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  1. Thanks for the weapon ideas! By the way, when I said I had AoE covered, it's because of wisp's 3rd skill, Breach Surge. With tatsu's high range and the fact I can hit multiple enemies with fulmin, there are constant sparks flying out of enemies, hitting other enemies for up to 100k dmg, one-shotting those, which is why I don't have a problem with dealing with multiple enemies. When the enemy is alone however, I have some trouble defeating it (depends on the enemy). Will check those weapons asap and see which I prefer, thanks again!
  2. If you're reading this, thank you for your time to help a fellow tenno, I'm really grateful. WIthout further delay, let me get to the topic at hand. My loadout is: Wisp (all-around build) Fulmin Akjagara Prime Tatsu Smeeta kavat I spend most of my missions equipped with fulmin, and once I reach the 0 ammo mark or the enemy gets close to melee range, I swap to tatsu to finish the job. However, sometimes I am met with situations like high hp enemies that my loadout can't kill properly (e.g., the disruption mini-bosses in todays sortie), and I am left clueless how to get rid of the target properly. Which is why I'm looking for a secondary weapon that can complement my current build. I don't think I'm lacking in AoE damage, but I am probably lacking in single-target killing power. My question is: Which secondary weapon would complement my build? While my idea is inclined towards single target weaponry, I wouldn't be asking for help from you if I wasn't open to any secondary, be it throwable, one-shots, beams, bursts or even autos. Thank you for your assistance, devildevil21
  3. Gosh it felt like my thoughts came to reality in my monitor. So much this! I like ordis both his lines and his character, and I never wanted to shut him up, but it reached a point where he says something and I don't even register like he's saying anything. He is just some sort of background music that pops up every 30seconds~2minutes.
  4. I don't think the amps themselves got nerfed. The vomvalysts seem to have been buffed, that's for sure. They take much longer to be killed, even by regular means like with weapons or skills. They used to have their physical form destroyed by 1 shot of fulmin, now they take up to 3 shots. Other than that, the amps feel as powerful as they usually feel (atleast for me, using a 7 4 7 amp)
  5. I can't really force my opinion into you. You believe baruuk is weak, you "supposedly" tried him out in high level missions and found him weak. I tried him out in high level missions and didn't find him weak at all. Bounties, sorties, 2h+ survivals, ESO and arbitration, he didn't fail any of them. He isn't as powerful as say, mesa with her 4th, or immunity like rhino with his shield, or cc'ing like loki with his 4th, but he has it all. He is a jack of all trades master of none, which for some people means "WEAK", for me means "OP" because no matter the situation I'm thrown at, I can resolve it with baruuk. He is fine the way he is, but if you want to overpower the warframe, then go ahead. Don't forget that OP jacks of all trades master of none will become the fotm classes in every game, which will happen to baruuk if DE decides to increasse his effectiveness.
  6. Uhm, I don't really think baruuk is weak. He is just underrated. This is my baruuk build (Note: Augur reach is missing 1 rank, just pretend like it's max rank, and umbral vitality in my build isn't max rank since I lack the endo atm to max it, but overextended is intended to be 1 rank below max) Putting it simple, with this build you can reach 360º with his first skill, you got a massive range and duration with his 2nd skill to sleep enemies and gain energy for his 4th skill, you got lots of range to with his 3rd skill to disarm every enemy on the whole world while summoning up to 12 daggers per cast. The high efficiency allows you to spam his 2nd and 3rd skill constantly plus keeping his 1st skill active all the time, and with your 4th skill, since you got power strength in this build, if you make a decent weapon build like this (look image below) you'll have an insane high DPS exalted weapon to add on top of your overloaded build already. Baruuk is many things, but weak isn't one of them. He's underrated and many people don't even give him a chance to shine. Maybe due to a lack of understanding of this warframe? Or maybe because they just don't care? Maybe because they think baruuk is ugly? Honestly, I don't know. But baruuk is perfect the way he is. 24/7 immunity with sleep and disarm and damage reduction and a really powerful exalted weapon (if built properly). Can't ask for much else, to be trully honest.
  7. I can assure you that vomvalysts are much more resistant now. My 7-4-7 amp with the big ass prism laser and the homing disks secondary attack, my primary attack that took less than a sec to kill them now takes up to 3 seconds and my homing disk which took 1 hit to break their form and 1 hit to kill afterwards, takes now 3 to 5 to break the form and another 3 to 5 to kill them.
  8. Thanks for the update! Still no fix for
  9. Then this is worse than I thought. Because when I used titania, she would do a specific animation for wrist mounted weapons. Not that animation. Meaning wrist mounted weapons are bugged. The other bug (single handed pistol) is singular to wisp, and I'd love to see it fixed someday though... By the way: BUMP, update, still no fix
  10. This bug still isn't fixed....
  11. FIRST BUG: Pretty much what the title says above. When I am using wisp noble stance or agile stance, if you stay idle while holding a secondary weapon single-handed gun like synoid gammacor, atomos, so on and on, (but on somes, it triggers the bug described BELOW) wisp will do the hyldrin idle animation where she sort of massages her shoulder. Got a screenshot below where I'm using the noble stance and she is doing the hyldrin anymation when I'm using synoid gammacor (tested for other secondary weapons and the results are the same): SECOND BUG: Wisp also has another bug, related to the noble stance only, where if she wields a single pistol (not beam-like like sonicor or synoid gammacor), she'll do the regular no-weapon animation of noble stance but there won't be any sparkle of light flying out: Start of animation: Middle of animation (as you can notice, no sparkle or anything and she is doing her idle noble stance animation while wielding the gun (which shouldn't happen):
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