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    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Hello rebecca, and everyone else at DE. Glad to have you back on the devstreams! With such formalities done, I think it's time I head right into the topics I would like to have answers for: 1. Does DE have an idea of when titania's deluxe is coming out? If it is too much to ask, then atleast an idea of titania's deluxe development? (Almost done, still too early to say, awaiting final confirmation, delayed, discarded, reworked....) 2. Titania is suffering from a rather terrible bug in both Plains of Eidolon and The Orb Vallis. It seems that somehow, titania's razorwing code forces her to be considered as an archwing by both enemies and enemy turrets, having her targeted with homing missiles that one-shot titania. Is there any ETA on when this bug is being fixed? Considering the bug is here since february. 3. Melee 3.0. Yap, you probably say this question coming. Any ETA on melee 3.0... or any information at all? 4. Rail jack and it's current progress. Almost done, halfway done, any ETA on it, mid to late 2019? 5. Extremely spoiler question, but I really must ask: Does lotus have a future at all in warframe? Since her "removal" in late 2017 early 2018 and having in mind what happened in The Sacrifice, I am starting to wonder if I'll ever see Lotus in our side again. The fact that she has no voice lines in fortuna and the orb vallis worries me even more. 6. Bows and their current damage output. Will bows be given a buff to their damage output? Currently most if not all weapons in game that consist of single bullet attacks like snipers, or lasers like opticor and ferrox, do outdamage bows, making them relatively unpopular and underused. I guess this covers all my current questions about warframe. DE, wish you all best of luck for this year and I congratulate you for entering the 6th year of warframe, going strong as ever! Best regards, Devildevil21
  2. True. His 4th feels like an AoE beast, but the thing is, when the enemies reach lvl 80 (grineer atleast) he starts falling off slightly. Just a small bump, doesn't have to be anything crazy. But still, his 4th has quite the damage already. Just a bit more and it'd be perfect.
  3. Agreed. He currently is in a good place, or almost in a good place. His abilities really synergize well, and he works in endgame content (Heck, I just brought him to a 1h arbitration run and oh does he perform good! Immunity to attacks allows me to aim to those pesky flying shield drones and take them out without being attacked, making baruuk one of the safest warframe I've ever used, perhaps even more than limbo!). Only thing I could suggest for baruuk is perhaps a small damage bump to his fourth. In no way does it deal low damage, but it could be brought up to pair with excalibur's exalted weapon, or dex pixia (titania's exalted weapon).
  4. Oh, I am totally aware of how difficult it is to build baruuk. Having in mind 200% range for 360 degree elude. Duration at 100% or close to 100% (90~110) to not affect Lull's sleep duration nor affect drain of elude. Efficiency at 175% to be able to spam 2nd and 3rd skill and for 1st skill to have drain all the way to 0.6 (or close to that) Strength high enough to make 3rd and 4th skill useful (150% or more). Having that in mind, I spent 3 hours brainstorming a build. Managed to come up with this build if you're interested. Takes 4 formas and you'll probably have to repurchase atleast 3 or 4 mods (since I don't use them at max rank). You'll also need umbral vitality at rank 8 and umbral intensify at rank 10. This was the only way I found to make every abillity useful for baruuk. You'll have your 1st skill always on, spamming your 2nd and 3rd skill every now and then to get restraint lower, to use your 4th skill. With this you'll be able to use your 4th whenever it is necessary and the 150% strenght plus a decent build for your exalted weapon will allow you to reach 20k crit hits easily. I also built baruuk having in mind a sniper warframe. As in, with your 1st skill, you are immune to damage, so you can slowly aim with your sniper, BANG, kill an enemy with an headshot, then with just a 0.2s delay your elude will be back active (when you attack, you'll have a 0.2s delay before elude reactivates). All in all, I enjoy this build and if you want to give baruuk a try you can use this build aswell. Edit: The arcane velocity is a thing of mine because my main is titania and her exalted weapon works with arcane velocity.... so that's the only arcane I have and I put them in all my warframes. It isn't necessary for this build however, you can take whatever arcane you want.
  5. BUMP. This bug is yet to be fixed (update 24.2.6)
  6. Since the last post was archived after being posted here, several times bumped, several times updated, this bug is now also in the orb vallis. How delightfully fun! Not trying to sound rude, but this is starting to be offensive from DE to just downright ignore this bug. Link to old thread:
  7. devildevil21

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    I've got more than 700h on titania. I assure you I do get buffs with my smeeta kavat while in razorwing.
  8. devildevil21

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Liking' titanias' rework so far! Nothing over the top, only the bad parts on her kit have been adressed while the fun and special parts that make her special, and the reason I main her, like her passive and how her 1st and 4th skill works is left untouched, thanks! I believe with those skill buffs she'll be fine in terms of skills, but she could use an energy increasse and lower casting duration... she is supposed to be mobile, not slow and clunky. (I have to use natural talent on her if I don't want to feel like I'm dragging myself through mud when casting skills.)
  9. devildevil21

    Fortuna: Live Now on PC!

    It was confirmed by DE in the last devstream or the one before that, can't remember though which one of them was.
  10. devildevil21

    PC: Where Is Fortuna?

    Definitely not happening this week, as DE_Steve just said there was no launch day on sight so far yesterday. Considering we're getting server updates this week and next week, I'd consider the release date to be next week at the earliest, and this is IF we're lucky. But to be honest, I'm seeing the release date in 2 weeks right when I am full of papers to deliver, exams to study and whatnot to do. Yay me!
  11. devildevil21

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    My only question is: Titania rework, when? And when are you going to look at titania's bug in PoE where she gets shot by those homing missiles that one-shot warframes? Other than that, I can only say I am proud to be a member of warframe and you guys (DE) are the best!
  12. devildevil21

    Chimera: Update 23.10

  13. devildevil21

    Theory: Did The ”Man Behind The Wall” Give The Tenno Powers?

    Woah, I never thought about converting mass to energy and vice-versa in warframe... That does make sense, sort of. I do believe the man in the wall had some sort of deal with our operators. I know the benefits was powers, for which purpose, I do not know (all we know is that our CURRENT purpose is to fight bad guys and set order in the solar system), but I have no idea what the benefits to the man in the wall were. He claimed "Did you forget kiddo, you owe me" in the war within (for those who refused to drink the kuva and destroyed it), meaning that whatever was the thing the man in the wall was to receive from US he is yet to claim... and I foresee that will have consequences in the future probably tied into some quest.
  14. devildevil21

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Woah, wasn't expecting such good changes for nezha. If things keep going like this I might start looking forward to DE's tweaks on titania.
  15. devildevil21

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.2

    Ty for the update