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  1. I go with a strength focused harrow. Seeing 20 "+40 energy: kill" pop up every second is my crack. Also the crit boost and fire rate boost is helpful i suppose.
  2. Tripple damage actually. But dont get serrated blade confused the blade damage, one ignores armor and thats the only difference! For... some reason. Damage 1.0 was magical. I still dont know how people figured out the names for these damage types.
  3. Putting garuda in pure damage category while chroma is a hybrid category is just off to me. I get it, he has buffs, but they are relatively short range and require babysitting allies to keep them up. His support is entirely accidental if you ask me. Hes not entirely wrong there, but largely with the caveat that youre probably coordinating with other people to actually get a benefit. Garuda straight up has a heal everyone can benefit from consistently. Her debuff is something you can utilize in tandem with other frames who can take advantage of it way more than you even with your dread mirror (nothing says ouch like a demolyst inflicted with seeking talons being shot at by a fully rampd mesa.) and its not just something someone got by brushing shoulders with you and suddenly they deal a ton more damage. Plus her mirror straight up can be used to protect the team with some concious effort. It stops the majority of enemies from walking through it and absorbs all their shots so you can basically act as a near impenetrable wall in tighter corridors.
  4. Love the detail on the ribbons, I was curious what you'd do with it since just being perfectly geometric would look really off. Very clever indeed! Edit: if the nighthunter v2 wings which got updated to be less insane get added, those 2 might be an instant buy together.
  5. Armor was always a thing. Grineer heavies did have shields ON TOP of ho and armor though. In fact armor used tk be way worse than what we have now. The ONLY saving grace was 20% of the weapons in the game just ignored it.
  6. I'm not opposed to increased damage, but something needs to be done about how we obtain our defenses too. The only real defense we have is varying forms of damage reduction and it's become so easy to stack them on some of the tankier frames. This basically makes any form of defense a squishier frame can use exponentially better on a tank as it just stacks with that they have. Since enemy EHP is being lowered I wouldn't mind seeing an emphasis then put on trading ability use for defense in the late game. Having more than just direct damage reduction be a form of defense and introducing different forms of direct and new forms of indirect survivability while making the high potential defense you can get a little harder so at least the more tanky frames have to potentially make a sacrifice. The idea would be to maybe give squishier frames something they can use that isn't just better on a tank. So many on hits, things that scale off stuff they don't have. Even mid-tier tank frames can struggle with the number we have. I play garuda a lot, and she's not the most directly tanky warframe but still fairly sturdy without abilities and with the veil proxima (sentients especially) just the armor alone is barely enough to soak up anything. For example, I have a triple umbra setup on her and the main sentient enemies will straight up kill me in 3-4 hits of their blasters. To me that's insane for 877 armor and the 33% sentient damage reduction. I also have 2 guardians and sometimes I can have them up but it barely changes the results thaaat much. Now imagine just... tuning that up higher. Of course this then means inaros would need to be look at given how little he acually cares about his abilities. But to me, one outlier in all of this isn't the biggest deal. So in the end, i want to hear more of what they have planned. You can just reverse 5+ years of insane power creep as a result of the armor system and just expect everything to be fine.
  7. Played since mid 2013, largely played consistently since outside of a year or so break because i just didnt feel like continuing. But Ive been back at it for a while now and thats mostly because warframe is a good clean side of fun to go with anything. Reguardless of what Ive said, I dont really care for the negative aspects of warframe and just play it till I stop having fun then play other things. In reality theres so much stuff I do actively dislike, but I just instead do the things I be enjoy instead of dwelling on it. For example the anomolies in veil. When i found out it was 30 minutes out of every 3 hours I just never tried it, never looked up if it was coming during a play session, i just went back to playing railjack. No reason to burn yourself out or out a damper on things for ANYTHING, let alone a weapon or spiny effect, in my eyes. Did a similar thing with fortuna. Found out theres little reason to max out so I stopped when things got boring. Came back when i started having fun again and there was a reason to max out fortuna rep.
  8. I beleive theres still a scan somewhere for the excavation scanner. First month of excavation being a main game mode you actually had to fuel up a scanner on the other side of the map and have it call in the excavators. I think its the first case of a completely missed scan. Didnt get it myself, ultmately never cared, but its a little fun fact and something you can know will never come back above anything else.
  9. One thing id like to point out. IIRC it actually says "bow ammo" when you pick up ammo for a bow.
  10. Turns out the "queuing" dread mirror from seeking talons on garuda is just straight up an animation cancel out of the 2nd half of seeking talon. Absolutely amazing. Someone at DE must really love garuda because I can't recall a frame that has gotten as much attention to details like this that wasn't in the current limelight such as during a rework phase.
  11. Of all the companion abilities I personally think its the best. It never stops functioning until it dies and is a straight benefit to something more powerful and reliable than anything in warframe, guns.
  12. Looks like a bug. That ship just appears to be the scimitar skin from behind.
  13. Garuda invalidates armor with a weapon built to bleed. Stuns everything, bleed them dry, and go back to your daily business. With how few enemies there are you can even just stick them in blood altars and go about your business repairing as they heal you. Plus if we are fighting an anomaly the stun + 40% hp execute makes taking out the sentients notably quicker.
  14. Corinth: It looks, sounds, and feels like something thay would delete a man. The single shot reload also adds to the style in my eyes. The only thing that could make it better is if the cocking motion worked even with the base attack speed. Seriously! I would love for this to be fixed so bad! AkLex prime: in the same vein, this thing really works as a dual weild hand cannon. It sounds great, the insane recoil is fun to me, and it just exemplifies only needing a single shot to absolitely devastate enemies. I always fall back to it at some point.
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