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  1. Nothin' better than a droppable BP that you can purchase on the marketplace for 30k credits. Best thing is I got 3 of those damned BP's in a row.
  2. I also want wisp. She doesn't look op or anything, but the teleport on her 2nd skill, the hp and mobility boost from her 1st and the (not sure if possible) high damage from her 4th, plus the new animation where you float while running instead of normally running, just makes me super hyped. Also hoping her primary weapon is fun to use. I'm still looking for a primary weapon to use.. still haven't found one I enjoy the most. Also I am super hyped for the energy colors in warframe. I can finally costumize my titania properly!
  3. I think umbra came before zariman ten-0 returned, because Ballas says that they were unsucesseful in controlling the infested warframes and controlling the human-turned warframes (which I believe are one and the same). But then the kids from zariman ten-0 showed up and they figured out that they didn't have to control the warframe, they only had to control the tenno and by doing so, control the warframes.
  4. Considering that I am mostly someone who has every warframe but only uses specific weapons, I'd say I have around 60 or 70 formas spent? I really don't bother leveling too many weapons. I just get the ones I want, and I only forma if I enjoy it, so I have a really limited amount of formas in my weapons. But I have several in my warframes since I like making most of them powerful enough for every content.
  5. I hear ya... Adapted to the new energy system, found a dope look for my titania with the solstice skin, with a mix of purple and blue, giving titania this mysterious magical feel. Boom, hotfix dropped. Back to my good ol' pure blue energy titania... God dang it! :<
  6. Nope, still no bug fix or mention from DE about this bug. Also, bump. And oh look, it's been more than a year since this bug showed up, still no fix! 😄
  7. Glad to see the team is doing well. Hopefully this year will be much better than 2018 in both content and reworks. Looking forward to melee 3.0, wisp and the upcoming rail jack, aswell as more lore! However, from what I've read, there'll be no update this week? That's a bummer... was hoping to get my hands on melee 2.99998 this week 😕
  8. Hello rebecca, and everyone else at DE. Glad to have you back on the devstreams! With such formalities done, I think it's time I head right into the topics I would like to have answers for: 1. Does DE have an idea of when titania's deluxe is coming out? If it is too much to ask, then atleast an idea of titania's deluxe development? (Almost done, still too early to say, awaiting final confirmation, delayed, discarded, reworked....) 2. Titania is suffering from a rather terrible bug in both Plains of Eidolon and The Orb Vallis. It seems that somehow, titania's razorwing code forces her to be considered as an archwing by both enemies and enemy turrets, having her targeted with homing missiles that one-shot titania. Is there any ETA on when this bug is being fixed? Considering the bug is here since february. 3. Melee 3.0. Yap, you probably say this question coming. Any ETA on melee 3.0... or any information at all? 4. Rail jack and it's current progress. Almost done, halfway done, any ETA on it, mid to late 2019? 5. Extremely spoiler question, but I really must ask: Does lotus have a future at all in warframe? Since her "removal" in late 2017 early 2018 and having in mind what happened in The Sacrifice, I am starting to wonder if I'll ever see Lotus in our side again. The fact that she has no voice lines in fortuna and the orb vallis worries me even more. 6. Bows and their current damage output. Will bows be given a buff to their damage output? Currently most if not all weapons in game that consist of single bullet attacks like snipers, or lasers like opticor and ferrox, do outdamage bows, making them relatively unpopular and underused. I guess this covers all my current questions about warframe. DE, wish you all best of luck for this year and I congratulate you for entering the 6th year of warframe, going strong as ever! Best regards, Devildevil21
  9. Since the last post was archived after being posted here, several times bumped, several times updated, this bug is now also in the orb vallis. How delightfully fun! Not trying to sound rude, but this is starting to be offensive from DE to just downright ignore this bug. Link to old thread:
  10. I've got more than 700h on titania. I assure you I do get buffs with my smeeta kavat while in razorwing.
  11. You do get buffs from your kavat when you're in razorwing. Just don't forget that adarza's crit only applies to a certain area. If you are outside the range of that area it won't work. However, smeeta's global range buffs always work on titania, no matter if she's in razorwing or not.
  12. Liking' titanias' rework so far! Nothing over the top, only the bad parts on her kit have been adressed while the fun and special parts that make her special, and the reason I main her, like her passive and how her 1st and 4th skill works is left untouched, thanks! I believe with those skill buffs she'll be fine in terms of skills, but she could use an energy increasse and lower casting duration... she is supposed to be mobile, not slow and clunky. (I have to use natural talent on her if I don't want to feel like I'm dragging myself through mud when casting skills.)
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