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  1. @[DE]Danielle There's a serious bug: if riven mod gives you -100% crit damage, when it crits, it kills anything within one sec, this bug was fixed but now reappeared. some players has been using it for the clan activities in order to gain really high score, and they published their post in Chinese. https://www.bilibili.com/video/av53464622?t=222 from 2:20 to 2:26. it is one hit. and dmg is up to 2.1 billion and there are more posts online some of them have used it to reach 28k, now today some players have reached 60k it is unfair for other clans, it is game breaking. plz reset their score/ fix the bug/ or ban them
  2. Near one of the extraction rooms in jupiter there's a hidden room : a poor man was killed by a cleaning robot, and it will start cleaning if you loot the dead body
  3. just like the title nvm its auto fixed
  4. inaros can get up to 9k HP plus adaptation at 90% . effective hp should be around 90k
  5. yes i know. you can name anything "io" . in the game its just a part of gas city called io. not appeared as the moon. de either rename io or make a moon. whats the possibility
  6. its a gas planet. what do you expect from a gas ball
  7. WTB non-bulky lotus imprints 80/pair (color, type don't matter) bulky lotus imprints 120-180/pair (chesa/Huras/Sunika) , pm me with offer if yours have rare colors you can contact me in game or via forum
  8. there are a lot of chinese clans with end game players tho. even not MR27s. night wave is nothing for them
  9. do you mean the mission after being killed by zunuka
  10. it can be any type of imprint with lotus pattern. plz pm me your offer and imprint price range: 100-300p depending on color etc in game id : kengxiaoju
  11. redeemer with good riven one shot 165 heavy gunner few shots for lvl 165 Kyta Raknoid
  12. arbitration is endofarming. what kind of risk do you expect when you farm endo? you have stable endo chance and at low chance you dont get endo. and team revive you so you can fatm more!
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