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  1. There is one thing i noticed with punch through and hitscan weaspons where ragdolls seem to get hit more times than they should. Ive seen this on garuda and nezha before I believe. Dunno if thats whats happening here.
  2. The strangest part is only the damage is different from the weapon you can tag in chat or view in arsenal before equipping it. The kuva tonkor when viewed like this STILL shows the exact same reload speed as the normal tonkor. I'll try and compare my friends karak to mine if he's around. Edit: Got his numbers. The IPS was the exact same on both, 6.9, 6.0, 9.4. However instead of 5.6 rad damage he had 8.3 toxin which makes sense given he claims his bonus was ~33% while mine was 25%. So basically it seems that slightly lowered base you see on equip is the real base damage it adds the damage
  3. It's a bonus. If you type [kuva karak] it'll tell you it does 7.1, 6.2, 9.7. Once I equip it (doesn't say it in the preview) it tacks on 5.6 rad because of my 24%. Maybe it does to an extent cause I notice my karak does .2 less of each ips. Unless the entire weapons stats are random too. Edit: Got a kuva tonkor from a 43% lich. Kuva tonkor has 733 base, my rad one has 758 where half the blast turned into rad. Huh. It also doesn't have more reload speed than tonkor... Well this seems right borked.
  4. Starting it off does suck. Trying to get the requiem mods at the very start takes a good chunk of time and adds to the slog of the first lich + lack of knowledge on them. Honestly after that it's relatively smooth, it takes time still but give how long it takes for you to kill a single lich and you get 3 lich kills minimum per mod you have so much time to replace a mod low on juice.
  5. In the end, I don't think we know. The last time I remember them talking about the system as a whole so in-depth was during a very early showing of melee 3.0 which doesn't resemble what it seems like they are going for now (biggest point being super simplified controls now vs giving us more buttons to hit). This is only phase one so we will have to see where the next phases take us.
  6. Instead of calling out the system as a whole we should start isolating what exactly is wrong. Sounds like the problem here is stance animations restricting movement too much and locking you in longer than normal animations. We should instead be bringing attention to how bad some of the stances are and why that made quick melee was favorable to begin with. It's not the new melee systems fault for showing us how painful some stances are, especially when it overall does so much to smooth things out as is.
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