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  1. Sounds like you have a Dragon Key equipped in your loadout. Were you running derelict vaults yesterday? You can remove the key from the Gear wheel in the arsenal.
  2. The Bombast instruments come with Octavia Prime as a bonus when you buy or build her, you don't need to acquire the instrument pack separately.
  3. I see this as working. There was a bug where it would fail to latch onto Vomvalysts-- uniquely and specifically Vomvalysts-- but this was fixed in December. I also see the Phahd projectile actively seeking toward enemies on each bounce as long as it can actually see enemies. If you continue to have issues, please make a new report detailing exactly where and how you are trying to use the amp that it fails to work correctly (and remember that a video is worth a thousand words).
  4. Try shutting down anything that might be interfering with Warframe's launch, (like Razer Synapse, Discord, various screen-recording programs). You could also try disabling the Steam overlay by right-clicking "Warframe" in the game list, clicking Properties, and it's a checkbox on the first page. If none of that helps your best bet is to contact Support, and send in your Launcher.log file (found under Start, Run, "%LocalAppData%\Warframe\" )
  5. This was indeed a mistake on our part. We've switched the item to the Prisma version for all our collectors of shiny sentinel accessories. Nothing left but a "I once bought a fish this big" story!
  6. I'm not seeing an issue happen after incubating a pet either randomly or for imprints. Nor after rushing, claiming and equipping the pet. Also tried copying Das_Maning's account since they hit it most recently, and their account works fine for me; there's a puppy ready to claim, and Helminth works whether I look at the puppy first or not. The fact that it sounds like the problem fixes itself after you relog probably means it's very specific to the order of what actions/screens you are using. Would love to get this fixed for you, but gonna need more details about exactly what people are doin
  7. Check the shop again Tenno, there's two different wings. One is a ship decoration, the other is an Ephemera.
  8. Are you sure? According to our logs, you unlocked two rivens at the same time, yesterday, on Cambion Drift. One is for Pennant (melee) and other is for Gaze (kitgun). When I look in your account, both rivens are there and can be equipped
  9. Fantastic sleuthing, Tenno! Clearly an unintended interaction of weapon modifiers. I've written this up for our bug assassins.
  10. We did not change this. I still see 0.7 with no mods equipped. Try removing all mods from your weapon, warframe, work backward to see what's affecting it?
  11. If you sit down at Helminth, any abilities that you have not yet subsumed will be grayed out and have a "Preview" icon on them. Clicking on them will show the warframe's name. Is that not working for you?
  12. Got it first try, will get that patched up. Thank you for your concise report!
  13. Windows CPU usage is a bit misleading on multi-core systems, i.e. all of them nowadays. It reports TOTAL usage. So if you have, for example, a 4 core system, then "50% usage" means 50% of the CPU's total throughput is being used. That could be either all 4 cores running at half speed, or it could be 2 of those cores running flat out as hard as they can. Warframe tends to do the latter thing: It will typically run 2 threads as hard as possible. If those individual cores running those threads cannot keep up, then the game becomes CPU-bottlenecked even though there are other, unoccupied core
  14. Today's hotfix has a potential solution for people using 3-core CPUs. (On login screen: build 2021. or higher) If anybody who was affected could please verify that you're able to play now? We do not actually have one of these Athlon/Phenom X3 processors available to test so we can only try to simulate it. Some verification from you would help our peace of mind!
  15. We've confirmed that there is an error with the way that the End of Mission screen tallies up your credits in this mission, and will be looking into making it show you the correct number.
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