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  1. When you click on Next, do you get a text box, then a screen that shows a number something like this? WAR-12345678 We would need that number to get an idea of what is going wrong.
  2. Based on your post time, you were trying to get your 2FA mail during a brief period (<1 hour) when the entire system had a problem within DE's network which prevented it from sending mail out. (announced here). Everything should be in working order now though! I would suggest however that this thread has outlived its usefulness. It was started in 2017, so the same people aren't suffering from the same problems. Bumping extremely old threads doesn't help us stay on top of current issues, and it doesn't help you get resolutions. Most of the time, problems with 2FA are specific to individual players (and their email servers) rather than something that needs to be reported as a community-wide bug. In the event you have trouble with 2FA, the steps to follow are: 1) Verify that everything is typed correctly and that you're checking the right email account 2) Wait a few minutes and refresh 3) Check your email client's Filters to see if your 2FA code got marked as spam/trash/low priority mail 4) Check Warframe's forums or social channels for announcements about known service problems! 5) If you still haven't gotten your 2FA mail after the time has expired, contact Support. Create a new request under "My Account" and the category "Two factor authentication issue"
  3. Trying to get this for our next hotfix. Essentially the mission logic and the Profit-Taker death logic are falling out of sync, so even though the Profit-Taker goes down the mission thinks you aren't at the end yet, so the bounty is never completing.
  4. If there's an issue with the worldstate timers not working correctly in game then we'd be willing to look into that, but the timeliness or accuracy of information that's been retrieved and processed by third parties is something you would need to take up with whoever is doing that external retrieving and processing. Also closing the thread with a general reminder to be excellent to eachother.
  5. You built a PART of a weapon. You'll need to visit the blacksmith Hok in Cetus to assemble a full set of modular parts (weapon Strike, Grip, and Link) into a usable weapon.
  6. We've already tracking this for the Vort line, are you seeing it with other items?
  7. Seems okay to me? Is there a specific order that you're doing things in to cause this problem? A video is worth a thousand words per second!
  8. Thanks for your speedy report! We're on the case!
  9. The building frame does not show because you no longer have all the parts needed for it. This is not the result of bug with the game, contact Support to get this straightened out.
  10. Potential cure for unstab-able hounds coming for this in next hotfix, thanks to those that submitted materials to aid in the hunt!
  11. Demolysts/Demolishers are intended to be much harder to kill than a typical enemy, so they're immune to melee finishers along with having adaptive resistance to warframe abilities and periodic ability nullification. Not a bug!
  12. I am not sure if you're aware that there is a middle step now. While watching Twitch you will qualify for a drop and the website will display a message saying that it can be Claimed. Once you click the Claim button, that's when it will be sent to your Warframe account. If you missed the popup notification, you can find your unclaimed items by going to Twitch, clicking on your icon in the upper right corner, then "Drops" on the drop down menu. Does that help?
  13. Did you happen to have [Overextended] also equipped? That would exactly account for the missing 60% strength :)
  14. Sorry about that! The change was aimed at Steel Path mode level scaling. Totally agree with you on lure survivability, we'll fix so that the lures are always level 30 again for Eidolon hunting on the standard Plains.
  15. I've copied several of your accounts. It seems unlikely to be any specific mod or ability you're using. I tried following the video that was posted however the quality is low and the action is extremely fast so it's not really clear what happened. I did try killing via Banshee spots, by using Viral status, by using Hunter Munitions, and having Hound affected by shield drones during/after the kill. Nothing bad happened. However, a log was sent in that might have a clue. Nothing shows up in the log when the hound breaks, but a question: how many of you are having an no-stab hound where it's the first hound of your game session? I don't mean the first hound in the mission, I mean the first one that you see after launching the game. Is this only a problem that starts to show up after your Sister has spawned into a mission and you tried to stab her for example? Or maybe the first mission is always fine, but then the longer you play the more hounds become no-stabs?
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