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  1. and this is the biggest misconception between Warframe and the use of the word "cross platform". DE manage all servers in every platform the only reason i see as of why DE is not letting transfer the account info with all the resources already in his inventory as well is due to not cutting their profit margins, breaking platinum market and the constant hassle of name availability across the board. everyone that saw what DE went thru when Nintendo Switch release their game in their platform was just plain obvious. they can do it but DE just don't want to or they would have done it due a platinum charge transfer from the very beginning.
  2. just look at Railjack and its current state whats was the point to even create sooo many nodes. most people are either boosting intrinsic or just trying to get to veil and get the story portion accomplished. I just think that DE is bored and have lost all interest of fixing current content due to investors pressure.
  3. and that is how people tend to leave the game. better to have some sitting and giving advice or helping than none at all.
  4. plat doesn't grow in the void someone has to sit in to earn that mighty mula. that is the true endgame right there.
  5. it won't link to such thing but me personally don't know if its logging the ip of those that are innocuously going to it.
  6. there is one thing i evade the most and one is a vague poll list.
  7. he is clearly not missing anything at all he may at well just start level up some intrinsic skills so he can travel to the veil where is the last part of the current story arc.
  8. host bails and leave me with a nice gift but unable to pilot it 😞
  9. so the RailJack loot is still going to be left as it is or is working as intended?!
  10. I will give you 2 reasons. gain more xp in the first 2 rotation and faster farming of Neo relics. a rare third is most players have crappy weapons that would waste time killing Nox enemies. time is essential to some playstyle and usefulness within teamwork is for others.
  11. the faster you kill the faster the rotation goes the closer everyone is the faster the affinity earn and shared (fastest xp shared in the whole starchart since its always full of players) AND anyone knows that everyone that goes to Hydron will eventually find that is the easiest place a low level player can earn/farm not only Neo but Axi relics as well if party decided to stay in for more than 2 rotations and some builds info since most don't wanna waste time looking at YT videos. dont like the nukers just have your usual weapons and mastery discard frames since that is the best place hands down to gain some MR in low levels.
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