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  1. Check the Temp, that might be the problem edit: usually freeze when it reaches the max temp from GPU, CPU...
  2. Because the game didn't really change at all since 2014... the core game is exactly the same one it was back then
  3. First thing first, sorry for my english... it's really bad but i'll try So i just can't get myself to play the event... i do not feel like playing it at all... whenever i join a match i can't stand it and quit in the next second... Might be that i'm burned out ? Or what is it... i don't feel like playing at all... i get excited, i log in the game ,then suddenly every joy i had goes away and i end up logging off Any ideas , please ? Thank you , DonGheddo
  4. Do you like the Bramma by any chance ?
  5. "Vet" who joined in 2018 ... something is up
  6. How do you even put the emphemera on the pets ?
  7. Such noisy new players always complain about everything :-w
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