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  1. IT DOESNT MATTER, because you are irrelevant. Steam has enough weight, diversity, presence and leads to count as accurate statistics and dictate a general trend on the PC platform. Whether you are part of it or not, is IRRELEVANT, because there's a larger bulk that is part of it. More food for thought, which I believe was the entire point of the thread, the game got released two major updates, one pretty much at or very close to what could be considered vacation season in their own hemisphere/region, which they had been hyping up for more than one year. The rework update a month(?) or so before. These updates didn't perform, they came out of these 'major' 'long time hog' updates with a decreased player count in their main discovery platform for pc, full knowingly they can get 3-5 times the current numbers for major content updates, depending on time of day. Although this pretty much means nothing except perhaps a bit less revenue. They diversified the platforms and the current player base on PC is probably more than enough to keep them profitable and afloat for a good number of years. On PS4 and switch these updates probably performed better, if they actually have released there. So the "warframe is dying" statement is just hogwash.
  2. Doesn't matter, their point is both the trend and count. Steam is probably the major lead generator and major point of organic discovery for Warframe on PC. They don't publish anywhere else on PC, as far as I know. Highly unlikely for active steam gamers to use steam, discover and install warframe, then use warframe without steam, when they probably have more stuff in their libraries and Digital Extremes actively promotes tennogen. If anything, non-steam numbers are probably worse with roughly the same trend, since they would be the minority. Reverse that question, there's no incentive to play without steam, once you are on steam.
  3. You seem confused. The warframe.market devs don't own anything except their own code, or have any copyright or trademark on any 'ideas', except trademark on their own brand (42Bytes) and copyright on their own code base that runs the website. Not only that, if you dig through their code, you will more than likely find it runs on MIT, GPL or WTFPL libraries. A marketplace is not an "original" idea in any shape or form, otherwise Amazon, Walmart and Ebay and the 1000 others would be suing each other left and right. The only reason that website is still running is because Digital Extremes hasn't flexed it's lawyers to send them a cease and desist. It's also probably been beneficiary to DE and they didn't have to invest anything to ultimately reap any benefits (increased platinum purchased). They did have to put up a notice that they are not affiliated with Digital Extremes, and that was probably the best outcome in their position. Had they refused to put up that notice, they wouldn't exist. Not only can they stop that website from existing, they can also take over the top level domain name (warframe.market) for themselves. "Warframe" is a registered trademark and Digital Extremes is within their own right to exercise its own protection. Will they? probably not. Ultimately it's a fan site that fills a niche or a need.
  4. If I recall correctly, they said in the devstream they are not touching it until next year or so after they are done with this update and its bugs.
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