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  1. Unless one would calculate a discrepancy between Maim's damage and the amount of damage enemies take, there is no reason to doubt that the release doesn't deal Slash damage. It can still deal Slash without proccing Bleed, because not all abilities are guaranteed to deal status procs. For example, Vauban's Tesla has a 50% status chance. Maim has never dealt Bleed procs on release before, so this isn't a new bug, even if it were a bug.
  2. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Relentless Combination doesn't work REPRODUCTION: Inflict slash procs with melee weapon EXPECTED RESULT: Combo counter should go up as bleed deals damage OBSERVED RESULT: No effect on combo counter REPRODUCTION RATE: seems to be consistent no matter the enemy or weapon used
  3. Gas procs are massively nerfed by this because Gas' damage effectiveness penalties used to be equalized by the proc's resultant Toxin damage being neutral on Grineer and very good on Corpus, not only dealing extra damage but bypassing their shields. Now that the proc deals Gas damage by itself, it doesn't go through shields, it's -25% on corpus health, it's -50% on grineer after already getting reduced due to their armor, and it's damage bonuses on Infested cannon fodder are just as meaningless as they have ever been
  4. Stunning Speed is still 10% status chance, and it was the mod i was most excited to be buffed by this update :c Status Rivens already give 60-120% status chance to average disposition guns, which is perfectly in line with 60/60's and the newly buffed mods
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