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  1. I don't care how many different people have to say this. Rando's should not just be able to hit up my nav console and decide that the mission is over and we're going somewhere else on MY ship. This isn't like a pub star chart mission where everyone brings their own stuff and then afterwards someone can throw up a mission and people can vote. Even the annoying option for people to start the timer can be vetoed by the squad or you can leave, which if you're the host, disbands the party. This isn't that, not just because there's no voting, no timer, no nothing. That would be bad and annoying enough, because people starting the timer while you're changing a loadout IS bad and annoying enough. This is different because this is MY ship. If your ship can't cut it to run the anomaly so you need to crew on mine, you shouldn't get to pick when we leave. This is like someone hijacking one of your loadouts because theirs isn't good enough for sortie and then starting the timer on you. It's total BS. And yes, this matters. There's a functionally less than half hour window with nearly a 3 hour wait in between anomalies (which is an issue in itself.) and someone just sent my ship back to drydock, through a bunch of loading screens without re-upping any of the consumables or anything. If we had started another run right away I could have got another run in and dude could have aborted at the start of the next mission and kept his loot. Instead it despawned literally seconds after we got back. Not to mention how unbelievably irritating it is for the game to pop up with a warning that I need to get back on MY ship right now, because MY ship is leaving without me. Railjack with ANY crew that you don't already know really well, recruit chat, pub, whatever, is already annoying enough. People want to spam avionics that the pilot should have control of, but not go make flux. They want to spam missiles when the pilot is the one that knows what priority is, because the pilot is the one that knows where the ship is going since they're the one flying it, but they don't want to go make more. Thing is, I don't care how many missiles get spammed at enemies outside the void hole I'm using to group them as long as: I have missiles and access to them when I need them and someone is keeping us stocked. Missiles away man. Take out those ram sleds and outriders and crew ship shields. I'm great with that. Go build more and don't screw with the enemies I'm grouping because I know the timing of when I fired the avionics. People want to sit and AFK on ships and not do the work that needs doing and constantly duplicate effort. "Oh, you're having zero trouble taking out all the fighters but there's no one running engineering, no one on ground POIs and no one taking out crew ships? Let me jump on a turret and help with those fighters. I hear you have flux you haven't burned yet." There's a max of 4 of us, my dude. Be where someone else isn't. TL;DR: The ONLY thing that is going to save Railjack from the state it's in if they somehow don't screw up the command intrinsic and they actually make it useful as a crew replacement.
  2. I used to give DE money on a regular basis. It was a "subscription" payment that I got plat or whatever from, in my eyes. I can't remember the last time I gave them money though. Everything that I don't want to happen keeps happening and none of the things that I would like to see happen are happening. Until they start making decisions I can agree with and put out competent, finished content and stop operating like a Monkey's Paw, I won't be supporting them any more than I already have. The best part is how mad certain types get when you say "I'm not supporting them financially anymore" but then you still play the game. Because those are also always the first people to point how how "free" this game is when you want to complain about something. "But it's a free to play game." Well, it's free for me these days, because I'm not supporting their BS with anything other than engagement metrics. If their money dropped off to coincide with the mass complaints, they'd fix the problems or fail, like so many companies before them.
  3. This is one of the things pissing me off the hardest with all the recent nerfs. Truth be told, I only ever use Lockdown as CC. Unless you spam it in place a dozen times the damage is trash for just 1 or 2 tether mines. I get that. I do. I get it will still CC up to 20 enemies and I never used the damage anyway. But it's still another goddamn nerf. I am so unbelievably sick to death of being nerfed. #*!%ing tired of it. Tired of it to the point where I read Lockdown was getting nerfed and just quit playing for another week. I'm sick ot it. I dump forma or kuva into something, which takes a lot of damn time, and then some dev on a whim is like "my magic spreadsheet said we need cram this bowling pin up your rear end." and the things I liked get screwed over. I NEVER EVEN SAW ANYONE WITH AN ASTILLA IN A MISSION BUT ME, DE. WHY DID IT NEED FALL OFF? WHAT THE EVERLOVING #*!%? You want to nerf something go nerf the BS that is Nullifiers, and the fact that they can brush up against you through a goddamn wall and instantly remove all abilities, including the defensive abilities you had up which might be the only thing that lets a squishy warframe survive. Go nerf the knockdown spam. Go fix the fact that the self-stagger recover maneuver just doesn't work, regardless of when you hit the button. Go do literally anything but nerf the players for the billionth time just this year. It is beyond old and I swear to christ I'm just flat out uninstalling this damn game along with OP if you keep nerfing the players. There is a reason why there is a very common phrase on the subreddit: "DE hates fun."
