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  1. Not a bug. You sold this for credits along with an Amphis, Ballistica and Spira. Please contact Support if you would like to request that be reversed. Accidents do happen but we added the preview list of items you are about to sell for exactly this reason :)
  2. Just to reassure, I don't see a problem with the user's account. They started the subsume process on Sep 17th 2020, then they logged in on Sep 21 and the subsumed ability was added to their account. Remember that Subsuming a warframe is not instant! You can see time remaining in the Helminth lab.
  3. We are aware of a bug where the gear wheel is available during Onslaught missions. This is not intended, and we will be fixing soon. As veteran Onslaught players are aware, gear items are not compatible with Simaris' experiment and data collecting. Get your meme videos sooner rather than later
  4. It wasn't a Disruption crash, it was a Occulysts crash, and we've rolled back the offending change that was causing this.
  5. If you look in your Profile you see the new maximum for your mastery rank. However the amount of points you can earn are "refilled" at your first login after the start of a server-day, which is 20:00 eastern time. Hope that clarifies the numbers you are seeing.
  6. No, it is intended that you must reach the Mission Complete screen in order to earn your rewards. This change makes it better for players that want to leave a railjack squad if the rest of the players don't want to return to the Drydock.
  7. Not Helen, but I updated the link to point to the correct image 👍 (Earlier version was not intended to imply anything related to the gun's mechanics, it was just an earlier "work in progress" version of the image where things didn't quite line up. Apologies for the confusion.)
  8. This happens because you changed the weapon's type by equipping a skin, but you didn't choose a compatible holster style. The Scindo Prime is an Axe and uses different hand and holster positions than a Greatsword but you changed the weapon type to a Greatsword by using the skin. If you go into Holster settings and choose a Greatsword holster position, this will fix your weapon being out of position.
  9. We just noticed that this happens in Defense missions where there is a finite wave count, i.e. "count down until you win" rather than Endless defense where you count up and go as long as you can. Does that explain what you are seeing? Have you observed team mates automatically disconnecting in other circumstances?
  10. Do you remember what you were doing at the time? It seems to work okay for me, and we don't have any script errors on record for this augment. I thought it might be something like allowing the buff to run out while you are operator, or trying to buff yourself after a Drahk Master stole your gun, but it doesn't seem to be that.
  11. We tried hitting this bug and didn't have any luck. When you experience this problem, are you looking at the map when the electric status is cleared or only afterward? Are you on a railjack pilot seat or turret? In a mech or archwing? (A video is worth a million words!) Identifying things does not cost either time or resources! Click the button, boom, done. As long as you have the wreckage slot open.
  12. This is on our radar. Should be improved somewhat in the current hotfix, and we have an even better fix coming very soon.
  13. I would be happy to take a look at this bug if you can demonstrate how you caused it. I just spent some time trying to use operator mode as khora and never got anything like your video to happen; transferring as fast as possible, dying as operator, knocking myself down before/after/during the transition, it was all fine. It's frustrating to run into game breaking bugs, I get that, but nothing will improve if we focus on how bugs annoy us instead of trying to diagnose how and where the bug happens so that it can be fixed.
  14. We have some strong leads on what's causing this and a programmer is stalking the bug. Until a formal fix, testing suggests you might be able to avoid the issue entirely by not using the arsenal before interacting with the chair.
  15. Before: While the ship was on fire, Artillery would consume 2 ammo per shot instead of 1, which would make it unable to fire unless you had 2+ ammo loaded After: While the ship is on fire, Artillery will take more time to charge up before the shot is ready
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