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  1. Miss me with it. You're just here to make the same tired dev defenses as usual.
  2. I don't mean to be hostile here, but I've been encountering this mentality of "boring, tedious gameplay is part of the challenge." a LOT lately and it's starting to become a sore spot. There is a massive difference between tedious and challenging. Making no progress because RNG says no for hours on end isn't challenging. It isn't anything but garbage. Locking the tenet melee weapons behind this many layers of trash is awful and needs to be changed. The changes to liches and sisters were already awful enough. They really need to stop making everything this horrible slog.
  3. It's not that I'm having trouble completing the missions, they're just involved and a lot of pub crews have AFK players in them and soloing means you do it all yourself. You also can't really control what type of mission the storm picks. I'm running whatever happens to be available.
  4. Unpopular opinion, but I think self-stagger and self-damage are awful mechanics. They aren't fun. The enemy doesn't have to deal with them. I'm like 75% sure there's some bug with multishot causing the stagger radius to extend outside the blast radius, at least on certain weapons. The amount of damage falloff never seems to mesh with the knockback falloff. And if self-stagger does just have to be a thing for some stupid reason, there needs to be an actually usable way to recover out of it faster. That .000001 of a frame we have to jump out of it and into recovery is trash. All the ragdolls and knockdowns in this game are already egregious enough and have these awful slow motion animations that look more like an old man getting up off the floor than a warframe. We really don't need more stuff causing knockdowns.
  5. The last probably 10 veil void storms I've run I haven't gotten a single holokey drop. Not one. 37.5% drop chance and they haven't dropped once in nearly a dozen missions. I have gotten 10 total. Ever. You know what HAS dropped? Oberon parts. I have like 100 full sets of Oberon parts from when they used to have a reasonable drop location. For no reason at all you moved them from being a newbie friendly drop that made them easily accessible. Except there is a reason. To further dilute an already unrewarding drop table. With an average pub group or solo, void storms take forever compared to nearly any other mission type and yet the only reward that drops from them that matters to me in the slightest is the endo. I would have included holokeys in that, but they apparently aren't in the drop table. Running endless amounts of void storms, getting a trickle of prime parts and endo and getting absolutely nothing else that matters in the slightest just for an apparently non-existent chance at holokeys is not fun. It's garbage. I am beyond frustrated and tired with the RNG getting more and more layered and drops getting so much worse. Why can't you just make literally anything feel actually rewarding? What would be so wrong with void storms actually guaranteeing a drop? They could be a guaranteed drop at the same amount as the RNG drop and it would still take plenty of time to get enough to buy a single weapon. Not to mention either having to wait for the right weapon to show up or having to buy multiple weapons for fusing. There's more than enough grind in the system as is without having atrocious RNG on top of it so that you literally make ZERO progress for hours on end. Because I've made zero progress on this. Over multiple hours I have run missions hoping to get 1/4th of the thing I need to buy a single weapon that is also covered in varying layers of RNG and made no progress. The hollow keys I have I got from before the changes were made. The drop rate is awful. For as long as the mission takes, the drop rate needs to at least partially guarantee some progress. You do this with every single new system. It's Necramech mods all over again, with awful drop rates on something that takes forever. Stop disrespecting your players' time with this insane idea that making no progress is a good way to make people grind.
  6. I need the forma for whenever I bite the bullet and farm out all those tedious nemesis weapons, but I can't take more than 2 or 3 back to back runs of listening to friggin konzu.
  7. It's a companion app that won't let you log into it while in the game and has almost zero utility outside the foundry and I guess doing extractors (totally a big deal. /s) considering everything else outside of like checking your inventory for no reason is more easily accessible through literally any web browser. I logged into it just to make sure there's not something I missed about the app, just for this comment. News is more easily accessible through web browsers. I don't need to know what any of the activities are unless I'm playing and then I can't log in to the app anyway. This was sort of useful back when we had alerts but we really don't anymore. What fissures are up, world cycles, etc all useful if you're in the game but you can't log in to the app while you're in the game. If you could use the app while playing it would be great. It's almost entirely pointless though outside of the foundry.
  8. For me? No. God no. If I have to sit and wait somewhere and have nothing to do but screw around on my phone and every other app is absolutely bone dry on anything even remotely interesting I can see me sitting in my dojo and trading on mobile. That's about it. I would never attempt to play the actual game on mobile. But two things: One: Money. Someone in or over DE is making things worse because of greed. Layered RNG with multiple failure points. Worsening drop rates. Grind with more steps to stretch it out even further. Time between actual content drops that aren't just the exact same missions with a new reward is getting longer. Actually NEW content feels like it's getting shorter. All that to say this: If they think it will pull in more money or better engagement numbers they're going to do it no matter how pointless it seems to their core base. We're going to see more crap like this in the future because it is entirely about money for them at this point. Two: Complete and total disconnect with some of the devs. Playing warframe like we play it? No. A mobile phone isn't going to do that. My old xbox is barely running the game at this point, I'm getting actual graphical loss frequently now and it's not happening with other games that weren't patched to be on next gen consoles. Blasting through missions at high speed, spamming abilities and weapons with insane particle effects, needing to load in and out quickly and repeatedly while you fight the garbage drop rates. No. But there are devs that very firmly believe they didn't make that game. They genuinely believe they made a slow, methodical cover based stealth shooter where abilities are sparingly used trump cards. I know this because I've seen some of them play this game on streams and that is exactly how they play it. It's also a good bit how Warframe was at its initial release and how Dark Sector was. That's the game some of these devs think they're putting on mobile. That game would be playable to a certain degree on mobile. The insanely fast paced game we have now though? Not a chance. Not the way it gets played by most of us. Imagine doing the 90 second capture challenge on mobile. It's super easy on console/PC. From every other game I've played on mobile this would be a nightmare.
