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  1. devildevil21

    How to become: a god

    "How to go poor 101"
  2. devildevil21

    best weapon for umbra?

    Well, my weapon is always dread and from what I've seen (and tested), umbra has close to 100% accuracy with dread.
  3. devildevil21

    Is Mesa's 4th bugged?

    I'm not getting those huge crits. My peacemaker does the same ammount of damage.
  4. As of update, this bug is yet to be fixed.
  5. devildevil21

    Titania - How to build Dex Pixia now?

    My current build for dex pixia. I had to use arcane velocity in titania to compensate for the lack of fire rate, since I wanted to use a punch through mod. if you don't feel the need to use punch through, feel free to replace Seeker with anemic agility or gunslinger.
  6. devildevil21

    Titania Exalted Weapons.

    Dex pixia sure is insanely more powerful. I have to compensate the punch through now occupying 1 slot (had to sacrifice the fire rate mod) with 2x arcane velocity (which makes me shoot SUPER fast, and yes, arcane velocity works with dex pixia). Diwata's buff is also great. It actually feels powerful now (okay, not as op as dex pixia, but still powerful itself), but it still has problems. The problem is that when it launches us into the enemy to melee the enemy, if we hit something we take A LOT of damage. I've killed myself several times (talkin' about one-shots) due to collision damage taken. Overall, titania's 4th feels great now, I only hope they do 3 things now: 1. Fix the PoE (homing missiles) bug. 2. Fix shoulder regalias being oversized in razorwing (they aren't that annoying, but they distract a bit). 3. QoL's to titania. Higher cast speed and some other changes to her 1st, 2nd and 3rd skill.
  7. Be free to share your captura scenes in the earth captura location that you unlock after finishing the quest. Here's mine:
  8. devildevil21

    'The Sacrifice' End Game Content (Spoilers)

    I enjoyed this quest. It was really good. But I'm also angry, cause this quest didn't give an end to anything. The lotus is still not with us. We haven't killed that damn ballas yet. The man in the wall wasn't even mentioned (but he was teased by DE). We got no new content other than umbra which is basically an A.I (crappy at that btw, as every A.I in warframe) with a slightly better 2nd and an actually nice melee weapon with a neat mechanic (invisibility upon doing a finisher). Overall, I was expecting a little bit more from this update. I'm not disappointed with it, it was great, perhaps even a masterpiece... but it lacks in content. We're suffering a heavy content drought atm, and this new update brought us nothing of new, other than umbra which as I said, has a rather clumsy mechanic. I'm looking forward for the venus free roam.
  9. devildevil21

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    To feed your hype levels.
  10. devildevil21

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Source? Or just photoshop?
  11. Daheck? Did you bother to read what I just say? I'm not sure if you're attacking, agreeing or trolling me... But it seems that you didn't understand what I posted. Did you even notice how so many players refused to do the raid cause it required specific team work and worse, people were being jerks if we failed something in the raid? That's the whole deal with the tricaps, but worse Raids had players being jerks if you failed and some of the raid runs wanted people to use specific loadouts or else you weren't allowed there (which wasn't that bad since the "loadouts" were forgiving). With tricaps, you got the same situation except it is worse since unlike raids, in tricaps the host wants the team to be min-maxed to do the max ammount of runs in 1 night, not forgetting you can't do any slight mistake or else you're raged at. Let me put in a small TL;DR for you: Raids --> "OMFG YOU DAMN NAB GET ON THE DAMN POINT. SRSLY, YOU JUST FAILED US THIS MISSION *rage quits the raid*" Tricaps --> "You must meet ALL my loadout requirements to enter this run. Oh, you have 139% instead of 140% duration? You're out of the party".... "Omg, this damn nab misplaced the volt shield / Omg, this damn nab used harrow's 4th too soon (or too late) / Omg, this damn nab takes 3 shots to kill the eidolon / Omg, this damn nab did something I don't like" *rage quits the run leaving 3 players at the middle of an eidolon fight* (yes, there are so many toxic situations in tricaps it's impossible to fit it all in a "small" TL;DR) Same elitist circle jerk. And don't blame me for the trials going away. I enjoyed doing trials with my clan where players were friendly. What I know however is that pug runs (through recruit chat) is filled with toxic players. And if you refuse to see it, that's your problem.
  12. devildevil21

    What do you plan to wear to the Sacrifice?

    My titania, obviously: And as you might have noticed, I'm a sucker for the color blue, so I'd go with the 2nd operator outfit and the 2nd image you've posted.
  13. devildevil21

    DE, your development process needs a rework.

    Well... They're pretty confident it'll release on thursday. DE has made a ton of mistakes but they also learned (some a bit more than others) that givin' ETA's means trouble. Which means that they only announce IF the update is really close. If they announced that it'll be this week, one of them is saying that it's probable to come tomorrow, then you can just take a chill pill and wait 1 or 2 more days. I've been around for The Wait Within (Been playin' since late 2014), and I know how troublesome and annoyin' the DElays are, but we can't forget that this is programming. This isn't a simple "Build a ship/house", they have to do codin' and bug fixing. The problem is that while coding is "fast" (-er than bugfixIng), bug fixing isn't. The thing with bug fixing is that you fix 1 bug, three more show up, and the list goes on. I do however agree with something you've said, and that is something DE is yet to improve: Building hype. They build hype slightly too soon which leads to frustration and burn out, which I Think is the main point of this thread. Yes, in this part, DE needs to either give is more stuff to chew through with the hype, or start hyping closer to the launch date. Hyping with months yet to go, even a year to go, will create unnecessary hype that only does 1 thing: give players a burn out.
  14. devildevil21

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    Well, Thursday hype train? 😮