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  1. Not sure if this is a meme thread, but... should? They were made aware of it, they just decided to ignore it, or even worse, their parents decided to ignore it too. The glorious terms of service. All covered there and in the EULA. Feel free to read them, and pass them around to the Karens and Chads you know/have encountered that decided to let their 10 year old play this game that may be complaining about mature content in the game. https://www.warframe.com/terms https://www.warframe.com/eula Try creating an account on the warframe website, post a screenshot of what
  2. Can't find this Any frame. Is there a quest for it? Do you know when Any prime is coming out?
  3. It's to make sure you are paying attention.
  4. Steve Benioff and Scott Weiss. Game of Frames Season 8 is launching October this year, how aboat that.
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