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  1. Her 4 is flat out one of the best abilities in the game unless you're facing something with innate ability immunity (not like a nullifier where it's the shield that has it, but like an arbi drone.) because it provides an insane amount of extra DPS to literally anything. In-mission testing shows that it cuts down ammo consumption for me by over half because of the bleed procs dealing so much damage. And, unlike other charge abilities, the charge here is truly situational, as the only thing that increases is the targeting cone. Just have a heavy you want to hit? aim and cast. Just a small group? Charge until it covers the group then release. You only have to fully charge it if you're trying to hit every single thing in front of you. You can hide behind your shield and just spam this ability and even the absolute worst pub team will tear through enemies. I play her very smoothly, the only reason I don't have more playtime on her than I do is because I mix up what I use constantly these days.
  2. No, I mean Garuda. None of this applies to KB/M controls in the slightest. Her Seeking Talons ability (with a controller) allows you to charge it simply by holding the ability "menu" button (RB) and then tapping "Y", the default 4th ability button, and charging continues as long as you're holding RB, even if you release Y. The "held ability" is exactly what I'm talking about if you actually read what I wrote. Hydroid's 1 and 4 (and every other chargeable frame ability) currently require you to hold two buttons to charge them if you're using a controller, RB and A/Y. Garuda's chargeable ability lets you hold just one (RB) after tapping Y. There is a discrepancy between the way her chargeable skill works with the game controls and every other chargeable skill works with the game controls. Again, I know that it is different on KB/M and that it does not function the same way and you have your own set of issues. This is not about that. I just want the mechanics used for one frame implemented on every frame where the mechanics currently don't make sense.
  3. First off, not a Garuda main. Don't even really have a heavy amount of playtime on her. But I really want to point a few things out, about things she has that several other warframes need. First off, the most important bit: I play with a controller. Even if I was on PC I'd probably still play with a controller because of the way this game handles. Just a preference, but there's a few issues with the controller support in this game. Hydroid, Ember and Vauban off the top of my head, have abilities where you need to hold the ability button in order to get the most use out of them. Whether or not this is an absolutely horrible design choice is not what I want to argue, but rather the mechanics of it. See, on a controller you don't hit one button to use an ability. You hold a shoulder button to tell the game to switch 5 other buttons into the ability buttons and then hit the one you want. On Xbox this means holding RB, then hitting A,B,X,Y or LB. This is completely fine, until you have to charge an ability. With the three frames I mentioned and probably any other frame with a charge skill, you have to hold both the shoulder button AND the corresponding ability button in order to charge the ability. You cannot easily do this while also using the thumb stick to aim, in the middle of combat. It's atrocious design. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Someone with a functioning brain designed Garuda's controls because unlike every other frame with a charge skill, you can hold the shoulder button to access abilities, tap the desired ability button and charge by simply continuing to hold the shoulder button, allowing you to freely aim and move. Every other charge skill in the game needs to function mechanically identical to Garuda's 4. There is no valid reason this is not already the case. Hydroid feels like trash to use with a controller. Ember feels like trash to use with a controller. Charging any ability by having to hold two buttons, removing your ability to comfortably hold the controller and aim is such horrible design I have to believe this is just an oversight. Secondly, the design philosophy behind her kit needs to be the standard for designing new frame's abilities. Several newer frames have ability synergy (Khora), or team synergy (Wisp), or solid overall loadout synergy where the skills work really well with your gear (Gauss) but Garuda is a shining example of all 3. Her skills work well together, with the team and with her own gear. She's durable, can restore her own energy, her and her team's health, and can provide potentially massive bleed procs to everyone's damage output. She's also got a solid nuke as part of her 3-in-1 first ability. I play frames like her or Khora or Wisp and I weep for the early frames that have virtually no synergy with anything, and probably don't even have 4 abilities that are all worth using. I know the community is rework hungry right now, but several of the older frames have been left behind, and it really shows. Lastly, there's the brilliance of giving her a backup melee since it's part of her actual frame, and plays into her kit. It's thematic, it's cool, it's fun and it needs to be on more frames. And the idea behind it honestly needs to be spread around into other areas of the game as well. For instance, why are we still using stat sticks for warframe abilities? In virtually every instance of an ability using a stat stick, like Khora or Atlas's first ability, modding the weapon for the ability makes it absolutely awful to use as an actual melee weapon. It also means that if for any reason you can't or don't want to bring a melee weapon (Sortie requirements, power leveling a non-melee weapon) the ability itself becomes completely and utterly useless. Having cool back up melee weapons on more frames would add interest to those frames, and allowing us to mod the abilities that currently use stat sticks separately would allow those frames to utilize their abilities as well as their melee weapon in all cases. Since I know it's coming, the only downside to this would be the players that have built out stat sticks with rivens and whatnot would be upset. But in the same vein as everyone else talking about how certain things like some mods "weren't in line with intentions" how is using a riven for a weapon that has nothing to do with the ability itself in line or intended? Atlas, Ash, Gara and Khora are all capable of obtaining obscene amounts of damage using stat sticks that don't utilize rivens. The melee "changes" will honestly hurt most of those frames more than the lack of a riven, were this suggestion put into the game, and it would allow you access to the full potential of these abilities without having to have a crippled melee weapon on. EDIT: I like how everyone hijacked the thread to talk about how underappreciated Garuda is lol. While true, I want my charge abilities fixed, dammit.
