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  1. Equipping the Ki'Teer arrows onto the Paris Prime bugs out the textures on the arrows in the quiver: the mapping is glitched and if you use default colors, they inherit the default arrows' colors instead. This also happens when using Forest-Camo or other skins on the Paris Prime (except for Dryad Bow skin). The arrow on the bow itself, all the other arrow skins, and Ki'Teer arrows on MK-1 Paris (and i assume by extension on normal Paris) appear as intended. (I have posted this originally in December; the issue still remains)
  2. Nobody seems to hve done Basshunter mandachords which i thought was a crime. The first half of this "chorus" seems to be the perfect length, i tried it myself but i'm not very good at composing, maybe you'll have better luck 😛 https://youtu.be/BLyHWIXTrlI?t=101 Here's a couple others if you wanna try, but not sure if they fit mandachord as well https://youtu.be/ymNFyxvIdaM?t=152 https://youtu.be/zgurcTTsIv0?t=103 Awesome work you're doing nonetheless ❤️
  3. Wouldn't this be more reason than anything to finally fix the status chance reaction with innate multishot and rebalance the weapons in question so we could actually judge non-crit shotguns on scales other than "can it reach 100% status"
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