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  1. Nobody seems to hve done Basshunter mandachords which i thought was a crime. The first half of this "chorus" seems to be the perfect length, i tried it myself but i'm not very good at composing, maybe you'll have better luck 😛 https://youtu.be/BLyHWIXTrlI?t=101 Here's a couple others if you wanna try, but not sure if they fit mandachord as well https://youtu.be/ymNFyxvIdaM?t=152 https://youtu.be/zgurcTTsIv0?t=103 Awesome work you're doing nonetheless ❤️
  2. JC75

    Holding melee weapons backwards?

    in the arsenal, melee weapons are shown in their blocking stances, tenno seem to favor surface area over having a stable grip when blocking, but it isn't exactly "wrong," and in combat the lethal faces of the weapons point at the enemy as supposed. the Khopesh sword skin that's bundled with deluxe Inaros is actually held the wrong way around if compared to it's historical counterpart, and this has faced some criticism from people.
  3. Equipping the Ki'Teer arrows onto the Paris Prime bugs out the textures on the arrows in the quiver: the mapping is bugged out and if you use default colors, they inherit the default arrows' colors instead. This also happens when using Forest-Camo or other skins on the Paris Prime (except for Dryad Bow skin). The arrow on the bow itself, all the other arrow skins, and Ki'Teer arrows on MK-1 Paris (and i assume by extension on normal Paris) appear as intended.
  4. Wouldn't this be more reason than anything to finally fix the status chance reaction with innate multishot and rebalance the weapons in question so we could actually judge non-crit shotguns on scales other than "can it reach 100% status"
  5. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    Flux Overdrive is mistakenly labeled as "Primary" and available for the Amprex, Glaxion, Ignis, Ignis Wraith, Phage, Quanta or Quanta Vandal; it's a Flux Rifle specific mod
  6. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    It's 300 base armor + 50% that (150) at rank 27=450 armor Also, Bullet Dance is shown to start from 3 capacity and have 5 ranks instead of standard 2+3 for Stance mods.
  7. JC75

    Warframe Builder

    Nidus is incorrectly shown as having 600 armor instead of the proper 450