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  1. Still no fix for: Hildryn's Aegis Storm blocks use of Balefire, unless it was activated BEFORE Aegis Storm was activated. This is really weird and inconvenient, especially since no other weapon can be used while Aegis Storm is active. It would make sense for Balefire to be activated automatically when Aegis Storm is activated, especially since Balefire has no channeling cost, only on a per shot basis. It would be cool if activating Aegis Storm would wave the activation cost of Balefire, but I suppose it isn't necessary. At the very least though, we should be able to activate Balefire after Aegis Storm is activated. Hildryn can't jump if a Balefire shot is charging/charged. This is really weird considering every other chargeable weapon (to my knowledge) still allows jumping. There are situations where a small wall or rock will block the line of sight to an enemy, but instead of just jumping and then firing, I have to either waste the shot, or move around the obstacle to get a line of sight again. This is just irritating and ridiculous.
  2. Still no fix for: Please, Please, PLEASE give us a way to skip the dialog at the beginning of the profit-taker bounties. I've had to listen to the phase 1 dialog to completion THREE TIMES because the mission bugged out and I failed before finishing it. This is NOT a good first impression of this update...
  3. Still no fix for: Can you guys add an invulnerability period on companions after they are revived? I can't count how many times I've revived my moa only for it to IMMEDIATELY be one-shot by an enemy, and it starts a vicious, non-ending cycle of me trying to revive it and then jump into archwing before it dies so that I can get away. It's ridiculously annoying. Sentinels already have an invulnerability period after they are revived by the regen mod, and warframes have an invulnerability period after being revived, so why can't companions have the same thing?
  4. Please adjust the requirements for building Garuda...it's ridiculous to have to get to rank 4 to get the required gem blueprints, which will take a minimum of 11 total to build Garuda, which is insane. This is now the MOST grindy frame in the game by a long shot. Even if you brought the requirements down to rank 3 it would at least be bearable. Would be nice if the daily standing cap got raised though, but that isn't the only issue with the grind. Also, standing for k-drive races is busted. I haven't gotten any standing from completing races, even though it says I do, and I have not hit the daily cap. Leveling with the vent-kids is SO SLOW! Thank you for the update, it is really fun, it just needs some tweaks. I've never felt a push to buy a warframe to be so strong as it is with Garuda. The requirements are just too crazy. I have everything I need to build her except the blueprint to build the tier 4 gem, which I won't be able to get for another 3 days SOLELY because of the daily standing cap, which is ridiculous. I saw an alert for Garuda's alt helmet blueprint show up today, so I did it, and I can build it before I even have Garuda...how stupid is that?
  5. So I take it you haven't looked in the forums, looked on their twitter, watched any devstreams, etc as it's been quite clearly when this update was going to come out. Two weeks ago they said it would be with a couple weeks, and then last week they said it would come this week. A couple days ago they said they were shooting for a Thursday release, and then update to tell us it was coming Friday. In other words, the information was freely available, you just didn't take the time to look for it, so it's kinda your own fault. I do, however, think it's ridiculous that you've decided to quit the game altogether because of...login rewards. Seriously, none of them are worth anything more than mastery fodder. They're nice to have, but by no means necessary, and definitely not worth quitting the game over. But whatever, your choice.
  6. Alright, so arbitrations are a good idea, but I have one MAJOR issue with them so far...those stupid little drones that make enemies completely invulnerable are just dumb. Nullifiers are annoying, but we can tell where they are based on the bubble. These drones though can hide really easily on certain tilesets because 1) they're super small, and 2) there is no visual indicator as to their location like nullifiers have. Please either remove these annoying ba$tards completely or give us an easier way to find them. I've lost one and nearly lost another simply because I couldn't find the stupid drone that was making the enemies around me invulnerable and were thus freely killing me while I was frantically running around helpless.
  7. Still no fix for: Archwing controls are seriously messed up. Afterburner/boost doesn't work, and neither does roll right (though roll left works fine). No idea what you guys did or when you broke it, but please look over it and fix it, it's nearly unplayable.
  8. Thank you for the Icarius fix...It's amazing how bad it looked with no animations.
  9. Still no fix for: the Icarius syandana lacking any animation whatsoever. Come on DE, it's been like 3 or 4 patches since you broke this...it should be fixed by now!
  10. Still no fix for: Icarius Syandana animation is still not working. It's still stuck in it's neutral pose and looks terrible!
  11. You guys broke something when you "fixed" the Icarius Syandana...it now doesn't animate at all. It's just locked in a neutral pose and does nothing. It looks really bad, please fix this. It's my new favorite syandana, but if it doesn't get fixed soon, I'm gonna have to swap it out for something else, and I really don't want to do that.
  12. You're talking about a game where melee weapons can hit enemies even if the model doesn't actually make contact, like when reach is equipped, so I really don't think hitboxes make a difference, and animations also don't make a difference because the animation is all in the Warframe, the weapon is just attached to the fists. And no, the skins dokn't ALWAYS have to work on signature weapons, but it seemed like that's what they were going for with this considering his signature weapon looks like a claw type weapon, and this is a claw skin, so it would make sense that it would work on it.
  13. The Hirudo looks like a claw type weapon, as do a number of the brawler type weapons. I don't see any reason why the skin wouldn't work on it and others. The point being though that the Hirudo came out with Nidus and was basically his signature melee weapon, so this skin that comes with the Nidus Deluxe should work on his signature weapon.
  14. Something is wrong with the Deimos claw skin. First of all, it be made to work on all brawler weapons? First, claws, etc? Because currently there are only 2 (3 if you count the prime and normal variants as different weapons) weapons this can be used on, and that doesn't include the Hirudo, which came out WITH NIDUS! As for the actual bug though, the claws seem to be rotated 90 degrees from what they should be. Please fix this...they look stupid like this.
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