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  1. A few points in no particular order: 1.- Problems with archwing flight model: no rolls, limited 180º pitch, u are forced to move into your crosshair direction (like your frame doesnt have arms to shoot into another direction...), autoforward speed... that must go away. Possible solution: scrap that archwing flight model and recover the old Titania flight model where you could mode and shoot, without autoforward movement, no pitch restrictions, etc. And just add it the roll option. Then, add the "Auto roll" toggle option into the menu for those players that prefer having a plane of reference. 2.- Problems with railjack flight model: autoroll, u are forced to move into your crosshair direction... again, that must go away. Possible solution: as before, add an "Auto roll" toggle option into the menu. Make the pilot crosshair independent of the movement (for example: i want to be able to shoot while maintaining a semi-paralel flight to the objective, so my lateral squadmate into the turret can have a clear vision). 3.- Railjack turrets: those are bad. Plainly. Archguns are better in any way. And they are hard to aim when pilot is maneuvering. Possible solution: Increase turret damage. And turrets need auto stabilization to follow the railjack movements, so they easier to aim. 4.- Changes into archguns: new projectile weapons are horrid. They make too difficult to shoot (even more difficult because of the horrid archwing flight model). Possible solution: scrap those changes entirely.
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