  4. For the record, this is repeatable, very easily. Was in after mission report screen, chatting with alliance when someone linked something and I clicked it. Same exact bug, had to force quit the game.
  5. How many more times are we going to get nerfed before you do ANYTHING about enemy scaling? It's getting really, really annoying.
  6. Look, I hate it too, because it's boring as hell and beyond tedious and time-consuming, but it's not hard. 1. Clear your area before calling. Ivara, enemy radar. 2.Absolutely agree. The only frustrating part for me. Between this game's amateur hour AI pathing and the horrible track highlight color choice it's an absolute chore to track the animals. 3. Zoom all the way in on the advanced map, put a WP directly on the poo marker. This almost always puts the wp directly on the poo in-game. 4. When you call and they respond, the sound is louder when facing the direction they are calling from. They are highlighted through terrain on your tranq scope. 5. It is unclear, but there are set metrics for this. Don't get too close. They know when you're within proximity. Don't be in a direction where the wind carries your scent toward them. You can see what direction the wind is blowing with the plants, syandanas and dangly bits on warframes. When you know where they are coming from generally, and know which way the wind is blowing, reposition while they're on the way to you. Lastly, don't miss. If you're far enough away, they can't smell you and you don't miss, it will almost always be a perfect capture. Agreed though, it's horrible and I hate it.
  7. First off: Fix the damn sawgaws. You know they're broken. They've been broken. They're still broken. Fix them. Yeah, I know you don't actually need them to complete the challenge, but it's really annoying. Mostly though, this is just an insanely boring and tedious chore of a challenge. I know you put it in the game (god knows why.) so you want people to do it, but I absolutely hate it. it's not hard. I don't need tips or advice or blah blah blah (bolded, but you people are going to do it anyway because no one can read, I swear to god.) I just really don't like being forced into doing it if I want the points. I don't want to choose between avoiding a tedious chore and standing. It's a cumbersome menu and UI just to get to where you can see a specific animal type to hunt. It's seriously 6 steps to be able to see just one animal type on the map. Then you fly ALLLLL the way there, which is literally just pointless, long map traversal. Find the poo, then track the barely visible prints through the snow for what feels like an hour, go through the menus 400 more times to get your lures and calls and all that out, call it twice, then wait to have a shot on it. SIX times. I don't even want to do it once. You want me to do it SIX damn times and lord knows this is you people's favorite recurring challenge so I'll end up having to do this like 30 friggin times, plus more if any of my clannies need help with it. It's time to stop, DE. You make weird, BS addons and then shoehorn them into everything. What's next? Gotta play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the shawzin for nightwave standing? Just let me play the game that exists outside of all these half-baked half-finished peripherals.
  8. Had the mission results up still from sortie, talking to a clanmate, linked a mod, clicked it, and it locked the game up so that I couldn't exit the screen. Had to force quit and restart the game.
  9. That's the part that really frustrates me. Rather than play the game and figure out why people are all using one thing over others, or even just looking at more than one set of data, like where a specific weapon is seeing the most use so you can figure out if it's an issue with the game type, they look at literally just one number, and nerf it. You know where I saw the most catchmoons? Arbitration. Those stupid drones are not only a pain to hit, but half the time they're hiding behind the enemies that they're making invincible. It's a horrible mechanic, and people use catchmoon/plasmor/fulmin to negate the stupid mechanic. Conveniently though, they noticed that literally everyone was using a specific gun, and decided to nerf not the damage, but the range, right before they decided to announce weapon exilus slots (Available in the market right now, only 20p!) and mods that fit in those slots that you could conveniently use to increase the range they just nerfed without screwing your build up. Funny how that happens.