  4. Here's a list of the reasons that turned me sour, main point in bold so you don't have to read the explanations. All content is the same thing on repeat in multiple ways. You have the star chart, henceforth known as SC. Then invasions, which are SC. Fissures, also SC. Alerts, SC. Syndicate missions, SC. Sortie, still the exact same missions that you've already done on the SC, just with a tiny twist. Then there's the Plains bounties, which is literally the exact same thing you do in SC missions, just in a setting that never changes and involves a lot more empty traversal between objectives. Oh, and then the Vallis bounties. Which is ALSO just like SC missions, but with better art and snow this time. That's fine though, maybe they'll release something that actually feels different. Liches look different. Nope, all of it was scrapped and it's literally... goddamn SC again. Railjack! There is literally no way they can put me back on the damn SC again! Hah! Gotcha now, DE! Oh. It's literally 1 mission 25 times in a row, the exact same thing in almost the exact same setting with a screwed up economy (MK1 weapons drop in the veil? GTFOH.) on repeat... It's not the SC. But it's just like the SC. When we get events? Sometimes it's really neat stuff, like Dog Days. Totally new, totally different, completely not the SC. But it's one thing on repeat 400,000 times if you want the rewards. might as well be the SC after the 400th time because I'm tired of it now. I don't even want to say this next part, because I don't say it with any hate or anger, I say it with honesty. I don't think they can do anything else. I don't know if they have the talent, time or resources. I think they've boxed themselves in to the content we have being the content we get, rehashed over and over again. There's a billion things that are horrible balance-wise and stick out like a sore thumb, but they just want to nerf fun things that players like. I got grappled out of the air, during an air-to-ground melee slam the other day. Just straight snatched out of the air. I was then chain dragged around by other enemies that can grapple me endlessly with seemingly no cooldown. Just player targeted crowd control, 24/7. They don't care. They love it. Magus Lockdown though, someone did a thing with it one time. Gotta nerf it. A veritable never-ending sea of Nullifier bubbles that clip through terrain and completely remove all of a frame's survivability with a single tiny touch? Nothing to see here. Better nerf Mag again. Broken promises and outright lies. The entire Railjack reveal video that they got so choked up about "We didn't even know if it was going to work!" was a lie. Everything in there was a lie or a promise that was broken. Everything except them showing how abysmally slow the Railjack moves when it's not sprinting. "We aren't increasing the cost of getting these arcanes to max rank to increase the grind right before we release this event that we want people to play where the rewards are arcanes. We wouldn't do that." but that's exactly why they did it. I've been over my opinion on this so many times I don't even care to get into it again. That's 100% what happened. They increased grind, they did it on purpose, don't @ me. They introduce bugs at a faster rate than they fix them. It's piled up to the point where random things just break every update. Stuff they didn't even touch in the update. Eidolon fights have broken in new ways for me recently. Limbo was breaking the whole team in new ways. They literally can't even handle the amount of bugs that are in the game so they just leave them, and sit in the flames telling themselves "This is fine." They think grind is content. This is kind of a repeat of the first point, but hey, we were always gonna come back to the star chart. They will literally release 2 missions for an event, those missions take very little time to see the entirety of, and they expect you to play those 2 missions for dozens of hours and they firmly believe that means they've released dozens of hours of content in the form of an event. FOMO. I hate time-limited stuff. Timed exclusives. Even time-gated things. "Better play for several hours at a time, never know when that stupid anomaly is going to pop up again and only be available for 5 minutes with a 3 hour down time!" I want to play when I want to play. I don't want to have when I play dictated to me by your player engagement quotas. The fact that they literally put half the lore for the game in time-limited events so that you can never play through the actual story if you miss out is absolutely heinous. I really like the core mechanics, art, sound and general vibe and aesthetic of the game. Love it, in fact. But those bolded points have been really wearing on me lately. I've played less and less and taken more and more breaks from the game and that's the list of reasons why. They got a bunch of goodwill from a few things they did that were basically "We're not EA!" and they have been burning that goodwill with the community at both ends. TL;DR: You wanna know what they did? They George Lucas'd it. Started off really strong, got a big head, had no idea what to do with it after the fact, and #*!%ed it all up by thinking they were golden.
