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  1. After investigation, I've verified with the Riven programmer that generation of these should work and that I can fabricate one that works in game. I've verified with Stats that some have been traded between players, and I don't see any broken riven in your account. I see several successfully unlocked rivens that you've done the last couple of days. If you see further evidence that this is really not working, please contact Support and include the exact circumstances of what happened, account names affected, and the time that you ran into the issue so that we can we can research more efficiently.
  2. As a first guess, are any of you using Razer Synapse? If you shut down Synapse before starting the game, does Warframe successfully launch?
  3. I looked at the accounts of everybody in the thread so far, and you all have the mastery listed for the Xoris in the place that I would expect to find it. I also ran an experiment where I scrubbed the weapon from a test account completely, then added it back, and I got the mastery points that I expected to get. So I haven't seen any issue yet with this, just wanted to let you know that you weren't being ignored. If you still think there are issues with this please keep very careful records to outline your case.
  4. The personal attacks on other players need to stop. It's okay to talk about how weapons fit into the landscape of the game, and give feedback about whether balance changes are too light or too harsh. It is NOT okay to insult other players for their opinions on the matter.
  5. You just made the list buddy. (of known bugs) 👍
  6. This should be good now after the last hotfix. If you STILL don't see cores dropping, we're going to need more details: Did you start a mission from cetus? Did you go straight into Plains as a squad? Do other people in your squad see cores, or does nobody? Did you host migrate? Do you have boosters active? We'll definitely jump on any lingering issues if you can help us nail them down.
  7. We're aware of this issue and it's being worked on. Sorry for the inconvenience. 😞
  8. Please check your inbox. The extra riven that you got for owning Protea before doing the quest is sent to you as a mail attachment, and it looks like you have this message waiting to be read. 🙂
  9. Is this still an issue for you after hotfix? Are you able to provide a video? Gutting servofishes seems to work okay for me
  10. This is a bug, Oni. I understand that you are frustrated, but we would NEVER just turn the game off like that for people. The only time we've changed the minimum requirements was retiring support for Windows XP, and we gave people lots of warning before we did it. Please check back after we have hotfixed.
  11. We are investigating this issue. Have you tried updating your video drivers? Very old drivers may not report correctly.
  12. Sorry about that, we'll try to get that addressed for the next update.
  13. Thank you for your report Tenno, have confirmed that the issue occurs.
  14. Can you provide more details please? I don't see the error with cat infection reoccurring on your account. Please note that if you had tried curing it at some point in the past, and then completed a mission immediately after that, the cure never really applied.
  15. Please try again with this hotfix (version 2020. and up). We made some improvements to the AI's follow behavior, which we think is what was causing this. If you are still having this problem AFTER the hotfix, a video could be very useful.
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