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  1. Wouldn't this be more reason than anything to finally fix the status chance reaction with innate multishot and rebalance the weapons in question so we could actually judge non-crit shotguns on scales other than "can it reach 100% status"
  2. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    Flux Overdrive is mistakenly labeled as "Primary" and available for the Amprex, Glaxion, Ignis, Ignis Wraith, Phage, Quanta or Quanta Vandal; it's a Flux Rifle specific mod
  3. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    It's 300 base armor + 50% that (150) at rank 27=450 armor Also, Bullet Dance is shown to start from 3 capacity and have 5 ranks instead of standard 2+3 for Stance mods.
  4. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    Nidus is incorrectly shown as having 600 armor instead of the proper 450