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    UI Lockdown

    1. Get into your archwing on PoE or OV 2. Go into main menu 3. Select abilities. Doing this three steps locks game completely. Game is stuck on archwing abilities screen. Can't escape in any way other than leaving your squad or (if you play solo or hosting) quitting game completely.
  2. As title of the topic says. I tried to get all assassination targets' sigils, only one I'm missing is Sergeant's. No matter how many times I kill him, it doesn't drop at all.
  3. Idea: When you receive said message, it lists weapons that had dispositions changed. Either all that had it changed or only disposition for rivens you own (I guess it'd be more work for that)
  4. One small lingering question about this: How do I go back to shooting? Aiming down sights, using 'Switch Weapon' keybind or something else? Overall, great changes and I'm hyped for when it comes out!
  5. I think what he means is, which region it means. Changing region changes chat, so does it mean NA region english chat, or EU region english chat.
  6. MOAs still give only 3k mastery while other companions (and even Venari!) give 6k T.T Also, are Garuda's Talons considered as a separate item (like Khora Venari) or like exalted weapon? Because if it's like separate item, then it doesn't give mastery too T.T
  7. Thank you for Archwing steering change back and for Ticker changes! When can we expect fix for this? It is shame, I spent platinum to get K-Drive just to not spend standing on them and I honestly feel slightly scammed.
  8. Congratulations, you again broke Roky, Legs and Zudd daily deals being hour later in this hotfix 😄 EDIT: Still no point buying tho, since MR gain from bought KDrives/Kitguns/MOAs isn't registering for some reason.
  9. No fix for no mastery gained from kitguns/kdrives bought with platinum T.T
  10. 28/30 Caves, some were definitely visited when I wasn't a host.
  11. Hmm, I thought the purpose of fixing milestones was to let people choose if they want mods/weapons/cosmetics first, but this proposal makes no changes at all to that... Slightly disappointed, that I will have to get 800 days to get all weapons and mods locked behind Daily Tribute. 3 EFFIN' YEARS.
  12. After checking on reddit, some people get spawns in places where I didn't. Maybe chance for Somachord Fragment to spawn wasn't changed from 50% that it is in normal missions? It then attempts to spawn Cephalon Fragment, but those are disabled during quests, therefore it spawns nothing.
  13. Are you launching game through steam? If not, then there is your problem. If yes, then steam sometimes derps and you need to restart steam to load Tennogen properly.
  14. It seems to be bugged: Somachord fragments spawn only on first and last mission (both are Earth tileset). Replaying it for 2nd time let's me scan the 1st somachord fragment to get 3rd part of the song.
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