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  1. The Exploiter fight gets buggier every single patch. I joined a pub match, host lost connection (I know they didn't just leave, they were mid-flight when they dropped.) so we got a host migration. Every single person that joined got separated upon entering Deck 12 other than one player that joined when I was temporarily host but hadn't loaded in until we were in Deck 12. It loaded them in fine. It also completely shut down my Gauss's Redline. I could cast it but it wouldn't let the battery go over the line, it would immediately drain back down at high speed. All of this happened before
  2. No? It's an ongoing debate among players on which system actually works better. I've made the argument for alerts based on their mishandling of NW. We only get GOTL when they do a dev stream. They used to do dev streams every two weeks like clockwork. For the last several months it's been one a month if we're lucky. I can't remember the last GOTL alert. They've now cemented that the one dev stream a month thing they've been doing is the new norm. So as long as they don't decide "Oh we can't stream this week, see you guys next month!" then we'll get one GOTL per month maxi
  3. I better not catch any flak for necroing a thread here. Because there is no excuse for this to still be happening. I'm filling in holes in my codex and up until a few minutes ago everything has been fine. He won't scan core pipes from Sabotage missions. He wouldn't scan the statue I just found that wasn't in my codex yet. He scanned some mining machines for me earlier, but he's not working properly at all. This should not still be a thing. This thread is over 2 years old.
  4. He's still alive and kicking, regardless of the number of times he's been murdered. The presence of Sentient Lotus for the Ropalolyst fight means that the amalgams happen AFTER pretty much every single quest. Yet he's there for the introduction of the Zanuka project which happens before Amalgams, but on the same planet at the same time as Amalgams. He was also part of several time-limited events which is where the boss fight on Eris comes from. Based on the Lotus' involvement, Amalgams HAVE to take place after the events with Alad on Eris. I also felt the exact same way about the Vor/Kri
  5. Given your lack of reading comprehension this isn't a surprising take. Your continued insistence that I "pay attention" to bubbles that can literally come up through the ground at random is also not worth reading into, which is why I didn't read any further past that.
  6. You get to pick when though. How do you not understand that? Getting to choose where you're vulnerable in order to make the enemy vulnerable is tactically advantageous over having defenses turned off on the enemy's tempo. It's a massive advantage. You're not being forced to walk into the nullifier bubble, because you get to decide your positioning when you turn the ability off. And again, you're literally arguing about your main frame and 2 others. No other frames have to turn off their defenses or offenses in order to deal with the drones. And you're only talking about one ability on
  7. Oh good, you're going to go straight to being condescending so now I don't have to read any of the crap that you wrote. Especially since your very first point ignores the fact that you can't avoid something you can't see because it's coming through a wall or freshly spawned on your flank. I guess I'll just spin the camera around 24/7 to make up for my lack of magic eyesight. You would see those points if you would learn to read because I already made them. You chose to talk down to me instead of addressing how an enemy spawning on your flank or having a bubble go through a wall doesn't neg
  8. I'm just going to point out that this only really applies to Titania, Hildryn to a lesser extent, and Limbo. That's it. Every other frame can keep up their defensive abilities while shooting a nullifier drone. Other frames with exalted weapons like Excalibur, Baruuk, etc, can all still shoot regular weapons while their exalted is out. Given the sheer amount of play time you have on Titania it would make sense that you have such a skewed perspective. But even with those frames, you aren't "suddenly" losing all your buffs. You're realizing you need to turn them off in order to deal with th
  9. The limited dev streaming started before Covid, since I know someone is going to want to use that as an excuse for them. It was always "all hands on deck" for one broken update or another for probably 6 months before the pandemic, and it's only gotten worse. Now it's only 1 a month that's scheduled, and I wouldn't be surprised if those get cancelled from time to time for the same excuses as well. As for alerts, I meant actual alerts, like the system we used to have before NW. Being fair, the potato invasions (this game has such strange jargon.) seem to be coming in at the same amount t
  10. I guess that single GOTL alert we've been getting each month is official now.
  11. While I will fully agree that it happens on the cap target far more often (it's pretty much guaranteed to happen for me. I think it's intentional since warframe powers inexplicably don't work on them at all. That's another thread.) I have had it happen on non-cap target nullifiers. It's not frequent, but it does happen. Pointing out that there are mechanics I think are better, and the thread in general, was meant to accomplish the point that Nullifiers need a rework. One where you don't round a corner and lose all your buffs instantly. Launchers flat out do
  12. There is of course the contested "Nightwave vs Alerts" and the awful handling of NW and its maintenance. When I started there were plenty of alerts for Catalysts and Reactors. I still bought a few because they certainly weren't unlimited, but there were far more than there are now. I could go on about this, but this thread isn't about NW specifically. There's all the grind increases. Grind was pretty high when I started playing. The grind for Deimos stuff made me take a hard pass and just buy the things from it off other players. Some may say this is a good thing because it lets you s
  13. I honestly have no idea how anyone could believe that Nullifiers of all things were a major deciding factor in the success of this game. Especially in the face of all the unaddressed complaints the community has that's causing DE to slowly lose players. And considering both give absolute protection to the enemies around them, I fail to see how one counts as "soft" just because it doesn't remove warframe buffs. Unlike damage gating mechanics and barely-functional hit boxes, killing the drones while using a frame like Titania is still down to player skill. I've run Arbies with
  14. You are constantly being obtuse every time you respond to a post I make, never actually addressing the point I'm making, just making up crap that I'm not saying at all. What about their CC has anything to do with SP? Maybe I'm noticing this issue with their CC because they aren't getting deleted as soon as they spawn in by 4 players who are all actively hunting them like it used to be, but this isn't a complaint about SP, it's a complaint about them stun locking the player. It wouldn't have been okay before SP existed, and it's not okay now. Learn to read and address what is written.
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