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  1. Considering she has a constant heal that can just sit there for a long time, Id say adaptation has its place. So long as its maxed you can basically leave a blood altar around and just touch it once every 20 seconds to keep your stacks up. Worst case you spend half a second draining your HP back down or suffer dealing slightly less damage for a second while you take a few hits. You have to use blood altar anyways if you want to get your energy back up so it works out IMO.
  2. They did say it was heavily inapire by oni but in their defense the very first time he was ever shown they straight up called him "kirby frame" which is extremely accurate to his end design. Hes simple but I think hes kind of cool. His DR method is unique and his abilities put it you at risk for, hopefully, a good pay out. I think itll be dumb fun to go around carrying like 20 dudes and just blast them at some guys face like a human shotgun. Plus, unless theres heavy restrictions he basically instantly kills enemies. If not from nourish but just instantly taking an enemy out of combat to use as a shield.
  3. Hes still kind of right. Hes not really mentioning that you do at least include some legitimate issues like the speargun aiming and janky use of her 1 and 2, the majority of these are just small visual problems. Im sure de already knows about some of the bigger issues since its some of the first things people mention when they talk about garuda en masse. Maybe not the speargun issue since garuda is already niche as is so seeing someone who will actively remember an issue with garuda and spear guns is like seeing a unicorn. Slightly off topic but ill actually say chroma was the buggiest frame on launch. Garuda has a few janky issues and oversights that are kind of annoying but chroma was kind of on another level at times. His ice ward never multiplied damage, it was only fixed months later. We didnt even know cause damage reflect is terrible anyways lmao. Casting 2 then 3 in that order made it so when you took damage you would repeat the animation constantly. It wasnt a free flowing animation like it is today, if you used it during law of retribution you would be soft locked out of shooting for minutes. His 1 was misaligned meaning you had to look 45 degrees up to hit anything right in front of you. Elemental ward stacked in such a busted way that de straight up removed the ability for people to have different chroma buffs. Still miffed, especially when they mentioned how interesting it would be to see an an all chroma raid when he was about to come out. Certain hazards would make effigy bounce around before stopping. I also recal sometimes effigy just sticking me in the animation twice in a row, that one was long too. For some god forsaken reason duration scaled your toxin wards power. Theres more but a number are more benefitial like he used to double dark sectors end of mission credits and things like that. His stuff was way more annoying and he was also massive so he took up half the screen when aiming with anything. Be lucky garuda is petite, even if her claws say otherwise lol. Edit: dont forget the everpresent "buffs allies" in the description of effigy. Something it still doesnt do.
  4. The only thing that Im not too big on when it comes to arguments like that is that, nothing is exclusive to infested. Id accept it if some frames excelled against infested uniquely while perhaps not being as good against other factions but thats not the case for any frame that I can think of. Best case normally is a frame deals a damage type the infested are weak that makes it less effective against other factions. Correct me if im wrong thorugh, its late and there are 45 or so warframes, most i dont really play, to think back on. Instead a frame just happens to have some stuff that cant affect infested because they dont have armor or shields so they are just being excluded because theres nothing really unique to infested to take advantage of specifically. The closest thing is probably vauban and bastille but not only do healers challenge that but as we can see bastille is quite effective against everything as well. To me it seems unnecessarily disparate as only one side really loses.
  5. A little bit excessive dont you think? I get it, you like ash. Most of us have a warframe we just like using whenever we get. But just because you cant use 1 ability to instantly kill an enemy who shows up once every 25 missions if you bother to always have a mark shouldnt be grounds to get upset. Operators are good at taking on stalker. Most weapons are. Theres other things you could use to fill out that hole in .5% of the game that you are left with. If your weapons arent up to snuff, the version of stalker after the second dream is actually quite easy to dodge so you can just outlast him really.
  6. In the same vein garuda does something very similar. You sacrifice a slot on your weapon for relentless combination, use seeking talons in an enemy, put them in blood altar. Congrats you have 20 seconds to smack then and generate trillions of bleeds on them. Get 2 guys together and youll hit 2k combo in under a minute with a fast weapon.
  7. I legit never thought about that when writing my post because at no point since they were introduced have I EVER tried to headshot them cause I genuinely didn't know they even had a face until recently. They are so damn small it's hilarious.
  8. It'd be neat but it's one of those cool things that's just too much effort for not much at all. Out of the what.... 45 warframes we have, only a handful could possibly get these synergies. Besides, the most important question to ask is "what would this try and achieve". Warframes already do so much as is and can do it really powerfully that I have to ask what could be done that's so special it could warrant wanting to pick 2 specific warframe for a situation. Especially when you consider the fact that if you just picked a different warframe there's SOME hole you can fill that no synergy could really out-do. I just like things the way they are where synergies happen already, just on a more subtle and coincidental level where one frame benefits another way more than it would the general roster. Things like harrow/trinity/garuda (if she stops drawing agro lol) working with nekros to not have to worry about his shadows ever dying. Garuda can take any damage buff and double it for herself letting her reach damage potentials not many pairs really can. Nidus pulling in enemies for garuda so her blood altars leave attackable health kebabs for nidus to get infinite stacks off of. I realize all my combos involve garuda but that's mostly because I play her so much I've discovered a ton of interactions that allow her to play well with a number of frames. I just needed quick examples.
