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  1. I made a thread about this and only got a bunch of people saying how Infested is their favorite faction because they're the easiest to oneshot instead of anything constructive
  2. I'm saying that i read your only other post in this thread and all it said was "i like fighting infested." Unless there's been edited or deleted posts in between, i have no idea what half of that post of yours was even referencing (who said anything about discord?) and i'm guessing that you accidentally posted in the wrong thread.
  3. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    Ballistica Prime is incorrectly shown to function like it's non-prime counterparts with a 4-shot burst and single projectile when charged. The Prime version shoots four projectiles in multishot in both uncharged and charged modes like a shotgun, not in bursts.
  4. I understand that for some people the definition of fun is pressing one button to kill everything and i'll let them have that, but i would reconsider if that's how a mode which the game purports as the endgame of endgame contents that's supposed to end more from players dying than from extraction, should be like. putting aside that i didn't see you suggesting this anywhere earlier, while i do agree that 10 minute rotations are too slow, that'd completely force you to use extra loot frames even more than survival arbitrations already do.
  5. You're entitled to your opinion but i predict you're pretty alone with it. And personally i'd stomach armor over 3 different units all with grapple hooks, especially ancient healers. Not to mention the occassional getting oneshot by toxic ancients. And once again, no matter if you like infested or don't like them, there's no reason we should fight them in almost half of all arbitration-eligible missions.
  6. I understand it's hard to make Arbitrations into a perfect gamemode as they're meant to cater for a rather specific audience, and an audience who are rather specific of what they like. There's plenty of ideas from plenty of players, many of which would require deep thought about balancing of many factors. However, i have a suggestion that would improve Arbitrations significantly, and it would be no more than a flip of a switch. Remove Dark Sector missions from the Arbitration pool. Now this is quite predictably coming from the fact that all Dark Sectors have Infested as the enemy, and not many players like to fight against them. But even if they were a more engaging faction to fight, there's still a very objective fact as to why DS missions should be excluded: As this spreadsheet shows, Infested missions are dominating the Arbitration mission pool, encompassing a ridiculous 44% of all Arbitration-eligible missions. This makes it an almost overwhelming chance that any given Arbitration will be on an Infested mission, and i am writing this after having 3 Arbitrations in a row appear on Dark Sectors. No matter how fun or not fun the Infested are to fight, this dulls the experience significantly. Another problem visible from this spreadsheet is that many of the Infested missions take place on the most outdated tilesets, with a massive bias toward Grineer Asteroid and Galleon. In addition to being some of the weakest tilesets (only Corpus Ship i think is worse than either of those), the fact that Arbitrations are fixed in level means that two missions on the same tileset with the same enemies, are for all practical measures, the same mission. Which means that to further dilute the pool of possibly interesting Arbitration missions, up to 4 different rolls can all be Infested Survival on Grineer Galleon. If Dark Sectors were to be culled from the pool, it would leave 11 Infested missions for Arbitrations, which would be a perfectly reasonable number, especially for the amount of representation Infested normally get in the game. And don't forget, there are only 5 Corrupted missions too. If you wanted slightly more than that, you could enable Derelict Defense and Survival for Arbitrations; after all, we have to complete those missions to unlock Arbitrations in the first place. And before anyone brings it up, obviously in a perfect world we wouldn't have boring factions nor tilesets, but i'm purposefully highlighting that culling Dark Sectors would be nothing more than a singular line of code that would significantly improve the Arbitration experience, and a perfectly reasonable change at that.
  7. Nobody seems to hve done Basshunter mandachords which i thought was a crime. The first half of this "chorus" seems to be the perfect length, i tried it myself but i'm not very good at composing, maybe you'll have better luck 😛 https://youtu.be/BLyHWIXTrlI?t=101 Here's a couple others if you wanna try, but not sure if they fit mandachord as well https://youtu.be/ymNFyxvIdaM?t=152 https://youtu.be/zgurcTTsIv0?t=103 Awesome work you're doing nonetheless ❤️
  8. Wouldn't this be more reason than anything to finally fix the status chance reaction with innate multishot and rebalance the weapons in question so we could actually judge non-crit shotguns on scales other than "can it reach 100% status"
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