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  1. devildevil21

    Chimera: Update 23.10

  2. devildevil21

    My proposed Titania changes

    People keep missing the whole point with tribute. If tribute problem was getting the souls after using the ability on an enemy, I'd totally agree with the change, but tribute's problem is how you have to spend so much energy to activate the buff at it's maximum and then you have to every 100s or less find an enemy that you know will drop the soul you want to keep the buff active. Considering titania's low energy pool, high cast rates and the fact that tribute doesn't scale from mods, having to spend so much time and energy to keep the effects active is just not worth it. I'm a titania main and I use tribute every... 20 missions? And even then, nothing meaningful... unless I really need the 50% evasion.
  3. Uh, this has been ingame for quite a while yet. I remember using titania after she was released in the maroo ayatan mission and I was able to press the pressure plates while in razorwing. This isn't some undocumented change. ^^
  4. devildevil21

    Theory: Did The ”Man Behind The Wall” Give The Tenno Powers?

    Woah, I never thought about converting mass to energy and vice-versa in warframe... That does make sense, sort of. I do believe the man in the wall had some sort of deal with our operators. I know the benefits was powers, for which purpose, I do not know (all we know is that our CURRENT purpose is to fight bad guys and set order in the solar system), but I have no idea what the benefits to the man in the wall were. He claimed "Did you forget kiddo, you owe me" in the war within (for those who refused to drink the kuva and destroyed it), meaning that whatever was the thing the man in the wall was to receive from US he is yet to claim... and I foresee that will have consequences in the future probably tied into some quest.
  5. devildevil21

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Woah, wasn't expecting such good changes for nezha. If things keep going like this I might start looking forward to DE's tweaks on titania.
  6. The big issue is that when DE implements an update on PC it comes with bugs. Then it has to implement 1, 2, 3 or even 10 hotfixes to fix every single bug. On the pc that's easy, but on xbox and ps4 you'll be looking at a 1 week interval between hotfixes, making the bugs that come with the updates much more troublesome for you. I think that's why DE would rather wait for the update to be completely bug-free to then implement it in the consoles.
  7. devildevil21

    Is warframe starting to lack in content

    I'd say warframe was suffering from lack of content early in the year due to reworks, but now DE is trying their best to pull off new content. if you haven't noticed, DE released in 3 weeks update 23.5.0, 23.6.0 and 23.7.0 (today), something I haven't seen in quite a while. Also considering fortuna's soon to be released, I'd say warframe is suffering from some things, but lack of content isn't.
  8. Uhm... isn't ivara like this already? I mean, sure she doesn't have transformation abilities but considering her theme around bows and invisibility and track/stun enemies or evade using the shadows, mixing that up with a smeeta kavat or huras kubrow and you'll have a fine hunter themed ivara to do missions.
  9. devildevil21

    Mentally & Emotionally Wrung Out (TWW)

    Now you've got quite some quests to go through, including chains of harrow, the pre-quest to The Sacrifice (unlocked when you build your quarters in the ship), THE SACRIFICE which might blow your mind and several months of crippling depression cause this is some deep crazy lore stuff and I LOVE DE for giving us such an amazing lore! Still, congratulations on finishing the war within, and as some have advised, you have unlocked a new section in the plains which becomes available after you've finished both the gara's quest (saya's vigil) and The War Within. Not to spoil much about what you're about to unlock in cetus but it's related to your operator and you'll have new ways to upgrade him/her.
  10. devildevil21

    Ideas for Titania improvements

    I agree with most of what you've said, except the passive. Titania's passive is in my opinion one of the best mobility passives ever. Whenever I switch from titania to other warframes I immediatly notice how slower I am. The fact I got an increassed bullet jump with titania makes her feel much faster in terms of mobility... removing it would be a great loss for titania. However, I do agree that titania could indeed have a 2nd passive while in razorwing, cause her current passive does not work with her 4th.
  11. devildevil21

    your favorite warframes

    I have 4 warframes that I use the most (and are my favourites): 1st. Titania (my main): The amount of freedom, versatility and utility that titania gives while dishing out tons of damage make her my most used and enjoyed warframe. 2nd. Mesa (my second main): Her survivability and capability to wipe out areas with her 4th make her a powerful badass tool in my library of warframes, turning her my second most enjoyed warframe in the game. 3rd. Limbo (My old first main when I started playing in 2014): His theme of dimension manipulation, ability to freeze time in the rift and control the battlefield allow me to make some strategic builds and gameplays that turn him into a powerful ally to have in my warframe collection whenever pure raw damage won't win the battle. 4th. Equinox (my old main after I stopped playing limbo): I've always enjoyed the duality theme, day/night, light/darkness, always went well with my personality of a cheerful person and terribly agressive and mad whenever someone got me on my bad side. As such I've always enjoyed rolepaying in equinox, and her vast amount of skills and tactics made her my most used warframe back when the second dream got released. Unfortunately, she started to become troublesome to use, because it is extremely difficult to build her without neglecting a set of skills. With the frustration of building her properly, once titania got released, I dropped equinox once and for all, although I still play her occasionally if the situation asks for it. Time order of my PRIMARY mains: Limbo (back in 2014~2015) ---> Equinox (late 2015 to early 2017) --> Titania (ever since she got released), with mesa as my second main.
  12. devildevil21

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.6.2

    Ty for the update
  13. Agreed. If DE insists on keeping this as a feature then atleast reduce the damage and make it more on pair with the grineer missiles (atleast those I can dodge properly...). Plus, the grineer have a specific animation that alerts us to the missiles, unlike those heatseeking missiles in the plains where you just hear a "pfft" and BOOM you're dead if you're too close to an enemy, forcing whoever uses titania to be much more careful than any other warframe in the plains.
  14. devildevil21

    Nevermind, it's not a bug

    So I was spamming Cassini (capture) on saturn to get G3 to spawn (I was 2/4 in event objectives then) and after I finished the mission (yes, I killed every member of G3 that showed up) i went into the event tab to check and It was still 2/4. Bug? If it is, it's terribly annoying and progression-breaking. Just found out I need to kill them 3 times, I'm at 1/3 atm. Alright then, my bad!
  15. devildevil21


    Well, I just killed G3 and I got nothing from it.. it didn't even count... bug? I was 2/4 when I got G3 to spawn and after the mission was over I was still at 2/4... this is annoying.