  5. Warframe is Clicker Heroes with a really solid movement system, interesting abilities and standard shooting. The lore is scattered, only half available because most of it was locked behind time-limited events, and quite frankly, all over the place. There is no endgame. Because they refuse to implement the actual good ideas that they and their players have had regarding fun, repeatable content that is actual content outside of gear progression, grind and progression remain one of the large pillars of the game, which is a complaint myself and many others have. "Do something else with this great art, sound and core mechanics, other than make us grind." Until they do that though, there's the grind. Grinding for a rare drop, or a drop you need thousands of but only pick up 1 at a time can get very old, very fast. Because of this, META is implemented. the Most Efficient Tools Available are what many people choose to run with because they don't give a flying #*!% about tactically taking down every single enemy between them and the objective. They want to map wipe, slam the objective and race to extraction and it's that way for pretty much only 2 reasons: 1. People like going fast. Anywhere, any time. Game, real life, doesn't matter. Gotta go fast. 2. People want the grind to take as little time as possible. The majority of people do not want to run the exact same mission 500 times in a row to get a thing they want. They will, but they don't want to. If they're going to, despite not liking it, they're gonna do it as quickly as they can. That's every game with grinding and farming, all the time. It's not this game, or this type of game, that's just in our nature. Game devs everywhere bet on the fact that people hate grind to get them to spend money. Don't want to run Ophelia for literally 60 hours in-mission to get Condition Overload to drop? You can always buy some plat and get it from another player! The game they have built, whether they like it or not, and whether they intended it or not, outright facilitates and encourages speed. There is no bonus or reward for killing everything on the way to the objective and then on the way to extraction, save a pittance of resources, affinity and credits. There is zero reason to do anything but slam through a mission as fast as possible, grab your loot and find the next spot to do the same thing. There is nothing dynamic or even interesting about most of our mission types. Go to location, kill everything, press interact, leave. That's the star chart. People are going to blast through that as fast as they can because there's nothing to care about there. There's nothing compelling, other than the reward waiting for you in the little green circle. Click some stuff, get paid. Click a little faster, get paid a little faster. Run the meta AUTO-CLICKER-MAP-WIPE 9000 with optional sun roof and bam, you get paid even faster. People complain about grind, and we get told "That's Warframe." Maybe so. But if Warframe is just grind, and people historically will always trudge through grind as fast as they can, then the fastest possible meta to get through the grind is ALSO Warframe. EDIT: I failed to address the "Devs hate it" part. If the constant player nerfs aren't enough to convince you, they've literally said on the devstream, when talking about how quickly we move through missions, the phrase "Much to our chagrin." They have literally outright stated that they hate how quickly we play. Someone at DE really believes that players are going to utilize the stealth system they keep breaking, that barely even functions, and run through every single one of the thousands of missions players need to run like they're an actual space ninja. That we're going to NEED to think about what we're doing and make strategic decisions and blah blah blah. They truly seem to think that is the game they made, simply because it's the game they intended to make. Look at the Proton mod set. It's a complete joke, until you realize someone at DE really thinks they made a tactical shooter. Look at the "balance" nerfs they make. Look at how often they implement something, and then months or years later they say "Wait, the players can do what with it? That wasn't what I intended! Fix it!" They don't have a goddamn clue what game they actually made and are still making and yet they keep balancing the game based on what they intended to make and they don't have a single idea why people are mad about it.
