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  1. Which is BS. I don't care they consolidated resources, they reset progress and there is no getting around that. It's not hollow. Until I farm or craft new components my ship has less health and armor than it did before. That is removal of progress and again, no getting around that. Not only are you incorrect, I literally gave an example of a heavily nerfed avionic. Several of them have lower or the same numbers as they did before when maxed out, except now they cost more in drain and endo. Gonna be real honest, I assumed because they have pola
  2. I didn't really screw around with RJ much on my PC account. I mostly use that account to verify suspicions or do testing. I already didn't like what I saw with the RJ changes, but figured I'd wait until they were out on console where all my progress is so that you would have more time to polish if you were going to and I could really dig into the changes with my maxed out progression, since this is my main account. I was done with all this. My RJ was maxed out. Now I'm expected to go refarm a bunch of things. For one, you removed a bunch of resources for railjack for seemingly no reaso
  3. Weapon and Frame affinity are different from Mastery Rank XP. MR is gained from the first time you level anything up to max rank, complete a mission node the first time, complete a junction the first time, a quest the first time, and from RJ intrinsics and a couple more things I think. You don't gain MR from just killing enemies. Power leveling MR is easy to do at your level. Keep your foundry moving with as many things as you can build at all times, always have at least one thing you're leveling equipped, and run through all the content at least once. You can get some weapons from th
  4. Oooh, I had a great idea guys. Let's collect all the things that the community has been begging for over the last several years, repeatedly, over and over and over and put it all into a megathread so they can ignore all of it at once. Like with the rest of the feedback. No, seriously, nearly any request you can think of where you're playing the game and go "Why in the world don't we have this option?" you can do a forum search and see a lovely timeline of all the times DE didn't give a single flying #*!% about what the players for this game wanted. If it's obvious quality of life, it's o
  5. Nourish has scaling healing. The rest of the ability could use a buff, but it's a good ability regardless. Regurgitate is bad. It either needs a really hard buff or to be replaced. It makes a good slot for a Helminth ability though. Pulverize doesn't start consuming energy until you run out of enemies, and considering it's much weaker without anything in your stomach, it's best to exit it when you're empty anyway. It's fairly decent outside endurance running and SP. He's a one-trick-pony with Feast, but it's a very strong trick. Built correctly you just ignore your energy entirel
  6. I didn't say $50. I said $50 worth of currency. Someone paid for it with real money, whether it was you or not. I'm sure someone could come in here with that college degree math and talk about economics and how the devaluation of the blah blah blah, but in beer math there are items that cost $50 worth of plat. Or more. Because that's how much you'd have to spend to buy the plat to buy the thing if you didn't get the plat from trading. The fact that they encourage the economy to lean towards "better off farming prime junk and buying it." so that people are continually moving those $50
  7. Moving Oberon in to dilute the drop tables for late game missions is a sick joke. The people running the missions Oberon drops in now probably had 100's of sets sitting in their inventories before the change was made. I know they legalized Mary Jane up in Canada, but I was unaware Crack was on the menu.
  8. And this is why I can't stand this community. "I think it's totally fine that it takes hundreds of hours to farm a thing." Farming hundreds of hours, Orphix, Eidolon, whatever, for a single thing is unhealthy in every sense of the word. I still remember being new and coming to the forums to ask why the base energy economy is so trash and everyone was like "lol here's some spoilers about operators and focus schools, also just get an arcane energize." As if Trials, Eidolons or now this complete joke with the Orphix drop rates facilitate just casually going to get an Arcane Energize to mi
  9. That's super weird because it's always RB/L Dpad for me. Pilot's seat or not.
  10. You'd have to change the whole entire game, from enemy behavior, AI and spawning mechanics, Frame ability mechanics, mission mechanics, drop rates, all of it, if you wanted to actually balance the game. All a stat squish would do is either mean you're wiping the map with 1,000 damage instead of 1,000,000 damage or it would make the entire game a massive slog, dealing with hoards of enemies with nerf guns and mediocre abilities with crappy energy economy. The way I see it, looking at the game as a whole, you'd either need to do a big enough overhaul to justify just making Warframe 2, or the
  11. This, exactly. My list would be 6 pages long. I like most of core gameplay when it comes to how fast and fluid the game is. It's like nothing else. There's still room for improvement even there. Pretty much everything outside of the fast, fluid gameplay and the art and sound design could use a massive overhaul. The only overhauls they do outside of frame reworks tend to be... Not great. Take the UI as my example to back up this statement. Or what they've done to RJ.
  12. The "in dev" is completely useless information. It could be a week from now. It could be in June. It means absolutely nothing as far as even guessing about a time-line.
  13. Agree with the first, not with the second. Most games either scale the enemy with the player as a gear check to encourage farming in loot games or exploration/crafting/side objective completion in story games, or they leave enemies fairly static but don't have a huge stat range. High end gear will still cruise through low level content, but not to the point of absurdity. If they don't do both a player and enemy stat crunch at the same time they will either never get around to changing enemies, or there will be a long period where the grind is 10x worse because we'll have taken a huge hit
  14. Has to be your rebinds or some issue with PC. Tac map on console is RB/ L Dpad. Just like using an ability. It's one of the reasons why I started wondering why we don't have more binding options for RB + whatever.
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