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  1. By the power of the Dojo, I gib my energy
  2. Wow, interesting changes. However, I feel that spores MUST have to ability to propagate to other enemies within its effective range. I feel its something that should remain as core to the warframe. Personally, I think it should remain as a Viral damage type, but that's not a big issue for me. I really like the idea of recasting popping all active spores. As for the infinite scaling and infinite duration, that is scary, especially since we're dealing with corrosive damage, and I don't have much great feedback on that. If you manage your spores well enough now, they already do have pseudo infinite duration. I'm trying to pull a "lore" reason out of my head for why spores should have the damage increased before or after they spread to a new host. If its before, then I think the spore's damage should be considered as if each spore is attempting to optimize killing that target, and have a damage scaling similar to how Hydroid's undertow works. If its after, its kinda like how the spore is optimizing itself to kill the lifeforms in the surrounding area after each kill. It all depends on how you want to look at it All in all, looking forward to it
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