orders or ask "Blueprint, where? 'there!' Where's there!" 4. The range of the archwing mods makes them useless, in order to benefit you have to be hugging the ship in order to get a buff. I suggest making them a permanent or duration based buff that applies when a tenno leaves the railjack. 5. The avionics capacity is ridiculous and needs to have some ironing out, I can hardly slot any mods into my ship without needing a reactor with +80 cap, I have a +40 which is the best I've been able to find yet and its still a mk2. All of the drops from veil seem to be only Zetki which have worse capacity than most of the mk1 and 2 reactors which makes little to no sense. 6: I have not yet unlocked Gunnery rank 10 yet(rank 8 atm) but I see an issue in the foreseeable future with auto aim being and piloting which is if the reticle is constantly snapping to fighters that get close it could mess with the pilots driving, I suggest being able to switch it on and off with the press of the weapon swap button. Finally: I know this would require a lot of rescripting but it would be a godsend to give Cy priorities for what he tells you about clientside to limit his chatter and to get the most up to date info. Often times Cy will be complaining about fires and breaches repeatedly and about the objective but hasn't told me about the ramsled that's already inside of my ship and has been for 5 messages and now there's 3 more fires and electrical hazards which he's now talking about and not telling me the radiator is open or my ship has a critical breach or the bomb that has been planted. I would like to have a list set like this: Incoming missiles and Ramsleds highest priority, then objectives, and crewships(entry and death.) then mute all dialogue about breaches except for critical failures. As a pilot its very difficult to process so much that cy is saying while trying to keep the ship alive with a bunch of missiles and ramsleds constantly coming at you that you fail to notice the sound of because of his constant jabbering.
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