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  1. Diminishing return, if that means lower time the enemies are frozen, then fine by me, I kill every sentient the moment they get in the bubble. The stasis is mostly to keep them from 2-shotting the oplinks. This won't really affect limbo players that much, just bring a paracesis and eat the enemies alive.
  2. Got several inbox messages of emblems but not a single scarlet spear credit, even though I've reached 4k in some runs before hitting 100/100 murex ships driven away. There is definitely something going on....
  3. No need for such complicated team work, 1 limbo with stasis and cataclyms active is enough to give you breathing room (even solo) to explore the entire murex ship for possible rare containers.
  4. Had a few times where my squad members would just shoot the BFG at nothing, emptying the 5 bullets and also had players leaving railjack with boarding parties inside the ship, but luckily never had anyone spamming flux abilities. Some players lack the common sense that using gear in railjack costs resources for the railjack owner, and to make matters worse, it seems some players are aware of that but insist on doing that... why? don't know, maybe to troll...
  5. 1 of the arguments for the increasse of 100 murex ships is based on lore and the fact that this is a "sentient invasion" so they must have more than just 100 ships. If you paid attention to little duck, you would have noticed she said this isn't an invasion, YET, and it was the sentients doing recon and mapping the solar system in preparing for the upcoming invasion. We're currently fending off enemies that are trying to get strategic information, the full blownout sentient invasion will be in the new war questline.
  6. From someone who plays both warframe and destiny 2, I honestly prefer warframe. Destiny 2 has major problems that ruin the game for me: 1. Too much emphasis on pvp. Exotics and quests locked behind pvp, top weapons also locked behind pvp, even content (season pass content) locked behind pvp. 2. RNG on top of RNG. Warframe RNG is bad, but in destiny 2 it can sometimes be even worse. Not just talking about drop chances, but the weapons themselves, they have a perk system which means you can come with a weapon with perk A and B or perk C and D so on and on (you have as many as 20 perks per type of weapon!) but the "god roll" which is the strongest perk combination is extremely hard to find. You either get lucky, or you can be sure to spend a few weeks trying to get that perfect roll. 3. Repetiveness. Sure, destiny 2 is "shiny" and oh so pretty, but once you've been to every place (and trust me, it doesn't take that long), it just doesn't feel fun anymore. 4. Strikes and raids over and over and over again. You'll reach a point where before the npc starts talking you already know the phrase, you're so tired of hearing that exact same line and fight the same enemies. 5. Enemies are bullet sponges. Imagine every enemy in warframe is a kuva lich, that's how destiny 2 is. In "high light level" strikes you'll face annoying enemies that can pretty much one-shot you and take as much as all of your ammo to die. 6. Poor movement mechanics in comparison to warframe. Not saying they're bad, but in no way can they reach warframe's level of epicness 7. Freedom of movement and fighting styles. Destiny 2 has different weapons and "skill trees" you can use, but the variety is so minimal in comparison to warframe, and the way you can transverse the map and fight an enemy is so lacking that you'll reach a point where you'll be missing warframe (i for sure always miss warframe's combat freedom when I play destiny 2). 8, 9, 10.... I could keep going on with destiny 2 flaws. And lets not forget destiny 2 is B2P and has a season pass that you need to pay to access more content while every content in warframe is free (except prime accessories, but I've played warframe for more than 3k hours and I've never felt I had to buy prime accessories, and I never had). And lets not forget the developers themselves. I for one love DE, I genuinely laugh during prime times and enjoy the devstreams. Destiny 2 doesn't have that, and to socialize with players you need to rely on 3rd party programs (even to find groups!) so you'll feel even more lonely in destiny 2 than in warframe. Overall, warframe and destiny 2 are games with different art styles, different gameplay goals, different ideas, and comparing the two of them... idk, if you prefer one over the other go ahead, but you can't really properly compare warframe and destiny 2 when the base of the playstyle is so different (1st person vs 3rd person)
