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  1. A while back, there was discussion of changing scythe weapons into heavy blades, is that still going to happen? And if not, what plans, if any, are there for changes to those weapons?
  2. I strongly disagree. Nobody was acting "like rabid hounds," people are passionate about the game and the community around it. Being loud is often the only way to see change happen, as was the case here. Certain in-game chat moderators had been a known issue for years before people finally got loud enough that DE couldn't keep ignoring it. These changes could have happened years ago, but it took the figurative torches and pitchforks to make it finally happen. Nobody is asking for mob rule to make all the decisions, people just want to be heard without having to get loud. People aren't "raging" or "acting like rabid hounds" because they see something wrong happening, and want to see things changed for the better, to say otherwise is disingenuous at best. It's important for DE to be able to take criticism, and they've shown repeatedly that they have troubles with that. The issue being brought up was initially ignored, and instead decried as "personal attacks" by quite a few members of staff. Even now that things have been positively changed, they still show an attitude of "we were never in the wrong." It doesn't come off as "we want to avoid problems where we anger the community," it just comes off as unnecessarily defensive. Nobody is trying to attack or bully DE, I just want to see us be able to have open, honest discussions with them. I want them to be able to be better, to see fair and constructive criticism and be able to say "you're right, we can do better, and here's what we're going to do now" instead of "stop personally attacking us," when that was never what was happening. Obviously the community isn't always right. Sometimes people get riled up about things that don't matter. But when they're right, when change needs to happen, and does happen, it doesn't do any good for anyone to have DE downplay the community, their concerns, their feelings, or their impact in an effort for DE to feel like they "didn't lose."
  3. This is a big step in the right direction, but I find a lot of the language you use here very condescending, dismissive, and overall concerning, to the extent that I'd almost call it gaslighting the community. "Witch-hunts," "mob justice," and a general attitude of "we don't blame you for your entirely reasonable concerns and criticisms," and "we were already going to do this, this wasn't for you, and we want you to know that this wasn't for you." Come on, Reb. You guys are better than that. It's okay to accept the criticisms you were getting, makes steps to change and do better, and move forward with humility. There's really no need to try to make it seem like "DE was actually right and the community was wrong all along," as seems to be the subtext here.
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