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  1. Good devstream, ty DE for keeping us in the loop. Personally for me and my friends I play with we found the death mechanic refreshing. I am all for keeping it. Also all but one of the converted liches I’ve seen that come into battle to help you, don’t do much. They don’t use their skills, they kill a couple things and then peace out. I think it would be better if they killed x amount of enemies and used their skills for the short time they are there. So the one awesome converted Lich I saw came in when I was in a squad that was trying to kill a lvl 5 Lich. The one with radioactive grass and we were dying left and right... until this Rambo Converted Lich showed up and killed the Lich for us. That was bad ass and it would be awesome to see more of that. thanks for reading
  2. That would be a hard no from me. The staff was nerfed with the melee update and if he loses any more power then I see no reason to use him. Wuclone ftw
  3. If it were the last wave and a level 1 Lich, who cares if it gets stabbed. It creates murmurs around it anyways so not a big deal. However, any level higher or any wave earlier and you definitely should stab the thing. Before it goes all ham on your cryopod and then everyone loses the mission. As for their immature overreaction, I would just add them to my ignore list and move on.
  4. I’m so excited ty DE for all your hard work 🙂 Can we have the plague star event anytime soon? Also a way to acquire the Ignis Wraith research in our dojo?
  5. I really think this is a great idea! Think having each round augment enemies or players in a certain way would help ESO a lot! Similiar to disruptions that give random buffs at each conduit. Except it would be every round or every two rounds in ESO. Someone else mentioned the mini boss idea, and I like this as well. Particularly fighting a randomized warframe specter as it adds some depth in strategy to the gameplay. And can highlight skills in frames you may not have even been aware of.
  6. This happens a few times a day please fix, and tyvm for the hard work in this update 😊
  7. This is the truth right here. Learn the mechanics and then judge.
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