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  1. Thanks for the report, traders. We have already resolved the issue internally. Fix will be coming to you in a future update
  2. Your best bet is to ask Support to look in the logs and see if they can restore it. We would definitely be intensely interested in any bug where things just random delete themself, but I think the most likely scenario here is that you accidentally melted or fused the mod. (I definitely haven't deleted rivens before, nope).
  3. We're investigating this issue and started by looking at your account. However, your cat does not appear to be infected to us, both by looking at it in-game and by looking in the data for the flag it would have. As far as we can tell your cat is fine. Can you give an outline of precisely how you used the cure when it did not appear to work?
  4. It would be very helpful if you could record a video of the mission leading up to the Hemocyte getting stuck, to demonstrate how the problem occurs. (A video that starts with it already being stuck would not be very useful.) 🙂
  5. From the patch notes, If you look at your Railjack's ship stats in screenshots, you can see that you still have the same Flux Capacity (502) before and after.
  6. You may consider this a known issue 👍
  7. There's definitely something wrong with this. We'll look into it and try for a fast fix. I think in the mean time you may be able to work around this problem by visiting the Avionics console before starting your mission to lock in that mod bonus
  8. There's a potential fix for the Shedu getting jammed in the next hotfix, Tenno. Hoping that this will cover all cases, but if it doesn't we'll be watching for additional reports of ongoing trouble after that reaches you.
  9. Not relevant to thread, but it's been logged and you may consider this a "known bug".
  10. I managed to reproduce the bug several times by forcing Warframe to run on a single CPU core, which makes the frame rate fairly erratic. Trained hunter-killer squads are now pursuing this bug.
  11. This bug is on our list of things we'd love to fix, but we're having trouble making it actually happen. Have people gotten this with sentinels as well as cats? Does it still happen with no companion equipped at all? Does it still happen if you take all the mods off the weapon? Does it still happen if you're alone in a mission? Does it still happen if you take off your other weapons? I'm hoping that by pooling information from Tenno in the field we can narrow down the cause by process of elimination.
  12. Apologies for the problems, captains. The mission node "Flexa" has been removed from the list of places where the Spoilers can spawn until a future hotfix.
  13. This will be fixed in the next deployed hotfix
  14. That's terrible, Matuse. How did you move your tool on gear wheel?
  15. This is normal behavior for the Dark Split Sword. It is used as either a Heavy Blade or a Dual Sword, depending on which melee stance you have equipped.
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