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  1. you're not doing anything wrong, Jupiter got a recent update and as such got a buff to enemy resistances with Amalgams and new Corpus enemies, if you're having trouble i would recommend leveling up your equipment and gear, then maybe set yourself up with some anti-corpus loadout (preferably gas[heat+toxin] to bi-pass shields) mods, after that you SHOULD have an easier time
  2. i'm not sure this is a bug or anything, but has anyone noticed that when Wisp is equiped with a melee weapon (testes with Atterax) she loses her special (agility) animation and just runs flat foot?
  3. i'm sure this isn't a "feature" but.. all skins are available to be put on ANY landing craft
  4. still having controller issues for Melee
  5. still need that Melee controller fix, not fun being unable to use my weapons
  6. i am using a wired PS4 controller with the Steam compatibility mode enabled, i have run through the troubleshooting steps recommended and i can do everything but Melee Combos, i press O to swing my blade and it'll swing once, after that it won't swing again until i switch back to my main weapon, resulting it it being useless as a combat option for me, also i have to use the switch weapon button (triangle) to re-equip my main arms because i can't shoot or even aim once i have my sword out, the keyboard works fine but.. i want to play with controller, it's easier for me...
  7. i notice there seems to be an issue for Controller users (such as myself), the quick melee button will swing your melee weapon and switch it out (to be expected) but once the weapon is out i can't swing it with my quick strike button (B/O) at all, so now i can't use my melee weapon at all and i can only attack with my guns or switching to Keyboard and mouse... an i'm not going to do that after so long with a controller Edit: new development, once a melee weapon is equipped by controller you can't switch back to your main arms
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