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  1. I know that i come late to the party.... but i was about to write a very similar thread when i found yours, so instead of duplicating the topic, i will bump this thread and add my comments. I completely agree. To add into the injury, using Lavos would let you spam RJ abilities with no cost, just awaiting 10 sec CD for each one... and if 10 sec its too long for you, u can pick Harrow, cast a very long Thurible and then just spam Seeker Volley / Shatter Burst, since you will replenish your energy with each use. Since you arent using WF powers, then why are you using your WF energy? This will being linked to the reactor would have more sense and could add another interesting layer to reactors balancing max energy / energy recovery for each house. Again, i agree. Its stupid having to leave your position as a pilot / gunner to use the forge because u need munition or something. Moreover, it makes the game feel singleplayer... why playing with pubs when if i can play SOLO and do the SAME thing with the SAME efficiency? I dont need a team with that. I have returned to the game after a time out, and I almost died when I discovered this in a defense of Pluto Proxima. Like... seriously? All that thing outside here to ending with just a NORMAL defense mission with the exact same parameters? The RJ even turns immortal, so you dont even need to come outside or nothing.... u shouldn't do a Scort mission or something like that where u need to defend a tenno ship from enemy fighters or something? No? Seriously? Being able to end one without losing my vision would be good enough to me -___- Thats the same thing as before. And again, yeah, that should be changed to new mission modes. That part its the worst of the new RJ to me. I will explain. You make your own RJ, and choose the equipment / weaponry loadout for it AND choose the integrated mods into the plexus that works with THAT loadout. Imagine having Glazios into your ship, that benefit a lot from a plexus built around critical mods + Turret velocity. But then appear people without those mods. Or viceversa, you go with your plexus critical turret damage build into a ship with turrets that have 5% critical chance. That can and will happen too with mods that are useful or not if your ship have shields above X% or if your ship is damaged... since you pick the equipment for the RJ and YOU know the mods that will work for THAT specific loadout, the integrated mods of anybody else shouldnt apply. I mean, the plexus its like 65% of the RJ build, but the owner doesnt have any power into that? Its a bad joke. Again, another point that pushes people into play SOLO, since at least NPCs will use the correct mods for your RJ. And if somebody thinks that it helps to specialize your role, i will tell that i cannot with the current random matchmaking. How do you know that your rol isnt covered already? How do you know if you will be the RJ owner or a crewmate? You cannot specialize against the unknown (imagine picking a mod loadout without knowing with which warframe would you play), so at the end there are just 2 viable builds, full gunner and a balanced for covering any role. TLTR: Battle and Tactical mods applying into each person its ok, but not the integrated, since the RJ knows which mods will work with the choosen loadout. Since the actual mechanics pushes the people into playing SOLO with bots, this change alone wouldnt help into finding games. But as a whole i can see it working.
  2. Thanks, now im using black color and, even when the effect its still there, its barely noticeable... the issue is that now her tributes are invisible too xD
  3. There is some way to disable those energy wings? I've been away from the game for a while, and when i came back and saw that Titania Prime was there... oh god, i LOVE Titania, so i was impatient to try her primed form. But, oh! Then i saw that i came with those energy wings into razorwing mode.... just leveling her 5 times so i could add her 4 formas, using razorwing a very lil time each time, i already developed a terrible headache D: Since those wings are into the same place all the time and moving non-stop, its like an intrusive HUD element that is hiding like a 25% of my screen and making me look at it all the time because of the movement. I tried to use her deluxe skin without any luck... i will need to return to the normal Titania? :( if thats the case, it's completely unfair and i feel ripped off since i buyed her and wasted formas and potato already :(
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