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  1. When you're defending something and nullifiers are present, yes. They are the only things that I can find that are viable solo. When I'm not defending things OR there are no nullifiers I have no issue making these frames work. When a nullifier is present and I can't decide positioning because I'm defending something, they just get to show up and turn my abilities off.
  2. Again, doesn't work. I always have lockdown on. The spawn rate is set so high on SP that the minimap is just solid red when I'm in Limbo because you can't attack things that aren't on the same plane as you and banish only seems to work when you're on the same plane as the enemy. Stepping out of the rift or going operator means immediately catching dozens of explosive rounds to the face. I'd love to see a video of someone soloing Corpus Ship Mobile Defense so I can see what it is I'm apparently doing wrong. Because I'm just getting blasted down unless I'm in the rift and nullifiers remove
  3. Which absolutely didn't work solo because of nullifiers. Popping out of the rift to deal with them and having a small bubble meant that the rest of the map was free to target me as soon as I wasn't riftbound anymore. Stepping out of the rift to banish those enemies also meant getting hammered with fire from every direction. All of these frames work fine for me unless nullifiers are around and then suddenly they do nothing because I get all my abilities turned off.
  4. I went into a Corpus Ship Mobile Defense on the Steel Path, and had a bit of fun figuring out what it was I needed to do to actually get this mission done solo. My generalist frames like Umbra and Ember failed, despite working well in missions without defense objectives. So I went with CC frames. Frames like Vauban get annihilated immediately because enemies can sit outside the range of your controlled areas and blast you with fully automatic AOE fire (that also completely deletes your sentinel as fast as Primed Regen's invulnerability period will allow.) and even if you go all range a
  5. I agree with you, but I'm like 75% sure the guy you're replaying to meant Warframe the game, not Warframe the playable entity within the game. As in, make it innate to literally everything in the game. Considering enemies in the Index have vacuum for the points that drop, it already kind of is innate to the whole game, minus the player. Which is fun.
  6. I've brought it up in other threads dozens of times and every time the [DE]fense squad shows up to call me a liar, and tell me that it's not a problem because I can just kill them. Even though they're going to respawn already alerted in about 20 seconds. Totally not a problem to certain types around here. It's annoying as hell to me, though. The spawn rate for being in a bounty that requires kills to be passed and the spawn rate when you don't have a bounty active and you're just trying to mine/fish/hunt should be completely different things.
  7. Honestly, this is an issue that could have its own feedback thread. Not just Nora, but the voice lines in general. Yes, I know I'm in a void fissure. I came here on purpose because the fissure is here. Of course I have a matching relic. You literally can't even bring the wrong relic type. I know I need reactant, I've farmed every prime in the game, I know how this works. The odds were not against us. The odds are almost never against us. You want the odds to be against us, make some eximus necramechs and just release them into the starchart. Now the odds are against us. I k
  8. I swear to you, every single time something starts to get on my nerves in the game, Nora shows up with the glass-holes. I'm not sure if they really are this annoying or if I've just been pavlov'ed, considering this update isn't my cup of tea. Fact remains though, that it's still a big fat nothing. I've been ignoring pretty much any nightwave challenge that looked even slightly chore-like and I'm still most of the way through the bonus levels and there's nothing for me to spend my creds on anyway because the goddamn Grendel alt helmet refuses to show back up in the market. We're gettin
  9. My point was that it still wasn't hard. It was annoying because how I wanted to play got turned off with a magic switch that I couldn't counter, so I just had to DPS him with a weapon. It still wasn't hard. It was annoying. It doesn't feel like some epic fight where I'm sweating it out, there was legitimately a comical moment where we basically fought over whether I was going to have my powers on or not and didn't even attack. Funny enough, but when I got irritated I just blasted him down with my cheap ass meta weapon. The same way I would with a trash mob. It wasn't engaging. Most of
  10. Enemies like Steel Path Shadow Stalker and Necramechs aren't actually hard, despite being a pain to fight. They're just cheesy as hell. Mechs spam constant AOE attacks and spam an invulnerability shield, but if you catch them before they can start spamming they're a breeze. There's no counter to their BS other than cheesing them with invisibility or a select few weapons with innate enemy punchthrough. That's not counter-play, those are things that we should be waiting for DE to nerf, because they didn't "intend" them to work that way. A Counter would be a specific damage type or attack th
  11. Like player chat is showing up, blocking stuff? I know I was extremely annoyed with the constant chat feed from region when I first started the game, so I just turned it off and never looked back. My clan is virtually a solo one because people on xbox drop like flies so I usually leave it on clan chat if I'm in a mission so that I don't have much of a feed other than the occasional question.
  12. One of the big complaints about intermission is that there were no new rewards because most had been through the first 30 ranks for a long time. That, and no new story. I've been through the first 30 ranks for a very long time and the story is spread so thin that I can't even remember what's happening, if anything. It started to feel hollow an episode or two ago. This might as well be intermission, except every .02 seconds here comes Nora "hOLd uP, dEtecTing GLASS-HOLES" and on top of the other frustrations that keep cropping up with this last update for me, this is just one more thing.
  13. Whatever you have in the pipeline, shove it all through at once, let it play out for like a week and then put us back into intermission. I am so unbelievably tired of Nora and glass-holes every other mission. At this point I don't even care about the story anymore and I was kind of interested at first. I can't even remember if there is any real story here, it's been spread so thin over so long. I just want it over. I can't be the only one that wants it to just be over.
  14. Considering the AI in this game is totally trash, so that alerted enemies know exactly where you are at all times, and that alert state never seems to turn off for infested on the Drift, this sounds like the truth and also like it's a bunch of BS that needs to be fixed. An issue I have with this though, is I have literally stepped out the door to the Drift, not seen any enemies and immediately come under fire from over 150m out. On top of this stupid quirk of their AI, their aggro range is set ridiculously high, and it's not fun.
  15. I have been targeted by enemies from over 150m away. Not enemies that I was near and aggro'd and then moved 150m away from. Enemies that spawned far away from me fully alerted, and began attacking me from over 150m out. If they weren't bright purple I wouldn't even know where the fire was coming from because they're just a fuzzy smear at that distance. I stopped on top of a mountain, completely out of the line of sight of anything, and started trying to talk to someone in chat and had to stop every couple of seconds because of the constant enemy spawn. Nothing could see my position.
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