  9. I didnt take any offense. I was saying that theres some instances where hitting the head is a huge effort and arguably out of your control because enemies can turn on a dime, get CCd, and you have high zoom. Say a wisp comes in and everyone is suddenly shocked the moment you look at them or uses her blind, their head moves or is blocked by their hands (I think thats the case, I havent tested things myself). Chargers heads are so low and feel a bit finicky to hit. Granted they die super quick no matter what. Hyenas in vallis move around a ton and are fairly low on the ground. A number of enemies weak spots arent even counted as heads it seems. Bursa, lephantis, juggernaut. The only one I remember being headshot viable for argon scope is suprisingly thumpers. Then you have instances with things like gas vulkar builds where you arent always 1 shotting everything but doing high damage to crowds. I have 0 impact on my gun bevause of a riven but they still stagger on nearly every shot so if I end up hitting the head and its not an instant kill on an armored target theyll just get staggered and i have to wait for another opening. Id rather just get a headshot and a few body shots because chances are that headshot massively weakened them anyways. Its not like the vulkar needs that mod, I dont even use target aquired and Im still murdering everything. My riven has S#&$ all for bonus damage btw, its just a meme mod for negative impact. Ammo max and fire rate lmao. I think if you wany to test yourself theres a higher payout and some potential QoL as you wont need a higher level of zoom to do equivalent damage, but it feels a bit redundant to me. It should just be for all snipers since vulkar already has a headshot multi stat and 1 augment that kind of does the same by being a multiplicative modifier.
  10. I wouldnt use it personally. Hesd hitboxes change so often between enemies. Some are their whole bodies, some are the small front part of this floating ball, some have none, etc. Sometimes they move around way too much as well. With the zoom requirement for max headshot multi on the vulkar it makes it even worse. Target aquired is already solid with 60% and doesnt ruin you damage against enemies who might end up moving their head around a lot or get CCd This is only assuming all the headshot multies from the mods and zoom multiply off eachother. If they are all additive I really dont think itll be as worth it.
  11. From the sounds of that description it just means you got rep. The sigil is just the symbol for this season of nightwave indicating you got rep for that season. Same exact thing happened during wolf of saturn six.
  12. TF2 and occasional nightwave has me captured for the most part. Outside of that when Im out and about Ive found a lot of enjoyment in mobile games. After seeing tons of promotions for it I tried Raid shadow legends and its more enjoyable than I thought for a game I can just pull out and do some cheap and simple grinding. Plus digging through a medical dictionary since classes start soon. Chances are I wont even be able to play railjack cause of it though.
  13. Yeah but with high armor and lack of bonus armor pen from matching positive stat that damage gets reduced notably until you drop the armor significantly.
  14. Might not have gotten the point across very well but I dont hate that theres a different damage type. I dont like that its well thought out at all. I think what we have with ferrite vs alloy works as they are different but with minor similarities so its possible to mod primarily for one and be minorly effective with the other. But they dont actively conflict. I think we could go for a properly utilized machinery with some tweaks so it would be more possible to at least have a minor bonus to either it or the armor type it might come with if it gets used later on. I think having any more than 4 resists per faction is getting a bit much and thats primarily for a combat flow reason. Weapons only swap so fast and with how many mixed units can be around at once itll be annoying switching weapons repeatedly to deal with this one or two heavy units then going back to standard units then swapping to a guy with a different type altogether. I dont think using swap mods is a solution to this either because its something that I feel should just be quicker across the board. Melee swapping changes did help, but the problem is a number of frames srent melee suitsble, especially when numbers get high on the enemies side. Then you have the archguns, yeah we have them but they are so ungodly slow to deploy that you basically have to consider if its more worth it to shoot st an enemy with mismatched resists longer than to just pull out a heavy gun to kill a few guys somewhat quicker. I loce heavy weapons a lot but my god if i was expected to use them back and forth anything close to profit taker I will just deal with having less damage. So balancing enemies under the assumption we have a full arsenal of 4-5 weapons if you count amps just gets really messy real quick. 2 weapons that can be modded for a primary type and a minor type with the option to have a third/fourth weapon that you can put for a major resist if they give you trouble works well and in my opinion should be the base thats expected.
  15. I'm kind of glad it's a forgotten health type because if it mattered, it would kind of conflict with grineer types. There's not one positive resist they share. Ferrite is weak to corrosive, toxin, puncture. Alloy is weak to puncture, radiation, cold. Machinery? Blast, impact, electricity. Blast is resisted by ferrite, impact does nothing but with armor its not good, electricity is terrible against alloy. Then look at machineries negatives. It resists toxin and viral. The first can be used against ferrite and the latter is good when armor is stripped. The only resist they share is reduced damage from slash, that's it. Imagine if a tusk had alloy/ferrite armor and machinery HP, that's just be annoying to mod for cause no matter what you're damage is hurt from one thing or another. I get including a different health type that has different major weaknesses, but they should at least not be entirely different and share similar minor resists like how grineer armor are always at minimum slighty weak to puncture and how they all have flesh so heat/viral will have an impact equally once their main defense is down. Compare this to coprus. They are all weak to toxin to varying degrees for the sheer fact it bypasses their major defense. Magnetic and impact always work on shields. The big differences comes from the health type which are quite different, but with a lack of damage reduction and many shares neutral types, you at least have something to work with.
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