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  1. The sheer power gap thag exists between options. Its one thing to have low tier gear that works its way up to being high tier, but some weapons/weapon classes/abilities just shoot so far ahead of anything before it that its pretty much become impossible to balance the game properly these days. Which is tolerable on its own, but its been seeping into how the game has been designed and treated for a while. DE has resorted to tactics like nullifcation, inconsistent damage reductions out of nowhere, damage caps, immunities just to vaguely keep us in line. Which doesnt do much in the end
  2. Guess they must have accounted for this augment then as blood forge does not trigger ocucor's reload stipulation nor does it trigger the reload acolyte mods.
  3. This is getting into very specific territory, but garuda could probably take good advantage of it with blood forge. It doesn't count as reloading and you don't have to put away a gun for it so you can maintain the buff 100% of the time so long as you aren't inclined to melee.
  4. People say that, but they say a lot of things. Pretty much anything that sounds "cool" will be suggested by a lot of people for the sake of it.
  5. To be fair, the grineer speak an entirely different language normally. I can't imagine ESOL classes are offered in space totalitarianism school where your trained goal is to A. shoot things until it dies or B. shoot until you die. Inability to speak a different language does not equal lack of intellect, even if the brain sees it that way.
  6. Yes, it's a very common bug where your grenade fan will collide with nothing the second you throw it out causing the ones that triggered instantly to use the base stats and ignore your passive. This also extends to their duration.
  7. I put tesla nervos on protea for some nice and cheap set and forget CC while also having more deployable gadgets.
  8. It's a bolter with a side mounted mortar and does a good job sounding like it. If that doesn't sell you on maining it, reloading it causes every oriface of the gun and even the disposed magazine to smoke like it's always on the verge of catching fire. By god those reload sounds... like a love child of a portable howitzer and an M1 garand. It could heal enemies and I'll still use it. I'm sure there are better guns as you said, but it's still got some power to it (especially the alt fire, jesus all the entrati alt fires are silly), and is pretty reliable when you learn the recoil so it's bee
  9. Evasion isn't dodge. Evasion is basically an invisible aura that debuffs enemy accuracy against you depending what actions you're taking (standing still vs bullet jumping). Xaku's dodge is unique in that you're still taking said hit, the game just decides it will ignore that damage. However the 2 pair extremely well. 75% chance to not be hurt when shot is one thing, but when you just cut the amount of times you get shot by like 50% then it's much more powerful.
  10. That's basically what ended up happening to me. Pretty much everything that's crazy powerful always ends up being not fun to me for one reason or another either through how cheesy it is, or how lame it feels to use. I have stuck with this train of through more or less since I started playing the game because it was fine. But for necramechs I just broke out octavia for the first time in years. My experience for a couple hours straight was basically: they litterally keep putting up shields one after the other. Sometimes I can take out the shield an instant, sometimes it takes 10 seconds of sh
  11. It would be one thing if they just kept makimg status immune enemies. Its another that they are making them when we have like 5 unique examples of status modifing enemies. You have the status immune. The selectively status immune. Things like bosses not really taking much in the way of toxin procs and heavy deimos enemies being immune to viral procs. The selectively status limiting. Fun fact specters have a limit of 1 viral and 1 slash proc able to be applied. I think corrosive is limited too. Everything else? Perfectly fine. Generally status resistant. Liches are the obvio
  12. Bile is definitely the odd one out. Its comprised mostly of resources that the only way to get them is to actively seek them out with there being 0 reason to have done so, or have disproportionate costs. At least for the most part. Theres too few that are more readily and passively available that once you feed them the ones you do have, you jave to fight against his cravings since you dont have enough of the sparse materials to change that. Railjack resources being the obvious stand out. I played a ton of RJ when it came out and a fair bit with the revisited and only have like 70k coperni
  13. It has its issues. They hand you way too many materials so it relies on you waiting for things. I can cap my rep in 3 bounties with mother tokens, I never need grind for non scillicant father tokens, same with daughter/otak/granny tokens I'm 100% fine on. But because of that I'm focusing so much on "alright, when are these token going to rotate back in now?!". Especially if you don't know ahead of time you might need certain tokens like the 20 granny tokens for a *single* weapon. 200 assorted tokens (or 20k rep worth to make it consistent with son tokens only needing 2 vs 10) for a single gun
  14. Must have been, I've done about 3-4 full tours of the isolation vaults within the last couple hours just fine. It broke in a lot of other ways, but they were able to be completed.
  15. Yeah I'm not too keen on them. You can dodge their shots by just circle strafing at walking speed and avoiding the grenade shower is as easy as "not being there" so it's just a waiting game with their shield spam. It took me a while to notice that the shield deactivates when the back takes damage, but the hitbox is super small and you're basically guaranteed to take reflect meaning you probably want to have shields because it would be self-termination otherwise. Or not because sometimes the damage reflect just doesn't kick in. Also the slow. You get hit once and you're slowed for like 15 secon
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