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  1. The Mod rebalances are nice, but please don't forget about Power Spike in Naramon. These changes have significantly decreased the utility that ability provides. Edit: Actually, both Naramon and Zenurik have abilities affected by this.
  2. Hey I just woke up and what the #*!% is going on in my thread?
  3. You can barely test melee weapons that have a short reach because of all of the holes in the floor. Enemies with guns, for whatever reason, tend to move as close to the edge of these things as possible, making it very easy for players to fall in and have their buffs wiped. Could we get an option to close the holes? Or better yet, a selection of simulacrum maps?
  4. I was doing disruption today, and I noticed that switching back to controlling your Warframe while being hit by a demolyst ability nullification pulse or mag proc caused your Warframe to be unable to use abilities (including Transference), swing its melee weapon, or roll and also removed the gravity resist effect of bullet gliding. This state persisted until death. Reviving reverted performance back to normal.
  5. An 8% chance to drop an item that you're going to want more than one of is ridiculous, especially when every other item on the loot table is relics (with the exception of the rarer Universal Medallion). I'm begging you, either increase the rate for Lua Lens Blueprints or put some other reward into this mission that makes the time I spend trying to get these things feel slightly less wasted.
  6. It strikes me that allowing them to generate 5k focus like the Synthetic Eidolon Shards do wouldn't be completely out of place.
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