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  1. I mean, the endgame of warframe is fashion-frame and minmaxing. It's a literal power trip, the game is designed to make you feel extremely powerful, to mow through hordes of enemies like they're paper, and to keep pushing for even bigger numbers, while looking as fashionable as possible. Sure, there is some lore thrown it here and there, a few new mechanics every now and then to keep the overall same content of killing hordes "fresh". Some are grindier, some are downright obnoxious, but at the end of the day, this game is about power-tripping. And I'm totally fine with that. Sure,
  2. The sentient were sent to tau with the goal of colonization without going through the void. In the old war/sentient invasion, they did, however, jump through the void into the solar system to attack the orokin by surprise. And yes, consider the void as a tool for hyper-speed/portals, but the cost on the sentient body for crossing the void is their reproduction capabilities.
  3. Storm Shroud has no timer. Void dash gets disabled if you use it near an enemy necramech. The amp does not disable the shield. Only way to disable it is to deal damage to it, which of course, results in you taking damage (reflection damage). Only way to avoid this is: 1. One-shot them before they can use the shield 2. Let the infested enemies attack him to break the shield 3. Use warframes with invulnerability or special shields (iron skin for example) to survive the damage reflection 4. Use a k-drive. One of k-drives mods is it makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds. Use tho
  4. I've gotten 1 to drop from spamming isolation vaults, but that's it. Now, actually spotting scintilants inside the iso vaults? I've done more than 50, and let me tell you: I've NEVER seen a SINGLE scintillant. They feel like a much worse, more annoying version of cetus wisps.
  5. There's a solution for the necramech exp (I found out while leveling mine): -> The reason why necramechs lose the affinity bonus (not the base affinity, but the affinity bonus) is either because you got too far away from the necramech and didn't use it for a while, which despawns it, or you resummoned it. The ONLY way to avoid this altogether is to, annoyingly, bring the necramech everywhere. You pretty much need to always have the necramech equipped (you can go off the necramech for a while, say, when doing those bounties that require you to find the 3 tumors and destroy them to
  6. After leveling my own necramech twice (1 forma), and using it quite often, and testing some fights against necramechs with wisp afterwards, I've noticed that the necramech isn't 24/7 invulnerable as we though. It's much worse though: -> The shield skill the necramech enemies use is called Storm Shroud and works just like rhino's Iron Skin or Nezha's Warding Halo. They are only invulnerable for 3 seconds. During that time, if you hit them, you're only increassing their shields. Once those 3 seconds have passed they will still have those shields active and show up as "invulnerable" but t
  7. Necramechs need to be able to interact with warframe and operator buffs. Their energy regen is non-existant, they eat too much energy for what little energy pool they have (press 4 to use your ult, you drop down to 0 energy in less than 7 seconds....) They need a faster stamina regen. And the worst offender of them all, necramechs need a faster reload speed. The "dead ones" you can possess have a nice reload speed. The one you own has the SLOWEST reload speed of all. I'm not talking about the reload delay, I'm talking about the actual reload. Our owned necramechs reload at a speed of
  8. Considering the drop rates: It's to be expected that, if our RNG is bad, we'll end up in a situation like the one you just showcased (my inventory below) So.... RNG hates us. Took me forever to get the engines (I got 4 of them because I had kavat booster + resource booster active when it dropped). We just gotta keep trying and grinding till whatever part is missing drops 😕 Edit: Btw, the reason all my numbers are odd numbers is because I used 1 of each to build the necramech (duh)
  9. I just want DE to choose between invulnerability and damage reflect. NOT both. Also because the animation is glitchy atm, so they'll appear as if they have the shield active but it has already deactivated. only way to know is to hit them, but if it is still active, well.... BAM, self-damage and possible one-shot
  10. I am totally fine with the mechanics of the fight. Weak points to shoot, grenades to dodge, dashes to bait, it's all fun and games. The 2 biggest problems is exactly what you've mentioned. The slow and the invulnerability + reflection spam. DE's only solution for an enemy to not be one-shoted: Make him have a 95% uptime invulnerability phase. And since it's a new update, to spice things up, make it invulnerability + reflection. It sure is fun suddenly dropping dead for no reason whatsoever (even worse because it's bugged, so the necramech will look like he has the shield on 24/7 but actua
  11. Yap, it's totally because I am used to one-shotting everything and totally not because I hate invulnerability spams with reflections just as much as the next guy /s Have you seen the video I posted? The necramech spent 95% of his time invulnerable. How in the world is that a GOOD enemy design? If DE wants me to shoot at the weak spots so be it, I don't mind at all (even though they're complicated to hit since the damned necramech doesn't stop moving). But how am I supposed to hit the weak spots if the necramech SPAMS his invulnerability shield?! (something it DIDN'T have prior to update 2
  12. Precisely. They aren't HARD to fight, they're just ANNOYING! Sudden one-shots out of nowhere, constantly spamming the damned invulnerability shield, inconsistent damage, weird drop rates/tables, constantly moving make it harder to hit the weakpoints....
  13. You have void dash disabled. My "properly modded weapons" can take out level 400 steel path enemies. The problem isn't the necra taking too long to die, it's actually hitting the damned weakpoint and not dying to the reflection damage Haven't tried that, gotta give it a try. I tried using redeemer prime for him, heavy attack definitely doesn't 2-shot him at all.
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