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  1. devildevil21

    What melee types are you hoping that melee 3.0 will improve?

    Nikanas. Definitely nikanas. I'm a huge fan of nikanas in warframe, but holy f they got so little range. I ended up switching to orthos prime cause I am not exactly dedicated to melee so I mostly used melee to take care of trash mobs, and nikanas extremely low range prevented me from doing so. Hopefully with melee 3.0, the nikana type will have higher range and a better feeling at how they perform.
  2. devildevil21

    Frame fighter - combo system?

    Eh, there isn't exactly a combo in framefighter. You can chain attacks but that's it. Example: You got the 3 (only) combos currently available: U + U + U ||| I + I + I ||| O+O+O But you can chain it into something like U + U + U + I + I + I or U + U + U + O + O + O or even I + I + O + O + O (this one deals the most damage but is the slowest). Of course, you got grabs and jumps and dashes and double jumps and blocks and special abilities you can fit into the attack to get the most out of an attack. If chained properly you can kill the enemy with 1 chain attack setup, although that's hard to pull off (and ping reliant). Now, adressing the melee weapons, i'd love that because currently framefighter is too similar between warframes. same attacks, same animations, the only thing that changes is the special abillity. So in other words, the one with the strongest special abillity (currently I think it's mag since it deals a ton of damage AND pulls the enemy to you, although titania is quite strong aswell by stunning and dealing dmg) will be the champion in framefighter, if the players are in the same skill ceiling.
  3. devildevil21

    Frame Fighters Fragments - Found!

    Actually I don't know anymore, some say derelict, some say phobos. Keep trying on phobos, if you still can't, give derelict a try.
  4. devildevil21

    Frame Fighters Fragments - Found!

    Uranus - Ash + Equinox Edit: Equinox is glitched. Her ability is metamorphosis and she literally only switches between day and night forms, she doesn't deal increassed damage or take less damage or heal or damage the enemy at all, just switches forms.
  5. devildevil21

    Frame Fighters Fragments - Found!

    Has anyone found titania yet?
  6. devildevil21

    Favorite frame for aoe grinding

    The best way to level weapons is usually by using warframes that buff weapon damage like mirage or mesa, or if you think you don't have enough survivability, take a support/tanky warframe. Usually my go-to to level up primary and secondary weapons is with mesa (in hydron) and the melee is usually with mirage (also in hydron)
  7. devildevil21

    Spent two hours to get a single Neo R1

    Ah, that is funny, I spent 2 hours to make 150p to buy rhino prime. No but seriously, I don't ever farm primes anymore, I just grab in some random relics, do a few runs, sell the stuff, make about 200p in 3h or less and buy the prime warframe or prime weapon.
  8. As of update 23.1.1, this bug is yet to be fixed.
  9. devildevil21

    For what purpose does Umbra exist?

    "One specific message is that he told hunhow that his warframes have betrayed him like the sentient did. This means that Umbra was created AFTER the old war, where the tenno slaughtered the orokin. " Uhm, no, you got it wrong. Umbra was created during the old war. To put it short, the sentient went rogue, so the orokin decided to create "super soldiers" to assist them against the sentients, but these super soldiers (a.k.a, the umbra warframes) went rogue aswell, excalibur umbra being one of them. The orokin were forced to "Put them down" and buried them all (mentioned in the sacrifice quest). The warframes we have are a continuation of the warframe program except it was fused with the transference program (made by margulis), fusing our operator mind into the warframe's body. To answer to your question, UMBRA was made to fight the sentients, except they also became a liability when they ALSO went rogue, because the orokin couldn't control them.
  10. I actually had a weird idea. (Contains the sacrifice spoilers) Edit: (Extra idea I had as a side note):
  11. devildevil21

    How to become: a god

    "How to go poor 101"
  12. devildevil21

    best weapon for umbra?

    Well, my weapon is always dread and from what I've seen (and tested), umbra has close to 100% accuracy with dread.
  13. devildevil21

    Is Mesa's 4th bugged?

    I'm not getting those huge crits. My peacemaker does the same ammount of damage.
  14. As of update, this bug is yet to be fixed.
  15. devildevil21

    Titania - How to build Dex Pixia now?

    My current build for dex pixia. I had to use arcane velocity in titania to compensate for the lack of fire rate, since I wanted to use a punch through mod. if you don't feel the need to use punch through, feel free to replace Seeker with anemic agility or gunslinger.