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  1. Has there been any plan or discussion internally about different sound effects for melee weapons when they collide with different enemy types? I think of this in the sense that swords or hammers would make different sounds when they strike armors or flesh, and so on.
  2. As it stands at the moment, there are three ways you can complete a reactor variant of the Sabotage mission: Option 1. You can insert a fuel cell into the core to overheat the reactor, then open a blast door to get out (fastest option!) Option 2. You can insert a coolant cell into the core to freeze the reactor, then defend the coolant pipes to get out. Option 3. You can insert a fuel cell into the coolant station to degrade the reactor, then defend the reactor console to get out. If you weren't aware that Options 2 and 3 existed, it's because everyone opted to always overheat the reactor for time's sake. Unfortunately, there's no change in the reward structure for the mission unless you (and/or your squad) decide to search for the resource caches. Unless its for a Riven or for Nightwave, this is also unlikely for the same reason--time. There's simply no reason to stick around the extra minutes to pursue variants 2 and 3 for this type of sabotage. We will always insert the fuel cell because it is faster. Honestly, the environmental effects of the other two methods are actually super cool, and I wish there were a reason to pursue Options 2 or 3 instead of reinserting the fuel cell and then leaving. Every. Single. Time. Opening the blast door every time is boring and it does not help with the "Repetition or Progress" issue others have brought forward because it is literally the same every time. I propose the removal of the "defense" for versions 2 and 3, and replacing it with a similar lock-down procedure as version 1. This way we can keep the options for completion open, without sacrificing the timeliness of Option 1.
  3. I'd love to show my support for the game in other ways besides buying platinum, Prime Access, collectibles, etc. What other options can we expect in the future? Might we see something similar to the original Founder's pack?
  4. crazy that this post has lasted this long
  5. These new UI changes are actually looking pretty sick. I look forward to the clean up! Right now we can only see progress for weapons if we have a blueprint. By hovering over a blueprint I can see it's resource costs, parts cost, if I've mastered it before, if I own one already etc. In the context of prime weapons, I'd like to see this extend to their parts, so that when I hover over a Paris Prime String (for example) the same box shows up telling me what's necessary for the Paris Prime, rather than it just telling me the String is a part used for the Paris Prime. This way I can easily track progress on the parts I have/need for my prime items without needing the blueprint first. This can be said for Warframes as well. Thanks!
  6. I'm not sure if this has been asked before or if a similar matter has been addressed: rather than having the community bombard you with questions of "do you have any plans for my specific need right now?" would it be possible to release a road map or a timeline for things that are in the works or things that plan to be worked on? It doesn't need to be 100% transparent--even as a player, I don't need to know everything the development team is working on--but some milestones or highlights with brief details would be monumental. Looking forward to the Devstream, and keep up the solid work on the game!
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