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  1. I think I've seen someone's lich called BIGG D*ICK
  2. So i assume mirage mirror would be a band aid for this weapon?
  3. They should just change requiem mods to requiem gears if they will be considered consumables, mods shouldn't have charges...
  4. The Goal to max/forma weapons & frame? 1. Is to make sure when they get a rework /buff/nerf, we are ready to immediately minmaxing the hell outta them. 2. To make sure we are ready to test various builds when we coincidentally get the rivens/unique mods for it, like them amalgam mods, rathuum mods, index mods & nightwave mods. 3. The same thing goes with skins release, tennogen, Day of the dead, tekellu, etc. Some skins are so awesome, you'd get the weapon only so that you can use that skin. 4. For collections.
  5. Sure, assuming you didn't die before getting all 5.
  6. Well, i agree with @(XB1)Phantom Clip, your logic is off, based on your logic, you can stack 2 mods as long as they have different stats, like serration and heavy calibre, this is wrong, we can stack mods bcos they have different names, like phantom clip have explained before. Using your logic, we should be able to stack SERRATION & AMALGAM SERRATION, bcos both have a different stats, +damage against +damage & +sprint speed. But in reality we cant...
  7. No... No, its not like you can always get that 5 tokens everytime only for 1 revive, and everytime you revived, those tokens you haven't take will be gone, so its back to square 1. It has a trade off, and its not easy collect those arbitration tokens.
  8. Why dont DE just make the revive thingy that we have to collect to also work as self revive? That means i can go solo and still have revive for myself. The burden from carrying it provided me some challenge on the game, it should be a permanent feature instead of conditional feature where it only shows up when a squadmate is dead.
  9. That is what i do for some games on PS4. But those games, as interesting as they are, still not Warframe, because its my favorite game, so i would get prime access the 1st time it get released. Edit: Also, you pretty much just describe unvaulted packs.
  10. I compare unvaulted packs as the "sale" to discounted games on console dude, please stick to the topic.
  11. I wasn't talking about warframe as the game itself, but about the PRIME ACCESS PACKS, like the topic of this thread In case you didn't notice. Edit: Besides, the game is FREE dude.....
  12. Why did they call it focus school? Not focus college or university?
  13. I think thats the point of sales On console like PS4, New games are sold in regular price, then in a year or two, they are sold in discounted price or as free games of the month for PS plus subbers. Not that different with how unvaulted prime works.
  14. Well its a dagger, of course it has a point.... pointy dagger
  15. Like @Valiant said, and for the most obvious reason: People spent money to buy these, its in the territory of Exclusive items. So if you bought something with a certain feature, then suddenly that feature gets removed, then its unfair.
  16. Here's to another 6 years 🎉🍻
  17. I'll make a compilation video later to showcase each channeling FX on these prime accessories.
  18. One of the reason many players bought prime accessories, Targis prime, Edo prime, Atavist prime, Citadella prime, Acanthus prime, Spritsail prime, is none other than the FX on these accessories. This hasn't been addressed in the last devstream. Do DE know about this? Will they make it so the channeling FX is permanent? Will they rid of it altogether? Im quite..... About this...
  19. What we should get from this, is that making endgame content isn't as easy as making a forum thread.
  20. This is actually a bug, I've tested it, and there are many inconsistent parts of the glass walls on grineer's spy vaults, maybe bcos these vaults are the oldests vaults and haven't been reworked yet. The same bug can't be done in corpus spy vaults, even when they also have glass walls. This one was taken from the same vault in the video, from the glass behind the elevator, as u can see on the bottom right screen, it says TARGET OBSTRUCTED. U cant teleport from behind this glass. This one is from the same glass floor u were teleported from in the video, it seems that u can only teleport inside when u are touching the ground, it cant be done while u are mid air or not touching the ground, even if u are directly on top of the glass. Again, u can see from the bottom right screen, it says TARGET OBSTRUCTED. This is from the glass on top of the console that u have to hack, still from the same vault in the video, i was trying to teleport through 2 glass walls, first one is the glass floor im standing on, second one is the glass behind the console. Despite the fact that i can also teleport from behind the second glass, i cant seem to teleport through both glass at once. Now this one is another example. This one is from another grineer's spy vault from the same tileset where u can enter the vault from the glass ceiling above. The moment u enter the room, u can immediately see the target console from behind a glass wall, u cant teleport from behind this glass, but u can from the smaller windows surrounding the vault, which are the ones I've circled in red, and also from the glass ceiling above the vault. Is this all intended? Absolutely Not...its way too inconsistent to be intended.
  21. Well, the thing about loki switch tele, is that it alerted enemies and trigger alarms, so i think it needs to be placed carefully or after clearing enemies.
  22. Or objects like grates, anything destructible or has lifebar. And no, ash can only teleport to objects with direct unobstructed LoS, so if its behind a glass, even though the glass is transparent, its still count as obstruction.
  23. Some spy vault are vertical, and no matter how fast gauss or volt is, the still fall down on the same speed
  24. So this happened to me on someone's twitch stream, i was telling my opinion about how wukong is the best meta on spy mission, reason is bcos of cloudwalker, its fast, can ignore lasers and barriers, and can be spammed Then a guy (blue name, censored) trolling me against my opinion that wukong is the least fastest frame, i wouldn't mind if he was on point, but no, he was definitely trolling by bringing the word Coward as well as bringing other points aside from speed aspect on the frame, so i indulge him by feeding the troll... Mind you, tis not the complete chat and granted, i felt somewhat stupid for doing this on both the stream and the forum. But drama aside, i would like to know your opinion about FASTEST FRAME on spy, hacking might depends on skill, but blasting through lasers & barriers undetected with ease? Let me hear it.
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