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  1. Veiled Riven Mods to get from it? For which Weapon type please?
  2. Absolutely! Breaking Stealth due to Nightwave Enemies coming, is unacceptable on dedicated Stealth gameplay. It has then complicated my play style extremely.
  3. Try using screenshots from fellow Tennos' Crime Scenes depicting Evidences. These have a variety of possible placements within scene. Every Tenno's scene's relative layout is based on fix parameters.
  4. Clearly insane. I can take that. It is what it takes by investing a half life into a universe.
  5. Maybe making this best possible during Nightwave Intermissions. I recommend that progress can be continued by dreaming back. Then only after all Nightwave's storylines have been progressed past maximum Prestige Level, Nightwave Intermission starts/continues. Also, Nightwave Credits should be a timeless currency, even if you simply convert specific Nightwave Series' Credits into this universal format. Be sure to think about uncapped Nightwave Prestige Rewards, or some Tenno will keep taking periodic pauses within their Warframe universe. Know, that the Recovered Nightwave Challenges often requi
  6. Consider Enemies' Levels, Rewards, in relation to time and effort.
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