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  1. I just want them to actually fix the game mode, back in December they broke the breach system, if your shields are down then capital ship attacks got a 99% chance to cause a hull breach, you repair the breach and it pops up again a nano second later, STILL hasn't been fixed. You also can't teleport to other parts of the shop if you're at the front or the back because the map moves with you, STILL not fixed, especially the hull breach hazards is infuriating, they introduced the bug in December and they didn't do anything! still broken.
  2. Railjack is amazing for farming credits/affinity, outside that I tend to not play it eventhough I love it because of the bug that causes doors to sometimes stay locked, it's frustrating when it happens and sucks all the fun out of it. Also as Culaio said once your ship is fully geared the fun kinda dies out, when I played railjack for the first time with my friends or even random it was some tense action, everyone had to constantly be participating, on both turrets, at the laser, to the battleforge, going into enemy ships, now that I've got a fully maxed out ships all fighters can be clea
  3. Speaking of excessive brightness how about toning down the brightness explosion when you destroy a healing orb in railjack mode? I'm actively avoiding even attacking them now because when those healing orbs explode holy S#&$ does the brightness of it cover the entire screen and it strains the eyes.
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