  10. That's exactly what most of you on the other side of the argument are doing. "I'm so glad they did this." "Finally nerfed those spin-to-win players." "This needed to happen.(but I'm not going to give a reason why, but it's because I hate other people having fun.)" Leaving those mods alone would not have excluded you "fun" players from using the combo systems and things that they put in. You don't have to use the meta, I know that's hard for some of you to understand, but it's not mandatory. You could have had your system, and the MS/BR/CO meta could have been left alone, and there would have been options. You would have been able to decide how to build. Only the parts of the game that you people think are "unintentional" and "pointless" are the parts that actually require the meta, so they could have had their fun and you could have had yours and those of us who do both could have gotten to choose. I know you people hate that though. and CO is total trash. I farmed for 60+ hours in-mission to get that mod to drop and it's pointless now. I'm sure there will be more of the "totally not laughing at you, but with you" haha reacts for that line alone. Not that any of you would be that toxic to your fellow players. No. Heaven forbid. It not only didn't have to happen, as I've already stated, but high mobility with high damage is absolutely necessary for high level play. Arbitrations, Disruption, and ESO all require high kill speed. Not because "git gud". I'm not going to die repeatedly without my spin to win or my redeemer prime. But I'm going to kill slower, and that can result in failure for several of the endgame mission types. You can't CC a demolisher for longer than 4 seconds, and not at all without a lockdown arcane. They push a CC meta and then make everything immune to CC, and they and all of you tell us we don't need ridiculous damage to make up for the engineered inability to actually use warframe powers on several enemies.
  11. I don't mind change in games. If they want to totally rework the game from what they made: a hoard mode power fantasy, into what they "intended": a tactical stealth shooter where every enemy encounter matters, that's fine with me. But the enemies need a nerf and a rework that coincides with the player nerfs. I'm not mad about BR/MS/CO exactly, I'm mad that they took away the most effective way to deal with some of the BS they throw at us in the higher tier play modes without providing another avenue to slog through said BS, or nerfing said BS. And all the "DE can do no wrong" crowd can do is scream "muh intended gameplay" in every thread. THEY DON'T HAVE ANY GODDAMN INTENTIONS. They just wildly flail about with their game design. You can literally tell who was playing what other games in their free time by looking at what they put in any given update. It's just whatever systems from other games they think would be good at the time all slapped together onto good core mechanics. You can tell there are no long-term intentions because every time they release new content, they have to turn existing systems in the game off in order to balance it. Prime example: Exploiter Orb fight, you can't target anything with Mesa's Peacemaker. An ability that they put into the game gets flat out turned off because it would unbalance what they wanted to do with the fight. They want so hard to push a CC meta and refuse to let go of the idea of CC being viable, and yet every new enemy they put in the game is just flat out immune to most CC. And I'm supposed to care about their "intentions" for past content? They don't even care. And if they #*!%ing play-tested the game beyond having the community managers do it in low level missions, one time on stream, then they would understand their "intentions" weren't being executed properly.
  12. Why are so many of you so toxic? I see the "haha" reacts and condescending replies that you trolls are putting on everyone's posts where they state their opinion that they don't like they changes; that they feel slighted by them because it's a direct nerf to them and to something that's been in the game for so long. You're all happy and gloating that someone else's fun got taken away because the fun was "unintended." Seriously? OP fighting level 400 enemies with his meta builds affected NONE of you. Zero. Goose Egg. The worst thing that happened to any of you because of someone playing with a meta build is someone ran through your PUB fissure and killed everything before you could get to it with your stug, or whatever it is you people like to use for "fun." Not a single one of you has any viable, sound argument for why the nerfs are a good thing for the player base other than "muh devs intentions" and "people should have fun how I have fun because other people having fun their way offends me." That's it. That's you guys whole entire argument, and it sucks. Now give me my laugh reacts.
  13. 5 seconds after the massive catchmoon range nerf: "But you can buy a weapon exilus adapter and stick a range mod on top of your regular build now!" You know what player numbers graph I'd like to see? How many people immediately upon downloading the update bought a weapon exilus adapter, stuck it on their catchmoon, stuck in a flight speed mod and called it a day. Half the playerbase suddenly really wanting the thing you just started selling HAS to be good for sales.
  14. They did all that. They put all of that in the game. Point still stands.
  15. "intended" You people are making me hate that word. You don't put infinite scaling in the game then get to call it unintentional.
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