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  1. You definitely didn't read it because cost is one of the first things the guy brought up. So since we're lying already, this conversation is over.
  2. I did give an example, google(fully read my posts before raging out) But here's another, albeit not my creation; And I choose to Host because I know my isp doesn't suck and would rather work with others than be a hallway hero jumping everywhere for useless and pointless rewards. Edit: Core mechanics dont have to be changed to add mechanics, that not even what core mechanics are. Mechanics are the melee 3.0 change thats coming out. Maybe you are what you said you are.Anyway, proof of that is Lunaro, which had(probably has but i doubt that) dedicated servers. Anything else?
  3. Ignore all the naysayers, dedicated servers are not as big a deal as these....lets stay "within" the rules and say "people", want you to think. I made a post(as well as probably a hundred others) about this as well and people came with the same uneducated responses. "its expensive", like renting from google or whoever else isnt an option. On my thread a person enlightened me and quite a few others about the multiple options available to DE to improve the game through tons of dedicated server renting options. the option is very much possible and not even expensive, they just refuse to do so. Oh, and letting people choose wether to host or join does NOT bring us back to where we are now. If i choose to host, guess what, i become host and no longer have to worry abouut being disconnected. How is that back to where we started exactly? If eveeryone is hosting, guess what no one is being dissconnected for failure to connect to host because they are the host. Either option needs to happen. Until then, Id keep bringing it up and do not support them financially.
  4. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Will excalibur prime ever be added to the switch

    Not allowed to even talk about him, so no.
  5. Just don't play or support them financially. Regardless of what any of these people here defending them say, the best way to get them to listen to you is not give them a dime. RNG in a progression circumstance is NEVER ok.
  6. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Why can't I equip Blood Rush on Titania's Diwata?

    They never gave a specific reason why(mainly because no reason would make a lick of sense), but it is an Acolyte mod and they dont want them on exaulted weapons. Or really, just the crit ones, because the status ones are still available for Titania's guns. The status ones are Acolyte mods too, but, apparently, those are ok. Even though they said NONE WHATSOEVER.
  7. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Relic system rework

    I beg to differ. Literally farmed since patch for the Mesa systems.Barely got 3 relics and not a one in my groups had a system.
  8. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Relic system rework

    Actually, you got as many rewards as you want if you stayed in the mission, except for Exterminate and the like. And chances are not increased because you roll 4 times, it's still 10%, just 4 times. And I just saw it by getting the same reward as another person while the other two got a different same reward. Also, I'd rather have 4 pieces of trash over 1 piece of trash. Picking only one is also Terrible. This system is terrible. You like it, fine. But I don't and I'm going to voice my opinion about it.
  9. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Relic system rework

    This new relic system is terrible in every sense of the word. Iirc, this system was implemented to reduce the grind, yet all it has done is increase it. Now I have to: farm for the relic Farm for void traces to make it radiant (another problem, people don't want to waste relics but other people don't want us NOT running a relic). Run ANOTHER Void mission except this time with the relic of choice to get a 10%(?) chance of getting the part I'm after. And only 1, regardless of what else is available. So not only do I only get 1 void part per run, I have to do MORE work for that one piece, which is likely not what I was after(why are forma on EVERY SINGLE RELIC? Not every literally, but at least 80%). To put it bluntly, this system is utter garbage. And people seriously want me to sell them my inventory for 20p regardless of rarity. How to change it, I don't know (Personally, I had no problem with the old system) but something needs to be done.
  10. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Lets Discuss the Mesa prime accessory pack

    Except none of that is true at all because they have no one putting those prerequisites in place other than themselves. They want my money, go back, take your time and come up with something that is actually worth my time, let alone my money.
  11. (PS4)whoistimjones

    DE,More nerfs?

    This is exactly why Lanka/Gram/Paracesis/Rubiko/Keewar/Kripath/whatever else is and never will be worth even 300p, let alone the 1k that a multitude of idiots think im going to pay in plat. Really its an example to not spend money at all. These constant nerfs make purchases worthless.
  12. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Why Do People Need An Opt Out For Stalker Mode?

    There's nothing wrong with it at all, people just dont want it, regardless of all the excuses they come up with. .Just let them have their opt out. DE just needs to make the player controlled Stalker rewards (New rewards, not even a single old one) non tradable. You dont want to fight player Stalker, fine, but youre not getting the modes EXCLUSIVE rewards by buying from other players.
  13. Sounds like the ignorant persons fault, not his. If this ignorant person wasn't so ignorant, there wouldn't be a problem. Seriously, where are the mods? Why is this thread still up? Even names are being said and its still up? Totally unacceptable.
  14. Actually not nearly enough said. All you're doing(as well as a few people here) is trying to force your own opinions as fact on others.
  15. (PS4)whoistimjones

    "We all lift together" is a blatant lie.

    You just said what I said in the first place. So, again, your point?