  7. When people say staticor is fine after the nerf clearly don't use staticor or use it with warframes that have permanent status immunity. We're talking about a 9,6m charge radius attack and a 11m stagger radius! How the heck does the wep have a lower attack radius than a stagger radius?! That's balanced?! I'll repeat myself from other threads: The only thing that makes sense for staticor is to have a stagger radius of 4,3m which is half of the charged attack radius
  8. Surprised no one mentioned valkyr or garuda. Getting ripped apart by a blood-crazed warframe sure is scary.... or maybe getting eaten alive by inaros and grendel, or slowly drowning by hydroid. But honestly, the most scary warframe would probably be nekros. Imagine having your soul ripped out of you, murdered, and then revived as a void monstrosity that fights for nekros
  9. Agreed it should have some sort of stagger, but currently staticor's charged attack has a radius of 9.6m and the stagger has a radius of 11m. At most, the stagger radius should be half of the charge attack (at 4.8m), but having even more range than the attack itself kinda kills the weapon for me. I mean, sure, we can just use the primary attack (which is mostly single target) or use anti-stagger mods or cc's to prevent the situation, but even if we do prevent the situation of the stagger, staticor still has a 90% falloff (higher than most weapons except bramma and 1 other wep I forgot). I just wish DE didn't kill staticor the way they did.... It still performs relatively well against low levels, but it's just so much weaker and annoying to use at higher levels.
  10. Sry to be the bearer of bad news, but incase you haven't noticed, DE didn't just add stagger to staticor. The charged AoE now has a falloff rate of 90%. If that's not a nerf then idk what a nerf is.
  11. From what i've seen, no one mentioned this yet: The shadow progression in PoE is too sharp. The shadows don't move as the day (or night) passes, they just teleport a few seconds in time to the next place they should be. It honestly looks really weird.
  12. Oh, those two weapons. Guess it isn't a singular case then. Kuva bramma is deeply affected by the 90% aswell and is pretty much single target right now. Can't say anything about the corinth though. But for kuva bramma and staticor to remain both at 90% faloff .... it's honestly sad 😕
  13. Last patch notes 27.2.2, staticor and other weapons had their falloff dmg tweaked: Staticor: 30% / Alt Fire 90 I'm not sure DE quite gets how staticor works. The regular non-charged shot has minimal AoE and is rarely used for anything but for single target damage. What gives staticor it's place among other AoE weapons is the charged shot, which DE so gladly kept at 90% even though NO OTHER AOE WEAPON currently has as much as 90% falloff. If we keep in mind that the stagger is at 11m while the blast radius is at 9,6m, and the fact that DE is unwilling to reduce staticor's 90% charged shots, I guess we can all just keep staticor in the junkyard and go for the stronger AoE laser chaining weapons now. Won't mention the weapon names to not risk them getting nerfed too.
  14. I just want to give DE an heads up about the wording of how non-self damage weapons got added stagger, and that stagger will only work on cases of extreme innacuracy. I tried to test ingame exactly how far i would have to be to avoid getting staggered by staticor (Talking about a full blown out knock back where you have the roll animation, not only a simple backwards walk) and the charged attack would still fully stagger me at 10m away from the explosion. I would expect the stagger if I'm sitting on top of the blast or close to it, but 10m away from the blast and I still get staggered? I hope this is changed 😕
  15. It's actually a nerf. According to DE, arcanes at rank 5 perform 1.5x better than their rank 3, yet magus repair goes from 20% (rank 3) to 25% (rank 5). Plus the fact we lose double arcane stack it means that we no longer heal for 40% hp per sec, and we drop to 25% hp per sec. This means it takes 4 seconds instead of 2 to 3 to heal. I mean, it's nothing groundbreaking, but sometimes you lose around 40 to 50% of your hp and you just need to pop your void cloak for a nano second. Now you need to wait for 2 seconds at the very least to fully recover. Maybe i'll just slap the daikyu target acquired mod and use my nikana to recover hp properly...
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