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  1. Got it at my 11th run. It is nothing special... i didn't even wanted ephemera, It's bare noticeable in-game. The efforts isn't worth it.
  2. Cool!!! Thaks a lot for the quick fix 😉
  3. My apologies, but this is not Fix. I crash 4 times for 7 min in Fortuna. Using transferens =Crash Using abilities = Crash Switching to archgun = crash
  4. ~3 days and "community" progress is ~9% 12days left and I am not sure if we are going to see "The Event" boss if DE did not hotfix this and increase the % without community doing anything.
  5. Done with all mission a.k.a weekly and now I have to wait 4-5 days ?
  6. Update failed!Some content updates could not be downloaded from our servers.The update will be restarted shortly.. 🙈
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