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  1. We're aware of the problem, talking with Simaris now. This might be fixable without a hotfix. Stand by for further updates Update 11:25 EST Sadly it seems like Simaris has locked his simulation and we cannot change it without risking breaking more things. Hopefully ESO will be functional again tomorrow when it rolls a new seed value. Sorry for the inconvenience Update 11:55 EST Success! The bad seed value for ESO has been replaced, and you can successfully load into this mission again
  2. To remedy this issue, please completely close and then restart your Steam client to get the latest update which addresses various deadzone issues: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/593110/view/6216734321427106459
  3. Sadly I still cannot repro this problem on my computer. Please note that with Purzzle's advice above, this may help if your Warframe controller config is still default, but it also might not do anything since you can set Deadzones in your Warframe-specific controller setup: 1) Bring up Steam overlay 2) Click the "Controller Settings" icon 3) Click on "Edit Layout" 4) In the config editor, click on the "Joysticks" entry 5) Under Joystick Behavior, click the small [Gear] icon 6) Under Joystick Settings, scroll down a bit to find Deadzones\Deadzone Source I'd be curious how many of you are using "None", "Controller Preference", and "Custom"
  4. If Steam Input is causing problems, can you please open the Controller configuration within Steam, and tell us what configuration profile you are using? Is it the Official one, or have you made personal changes?
  5. I didn't see any issue with an XBox controller plugged into my PC, and when I asked our team members with Steamdecks they said they didn't see anything going wrong either. Reviewing all the changes that took place between 35.5.10 and 35.5.11 it's difficult to see how any of them could have touched the input functionality, so I'm at a bit of a loss here. When you open the main menu, does the pointer drift as well? Or does the UI rapidly flicker between mouse icons and controller icons? If it does then that suggests something wrong with the way we're reading the joystick, while if it does not, then it sounds more like something is incorrectly double-bound to character movement and creating character movement input when it should not. Do your problems continue if you reset your input config to default?
  6. Is it possible that your controller has a very small amount of stick drift which other games ignore? In Warframe we expose this as an option that you can set, and you might have set this to a very low value at some point in the past. What is your setting here?
  7. This might just be a case of the mod's description being a little bit misleading? You don't get the elemental damage buff when you cast a Lavos ability by itself, for example you do not get Toxin damage bonus from casting Ophidian Bite. Rather, you get the elemental bonus when you *infuse* one of Lavos' abilities with elemental damage. So if you wanted bonus Toxin, you would hold down the control for Ophidian Bite so that your next ability gets bonus Toxin, then tap to cast Bite with bonus Toxin. At that point your weapons should see the elemental damage as well. Can you confirm that this works for you? 2024-05-02 13-42-55_edit.mp4
  8. Can confirm that there is a performance hit from casting Tragedy many times in a session. It's nothing to do with the LOS checks, sorry to disappoint the conspiracy enthusiasts. One of the visual effects from the cast that doesn't get removed when the cast ends, so you get a leaked visual effect for every time the power is cast. The strength of your GPU will determine how many hundreds (thousands) of times you can cast this before it starts to really hurt. Will try to get this cleared up in an upcoming hotfix 👍
  9. You need to hold down your "switch weapon" control to get into exclusive melee mode.
  10. Seems to work here? Do you have a better way to demonstrate problem? 2024-04-18 11-23-34.mp4
  11. Promoted to our Known Issues collection, this needs a code change so it will have to go out with our next platform cert update.
  12. This is on our Known Issues list. Because it requires code related changers, it cannot be delivered until the next platform cert update. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1388578-dante-unbound-known-issues-thread/
  13. I must insist that we know about the issue you are describing. In the game's code, there is a line that checks how much overguard your pet is allowed to have, and in that, it checks for upgrades that add overguard capacity. If you don't have Pack Leader at all, then the game evaluates your pet's maximum overguard to be zero because you don't have any upgrades to capacity. This was a harmless oversight when it was written, before there was any other way to apply overguard to your companion. Now it's a bug affecting gameplay and we will fix it :) It's on our Known Issues thread as a change that requires code, so it has to be part of the next update that goes through platform cert.
  14. Can you be more specific why you think it's not working? I see the Onos' crit and status chance get modified as expected when I enable this evolution.... I see the mod in inventory, and you do have one on your account. Make sure that your Filter settings do not exclude Conclave mods
  15. We just tested this as both host and client and didn't see an obvious difference in how long it takes to kill an enemy between being capped at 30fps versus the host running unlimited on a high spec PC (over 400fps). If you're seeing an issue with Peacemaker time-to-kill being affected by frame rate that can be verified with a video recording and a stopwatch, we need more details how to set up the test 😅
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