  9. Disagree. Even with multiple forma, trying it on multiple frames with multiple builds it feels pretty awful to me, personally. It doesn't hit fast enough to be a good status weapon and has lower power than even my Ether Sword.
  10. Which is greedy. It's absolutely greedy. They are losing out on plat purchases from people like me and the first comment that would have spent some plat and are now spending none. You didn't state anything new. There's no reason to be condescending about it. I am saying I see no justification for this behavior. It's in the title.
  11. You still haven't fixed the bounty not spawning enemies on a repeat bounty during the last phase. It will sort of spawn enemies now on a repeat bounty but it still doesn't throw out the spawn pods and the mission slows to a crawl without those. You didn't fix it. We've been telling you about this since the last time PS was out. Please fix it.
  12. This is such a greedy business practice. There's one dagger skin and only two dual sword skins and they are both bundle only. There's just zero reason to not be able to purchase them separately, and zero reason to not let someone who has a deluxe skin not get a discount on the bundle it comes in. Perfect example so that I can inb4 all the people about to come in with a "lol just plan ahead and get the bundle if you think you'll ever want what it comes with." Someone bought be the Excal Zato skin. Yet I can't get the items in the bundle unless I pay for a skin I already own. Outside of greed there is no reason for it to be like this. There are weapon skins I would spend plat on that are bundled with warframe skins I would never use. I shouldn't have to buy a bunch of stuff just to get one thing I want, just like I shouldn't have to buy something I already own just to get something I want that only comes with it. The fact that this has been requested so very many times over the years and they still did that atrocious lich bundle only speaks to how much they don't care and how much greedier they're going to continue to get.
  13. Title. I couldn't edit it when I placed it, I left, came back out and still can't change the icon for my locpin. Everything else is changeable.
  14. Sovereign Outcast has an attack in one of its combos where the thrown tonfa spins and hits multiple times in rapid succession. I get the swings themselves feel "heavier" when the weapon is slower but there's no reason the weapon can't hit multiple times per swing like... Something that spins... Like a saw... I also really do feel like the combos are in the wrong slots. Neutral combo where I'm supposed to be standing still moves me forward but the forward neutral combo doesn't do anything but hold the saw up and bear down on the enemy? Those really need to be swapped. They need to fix whatever it is that is genuinely broken, still probably buff it and rework the stance or it's just going to be a meme weapon forever.
  15. There's a lot of issues with the Ghoul Saw and its stance. The neutral combo forces you to move when it should be the combo where you just bear down on the enemy with the saw. The forward combo just holds the saw out in front and has a narrow hit box. The neutral block combo should let you keep spinning, especially considering one of the issues people are having is the incredibly slow attack speed on the stance causes you to have to pay a lot of attention to how much you're hitting the melee button because it queues up its slow attacks into eternity. Just let us spin. The actual fun part where you get to ride the saw doesn't last very long and has a super slow motion slam attack afterward. People want to ride the saw. All of these things happen far too slowly, especially for a status weapon. Slow status weapons are trash. For the uninitiated, weapon stances actually add damage multipliers to the different attacks in each combo. This is one of the many reasons why melee is so much stronger than guns. For instance, the first two hits in the neutral combo for Crimson Dervish (one handed sword stance) each hit for 300% damage. The multipliers in Butcher's Revelry are garbage. This also doesn't help anything. The stats are honestly too low on status and crit to even be a good hybrid weapon, especially considering the not-so-great damage/attack speed ratio. But I think the weapon might actually be broken. I figured everyone was just complaining because it wasn't meta strong and it was still maybe a decent weapon, but it's not. I built it the same way I built my Ether Sword since they have pretty comparable stats. My Ether Sword handles SP enemies with ease. The Ghoul Saw struggles against even regular high level Corrupted Heavy Gunners. I think among all its other major issues, Condition Overload is not working with the weapon. I can summon 20 level 180 Exo Gokstad Officers, highest enemy EHP I know of in the Simulacrum and massacre them with my Ether Sword. I barely make a dent with the Ghoul Saw and I've built them to have nearly identical sheet stats. Something is wrong with the weapon besides it just being mediocre. I think there's some bugs happening here as well as all the other issues.
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