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  1. I wish the kavat had more of a presence at all. Everything it does is single target and take itself out if combat for so long to do 1 thing to one enemy that I personally set it to heal mode and command it to always heal me cause I do way more than it could help me with. Honestly chroma feels like he has better synergy with kavats. Vex armor works to boost your kavat to insane levels of damage if its kitted out well as well as making it even more tanky than it already is. Grab the mods which allow you to deal bonus damage to bleeding targets, prioritize bleeding targets, and run around with a rapier or tatsu for the guaranteed bleeds so you can stay in range of it for the boost. It will be slow but at least you can guarantee something dies quick unlike with venari.
  2. Yeah that sucks but at least there are still some good mods you can fit. I can only fit one more on top of my crit and elements so I'm constantly debating punchthrough or magazine size. Even with the slower reload the 60% increased mag for a total of 192 shots is delicious hah.
  3. Oh that sounds juicy. Must be nice knowing whether it was you who turned that room into swiss cheese or a team mate cause you're undergoing an earthquake localized entirely under your monitor.
  4. Lmao I feel ya. I was 1 second away from sending a very confused response worrying I exhaustedly mistook something haha. Sleeps a pain sometimes.
  5. I'd argue the opposite. Past 1 mod having more fire rate comes at a bigger cost to dps. With this you can actually use negative mods for some benefit if you choose or just build it normally. 400% is more than enough for practical use and anything more without magazine capacity and it would actually be useless. I'd love it if you could for sheer hilarity but my grakata would be so bad if I put more than wild frenzy in it hah. For reference on the prisma grakata you have 1.4 seconds to control the recoil and get 2 kills for the refund. On the normal grakata that gives you .7 seconds.
  6. Yes. I had tested it with every single fire rate mod + harrows buff then did it again with both negative fire rate mods. Same fire rate.
  7. They have 10 weeks to figure that out and from what we've seen of Wolf of Saturn Six so far shows it's not exactly a massive effort to come up with. We have challenges, every 3 or so week we get a 15 second panorama with some story voicing, and maybe they do something slightly different to handle the next story mechanically instead of the random captures and assassin.
  8. Garuda's passive for damage bonus is incredibly powerful but out of the box it's really unreliable to try and get working right if you just play is straight. Depending on how you play you're HP jumps around too much to be consistent or you're always at full life just in case cause outside of the passive there's no reason not to be with her powerful healing. Overall it becomes kind of an afterthought cause the more you need the damage boost as levels go up, the riskier it gets. So instead of having to rely on your current HP, it should go off of what the lowest your HP has been within the last say 3-4 seconds. This works really well with her abilities since you only have to use your shield to keep yourself covered for a brief second to lower your HP instead of having to use a shield which I find effective but not "I'll definitely run around at sub 10% hp with this" effective. Your blood altars keep that time at low HP to a minimum but in later levels you still have some risk getting killed in a brief window since any more than 1 altar prevents you from hitting 2 hp. This still leaves those who want the perma buff through quick thinking/prime flow to get a significant benefit. This way you still put yourself at a temporary risk for a quick burst of massive damage but it's a risk that feels a bit more in-line with what is a bit more practical for this game than what we have now.
  9. Because no matter what happens they have never taken away the fact that I can take a small scale chain gun to a room full of pretty much anything that's angry in this universe. Except now I can take a full scale chaingun. That pretty much is it. No matter what they do, bursa event, launch day maniacs, all these crazy design decisions, it's all carried on the back of a base I can always enjoy somewhere. I have nothing left to really do, I've been disappointed in a fair few things as of late. But I still play every day for a bit because I have the beauty of things like wild frenzy and throwing a giant wrench at people. Even if it doesn't work half the time and does next to no damage when it does connect.
  10. I actually think that makes the enemies on the same team. Mag is constantly stripping shields and armor hildryn needs to shred to keep her shields up through her high cost. Been a while since i played with a mag but her shield regen might not make the hugest difference for hildryn with her 6k shields. No better than she can do herself with the defenses mag now stripped haha.
  11. They are trying to make the old wall running style work but if they cant figure out how to make it function I doubt theyll change what we have now. The old system was so horribly clunky, I dont care if we were Tposing along a wall I never want to go back.
  12. Either it was or it's stance dependent I guess. Since phase 1 dropped I have pretty much only used the tatsu and I have 0 problem pulling off the block combo. Tested with no speed mods, only spoiled strike, and max speed. This gif was just me spamming LMB while holding RMB using berserker + primed fury. As demonstrated in the gif I just sent, that makes it seem more of a bug/oversight in that stance/weapons timing than anything. I don't think it warrants the call the revert the whole system when all that's needed for this specific issue is a hotfix to make it work smoothly.
  13. You can let go of RMB once the combo starts. Every combo starts after the first hit anyways and block combos usually last a long time so theres no reason to hold it down. That is, unless you want to spam the block combo which shouldnt send you back to gun mode anyways because the input to melee again can be sent earlier than the input to cancel melee with aim.
  14. It was cool at the very start. We got into deck 12, let's band together find it and see what's inside! You were pretty much guaranteed to have a group all willing to go in and watched everything unfold. But they very quickly should have added a bounty after it became a very known quantity. If anything it was also a perfect opportunity to utilize the new self extraction for survival if you have 1-2 people who didnt want to come to the gate. Maybe add a join in progress function too where you could load in halfway through phase 1 like profit taker.
  15. If it wasnt for the mechanics being different from shooting it with the right damage type it would be the worst IMO. Actually trying to engage with the bosses attacks itself isnt interesting, it's really just a puzzle in execution. It's the only thing keeping it actually engaging because outside of the surprise of it, it doesnt do anything to you. I got hit with the cold waves in the first part but they deal very little damage. That was pretty much the only thing of threat. In the 2nd phase theres almost nothing to hurt you. Coolant drones focus on feeding the orb and the only thing that could possibly hit you is the flamethrower which just means keep your distance but it hardly matters. I basically ignored the entire fight and made a B-line to do the objective cause there was just... no opposition... I dint know if theres something wrong or what but my group of 3 went in with 0 knowledge the orb would show up so we had wonky gear, revenant/nyx/garuda and no one used their abilities outside of revenant occasionally wiping the mites. Great spectacle. Loved the first fight but man fighting it over and over is dull.
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