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  1. Actually, this also exists not only in the form of kuva nukor + any condition overload weapon, but it has been added recently to a singular primary weapon (cedo) with in-built condition overload (and due to that it's quite a powerful primary weapon, one of the best atm)
  2. I'm hoping it'll fade enough to not block the view. If it is too disruptive (like the new tennogen energy wing syandana) I will have no choice but to not wear this ephemera.
  3. If you stay quiet for a few moments you can hear millions of player benching all their ephemeras to solely use this ephemera (I know I am!)
  4. We do get bonus points the higher the waves though. In endurance, I was getting 200 at the first few waves, then I noticed I started getting around 500 per wave, and once I hit 30 waves, I started getting 1k point per wave. (although yes, I do agree we should get even more points, or the prices in the store need to be lower)
  5. Probably interception, defection and salvage. Maybe throw in defense and/or mobile defense in. I dislike having to wait in a certain spot while the enemies come to me. It's usually the other way around, so having to wait around for NPC's (defense and defection) or timers (interception, salvage, mobile defense) simply annoy me to death. Definitely my least favourite mission types. My favourites are survival, rescue and spy (and exterminate and assassination, but these last two depend on the map and the boss)
  6. Gotta be honest, I started playing january 2015 and I had the luck of catching the biggest updates (TSD, TWW, PoE, TS, fortuna, railjack, deimos) with a bunch of reworks inbetween. While I look fondly at my memories of when I started playing warframe, I just have to disagree with you. Warframe is in a much better spot now. The population is much higher (and steadier), the updates are getting more and more expansive: -> Open worlds gave a new life to warframe, in my opinion it even made the game much more immersive. -> The story is a bit dispersed between the entire game bu
  7. Glaives now have the problem every melee had when charged attack was configured to the regular melee attacks. I find myself throwing the glaive accidentally when I'm just hitting the melee button to spam melee attacks.
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