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  1. I offer 1 plat for any 6 relics you may want to get rid off, limit 2 Lith per trade. In other words, 0.16666666666666666666666666666667 plat per relic, the perfect Parvos ratio. Now's your chance to take advantage of this amazing deal. Do it enough times with me and you will be able buy the credit bundle in the market, EZ relic to credits conversion. It's free real estate.
  2. A case could be made that they could unbind the in-game glyph from the forum avatar. But i'm sure that's going to go well, on a no-barrier-of-entry game, that has a Kickbot with a tolerance factor of 0.1/10.
  3. It gives you a choice of which benefit to keep. Equip one with the 3rd option and fuse one with the 2nd option into it and you will get a prompt window asking which one you want to keep. You can still retain the house benefit regardless of what you are fusing. Yes. More: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Valence_Fusion#Railjack_Wreckage
  4. https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000005524/graphics.html
  5. https://www.howtogeek.com/269515/how-to-move-a-steam-game-to-another-drive-without-re-downloading-it/ Don't press "verify integrity of game files"
  6. Weapons drop from crewships (not the smaller units), even if the mission goals don't ask to kill them, you should still try killing all that spawn (crewships) in the mission, either with the forward artillery (tunguska cannon) or by going in and destroying their reactor and waiting for them to explode (for the drop).
  7. We need asynchronous reviving. Re-craftable gear item, as a resource and credit sink, that deploys a mini drone on pet to revive it, without player having to hold {use} on pet, or letting it die because dead pet got stuck hundreds of meters away and it's not teleporting. Gear item only works if pet has special neckband, kubrows already have kavasa prime, maybe that can be repurposed to all pets (and added to relics) so they can be revived remotely and asynchronously with the gear item. This way when an update breaks AI or pathing because it was barely tested, it's not such a PITA. Th
  8. Yes, the game marks the pipe that needs to be destroyed at that current time. The active pipe should be the only one appearing in the mini-map (top left default). Any other pipes are either already broken or to be broken. If you have many pipes marked on-screen with the yellow square, the mini-map should display the only one that you need to destroy. But there are many bugs with the markers, so it's a roll, sometimes the markers get stuck on screen and throws you off. In the heat gauge, you need to keep the temperature marker inside the white brackets (or temperature range). The white bra
  9. Nah, I just screwed up the name. I was referring to the tunguska cannon. Tycho seeker is ordnance. Tunguska cannon artillery can't be fired from turret posts, which is what I intended as suggestion in the post (each turret gets its own and enabled at gunnery 10). Edited to reflect that.
  10. Gunnery rank 10 should give you the ability to shoot the tunguska cannon (artillery) from turret posts, including the pilot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Ammo is tracked per player, each turret post should have it's own cannon in addition to the ordnance. Thus gunners can have a bit more pro-activity taking out crewships individually and something extra to do. Pilot being able to shoot cannon without swapping places should have been at least 1 command rank, but nope, here we are. It's worse now that the number of people who don't know there's a cannon post, or what it is used for, outnumber the number who d
  11. In this case, if there's a ban, it would be for having Hypershift running, but that would be cut-throat. That software probably uses driver-level calls to send the inputs, kinda like the logitech one. I maintain a personal fork of Autohotkey (syntax changes and functionality not in main branch, because i use php, javascript, c++ daily and not for cheating) and I've heard from other game developers (reports i make) that typically have to deal with these automated inputs (indie mmorpg devs for example), accurately detecting inputs from Autohotkey, in a way that gives you a concrete answer that t
  12. The title is relevant, that's exactly what the error says applied generically since it's not just one mod. Not only that, it's basically one of the main ways the issue ranks for in google. But we know you love Bing, that may be why you are having such a hard time. It's 7 months old. The kool-aid has gotten you so used to failure that stuff like this has been normalized for you, or maybe your time is cheap like that. The issue is not a non-tradeable tag on a new mod. I did, and it worked, and it works, but you are right, I didn't account for the forum not encoding the double quo
  13. The hell... you are telling me to read the wiki and you couldn't even read the first image. The mod is "Botanist", from "Botanist cannot be traded". A non-default sentinel mod that has nothing to do with what you are babbling on. No relevance to login mods. Multiple examples from the search results are for sentinel mods, not even penjaga polarity.
  14. Oldest report found from 2013, we are gonna make it a decade milestone boisssss Mod can be obtained from simaris, really no need to still have that restriction. https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Aforums.warframe.com+"unique+copies+of+abilities" Wasted the standing and can't trade it.
  15. That's because you reminded them their milkshake didn't bring all the boys to the yard.
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