  6. I like that my criticism of their less than stellar releases, and the fact that I was pinpoint accurate with pessimistic predictions is seen as "hate."
  7. I enjoyed the last 2 Halloween events, especially this last one, other than the bugs of course. I'd kind of like to see both of them return, and more of that "dark, hard to see" motif in the game in general. The derelict and Eris and other decrepit places should be dark. Plague Star isn't bad other than the long ass drone run section (yes, I am aware of the Loki/Nova cheese.) even if it gets repetitive. I don't recall having any issues with the Proxy Rebellion Operation. I don't remember liking it a lot like I did the Halloween events, but it doesn't stick out as frustrating to me. Pyrus Project was pretty solid in my opinion. On top of that, the biggest reward is that I feel like I contributed to a relay that's standing in-game. Every time I enter it I remember that the players helped build it and fought for it. Hostile Mergers, the only issue I had was bugs. I like defection as a game mode, so it was a solid event for me, especially because I really enjoy the Gas City Rework. I wish more of the maps we had required that you to use the insane movement system we have in the game. I enjoy running Fomorians and Razorbacks when they show up. I've been around about 3 years and the only events that I can remember really hating was the one with Thermia Fractures. #*!% Thermia fractures and whoever decided that needed to be that much of a slog.
  8. Until someone on YouTube realizes it's good with a good Riven, posts a build and the community brings the popularity back up and they nerf the dispo because they balance with player use statistic spreadsheets and it's meh again because Rivens were expertly designed by smart people.
  9. Of course the self-referential meme wins. Of course it does.
  10. Players asked for a removal of self-damage, or a rebalancing of it to make it fair. No one asked for a self-stagger to replace it. Definitely no one asked for that stupid BS to be applied to every AOE weapon followed by a nerf to every AOE weapon. DE operates like a Monkey's Paw.
  11. No one on either end understands that markets fluctuate and no individual gets to decide how. Yes the Hot New Thing is going to be expensive. Yes 3 months down the road it might not cost anything because it turned out meh or the market got flooded. Prices move. Nightwave floods the market with R0 Energizes and the price drops. You can keep trying to charge the same if you want, not going to do you any good. Literally had to have that argument with an alliance member. Trade chat is also full of idiots that post "wtb super expensive thing that's expensive for a reason for 3p pls." And if you happen to have that listed for sale they get pissed when you tell them no, I'm not selling it to you at a 95% discount. Some things, like things you can buy from Baro, literally aren't worth selling anymore because the market has determined that the average selling price for those things is lower than the amount of plat you'd make selling the ducats (prime parts) instead of spending them. I don't always like what the market does either, but I understand it's out of my control. Regardless though, the app and trade chat don't set the prices. You and the person you're selling to set the price. You get to base it on whatever you want. The person selling Mesa Prime at 120 seems laughable, and like a scam artist, but someone's going to buy it. If someone has an open listing for a sale and you respond to it with zero research into pricing, that's 100% on you. Think the price is funny? Do what I do every time someone tries to buy a vaulted, popular frame from me for 40p. Tell them no thank you and move on.
  12. This is the problem with time-limited events. FOMO toxicity aside, it means you have to try to balance it around an MR 4 and an MR 28 playing the same mission. There's just a teeeny little bit of a power gap there.
  13. Should weapons you get from content not be able to handle that content efficiently? This is the complaint I had with lich weapons. You get them from endgame activities, they should be endgame weapons with base stats to reflect that.
  14. No. They're withholding the strongest arcanes until players balance the game for them for free, so they can make sure they're aren't any completely legitimate methods of efficient farming that they can label "exploits" and nerf, before they release the rewards people actually want. They're probably going to hold them till the last half of the event to increase FOMO, and blame all the bugs they left in for the [DE]lay.
  15. I got snatched out of the air, during an air-to-ground slam attack, by an ancient. I was then chain dragged around a high level toxic ancient until I died. Nothing about that is balanced or fun game design, and yet the dev defenders all scream "PUT THE BANDAID MODS ON AND GIMP THE REST OF YOUR BUILD" as an appropriate alternative to a stupid mechanic that needs to be toned almost all the way down.
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