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  1. See the next two comments.
  2. That's exactly my problem, too! Maybe get the options like different poses for Articula for caged/uncaged version, then everyone can be happy! I wouldn't mind the stationary option, either. DE knows by my purchase history I'd be ready to drop thousands on moving ones though haha.
  3. I know this is somewhat silly, but I'm one of those people that in multiple choice freedom RPGs that can't ever be the bad guy. I just totally recoil from it. Likewise, I've got this really weird level of distaste for the Caged Condroc and Kuaka decorations. I feel like it would be fairly easy to free them from their cages (which honestly don't look good in our orbiters) and put the Condroc on a wooden perch and maybe let the Kuaka roam about the ship much in the same fashion as the domestik drone. I don't feel like this is too much to ask since there's already precedent for moving objects in the orbiter, and the animations are already all there. It would also be pretty neat to see more life in our orbiters and dojos since there are now new subspecies of Condrocs and Kuakas, plus the smaller game in the Orb Vallis. After discussing it with fellow Tenno, I know that I'm not the only one that would like to see this happen. Can we do it?
  4. Brief Respite, increases your shields when an ability is used much like the Augur Set
  5. Arbitration drones stop spawning after I believe the first round is over in Survival in Gas City. Also, somehow people have been getting into my dojo and clipping through rooms, they're not showing up in the relay chat list, but I was able to briefly see a name at one point, due to them being in an area inaccessible to most people I couldn't get the whole thing to ask them about it. There were anywhere from 1-6 people in my dojo showing up on the map, moving around in areas that did not exist. The screenshots I took did not render the map overlay, however I do have two showing a volt and loki prime.
  6. Trading to rivens mentioned in title or Arca Plasmor - 800p Brakk - 1,000p Lanka - 800p
  7. Darn, and I was really enjoying being the Savior of the mission by bringing in all the wolfsbane
  8. Glad I saved my Arcane Warmth lol Looks like it's time to kit out Wyrm with that Simaris Augment too.
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